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5 Best Chicago Neighborhoods for Young Professionals

Getting an opportunity to relocate to Chi-Town is a dream come true for a lot of motivated and eager graduates and people who want to try their luck in a new town. We have researched and come up with the ultimate list of best Chicago neighborhoods for young professionals. The town’s charm rests upon cultural diversity, lively people, as well as outstanding architecture and art scene. Let’s dive into some of the most popular districts in the third most populous city in the US.

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There are many places you can settle in as a young person

Contacting a cross-country moving company and relocating to Chicago isn’t as easy as it seems. First, ask yourself the most important question – Is Chicago a good city for young professionals? In case you are relocating from a small town to a big city, you have to research and know information about the cost of living, job opportunities, safety, as well as the food and nightlife scene. Overall, there are 77 community areas, but how do you choose the best neighborhoods for young professionals in Chicago and succeed at avoiding relocation mistakes. We will help you make a selection, so let’s begin.

What Should You Consider When Researching Best Chicago Neighborhoods for Young Professionals?

So, is Chicago a good city for singles? In order to answer this question, each person has to consider some of the aspects of living and working in any community area in Chi-Town and determine if that is acceptable for them personally. Some of these aspects to consider are:

  • Is the neighborhood close to the university or to the workplace?
  • What is the crime rate like?
  • Are there essential local amenities?
  • Is there access to the public transportation system?
  • What is the cost of rent?
  • What do you need to rent an apartment?
  • Are there any leisure facilities?

These questions should be on your mind when looking for the best Chicago neighborhoods to live in. Also, if you are relocating with pets or trying to move to a new city alone, research if the neighborhood you are looking for has all that you require.

A young man in front of a Chicago graffiti overlay
Search for a suitable neighborhood by considering all the relevant aspects of the area

Where Do Young Professionals Live in Chicago?

As a person who is eager to start their life in a thriving and exciting metropolis like Chi-Town, one must know where all the hotspots and authentic areas for college graduates are. Before getting in touch with the most reliable long-distance moving company, get more information on communities in Chi-Town mostly populated by young adults. These five communities are on the list of where do most college graduates live in Chicago:

  • The Loop,
  • River North,
  • Lincoln Park,
  • Ukrainian Village,
  • West Town.

The Loop – Where Nightlife and Business Meet

Often mentioned as one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago for singles, the Loop has all an up-and-coming professional might search for. If you are relocating for a job and searching for an opportunity to come up in Chi-Town, don’t overlook this location. It is quite easy to find a suitable job in the Loop because some of the most sought-after employers are situated right here. Some of them are Shield, Salesforce, and GrubHub. There won’t be any need for commuting or driving since the office will be close to your apartment.

Don’t forget to check your relocation budget when searching for a place to move to. If you are looking to buy a home, the average price is around 332,000 dollars, whereas the rent for a one-bedroom apartment costs, on average, 1,700 dollars. There are a lot of restaurants, bars, parks, festivals, and coffee shops, which add to the urban feel of the district. If you are a fan of music performances and delicious food, check out 2Twenty2 Tavern, an outstanding karaoke bar.

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Things You Can Do in the Loop

So, where do young professionals go out in Chicago? If you are relocating for love, there won’t be a problem finding a good place to go out in the Loop. If you are looking where some of the best things to do in Chicago are, the Loop is your answer. Millennium Park is a place to visit for the fans of ice skating. Anyone that enjoys art and musical performances should opt for the Chicago Theatre. For nature and sports enthusiasts, taking a boat tour or having dinner at O’Brien’s Riverwalk Cafe or Beatnick On the River will be an unforgettable experience. Also, some of the most well-known restaurants in Chicago are located here, such as the Berghoff Restaurant, the Dearborn, and Roanoke Restaurant.

Chicago cityscape overlay
Enjoying some of the Loop's restaurants, bars, and parks is a real delight

Choose the Unique Atmosphere of River North

Just a little bit north of the Loop, you will find this unique and incredible community. With 38,000 residents, this fantastic district offers excellent art galleries, history-rich buildings, and skyscrapers. Here you will find SAE Institute, Coyne College, and The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Getting a job in the new city won’t be a problem in River North because there are always tons of employers ready to hire motivated individuals. Some think of this area as ultra-stylish and urban because of all the art galleries and studios, while the parties that last all night long keep the nightlife scene top-notch.

If you are looking for Chi-Town’s fashion center, you will find it here. That wasn’t the case before since this was a manufacturing district with an abundance of warehouses. Now, you can shop for designer brands like Burberry and Louis Vuitton at some exclusive stores in Saks Fifth Avenue and The Magnificent Mile.

Here is a guide provided by a local that might give you a clearer idea of this community.

What is the Cost of Living in River North?

Since River North is the center of nightlife and entertainment, you should be aware of some costs that await you as you try to adjust to a new town. Average house prices in this district are 435,000 dollars, but if you are planning to live on your own, renting one apartment for 1,560 dollars per month would be the ideal option. Almost every resident rents a home, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the median rent is higher than the national average. But, bear in mind that some of Chicago’s breathtaking buildings, museums, and galleries make this an urban and beautiful place.

Chicago skyline at night, with lighting hitting a skyscraper overlay
If you are into fashion and nightlife, River North is perfect for you

Lincoln Park Has Everything You Need as a Student

One of the best neighborhoods in Chicago for young adults must be Lincoln Park which got its name after the biggest park in Chi-Town. This district is home to some of the most prestigious universities, such as DePaul University and Knox College. Every year thousands of students come here to pursue their academic interests. With a lot of green spaces and tree-lined streets, people usually have a sense of being in a place that represents a mix of urban and suburban life. It is one of the safest communities, which makes it the perfect place to buy a house or raise a family. Trendy shops, outstanding restaurants, spacious parks as well as job opportunities and access to public transportation make Lincoln Park an excellent place to move to.

What Costs to Expect in Lincoln Park?

In case you are considering relocating safely to this district, you must first know everything about housing and rental prices. Even though there are urban amenities and prestigious universities here, the rental prices are not that high, making Lincoln Park a perfect place for starting life on your own. The average rental price is 1,700 dollars which is lower than the city’s average. This price is for the studio apartments since there is an abundance of small apartments here, but for larger units, such as two or three-bedroom apartments, the prices range from 3,000 to 4,800 dollars. Anyone who is planning to buy a house where they are always free to visit the Honeycomb and Nature Boardwalk, should know that the median purchase price is 500,000 dollars.

Chicago’s Ukrainian Village Is Where All the Up-And-Coming Entrepreneurs Go

If you are trying to find a location where diversity and hospitality meet, then Ukrainian Village seems like the community you should be looking into. The area, mostly settled by Ukrainian and Polish immigrants, is home to some historical houses, urban music venues, and antique shops. It is safer than almost 47 percent of other Chi-Town neighborhoods.

This district’s friendly and welcoming atmosphere indicates that neighbors take care of one another, enjoy sipping coffee in cozy local coffee shops, and stroll down the streets. Also, the annual Ukrainian Village Fest attracts numerous people living in Chicago who come to enjoy traditional food, music, and games.

Even though it seems as though this is a neighborhood suitable for starting a family, there is an active nightlife that cannot be neglected. Dance clubs, indie music venues, and bars offer unforgettable performances. Suppose you are interested in studying arts, humanities, or natural sciences. In that case, you should know that Ukrainian Village is close to Wright College Humboldt Park and the International School of Comics, which offer excellent education.

Architectural photography of a tunnel in Chicago overlay
Apart from singles, families and workers will enjoy the exciting and charming atmosphere of the Ukrainian Village

So, Is Ukrainian Village Affordable?

Ukrainian Village is on the list of best places to live in Chicago not only because of various entertainment opportunities and the warm welcoming disposition of the residents but because it is one of the most affordable locations in Chi-Town. Before finally investing in cross-country moving services and consulting your moving guide, consider the prices and costs of living here.

The median home price in this district is 448,000 dollars, and the price of rent for a one-bedroom apartment is around 1,400 dollars. Apart from acceptable rental and housing prices, the area is walkable and close to public transportation, so there won’t be any need for buying a car. All of this makes Ukrainian Village one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago for young professionals.

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Choose West Town, A Cultural Melting Pot

Before scheduling packing services with your cross-country movers, let’s review one more neighborhood that is also dubbed as one of the best places to live in Chicago for young professionals. If you are looking for an artsy and eclectic area with unusual museums and one-of-a-kind galleries and vintage shops, the ideal option would be to choose West Town. Influences from all around the world, but primarily from Eastern Europe, can be seen on West Town’s streets.

People usually tend to praise West Town for its diverse restaurants, unique art galleries, small boutiques, casual coffee shops, and exciting nightclubs. The location is steeped in history and tradition since the entrepreneurial pioneers come from here. Employment opportunities are vast, while the food and entertainment scene are also top-notch.

Buying a Home or Renting in West Town?

Most of the residents in this community rent their homes, but a huge percentage, almost 43%, own their homes. The prices don’t stand out from other communities since the median rent is about 1,600 dollars, and the average price for a home is 480,000 dollars. The prices vary since the neighborhood is large, but one thing is for sure – the prices are higher if you want a home closer to Downtown. The choice comes between whether the individual values a more suburban atmosphere or the proximity of the Downtown.

A park and buildings in Chicago overlay
West Town offers graduates a classy yet artsy and liberal community to move to

Now, Have You Made Up Your Mind?

When choosing the best Chicago neighborhoods for young professionals, it is of the utmost importance to consider the rental prices, employment opportunities, crime rates, and the nightlife scene. All the districts in Chi-Town offer something unique to each resident, but basing your decision on your current requirements is the ideal option. Decide what aspects of each community are on the top of your list of priorities. When you make a final decision, all that is left is to search for “long-distance movers near me” and book your move.

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