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Moving to Philadelphia – All You Need to Know About Living in Philly

Hiring long distance movers and moving to Philadelphia will give you the opportunity to live in a city filled with American history. It is the place where the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were signed, so it’s safe to say it is the birthplace of the United States. Also, planning on moving across the country to come here means residing where James Madison, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and many other historical figures lived.

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There is a lot of history celebrated in the Old City district, which is filled with famous landmarks such as Benjamin Franklin’s grave, the Constitution Hall, the Liberty Bell, etc. It’s worth mentioning that Philadelphia is where the first library in the country was established, as well as many other important institutions. Besides cherishing its history, relocating to Philadelphia will offer you inspiring moments with its gastronomy, culture, sports, and art. However, it will take time to adjust to the new town, especially if you are moving state to state or relocating from a small town to a big city. If you decided that you’re moving to Philly, know that you’ll be residing in the largest community in Pennsylvania and the sixth-largest in the USA by population.

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What to Know Before Moving to Philly?

Moving to Philly can be an exciting change as it has its own rules and way of living. There are some things that are specific only to this place, and as it is with every metropolitan area, some are great and some not so much. Before you make the final decision, there are some basic pros and cons you should know about.

What are the pros of relocating to Philadelphia?

Affordable cost of living

Compared to cities with a similar number of residents and area, The P has lower costs of being a resident. For example, if we compare it with the neighbor New York, we can see that all everyday costs including groceries, rent, consumer prices, and restaurant prices are higher than here.

Easy to get a job

Finding a job here will be as simple as ABC. There are plenty of companies that are hiring. Anyone who has knowledge and skill will have many opportunities to get hired in this place.

Mild climate

Because of the various geographical characteristics of the region, the town has a very diverse climate. It belongs to the humid subtropical climate zone that has moderately cold winters and hot summers. Both autumn and spring vary a lot, but they are mostly mild and tolerable. There are approximately 207 sunny days in one year but also more rain than the US average.

Plenty of things to do and see

With such a vivid history and a peculiar way of life, the place has been attracting people for centuries, creating a real melting pot of cultures. The cultural mix also left its mark on the city’s cuisine, which you can experience in the best restaurants in Philadelphia. There are also amazing museums and artistic venues to visit, and many other fun and educational things to do in Philadelphia.

Easy to get around

If you’re a fan of simplicity, you will enjoy the layout in the form of a grid, which allows you to navigate the place easily. Since it is an old town, most streets are narrow; some are one-way streets, while many of them in the old areas are cobblestone, which makes them beautiful for walking and sightseeing. There are five public squares, and the streets are named after trees and numbers.

The location of the city

The P is close to New York and the Atlantic shore, which is another benefit. You can have weekend trips to the Big Apple anytime you want while avoiding the expensive cost of residing there.

What would be the cons?


There is a shortage of residential areas, and the population is in constant increase. Currently, 5.7 million people reside in the metro area, while there are 1.5 million residents in the inner-city area.


The struggle with traffic congestion comes along with the number of residents. Locals say that you never know how much time you will need to get somewhere, which can cause problems when commuting to work.


Every resident must pay a wage tax of 3.8%, while non-residents who work here must pay 3.5%. The minimum combined 2020 sales tax rate is 8%, which is the total of state, county, and city sales tax rates.


Almost all big cities in the world have this problem, and The City of Brotherly Love isn’t an exception. According to the website NeighborhoodScout, this place is safer than only 8% of US cities. However, there are always safer areas that you can choose to reside in, and you’ll have no problems with crime.

The Weather

That’s right, it’s both a pro and a con. There are all four seasons here, but they could change in a single day. Most summer days seem muggy and uncomfortable for anyone who is not used to this kind of weather. There are also thunderstorms and lightning storms that can cause floods and some damage towards the end of summer.

The Cost of Living in Philadelphia Is Lower Than the US Average

Some research shows the cost of living in Philadelphia for a family of four would amount to $3,600 a month without rent and around $1,000 for a single person.

So, Is it expensive to live in Philly?

Affordability is the word in Philly since its rent prices are lower than in other cities of the same size and prominence. Renting costs from $1,200 to $1,800, depending on the area. For example, a one-bedroom apartment costs $1,440 on average and a two-bedroom apartment around $1,700. If you add monthly expenses on utilities around $150, internet around $65, and public transportation around $95, there’s your calculation of affordable living. However, according to some predictions, the real estate prices will jump in the near future.

What Salary Do You Need to Live in Philadelphia?

The average monthly salary here is currently $3,300 after you pay all the taxes. According to our analysis, that isn’t enough, and Curbed confirms it. One of the important facts in our moving to Philadelphia guide is to look for a better-paid position, such as:

  • Anesthesiologists and jobs in the medical industry in general
  • Orthodontists
  • Dentists
  • Natural sciences managers
  • Financial managers
  • Sales managers
  • Marketing managers
  • Pharmacists
  • Lawyers
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Knowing the costs of your future destination will help you prepare your budget when moving cross country

Moving to Philadelphia – Where to Live?

What are the best neighborhoods in Philadelphia? Well, that will mostly depend on your preferences. Here’s our pick of favorite places in The P:

  • For history lovers, the old Downtown is the most attractive part because of numerous historic sites, such as the Liberty Bell, the Franklin Institute, the Museum of American Revolution, the National Constitution Center, the Free Library, but also due to the beautiful architecture. Like other downtown areas, it’s full of shops, restaurants, and street art.
  • The Bella Vista neighborhood deserves its name, which means “beautiful view,” but it is also known as “Little Italy” after the Italian settlers who preserved their culture and customs. This neighborhood is very charming, especially its oldest outdoor attraction, the 9th Street Italian Market. With a lot of parks and playgrounds, it is one of the best places to live in Philadelphia for a family. Not to mention that it has some of the best Philadelphia public schools.
  • Northeast of the center is the Northern Liberties area, once known just as a manufacturing community, but now a developing area with restaurants, bars, and boutiques. It’s very attractive for the younger population because of its hipster music scene and elevated train line, which makes getting downtown or elsewhere very comfortable and quick.
  • Originating from the Native American word, which means “a place we go drink,” the name Manayunk perfectly suits this neighborhood close to the river even today because of its numerous bars. It features Victorian-style houses lined along the steep streets.
  • South Philly is known for its sports stadiums but also for its Italian Market, while the West is famous for its universities and various services for students along with a lot of green spaces. The Northeast part is mostly a residential area with a suburban spirit, therefore suitable for raising children, and Northwest has a lot of alleys lined with trees and charm of its own.
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Read every guide and choose your favorite area before moving to Philadelphia

A 2020 Guide for Finding a Place to Live When Moving to Philly

Philadelphians are very careful when it comes to choosing the best neighborhood in P. However, being an old town, it does not have a big real estate market, so residential construction is developing fast. If you love vintage houses, make sure to check if your potential home is free of lead paint.

The security deposit when renting usually amounts to a two months’ rent, but it is returned after the lease expires if you have not caused any damage. A renter’s insurance policy is rather cheap, especially if you’re bundling.

For people who are moving to Philadelphia with a tight budget, there are affordable areas such as East Passyunk and Manayunk, and for the wealthy ones, there is Society Hill or Rittenhouse. Students usually settle in University City, Graduate Hospital, or Powelton Village.

If you’re relocating with kids, you can settle well in Spring Garden, Fairmount, Bella Vista, and East Passyunk. Retired people tend to flock to the Old City, Chestnut Hill, Spruce Hill, Cedar Park, or Chinatown.

Things You Need to Know Before You Rent a Great Apartment in Philly

Before packing your items and moving to Philadelphia, you’ll have to do a lot of research if you want to find your future home. You should keep in mind that the real estate market is very expensive here, and it may be hard to find the perfect place. Because of that, many choose to rent instead of buying.

One of the most important moving to Philadelphia tips is to know that the home market is not very big. It mostly offers row homes with their simple layouts and some modern apartments in condo complexes emerging around the town. Some have rooftops displaying beautiful views of the skyline that you’ll surely like. However, it’s easier nowadays to rent an apartment than to rent a house.

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Do your research before buying or renting a place

There Are Many Local and International Companies That Are Hiring

If you’re relocating for a job, you’re settled. If not, you don’t have to be intimidated. Philadelphia is home to ten law firms ranking among the largest in the country and twelve companies from the prestigious Fortune Global 500 list. There are also federal government institutions present, including the Federal Reserve Bank and US Mint as major employers.

Philadelphia is also a hub for health education and research, so there are job vacancies you can apply for in this field, as well as in education and accounting due to the growing population. Other big employers are the University of Pennsylvania and the Children’s Hospital. Being a multilingual environment, it also employs professionals to cover these needs, so you won’t have any trouble getting a job in the new city.

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Finding a job is easy when moving long-distance and coming to The P

What Are the Transportation Options?

Even though it is difficult to cope with traffic jams, there are plenty of other transportation options. Firstly, there’s a well-maintained subway system that connects the suburbs and the Downtown area, and it can take you anywhere fast. There are also buses, taxis, a lot of bike lanes, and bikes for rent, as well as a railway.

If you’d like to move to the suburbs and your job is located in the center, you can rely on the subway, but it would be a smart idea to have a car with you. You can get auto transport services and have your vehicle delivered to your future home.

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It is easy to get around even if you don't drive

More Moving to Philadelphia Tips for Newcomers

The City of Brotherly Love has plenty to offer to all the newcomers, and there are many things you will love. Here’s a list of a few more things you should learn before moving state to state and relocating to Philadelphia:

  • Pop-up parks here are booming. The most famous one is Spruce Street Harbor Park, organized along the river every summer.
  • The Museum of the American Revolution and the Philadelphia History Museum are great places to learn about history.
  • When it comes to art, don’t miss the Barnes Foundation, which has an exquisite collection of impressionists and modern art painters work. Other museums to visit are the Rodin Museum, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
  • People here call the downtown area Center City. This part of the town is known for numerous restaurants and bars, but also for its gothic-style Town Hall.
  • You might notice some attitude, so be sure to treat everyone with respect.
  • Order “one whiz with” – a sandwich with cheese and grilled onions. The most popular meal is the famous cheesesteak, which is a beefsteak with melted cheese served with onions and peppers or other side servings.
  • There are many sports teams, and the locals love them, so if you want to make friends in a new city quickly, make sure to start cheering for their teams.
  • Make sure you check how much does it cost to move to Philadelphiacompare moving quotes of several companies that provide moving services and insurance.
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You'll feel like a local in no time

Is Moving to Philly the Right Choice for You?

If you feel like you’ve found the perfect spot after reading this, then go for it. Choosing to call this place home is an amazing decision, and you’ll have tons of good time once you move. Learn how to pack an apartment and how car shipping works, and get ready for the road. We can promise that you’ll enjoy everything that awaits you here.

Do You Need Any More Reasons for Moving to Philadelphia?

In case you’re not so sure about this long-distance moving adventure as a permanent solution, you can always come and rent a place and just see how you like it here before spending your money. Now that you know the prices of rent, figure out your moving out for the first time budget and enjoy all that Philly has to offer.

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