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A Guide to the Best Places to Live in San Francisco

Discovering the best places to live in San Francisco can be a long and somewhat tricky process. There are so many factors to consider before you decide where to live in one of the most cherished and well-known places, not just in the US but in the whole world.

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When it comes to commuting, did you know that the city is built on more than 50 hills? If you are not a fan of hiking and walking down the steep streets, you might want to find a place well connected with the rest of the city or bring your car with you.

Are you thinking about enrolling in a good university or finding a reputable school for your kids? If you want to get a good education, head out to Berkeley and see for yourself why the University produced so many Nobel Laureates.

And if you are traveling with your pet, you will be happy to know that there are plenty of pet-friendly areas for your four-legged companion to run around. Since there are more dogs than kids in the city, this is truly a canine paradise.

How to Decide What Are the Best Places to Live in San Francisco?

When you are thinking about moving to California, you should get familiar with the things waiting for you in the Golden State. Relocating to San Francisco or any other place means you have to find a place to call home, and while you are researching, there are many factors to consider.

SF is a blend of different cultures, history, and aesthetics. Depending on what you are looking for, many different places can be perfect for settling down. If you decide to hire professional SF movers to handle your belongings, you should use the extra time at your disposal to think about all the things that are important to you when it comes to your new home.

First, let’s think about finances. Honestly, the cost of living in San Francisco won’t be low when compared to the national average, but if you choose your area carefully and plan out your budget, you could live comfortably.

Safety is another essential factor in picking the right place, so research the reputation and crime statistics in your area before you choose where to relocate.

When deciding on where to put down roots in SF, consider the commute time. If you have a job in one part of the town and a house in another, you will spend a significant amount of time in traffic. Avoid that by finding a place closer to the office.

Take your wishes, not only your needs, into consideration. Yes, it would be perfect to live near the office, preferably in a cheap apartment, but would you actually like to live in an urban area? Staying in SF gives you a choice between urban locations and neighborhoods by the water.

Also, don’t forget the weather. SF might be relatively small, but it has many microclimates. If you go west, you will experience chillier and foggier weather, while the locations in the south are warmer and sunnier.

Let’s not forget the food. Being here would be a dream come true for any foodie. While looking for a new house, you should check out some of the best restaurants in San Francisco, as well.

When you finally gather all the information, it will be easier to find outstanding locations that best suit all your needs and preferences.

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Nob Hill Is One of the Safest Areas in SF

When looking for the best neighborhoods in San Francisco, low crime rates are one of the key factors to take into account. If you choose to move to Nob Hill, know that you will be staying in one of the safest neighborhoods in SF. In 2017 and 2018, the number of robberies and auto theft incidents has dropped significantly.

Overcome the fear of moving by informing yourself about all the things that might worry you about the overall safety of a neighborhood. If you choose Nob Hill as your next home, you will see that the crime rates are nothing to worry about.

When it comes to housing, you can expect a combination of rent-controlled flats and condos. A lack of space makes a backyard an uncommon feature, and no one has a front yard, which means that the classic single-family homes are non-existent. Also, the median sale price for a home is $2.15 million. If you are renting, the average cost of a studio is $2,425 and one-bedroom goes for $2,995 a month.

Nob Hill will be a perfect place to walk around, that’s why you should let the crew that provides you with packing services box up all of your good hiking shoes. You will need them because this is also home to one of the greatest parks in SF.

Living in the vicinity of Huntington Park comes with many perks. This public area has perfectly trimmed lawns and foliage, as well as some lovely fountains. You can let your kids play here or take your dog out for a long walk. Nob Hill also has public spots like Washington and Hyde Mini Park, where you can enjoy pieces of nature in an urban jungle.

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Berkeley Is a Political and Educational Hub

With almost perfect climate and numerous beaches, Berkeley seems like an ideal place to live in. This is the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement, so being here might inspire you to become politically involved in the community.

Don’t leave your bike in storage before relocating because this is a bike-friendly community, and you will probably end up using it. That being said, you should know that every Berkeley resident takes his health seriously, while local politicians are taxing sugary sodas in an effort to reduce diabetes risks.

Being healthy is essential even when you like to dine out, and with many restaurant options, you won’t have a problem picking the right one. Also, SF is one of the most vegetarian-friendly cities, meaning that everybody can find a place to dine out.

This is the home of many writers, artists, and musicians, as well. That might be the result of educational institutions that are located in Berkeley.

Berkeley Is the Right Place to Get a World-Class Education

If you are looking for a world-class education, choosing Berkeley as your next home is a smart move. Part of the University of California system, Berkeley is regarded as one of the best public research universities in the States. Did you know that as many as twenty-two Nobel Prize laureates are Berkeley alumni? This fact is just another proof of the quality of education provided by this institution.

When researching San Francisco high schools, you will notice that Berkeley has a few. If you are moving with kids, this will be a perfect place for them to get a head start in life. There are also eleven elementary and three middle schools.

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Dog-Friendly Neighborhoods in the Sunset District

Life in urban areas can get noisy and crowded, not only for people but for animals as well. That’s why you should think about finding a location where your canine friend could be happy as well.

The current situation implies that SF is one of the most dog-friendly towns in the States, and since dogs outnumber children, it is only normal that there are many pet-friendly places you can explore.

Consider Inner Sunset and Outer Sunset areas as your next locations if you are indeed relocating with your pet. These locations are near Ocean Beach and Golden Gate Park, giving your dog a place to run around with other dogs while you are chatting with their owners, and perhaps making some new friends. There are also many dog-friendly businesses that can fulfill all of your canine’s needs. Living in the Sunset district means that you won’t have to worry about traveling long distances to find the right vet, there will be plenty of professionals in your vicinity.

San Francisco Neighborhoods That Care About Your Pet’s Health

Your furry friend deserves the best care possible, and that is what they will get when you pick Sunset district as your home. It is near Irving Pet Hospital and Animal Emergency Service. These places will take care of every animal, which is why they have not only emergency services, but you can take your pet for a check-up and vaccination.

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South Beach Is a Hot Spot for Young Professionals

This trendy, upscale area on the waterfront is among the top-ranked neighborhoods for young professionals in SF.

Luxury condos here offer a stunning view of the bay, with many different things to do in San Francisco, like going out to popular clubs and restaurants. You will soon understand why this is a hot spot for young people.

One of the benefits of living here is that this neighborhood is just blocks away from the Financial District, a place with a large number of companies. While the crew that is providing you with moving services handles your things, you should check out the top employers in the area, some of them might have a perfect job for you.

A Neighborhood with Many Companies Contributing to SF’s Economy

Just a few blocks away from South Beach, you can find the Financial District. With a name like that, you can guess that it serves as a central business district. Here you can find some headquarters of some of the largest corporations, law firms, insurance, and real estate firms. Not only that, but many loan banks and financial institutions have offices here. The headquarters of all SF’s Fortune 500 companies are located in this district.

Financial District employs over 220,000 office workers, so settling down in its vicinity would give you a chance to find a niche for yourself.

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Glen Park is a Hidden Gem of the City by the Bay

Talking about SF usually means talking about tall buildings, the Golden Gate Bridge and the view of the Bay. But living here means walking down the steep streets, riding trams and buses. Some people don’t like too crowded locations, and if you are one of those, you should take Glen Park into consideration.

This hidden gem of the City by the Bay is a cozy and village-like community that would suit anybody seeking peace and quiet.

Two-story cottage-style buildings are the most common facilities here. Don’t worry, this might be a sleepy neighborhood, but there is a good dive bar you can relax in after a hard day at work. With a nicely stacked bookstore and gourmet market, you have everything you need for a slow-paced lifestyle.

If you ship your car, the drive downtown won’t be a problem. You will have easy access to the busy, urban center of SF, but also peace and quiet when you need it.

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Bernal Heights Is a Family-Friendly Neighborhood Close to Downtown

Are you ready for a short commute to downtown? Affordable homes and hilltop views? If you are, pack your bags and head to Bernal Heights.

This is the place that has a lively farmers’ market and stores that put fresh oranges, lettuce, and kale on the checkout.

You could guess that the neighborhood with low crime rates and green areas where your kids can play has a family vibe to it. And you would be right. Bernal Heights is also known by the nickname “Maternal Heights.” Parents love this place because of the family atmosphere and the fact that there are shops and restaurants within walking distance.  And if you are wondering how to adjust to a new town, just stop by Precita Park, have a picnic, play catch or enjoy outdoor movies.

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