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Moving to Chicago – Important Things to Know Before Relocation

If you are planning on moving to Chicago, there’s so much to see and learn. The adjustment will likely be hard, but after living in this metropolis for a while, you’ll fall in love and wonder why you haven’t moved here long ago. To help you get prepped for relocating to one of the world’s greatest cities, we’ve got a guide for what you should expect before your relocation to the Chi.

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Explore what Chicago can offer you

Relocating to Chicago can be done in a few simple steps. The first step is to secure housing. This can be done by searching for rental properties online, looking into local real estate listings, or going through a realtor. Once you have found suitable housing, it’s time explore the job market and what are some interesting things to do in Windy City. Last but not least is to hire a reputable long-distance moving company and avoid the relocation stress.

Should I Move to Chicago – Is Moving to Chicago in 2023 Worth It?

Chicago is a great city with plenty of job opportunities, culture, and amenities to offer. However, the cost of living in the city is quite high, so be sure to factor that into your decision-making process. If you’re willing to invest time and resources into finding ways to make it work, then it could definitely be worth it.

Before the Relocation to Chicago Get to Know It

Want to know what it’s like to live in America’s third-largest city? Get to know the Chi and all of the greatness it has.

What to Know Before Moving to Chicago – the Cost of Living, Definately

Before relocating to Chicago, you should know how much it costs to sustain a decent life. Truth be told, the cost of living in Chicago can be high. Depending on where you stay, the expenses can go from moderately pricey to surprisingly expensive, especially if you are planning on staying close to downtown.

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Relocating to Chicago – Is it Expensive to Live in It?

A single person living in the Chi can spend $1,050 or more a month, not including rent, depending on the area they stay in. For a four-person household, the cost goes up to $4,000 a month, not including rent or mortgage payments, and the average household income is around $65,000. If you are planning a move, you’ll have your hands full of expenses.

Also, depending on the price, apartments in Chicago can sometimes be a little cramped and you might not have enough room to fit all of your stuff, so you can either find out how to organize a garage sale before you move, or donate old appliances that you don’t need. If you want to keep all of your things, you can always opt for storage services from reliable long-distance movers.

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Explore the housing options, but keep the cost of living in mind

What Salary Do You Need to Live in Chicago?

As we mentioned before, the average household income is around $65,000. Still, you’ll have to factor in transportation, groceries, utilities, eating out, leisure, insurance, federal income tax, state tax, sales tax, etc. All of this can quickly add up to $95,000 or more depending on the location and your standard of life. If you expect to be comfortable in Chi-Town, you’ll have to have at most $96,000.

One of the Things to Know Before Moving to Chicago Is the Cost to Rent

It can be quite a long process to rent a property if you don’t know how to do it properly. So get familiar with how to organize important papers for renting and exactly what do you need to rent an apartment. You’ll also want to pay extra for moving insurance so that all of your belongings are covered.  The median rent value is listed at $2,224, and as we mentioned before, it depends on where you are renting.

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It can be expensive to live in Chi-Town, so be prepared

Exploring the Safety of the Area Is One of the Tips for Moving to Chicago

Contrary to its recent reputation, Chi-Town is relatively safe. Like any other major city, some areas can be troublesome. One of the many tips for having an efficient relocation is to get to know the areas that should be avoided. You should also practice general safety in Chi-Town and avoid going anywhere by yourself late at night, even if you stay in the best neighborhoods in Chicago. For reference, most communities known to have some trouble spots are further out west and south of the city. Just take basic safety precautions, and you will be clear of any trouble.

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Crime in the metropolitan area has decreased by 30% within the last decade

Finding a Job in Local or International Companies in Chi-Town

Chi-Town is one of the best cities for finding a new job, but it’s very competitive, and employers expect nothing less than your best. It’s very important to put your good foot forward if you want to get employed before the relocation. You can find a job just about anywhere in Chi-Town, but it will take a while to get a decent salary because of how cutthroat the competition is. There are natives who understand how business in the Chi is done in whatever field of work you’re seeking, so make sure your resume has something extra that most people can’t offer to catch the eye of your employer.

Chi-Town is very much a business city and always adapts with the newest trends and fields. Recruiters are all about what you can bring to the table. They’re looking for relevant experience and aren’t big fans of fluff in your resume. They will ask about the details, and if you can’t deliver, they’ll pass on you. Chi-Town recruiters look for loyalty within companies, so they’ll want to know your plans for work in the coming years. Not only are these excellent tips for finding a job in the Chi, but great if you’re wondering how to get a job in a new city in general.

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The Best Job Markets in Chi-Town in 2023

The job market in Chicago is expected to remain strong in 2023 with a variety of high-growth sectors. The healthcare industry is likely to see the most growth, followed by technology and finance. Other industries such as hospitality, education, and professional services are also likely to experience healthy job market conditions.

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The job market is very competitive in Chi-Town, so you need to bring your A-game.

Why Move to Chicago – You’ll Find Some of the Best Places to Live in Here

Before you start booking reliable long-distance moving services, such as our Long-Distance USA movers offer, the first step in finding a great area to stay in is to see what matches your needs most. If you are looking for more of an upscale neighborhood near downtown, you can stay in River North or New East-Side. If you are looking for more of a tight-knit community, you can move over to Kenwood or Hyde Park. Whatever you are looking for in a neighborhood, you will quickly find the best place to live in here.

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Chi-Town has some of the best neighborhoods to live for all types of people

How to Move to Chicago – Find One of the Best Neighborhoods for You

To help you get familiar with Chi-Town better, here is a quick list of great neighborhoods for newcomers, so you can call long-distance movers and decide where is best for you.

  • Near South Side – Located right next to the south loop downtown, this neighborhood is an excellent location for families and young professionals. It has a mix of bars and restaurants to enjoy, as well as nearby Lake Michigan so you can go out for a walk. There are excellent schools in the area, and there are plenty of bus stops you can take to get to other regions of Chi-Town. The median home value is $410,000, and the median rent value is $2,000.
  • Logan SquareFurther up north of downtown, Logan Square is perfect for young professionals. Many bars and restaurants have opened there in the last decade, along with new housing developments. There is plenty of access to public transportation as well as excellent public schools. The median home value is $362,000, and rent is $1,300.
  • Kenwood – This neighborhood is a great place to stay for families and sits right alongside Lake Michigan with great Chicago schools, easy access to public transportation, and lots of public parks to enjoy. The median home value is $294,000, and the rent value is $1,100.
  • Boystown Located on the northeast side of Chi-Town, Boystown is a neighborhood made for college students and young professionals. There are plenty of great nightclubs, bars, and so much street food. The median home value $339,000 and the rent value is $1,350.
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If you're looking for the best neighborhood, the Chi has it

Things to Do When Moving to Chicago Alone

Now that you’ve gotten to know more about the great neighborhoods in the Chi, you’re probably wondering what there to do is. It’s a city filled with tons of possibilities. If you want to go out drinking, there are many bars and restaurants. If you are going to go dancing, the city is filled with clubs. If you are looking for a learning experience, you can visit many of the museums here. To narrow down your search, we’ll show you the best things to do in Chicago.

Best Places to Eat in Chi-Town

Chi-Town is the place to be when it comes to top-quality cuisine and the greatest-bad food street vendors you can ask for. Here are some restaurants in Chicago that you won’t want to skip:

  • Giordano’s Pizza and RestaurantNo other place on Earth makes pizza quite like Chi-Town. Deep-dish pizza is a staple here, and Giordano’s is a top contender when it comes to deep-dish. Other restaurants serve deep-dish, like Lou Malnati’s and Bartoli’s, but when it comes down to who’s better, there’s always a split between Lou Malnati’s and Giordano’s.
  • Joy Yee Chinese RestaurantThis is a Chicago restaurant known for its many great dishes and a vast selection of smoothies and bubble teas. Located in Chinatown, you can go during the day and sit down and enjoy the delicious food – we highly recommend their tempura shrimp.

Fun for Kids in the City

If you’re moving with kids and you’re looking to take your little ones around the city, you will have wonderful luck as there is so much to do with kids in the town. Check out these locations that your kids will love:

  • The Museum of Science and IndustryThis museum is one of the most fun attractions for kids because of its interactive exhibits. You have sections dedicated to many aspects of science and history, linking back to the United States’ industrial era. Truly a fantastic experience for the whole family.
  • Lincoln Park ZooThe Lincoln Park zoo is one of the funniest places for your young ones to visit. They have animals from all over the world to see, and a few different petting zoos where kids can interact with animals.

Explore the Nightlife in Chi-Town

There are so many options available if you want to paint the town red and enjoy a nice night. Check out these great places to eat, drink, and be merry:

  • Sound BarLocated in the River North neighborhood, this club has everything you need for a great night out. They have two floors, both with full bars, lounges, and great music.
  • Zanies Comedy ClubHave a few drinks and get some good laughs in on your night in Chi-Town. Known as a comedy city, many great comics visit to do shows quite frequently. If you want to have a good time, Zanies is the place to go.
  • WhirlyballLocated on the edge of Chi-town, Whirlyball is one of the most exciting places to have birthday parties, social gatherings, or general fun. Imagine go-karts meets lacrosse – fun on its own, but better with drinks.

Get Familiar with Public Transportation When Planning to Relocate to Chicago

Chi-Town has very own public transportation. You can always drive around the city if you’ve hired an auto transport service, but Chicago city traffic can be often hard to deal with. Chicago public transportation is much more straightforward to navigate, and there are plenty of stops and stations. It’s important to note that even though it’s convenient, you will still have to add Ventra card costs to your monthly budget.

One of the General Moving to Chicago Tips Is to Navigate Each Section of the Metropolis

For a brief overview of the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority), is to get familiar with the bus, subway, and Metra-Rail systems. They are very simple to navigate. The bus system is a bit more accessible as there are stops all around the city. Buses usually cycle from 10 pm to 4 am the next morning and are numbered. The subway system has stops on certain streets according to the line you’re taking. Eight color-coded stripes travel through the different areas. The lines include red, blue, pink, yellow, purple, green, orange, and brown. The Metra-Rail system is a train system that has 11 lines that travel to different suburbs of the city, but you will have to pay for the tickets separately.

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Learn all about the CTA and how it works

Add Experiencing the Climate into Your Moving to Chicago Guide

If you’re moving across the country you should know that Chi’s weather is unpredictable. Spring and summer are usually quite lovely during the year, and it can get as hot as 84 degrees toward the end of summer. As beautiful as the climate is during those months, it’s quickly eclipsed by the cold during the fall and winter months. It has been known to rain a lot during fall, and the brutal winter cold can sometimes be early or late – anywhere from late October to mid-December. The lowest it can be is -35 plus wind-chill. The wind chill is the added temperature from the breeze the lake brings in – it’s not called the Windy City for no reason. Because of how the climate can be in Chicago, you’ll need to hire a professional packing service to pack clothes for the warm seasons and the brutally cold seasons.

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Chi-Town weather can be quite unpredictable

Moving to Chicago Advice – Explore the Schools and Education

The Chicago public school system has many private and public schools throughout the city. CPS (Chicago Public Schools) is the third-largest school district in the US. Your kids can also attend charter schools like the Chicago International Charter School in Bucktown. There are also magnet schools like Whitney M. Young Highschool in Near West Side, excellent public schools like Kenwood Academy located in Kenwood, and many privately owned schools like Park View Montessori School in Uptown. When it comes to higher education, there are many universities or community colleges they can attend, such as the University of Illinois in Chicago or DePaul University. The sky’s the limit for kids in the Chi.

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Chicago is known to have great schools

How Much Does it Cost to Move to Chicago

We’ve spoken a lot about how much it takes to live in Chicago, but what about relocating? Before you hire reputable long-distance movers, you’ll have to make sure you have a solid moving expenses checklist.

Getting adjusted to a new city can be tough to do, and being new in Chicago, you’re likely to have a lot on your plate. So why move to Chicago? As difficult as it can be to move to Chi-Town, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get settled and start enjoying the Windy City to the fullest.

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Go through your finances when planning a move like this

Book the Best Cross-Country Moving Services and Have the Smooth Transition to the Windy City

There are a lot of things to consider when organizing a move like this, and you don’t want to leave anything to chance. That’s why it’s best to have reliable long-distance movers by your side who will take care of every little detail of the relocation and let you think about all other aspects this big change will bring you.

This being said, don’t wait any longer and contact our Long-Distance USA Movers and get the quote for your relocation. Not only being the most affordable, but our cross-country movers will ensure every step of the move is done efficiently and professionally.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving to Chicago

What are the best neighborhoods in Chicago for families?

The North Side is home to many family-friendly neighborhoods such as Lincoln Park, Lakeview, Andersonville, Wicker Park, and Roscoe Village. These areas have plenty of attractions and activities for families along with good schools and safe streets.

What is the cost of living in Chicago?

The cost of living here varies depending on the area and lifestyle. Generally, prices for housing, food, transportation, health care, and entertainment are higher than the national average.

What is the job market like in Chicago?

The job market is robust, with a diverse range of industries and opportunities. The city boasts a strong economy with a wide range of high-paying jobs, particularly in the technology, finance, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors

What is the weather like in Chicago?

The weather is typically hot and humid during the summer months. During the winter months, temperatures can range from mild to freezing, with occasional snowfall. Spring and fall tend to be more temperate, but rain and thunderstorms are not uncommon.

What are the top tourist attractions in Chicago?

The top tourist attractions in Chicago include the Willis Tower, Navy Pier, Millennium Park, The Art Institute of Chicago, Cloud Gate (also known as “The Bean”), Lincoln Park Zoo, Wrigley Field and Shedd Aquarium.

What is the housing market like in Chicago?

The housing market in Windy City is currently very active, with home prices on the rise. The city is seeing strong demand for both existing and new construction homes, and the median home price has increased steadily over the past few years.

Is Chicago a safe city to live in?

Yes, Chicago is generally considered a safe city to live in. The violent crime rate in the city has been decreasing in recent years and there are several steps taken by local authorities to ensure safety for those living in and visiting the city.

What is the public transportation system in Chicago like?

The public transportation system here is very extensive and reliable, with the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) providing bus, train, and rapid transit services throughout the city. The CTA has an extensive network of buses and trains that cover most areas of the city as well as connect to suburbs.

What is the food and drink culture like in Chicago?

Three words – vibrant, eclectic, and unique. The city has amazing restaurants that range from classic American staples like deep-dish pizza and hot dogs to international cuisines from all over the world.

What are some outdoor recreation opportunities in Chicago?

There are many outdoor recreation opportunities available. Popular activities include biking and running along the lakefront trails, kayaking on Lake Michigan or one of the city’s many rivers and canals, golfing at some of the city’s public courses or private clubs, fishing in various urban parks, and sailing on Lake Michigan

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