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How to Move a Garage Long Distance

There are more than 80 million garages in America, used mostly as home storage spaces but full of clutter. Learning how to move a garage will come in handy when you first start the relocation process – otherwise, the anxiety that follows every relocation process may overwhelm you. So memorize the steps and take a deep breath before you begin.

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Relocating doesn't have to be stressful - just follow out tips

If you are preparing your home for sale and wondering how do you lift and move a garage physically rather than figuratively, we have an answer for that, too. We will provide you with relocation hacks that will help you learn how the whole structure can be moved – if it’s portable, of course.

How Do You Lift a Garage – Should I Find Long-Distance Movers Near Me or DIY It?

When it comes to detached garages, many people don’t want to bother physically relocating them. However, some might find it necessary to relocate a building standing in the middle of the property and covering the view or the one that lies partly in one property and partly in another. If you don’t want to destroy the old structure or build a new one, make sure to:

  • Follow city laws and HOA rules when choosing the exact location – ensure to have all necessary permits on time,
  • Prepare the new foundation, preferably in the form of a cement slab,
  • Remove doors and secure each side of the building with beams, so it stays in one piece while relocating,
  • Use jacks to lift the structure,
  • Put the building on a carrier (for a smaller distance, you can also use metal or wooden rollers or wheels),
  • Haul the structure with a truck, carefully and slowly to the selected space on your property.

Although it sounds easier than it is, remember that your structure will most likely suffer some smaller damage, even if the work is done perfectly. That is why it would be better to contact a general contractor or cross-country movers who have the necessary equipment, know the way it should be done, and are willing to help you before relocation. In case of irreparable damage, contact experienced custom builders to make you a new garage – despite the efforts, sometimes it’s best to start anew.

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How Much Does It Cost to Lift a Garage?

The cost of relocating this kind of building varies depending on many different factors. For example, garages attached to the house are way more expensive to relocate than detached ones. You should also have the size, location, and needed equipment in mind. Whether you contact a cross-country moving company or not, you’ll probably need to replace the rooftop, and electricity and water could also raise the final price. So, how much does it cost to move a garage? The average price can go anywhere between $3,000 and $10,000. Remember that it would be cheaper to build a new structure in some cases than to relocate the old one.

If you wish to find out what the process of relocating this structure looks like, make sure to watch the following video:

Moving a Garage – Clutter as the First Issue

As we said, many Americans use their garages as home storage spaces. In other words – whenever we don’t know where to put some items, they will probably end up in our attics, basements, or garages. Only huge life events, such as relocation, could force us to make time and declutter. So when thinking about and deciding how to move, be sure to mark storage spaces as the first rooms to pack.

Follow Reason and Get Rid of Everything You Don’t Use

If you’ve ever moved before, you know that the advantage of decluttering is the possibility to significantly downsize packing when relocating your home. In addition, you can later contact charities and donate unwanted items or even learn how to have a successful garage sale and earn some cash. Moreover, if you donate old appliances or sell them, you will severely reduce your home inventory, which will then result in a reduced price of the services your long-distance moving company will provide.

How to Pack a Garage – Important Questions and Essential Steps

It is possible that all your enthusiasm will be replaced with anxiety about relocation to another state the minute you walk into this space. No one will judge you if you decide to book cross-country moving services – contact movers to come to your aid and give you their point of view. If you choose a different option, however, you should learn the best ways to pack for the relocation before you are confronted with the most complex room of the house.

Step 1 – Choosing Packing Supplies

If you don’t wish to hire packing services that would provide you with the proper materials and supplies, you should decide which supplies would suit your needs best. You will not need as much bubble wrap as for packing fragile items, but it would be good to have:

  • Packing paper – to protect items from damaging one another
  • Large boxes – for those big and strangely-shaped tools
  • Small boxes – for small tools
  • Stretch tape – to protect garden furniture

Step 2 – Packing Different Types of Equipment

Small tools are the first that come to our minds when thinking about garages. Using a specially designed toolbox would be ideal for packing small tools like hammers, nails, and screwdrivers. Every item will have enough room, and they will all be fixed in place with no possibility of movement that could cause damage.

If you don’t have any toolboxes, a regular box can be a replacement, just make sure to wrap each tool and ensure that the box doesn’t contain too much free space. Don’t forget that small tools should be on your list of relocation essentials for your new house, so label properly and try to keep the box by your side.

Gardening equipment is larger and demands more space, but it doesn’t need to be packed into boxes. When handling brooms, pitchforks, shovels, and alike, just make sure to cover all the sharp edges that could damage other boxes, tie them together, and place them safely in the truck. Also, any gardening stools and tables should be disassembled and protected with some stretch wrap before you put them on the truck.

Any equipment that contains fuel tanks should be packed with the utmost care. Power tools such as lawnmowers or leaf blowers and items such as grills must be emptied of fuel and disabled before being loaded in the truck.

Step 3 – Make It Shine

After you are done packing, all that is left to do is clean the space for the next tenant, just like the rest of your house. If you hire long-distance moving services, movers might be able to do the work for you, too, as long as you are willing to pay an extra fee.

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Different materials are used for different items

Skills You’ll Gain When You Learn How to Move a Garage

Whether it comes to relocating it physically or packing its contents for relocation, both tasks demand patience and a specific skill set, and both should be done in the beginning phases of the relocation process. However, when you’re done with all that hard work, packing and relocating the rest of the house won’t be so terrifying. You are finished with the worst part and gained much-needed experience – let it be your comfort.

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Born and raised in Portland, Milly has had a lot of experience moving and writing about the relocation process.

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