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What Are the Best Neighborhoods in San Francisco

Knowing what the best neighborhoods in San Francisco are is important before you pack up your household and move there. The Fog City, as it’s often called, is pretty big and has many diverse communities to pick from. The area you choose could easily define your whole experience living there. If you’re still not sure what the best places to live in San Francisco are, don’t worry. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorites that we believe you will surely find attractive.

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Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Best Neighborhoods in San Francisco – Something for Everyone

As we have already mentioned, one of the great things about this place is that it is so large and diverse. In other words, regardless of the lifestyle you lead, habits you have, or your job, you will surely find a corner of the city that suits your needs and preferences. But before we move on to our list, let us talk about what things you should take into consideration and how to choose your next neighborhood.

You Should Start Looking at San Francisco Neighborhoods Right Away

As soon as you’ve reached the decision to pack up your things and move, begin looking at the different areas you could pick for your new home. The sooner you start, the more time you will have to make sure you’ve made the right choice. If you know anyone who already lives there,ask them if they have any recommendations. Do proper research before making your choice.

Criteria to Take into Account

There are different factors you should take into account when deciding where to move. For example, if you’re moving to San Francisco on a tight budget, you should probably consider some of the more affordable neighborhoods. On the other hand, if you’re moving with kids, you’ll want to know where the best San Francisco high schools or colleges are. Other things you should take into account when choosing the right area include:

  • The cost of living in San Francisco. While some neighborhoods are more affordable than others, the city as a whole is pretty expensive, especially when it comes to real estate. Keep that in mind if you’re planning on becoming a homeowner.
  • Commute time. If you’re moving for a job and already know where your new workplace is going to be, think about getting a house or apartment in close vicinity. The last thing you want to do once you move is to spend hours commuting.
  • Amenities. Depending on what your habits and needs are, you will want to look for an area that provides easy access to all the amenities you want – be it banks, parks, gyms, or anything else you might need.
  • The age group. The average age of locals can tell you a lot about the type of neighborhood you’re looking at. For example, if most residents are young, this is probably a student-populated area. This means lots of parties and noise.
  • Safety. No one wants to live in an unsafe neighborhood. Take a close look at crime rates of each area you’re considering for your new home and make sure you are completely comfortable with the statistics.
  • Education. Moving with a family doesn’t only mean you should look for a place near a school. You should also make sure that the said school can provide high-quality education. Get more information on their average scores, the school’s reputation, and ask about the PTO.
  • Walkability. If you’d like to avoid driving to work every day (and with that sunny Californian weather, we really can’t blame you), consider finding a neighborhood with a high walkability score.
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Now that we’ve gone over what you should look for in your new home, let us take a look at some of our favorite neighborhoods of SF.

North Beach

A traditionally Italian part of the city, North Beach is a lively area with a lot going on at all times of day and night. The “Little Italy” of SF has recently become one of the main nightlife spots both for tourists and locals. The area is mostly populated by young professionals, recent graduates, and families. Of course, a large Italian population can only mean one thing – some of the best restaurants in San Francisco are located here!


If this name sounds familiar, it’s probably because it is. The Haight-Ashbury district is said to be the very place where the hippie culture originated! It is also one of the most popular spots for stand-up comedy nights. In short, some of the most exciting things to do in San Francisco on a lazy weekend revolve around this area. Wouldn’t it be fun living in the epicenter of activities? Keep in mind, however, that such a lifestyle comes at a cost. Living in Haight-Ashbury will cost you much more than in an average SF neighborhood.

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Nob Hill

Nob Hill is one of those places you should definitely look into – if you can afford them. Brimming with luxury villas, Michelin-star restaurants, high-end hotels, and some of the most expensive real estate nationwide, Nob Hill provides the most leisurely, relaxed, and enjoyable lifestyle to those who are willing to pay the price. It is also home to a number of well-kempt historic parks where you can spend a sunny weekend afternoon with your family.

Pacific Heights

Have you always wanted to live in a home with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge? Then Pacific Heights is the place for you. Much like Nob Hill, however, living here can be quite a financial burden. Although there are still homes that are reasonably priced, most real estate is pretty expensive. For example, don’t be surprised if you stumble upon a one-bedroom home for sale for over $1 million. Those breathtaking views go a long way when it comes to raising the price.

Noe Valley

Located right around the city center, Noe Valley provides easy access to all the amenities you can think of. This is a mainly working-class area mostly populated by young families with children. This demographic even gave the district the nickname Stroller Town. Although it is considered upscale, it is still slightly more affordable than some of the previous ones we’ve mentioned.

Mission District

The Mission is a historic district famous for its food scene. From street food to fine dining, you’ll find it all here. This is also where a number of Latino cultural institutions are located, such as the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, Galeria de la Raza, and Intersection for the Arts. There is also a number of parades and festivals taking place here every year. As with most areas in the Bay, living here is relatively pricey.


SoMa stands for South of Market – which is exactly where this neighborhood is located. With a number of historic sites, as well as the headquarters of several large companies, SoMa attracts young professionals in large numbers. It is also home to a large kids’ park that features an ice skating rink, a bowling alley, a huge playground, and even a whole museum. One of the disadvantages of SoMa, however, is that crime rates are relatively high compared to other parts of the city.

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Richmond shouldn’t be confused with a nearby city of the same name. This neighborhood is a district surrounded by parks. This, along with overall safety and quietness, makes it a great choice for families with kids. It is divided into several sub-neighborhoods, including Lake Street, Inner Richmond, Central Richmond, and Outer Richmond.

Mission Bay

Not to be confused with Mission District, Mission Bay was originally an industrial district with few people actually living here. However, with the construction of the Mission Bay campus of the University of California – San Francisco in 2003, the neighborhood started attracting more and more residents. Today, it is an area with a diverse population, great nightlife options, and amazing opportunities for career advancement.

How to Move to SF

Now that you’ve decided what part of SF to move to, it’s time to learn how to move there. Relocation takes more than just packing your things and leaving. You should think about hiring professionals, learn more about your future home town, and in general get ready for the big change in your life.

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Browse Moving Companies in Advance

You might think that you don’t really need moving services in order to move to California. We’re here to tell you that that’s not entirely true. With the help of professional movers, you can rest assured that all your belongings are in safe hands. SF relocation specialists can take care of packing and unpacking for you, they can provide you with auto transport services, and overall ensure the safe transportation of all your things. All you’ll have to do is request a moving quote.

Prepare for the Adjustment Period

While professionals are taking care of the relocation process for you, you should take some time to get ready for the big change. You might have to cope with anxiety about moving to another state or you might simply need some time to learn how to adjust to a new town. Whatever the case is, doing your research ahead of time and planning your budget and activities carefully for the first few weeks in SF could make the whole transition much easier for you, both physically and mentally.

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