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How to Make Moving in Together Work After Long-Distance Relationship

Of 3 million people that move each year in America, nearly 4,4% do so because of love. After a long-distance relationship, moving in together is the next logical step. But even with a firm logic and carrying for each other, taking this step is never easy. And it requires certain sacrifices.

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Your living together will be joyful if you work on it

However, if you weigh your reasons to move carefully, you will feel more comfortable taking this step. There are perks as well as problems in every romantic partnership, and long-distance moving can easily become one or the other. Still, if you learn how to move in together and make this process as smooth as possible, you will feel nothing but joy. And in order to do so, you will have to know what to discuss before moving in together and when it is time to move in together. Even with all the love in the world, relationships demand some work and effort, especially with couples moving in together.

Things You Need to Talk About Before Moving in Together

Relocating for love is a big commitment and in these situations, feeling fear of relocating is perfectly normal. Not only that you’re relocating your entire life to another state, but you’re taking a tremendous step regarding your emotional life. Questions like how do you know you’re ready to move in together and how long should you wait to move in together will overwhelm you. However, to answer them, you will need to go even deeper and answer more questions with your partner. Here are some of the things to discuss before moving in together:

  • Is this love or just fear of being alone? Maybe you have relocated for a job and are feeling lonely alone in a new city, and now think about taking the next step in your romance. But do you really want that? Talk about it with your significant other, and don’t take any action until you are both convinced you want that.
  • Are you doing this because of the money? There is nothing wrong with being pragmatic and thinking about cutting some losses with living together. However, if saving money is the sole reason to live together, you should reconsider the decision.
  • Is saving a relationship one of the reasons to live together? If your relationship hits a rough patch because of distance, relocating to a new state to live in together will not make this better. In fact, it will probably end up being even worse.

Discus Financial Arrangements With Your Partner

Moving in with a boyfriend or girlfriend will require some serious talks about your finances. There is no move-in with your significant other without “the money talk.” Set aside some time and discuss everything – income, credit score, student loans, savings, and other financial obligations. Communication is key. Discuss all the money fears you might have because once you move in together, you will share a budget, and you will have to learn how to plan your expenditures, so everyone is satisfied.

Are You Ready to Take Next Step in Your Relationship – Know Your Partner’s Goals

Before you hire your cross country moving company and move in with your girlfriend or boyfriend, discuss your future with them. What are your expectations of taking this step? Do you two plan to get married? Or to start a family? Or are these plans long ahead of you? Knowing your partner’s goals is one of the best tips for moving in together we can give you. You may think you want the same things, but you will never know if you are at the same phase in your relationship until you communicate. You don’t need the pain of breaking up, moving away, and starting over while you are alone in a new state. Check out this video for more advice on cohabitation with your partner:

Find a Long Distance Moving Company

If the statement “I think we should move in together” is something that is close to your heart, then it is time to start searching for long-distance movers near me. Find long-distance movers with the best reviews and, most importantly, a company that has a USDOT number. This way, you will avoid relocation scams. When picking a company for long-distance moving services, ask them if they provide packing service as well.

With the help of cross-country movers, your packing will be a piece of cake. You will not have to worry about shipping live plants or where to find labels for boxes. But if your relocation budget doesn’t allow you to think about packing service, don’t worry. Most reputable companies actually have free standard service as part of their cross-country moving services, where professionals will relocate and pack all your bulky and large items. And not only that, they will disassemble and reassemble all your furniture as well.

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You’ve Cohabited Before, and You Liked It?

Your anxiety about relocating and living together will be less if you have some trial period with your significant other. Go on a vacation and spend some time together. Even if you do so for just a couple of weekends, you will get a picture of your compatibility and willingness to make compromises. Then the answer to the question “how soon is too soon to move in together” will become crystal clear. Once you share a space for a couple of days, you will see if you are willing to make this permanent. Also, your adjustment to a new town will be much easier if you visit it now and then.

Your Place, Their Place, or a New Place?

One of the things you need to consider is where you two are going to live. Will it be your flat, or will you find some other place. For example, if you are relocating from a small town to a big city, will you buy a house or rent an apartment? Deciding about this before a move will allow you to plan how much money to save to move out of state, for starters. Furthermore, depending on your plan to live in an apartment or house will impact the number of belongings you can bring with you.

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Buying a house together is a big commitment, but it's a sign you are serious about each other

Take a Good Look at Your Things

When cross-country moving, deciding what to keep and what to toss is crucial in reducing relocation costs even if you are relocating to another state alone. That is especially important when a couple moves in together because you have to think about your partner’s items, too. So before you start packing your pots and pans, check with your significant other if they have the same or similar ones, so you don’t have to bring any.

If you wish to experience the true benefits of relocation, the best way to do so is decluttering. Go through your belongings and get rid of all the old things you haven’t used in a while. You can donate old appliances, clothing, food, and furniture to the nearest charity organization or make a yard sale and earn some money along the way. Start making a new apartment shopping list, but keep in mind that there will be more decluttering once you move in with your partner.

Be Partners When Deciding What to Keep and What to Toss

Once your movers have unloaded all your stuff, you will need to start unpacking. In this process, you will probably have to get rid of some more stuff. And not only you but your partner as well. When living together, you have to think about not only your needs but also your partner’s. Make a place to be a combination of your two tastes. And if you wonder what to know before moving in together, letting go of some items will be one of those things. So go through your stuff together and decide which items you will donate or sell.

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Decide together what to keep and what to toss

Learn to Share Responsibilities – Divide and Conquer

Shared budget and space are not the only things you have to think about once you move in together. For example, if you are relocating with dogs, they will become your partner’s responsibility too. To avoid fights about whose turn is to do dishes or laundry and other house chores, make a list of all the things that need to be done around the house and see who will take care of what. For instance, maybe you hate to do the dishes, but you love to vacuum. Put that list on the fridge and make a schedule of when you need to do those things. Also, you can make a deal about who will pay bills and who will buy food. No matter what agreements you two make, the only important thing is to be on a common ground once you make those decisions.

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To avoid fights, divide and conquer your chores

Make Sure You’re Ready to Give Up Your Independence but Know When to Take a Time for Yourself

How do you move in together? Knowing how to give up your independence and how to communicate with your partner is the first step. We all strive to find that special someone to see when we come home after a long day. Once you start to live together, you will fall in love even more. You will find new ways to appreciates that person, their perks and flaws. You will enjoy each other company, and you will find more and more ways to spend quality time together.

On the other hand, if you spent too much time together, one of the dangers you might fall into is to become tired of each other. To prevent this, learn to give yourself some space, and to your partner as well. Private time is important not only for your mental and emotional health but for your relationship too.

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Make some me-time too

Do Relationships Change When You Move In Together?

The simple answer is yes. But this change, if you think thoroughly about it, is rarely for the worse. And yes, people do move in together too soon, and that ends up being a catastrophe. But if you and your partner communicate everything and you are both willing to try this out for the right reasons, you will not regret it. And yes, long-distance moving can make this step to be even more intimidating, but in the end, if this is something you truly want to do, don’t let the fear stop you. In the end, you will get to live in a different city, and you will make new friends, so don’t make this relocation to be only about your relationship – embrace this opportunity to make a fresh start for yourself as well. Both in personal and professional life.

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