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The Best Cities for Finding a New Job

Are you thinking of a fresh start? Does the job you have simply not satisfy you enough? Have you been going home from worked tired and depressed? If so, it is a good idea to think about the options of moving to a new city or town. Before you do, think of what might interest you in a place of work. This way it would be easier to find the perfect location suitable with the plans you have when finding a new job. Long Distance Movers provides you with a wide variety of services, and one of them just happens to be finding the perfect city to relocate to if you are looking for a new job. Whether you need advice for a new location, storage, help with packing, or car shipping our professional employees will meet all your needs and requirements. Stay tuned to find out what cities America has to offer for your upcoming relocation.

Honolulu, Hawaii

You may ask yourself, how can a coastal city, especially a city in Hawaii, be home to lots of businesses looking for employees? Well tourism for instance, can be the biggest answer to your question. Honolulu also has employment growth rate up to 0.21 %. According to the survey for Manpower Group Outlook, it was ranked number one for employment outlook. The benefits just keep on adding up; the city even has private health insurance for most of its employees. So if you are up for some surfing or for a swim after a long day at the office, then this city is ideal for you.

Boston, Massachusetts

Go and get your Red Sox jersey because Boston will have you settled in as soon as you move. You won’t just be watching games here, there a beaches and mountains nearby perfect for recreation. This city is famous for all its management businesses as well as its money managers such as Fidelity Investments and Putnam Investments. It may be hard in the beginning all up until you find the right doors to knock on, but then again it’s the same everywhere. The employment world for asset management in Boston is established for investment banking or trading. This is why Boston is somewhat great if you are on the lookout for a financial job during economic downturns.

Salt Lake City, Utah

With a growth employment rate of 2.89% this city is a great place for today’s job-seekers. The major employer of the city is Delta hub at Salt Lake City International Airport, but local, state, and federal governments have a large presence in the city, and trade, transportation, and utilities also take up a major share of employment. Some other economic activities include tourism, conventions, and major call centers, as well as many different companies all in the lookout for employees.

San Francisco, California

Even though houses may not be cheap in this beautiful city, the employment growth rate is 2.43%. The city is even ranked number one for low transportation costs, because of this you can get to work easily. Its employment spread is mainly based professional services, including financial services, tourism, and high technology. San Francisco’s economy has drastically changed since the 90’s away from finance and tourism and more towards the growing fields of high tech, biotechnology, and medical research. So if you have studied or have experience with any of the subjects then get to packing!

Fort Wayne, Indiana

The employment growth rate in this city goes up to 5.87%! Fort Wayne does not only have affordable house, the city is also diverse with different types of jobs waiting for you. There is a high sector of employment in departments such as distribution, transportation, and logistics, health care, professional and business services, leisure and hospitality, and financial services. The leisure and hospitality sector is at the highest ranking of growth.

Miami, Florida

This beautiful coastal city has an employment growth rate of 0.37%. If you are fluent in the Spanish language, than you are in luck! Miami is one of the main television production centers, and the most significant city in the U.S. for Spanish language media. The downtown area is Miami’s main core for finance, commerce and international businesses. Tourism plays a big role in the industry in Miami, because of the beaches, conventions, festivals and events draw over 38 million visitors every year into the city. Miami is also responsible for military operations in Central and South America.

Raleigh, North Carolina

North Carolina’s capital has a great industrial base that consists of banking, electrical, medical, and electronic and telecommunications equipment, clothing and apparel, food processing, paper products, and pharmaceuticals. It just also happens to be one of the country’s centers for biotech and medical research. Steven P. Rosenthal of Northland Investment Corporation even referred to Raleigh as a city that generally has a lot of intelligent people that drive the economy. The best is, is that not only does this city have great prices for housing, the employment growth rate of 0.92%.

San Jose, California

San Jose is not only the cultural and political center of Silicon Valley, but also the most economic. This scenic town has a lot to provide you with from low transportation costs to high monthly medians. The only downside is the fact that the housing is quite expensive, but the employment rate is 2.19%. This city has a large concentration of high-technology engineering, computer, and microprocessor companies around it. The only downside to San Jose is the housing prices.

After you have gone through the options we have listed for you, then start planning your relocation. First, see which city suites your personality that best and know that if you are in the process of planning your long distance move to another state Long Distance Movers offer residential moving services as well. Our professional movers and packers will help you get ready for the move and relocate your belongings in the easiest way possible.

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