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Best Cities for Vegans in the US

When it comes to the kind of lifestyle that you want to lead, there is no one that can argue with you. If you are adamant about maintaining a healthy, vegan way of living, you are probably curious to find out or even move to one of the best cities for vegans.

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We are going to touch on topics such as the best restaurants and other vegan-friendly and vegetarian-friendly places to eat, as well as a sustainable plant-based diet that will give you important reasons to move to these cities.

The Number of Vegan Restaurants Per Number of Residents

There are many criteria that we can use to determine the vegan friendliness of a city. Indeed, there are criteria that are more versatile and universal, such as the quality of food served or the number of restaurants that serve vegan dishes per number of residents.

The best vegan scene in America, or at least the city with most options for vegans per capita, is, therefore, Portland, OR. This is also one of the most vegetarian-friendly cities to live in. Before we kick off our countdown with this acclaimed vegan hub in the northwest, let’s take a look at some other important factors that you should take into account before choosing your next, vegan-friendly home.


What To Look For In Best Cities For Vegans

If you’ve only just started this journey, you may not know what exactly you’re looking for. There are several aspects that you can make sure are included in the milieu of your future hometown or travel destination. We are going to list them here.

Vegan, As Well As Vegetarian, Diversity

Some of the places are not as strict when it comes to this division, so be sure to ask around about the other option, depending on your preferences and the type of meatless diet that you prefer.

Quality, Accessibility, and Affordability

These are the top three parameters you want to put into your search. The primary is the quality of the food, and this one can require some research to be done. Look for reviews from food bloggers and honest customers, and then narrow down the search according to your future area and the budget that you have.

Lead the Full Lifestyle

It might seem counterproductive that you avoid meat and care about animal abuse, which most of us do, but forget to think about other products such as belts, purses, pigskin footballs, and tons of other things. Look for animal-friendly and cruelty-free products, and commit yourself to this lifestyle.

Portland, OR

Not only is this the place where you can get culinary masterpieces on the go, but moving to Portland means you will also be wowed by its residents’ determination to bring their products to you without abusing nature. You will find not just restaurants that offer the absolute best that veganism has to offer, but the entire industries of clothing and trinkets that you will want to bring home. You will wish to make this place home once you’ve visited The Bye and Bye, Homegrown Smoker, and Rabbits Cafe and other famous places to eat. It’s not just about fantastic vegetarian choices and quirky establishments – Rose City will warm the essence of your being.

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Cleveland, OH

Moving to Cleveland? The synonym for meatless dishes, Hodge’s is a bar type of place where comfort-seekers are hungry for some of the most imaginative twists on traditional food. It’s a great contrast to The Greenhouse Tavern, where vegetarians can get the taste of various burgers and unique ramen dishes, with raw-food based diet and gluten-free meals as well. Some of these incredible restaurants and tasty little nooks get overshadowed by one of the most sought after places to eat out, The Flying Fig. Here you can find anything from artisanal cheese to poppy seed cake and get mind-blown over the variety of choices and tastiness of their treats.

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Seattle, WA

If you think moving to Seattle might be your next step, we think that you won’t be disappointed. We’ve talked about some cities having varieties and options, but Seattle has really stepped its game up. It has everything from grills, cafes, beach clubs to bistros, kid-friendly places, bars, and high-end restaurants. If you’re looking for any specific type of outing and want to eat clean, Seattle has it. We are going to mention two, Flying Apron and Harvest Beat, but also beg you not to stop there and explore this city a bit further and adjust to the new town on your own. We can guarantee it will be worth it.

Miami, FL

Miami might seem like a place that needs some hard-selling when it comes to a plant-based lifestyle. Veggie-meals and a raw plant-based diet aren’t unheard of here, but put a healthy twist on tacos and what do we get? Well, Charlie’s Vegan Tacos actually did it and survived to tell the tale. And even though Planta is a place every vegan who moved to Miami and the Everglades can tell you about, we dare you to try Bunnies Cakes for the ultimate sweet-tooth experience. Their donuts and cookies sell effortlessly, but you can also try some of their savory choices as well.

San Francisco, CA

If you happen to be a vegan moving to San Francisco, you have many things to look forward to. There probably isn’t a city in all of America that has as many little cafes or off-spins of cultural and culinary recipes that SF has. Try the Nourish Cafe as an everyday option, or the Gracias Madre for a more expensive outing, and you will make sure that you can’t put a price on San Francisco’s culinary diversity. Anything from expensive dining choices to Next Level Burger will leave you speechless.

Los Angeles, CA

The greatest hub of all that’s fresh, we can’t really make an article like this and not mention the city with the highest growth of the vegan population in the US. Fads start here, and so do some of the top food-related trends the world has seen. Whether you’re after sweet or savory goodies, places like Beelman’s, Shjoin, and Real Food Daily will make your mouth water just by passing by. If you haven’t considered yourself much of a foodie so far, moving to LA is bound to change your outlook and the sensitivity of your tastebuds.

Honolulu, Hawaii

An unlikely member on our list, the capital city of Hawaii has some trending tastes in the culinary world, and some of them rank high on the veganism scale. You can basically point to a dish and make it vegetarian, but you can also make bowls that have high-quality ingredients and completely additive and meat-free. There is plenty of fish in their diet. However, if you are looking for a fish-free option, you can be sure that you will easily find one. You won’t need much of a guide for this particular place, but do not miss Peace Cafe or Down to Earth Deli and its incredible buffet.

Moving Long Distance

If you are still thinking about which particular place to pick as your next home, we hope that we have at least narrowed down your search a little. We believe that the change of scenery will lead you to make better, healthier choices and that you won’t have trouble finding reliable moving services and leaving your hometown behind.

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