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Which are the Most Vegetarian-Friendly Cities to Live In?

If you’re planning to move soon, there are a lot of factors that you should consider before picking a place to be your future home. But if you live on a meatless diet, you would definitely want to know what are the most vegetarian-friendly cities to live in.

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There are several indicators of vegetarian-friendliness, but you definitely need to take into account the number of vegan restaurants and salad shops, as well as the cost and accessibility of fresh groceries before choosing a place for yourself. To help you make the decision, we offer a list of cities that are very suitable for a meat-free lifestyle.

Portland – the City of Restaurants 

Are you intrigued by a vegetarian lifestyle? Maybe you are already pursuing it? If this is important for you when thinking about your next home, Portland might be the place for you.

It has earned a reputation as a haven for those looking to develop healthy habits. With plenty of diners, coffee shops, and bakeries that offer meat-free products, it nurtures the animal-product-free type of life. If you are into traditional BBQ meals, Homegrown Smoker has you covered. Back To Eden bakery offers gluten-free snacks, so if you have a sweet tooth, the town has plenty of solutions for you as well.

Portland is famous not only for its restaurants but for its microbreweries and eco-friendliness. If you are thinking of moving here, have in mind that you can find a vegan medical practitioner or any other service suitable for this lifestyle. There are plenty of local businesses that are fully animal-friendly, like markets, boutiques, and even a tattoo shop.

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Los Angeles Offers Its Residents Vegan Cooking Classes

You know that the place is animal-friendly when it is home to PETA’s West Coast headquarters. Not only that, LA is the home to the Museum of Animals. So, if you are eager to move to a place with animal-friendly content, this might be the place for you.  

There are plenty of diners with completely meatless products, so you should be safe to order whatever you want without any concerns. The number of options to choose from is just impressive. Whatever you crave, from easy meals to doughnuts and cream cheese, Los Angeles probably has it.

If you are moving to LA to learn something new, have in mind that there is a company called Spork Foods that can provide you with vegan culinary classes and cooking demonstrations.

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Diversity of Vegetarian Lifestyle 

Introducing diversity in your life starts with learning something new and unfamiliar. If you want to pursue an animal-friendly lifestyle, start by learning what kind of diet it entails. LA offers you plenty of opportunities to try, taste and find the food you like. There are many places that prepare a variety of tasty, meatless dishes. 

As Los Angeles offers a variety of opportunities to take cooking classes, you can use them to learn more about veganism. You can learn to keep your food tasty, all while keeping yourself healthy. And remember, food is a good way to reach out to your friends, family, and community. You can meet many people with the same interests as you by going to dining places or taking classes.

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San Francisco – High-Quality, Vegan-Oriented Events 

California, in general, is a paradise for herbivorous. You only have to pick the right place for your new home. And If you want to be in the center of cool and hip happenings, relocating to San Francisco is the right decision.

Veg Society has been organizing the World Veg Festival for the last 20 years. It is a festival with the purpose of inspiring and educating people about the benefits of plant-based life.  

And if you are into beer, you can always grab a pint of it, since Anchor Brewing Company has options for vegans.

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Most Vegetarian Friendly Cities – Is New York One of Them?  

In the place as big as New York City, you are bound to have a variety of options for everybody. With a large number of animal rights advocates, this is a place where a meatless lifestyle is widespread and popular.

The Big Apple has been hosting the Veggie Pride Parade for the past 12 years now. The Parade has a goal of celebrating a healthy life and a sustainable environment. So, if you want to participate in a rich vegan-oriented social life, you might consider moving to New York City.

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Detroit, Michigan

You might be surprised to see Detroit on the list of vegetarian-friendly places. But the city is going through a revival in the past few years. With passionate foodies that open dinners and other herbivorous-related businesses, this place is quickly becoming a great place to live in if you are living a meatless lifestyle.

If you’re searching for vibrant social life and diverse nutrition opportunities, pick Detroit for your next home. Here you can have “catfish” tofu sandwiches, fried buffalo bites, and organic doughnuts all in the same day.

Do you like going to farmers’ markets? Eastern Market offers many organic ingredients at reasonable prices. Detroit also has a non-profit organization called Plant-Based Nutrition Support Group that is oriented toward educating about a healthy lifestyle and preventing diseases.

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