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Moving to San Francisco – Everything You Need to Know

If you plan on moving to San Francisco, know that you are about to start living in a diversity epicenter. From street art to innovative restaurants that leave even the biggest foodies speechless, this place has it all. You will get to explore beautiful beaches and mountains and walk across the Golden Gate while looking at the bay. Feel the pulse of the area by hopping on a tram and riding across broad, steep streets. This is the place for developing businesses and getting high education. Whatever you need, this buzzing community will provide it for you.

Know the Cost of Living Before Moving to San Francisco

Before you even think about starting your life in a new metropolis, you should get more information about the cost of living. This will give you a sense of how much money you’ll need to get by and whether you will be able to save up.

The cost of living entails rent, utility, transportation, and grocery prices. Think about all of those when considering where to live in California. Knowing the amount of money needed to settle down is something that will help you overcome the fear of relocation.

You Need to Save Up

Are you wondering – how much money should I save to move out of state? Or are you moving out for the first time and creating a budget? Know that the cost of living in SF is high, and you will need to save up. Maybe once you’re all settled, these costs won’t bother you that much. But in the beginning, when you are still finding your footing, having some savings is a smart thing.

It’s All About Taxes in California

One of the things that will reduce your savings is taxes. Wherever you live in California, one way or another, you will pay state and federal tax fees. San Francisco is not an exception to that rule. If you are a homeowner, you will have to pay the tax based on the area and size of a property. Before you buy an apartment, make sure that you get familiar with property taxes. Also, when purchasing a flat or a house, you will need to pay a real estate transfer tax. Remember, there’s a sales tax of 8.5% and is added to many goods and services.

There’s a Lot to Consider About Housing Costs

Do you want to rent a house or buy property in SF? Whatever you decide, you should know that it won’t be cheap. The price to rent an apartment depends on the number of bedrooms and the location. The cost of living in San Francisco are greatly influenced by housing prices. You can get a one-bedroom flat in the center for $3,300, while that same space will cost around $2,700 outside the center.

If you want to own your home, know that the price of 10.7 square feet in the center is around $12,400, while the same footage is $9,800 in the peripheries.

If you are relocating from another state, learning about the prices shouldn’t create anxiety about moving – you can always share an apartment or find a neighborhood that fits your budget. Older units are rent-controlled due to rent control laws. While you focus on trying to find yourself a place, don’t forget to look for professional San Francisco movers to provide you with moving services and take some of the relocation work off your shoulders.

The Housing Market Is Very Competitive

Living in California means being in a state with a competitive housing market. Buying an apartment in SF and all through the Bay area means you will have a place that won’t lose its value with time. But getting a house here means you need to move fast – properties stay on the market no longer than 35 days. If you are moving in with a girlfriend or moving in with your boyfriend, both of you should dedicate time to house hunting.

Get Used to Homeless People

When you relocate, you will have to get used to many homeless people. This is something that anybody that has ever set foot in SF knows to be true. When walking back to your home from work, you will encounter homeless encampments along the sidewalks. What attracts people without a home here is the climate. Mild weather is desirable if you live outside all year.

Pick the Right Neighborhood

Feeling comfortable and happy in a new place starts with picking the right neighborhood. When you search for properties, finding the one to suit all of your needs will help you adjust to a new town faster. When you are relocating to San Francisco, consider the fact that there are +many different districts, each with a vibe of its own. Do your research, find the best neighborhoods in San Francisco, and choose the one that you feel most comfortable with.

Each Neighborhood Is Unique

There are many neighborhoods in SF to choose from – 36 to be exact. But how can you choose one of the best places to live in San Francisco. They all have their unique vibe that attracts people. The best ones are:

  • Castro District – is tightly connected with the LGBT culture. This is obvious from its rainbow-painted crosswalks and many rainbow flags. This is a neighborhood with a busy nightlife and an upbeat vibe. If you are looking for a place to have fun, you just found it. Making friends in a new city here won’t be too difficult.
  • Mission District – is primarily populated by a Hispanic community. It is painted with nearly 500 murals. Shops stock everything from pinatas to fresh groceries. People are friendly, so it will be pretty easy to meet your neighbors – just be polite and say hi.
  • Noe Valley – is a family-oriented area. This kid-friendly neighborhood has a farmers market and it is perfect for playing outside with kids and animals. So, if you are moving with cats, or you want to relocate with dogs, Noe Valley is the place for you.
  • SoMa – is one of the largest neighborhoods in SF. SoMa is one of the best places to live in California for young adults because you can find trendy clubs, AT&T Park where the Giants play, and an assortment of warehouses.
  • Hayes Valley – is famous among professionals. It is packed with boutiques and is within walking distance of other popular neighborhoods. SF is one of the most vegetarian-friendly cities, so it’s not a coincidence that areas like this one have many trendy restaurants that suit everybody’s needs.
  • Marina District – is a place that college grads adore. It offers a great beach view and many workout studios.

Pick a New Neighborhood Near Good Schools

Are you moving with children? Think about this when you are choosing the right neighborhood. Picking an area near good schools will provide your kids with the best possible education.

But if you’re relocating to SF so that you could improve your own education, know that there are many schools to choose from. Higher education can be reached in more than 100 disciplines. So don’t worry, relocating here will do good for your schooling.

Relocating to San Francisco Brings Many Transportation Options

When you live in a place as big as SF, you should think about your everyday commute. If you need auto transport to your new location, you can easily hire a company to do it for you. But keep in mind that this is one of the cities with the best public transportation in the country. You can use streetcars, buses, and underground trains to get by. If you want to use public transportation for a day, you need $7, while monthly season tickets are $73.

Things to Know When Moving to San Francisco – Use a Bike

If you want to save up on the commute, you should ride a bike. The streets of SF are bike-friendly, so think twice if you planned to put your bicycle away in storage. Take it with you. It will come in handy on the days you wish to pedal across the town. If you’re not a fan of biking alone, you’ll be happy to hear there are many groups on Facebook and other social media dedicated to biking around SF where you can meet people.

Pack Your Walking Shoes

Do you like to walk around, no matter where you go? Well, living in SF means you need to pack things like your good walking shoes. The town has more than fifty hills, meaning you will get a decent workout while walking around.

A Hub for International Companies

You probably already know that San Francisco is a paradise for start-ups and tech companies. But the city also hosts many global companies that operate all over the world. And even though the tech sector is the dominant one, there are many other areas you can find work in. Also, this might be a great place to relocate your business, whether it’s tech-related or not.

There Are Plenty of Job Opportunities in SF

Are you relocating to SF in pursuit of a job? You should remember that the town has seen a job market increase in 2019. That, combined with a low unemployment rate of 2.4%, makes this town an excellent place for a job hunt.

Are you wondering how to get a job in a new city? You should know that amongst most paying jobs are doctors, people in the IT sector, and marketing and financial managers. When you start looking for one, ask around, contact some Facebook friends, find a way to get in touch with companies, and there’s a chance you will find the position you like.

Don’t Forget to Think About the Climate

Before you decide to start preparing your things for transport or hire movers with packing services to do it for you, take a closer look at the climate SF has. Dry summers and mild winters are something that describes this weather perfectly. If this relocation means that you are moving to a warmer climate than the one you are currently staying in, think about adjusting your wardrobe.

Depending on where you choose to move, you will notice that the western part of the town is covered in mist very often. Keep a jacket or a hoodie close by, since the foggy days can get cold.

Visit the Beach and the Mountains in the Same Day

Do you know what the great thing about living in the Bay is? If you wanted, you could take a walk down the beach and hike along the mountains all in the same day. SF is just a three-hour drive away from Yosemite National Park and Lake Tahoe, allowing you to enjoy green areas as well as the beaches of the Pacific Ocean.

A Stage for Many Artists

When you think about SF, the first thing that comes to mind is the tech industry, right? Well, long before that, the metropolis was filled with artists. If you just take a walk around town, you will notice vivid pieces of art that decorate sides of many buildings. There are many things to do in San Francisco, it just depends on what kind of fun you like to have.

Museum of Modern Art is the home of many exhibitions that will blow your mind. Also, with artists comes a different, more free-spirited vibe to the area, so don’t be afraid to let yourself loose. This place is open-minded and welcoming to all types of people who are comfortable with themselves.

Living in the City by the Bay

Are you ready to make yourself feel at home? Living in SF might seem surreal sometimes. With many festivals that happen year-round, such as the Pride Festival, How Weird Street Fair, or Outside Lands, you’ll never be bored. There’s a way to adapt to the new lifestyle by doing things that locals do, like using reusable bags instead of buying new ones every time you go to the store. Eco-consciousness is a big deal here. That also entails recycling.

If you’re relocating with your children, you’ll find that San Francisco high schools offer a high-quality education system.

Foodie Paradise

Fine dining is on a whole different level in SF. The city has many restaurants, coffee shops, and bakeries that can satisfy even the pickiest eaters. Just go online, search through Facebook or Yelp, and you will find the best restaurants in San Francisco to eat.

However, don’t be surprised by the fact that this is not a night town like New York or Los Angeles – shops and restaurants usually close around 10 p.m.

Another thing that distinguishes this place from others is that you can drink tap water. And SF is one of the places that banned selling bottled water in grocery stores.

It’s Pet-Friendly City

Are you moving with pets to SF? It’s a known fact that there are more dogs than kids here. And some owners have a habit of taking their furry friends everywhere with them. Many workplaces and shops are pet-friendly.

When You are Moving to San Francisco Activism Is a Must

Are you into activism and being a vocal member of the society you live in? This city by the Bay is the perfect place for you. Citizens here are very politically active. So if you want to fit in, make sure you get yourself involved with political activism or volunteerism. Also, these activities will help you make some friends.

Explore the Outdoors

With pleasant temperatures year-round, you’ll get to explore the outdoors every time you feel like it. The area offers many possibilities that include hiking, walking along the beaches and forests, and so on.

Sonoma County and Napa are nearby, so if you feel like having delicious wine, that is where you get it. Not only that, but you get to see charming restaurants, vineyards, and small towns along the way.

Living in San Francisco means being in the center of diversity. Here you can find everything your heart desires, so why not pack up your bags and relocate? It would be the easiest decision to make!

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