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How Safe Is Your Neighborhood? Here Are Some Apps That Can Help You Find Out

Are you thinking of moving to a new neighborhood? Whether you’re looking for a safer place to live or just want to know more about your potential new home, there are a number of apps that can help you answer this question –  how safe is your neighborhood? Keep reading for a rundown of some of the best ones, and you’ll have no trouble finding out if the neighborhood you’ve set your eyes on is a good place to live in.

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Are you looking for a new place to live? Learn how to find a safe neighborhood

How Safe Is Your Neighborhood – Why Should You Know This When Relocating?

So you’ve found your dream home in a new state. Congratulations! But before you start researching packing strategies for cross-country moving and looking for long-distance moving services (which can often include packing assistance as well), there’s one more very important thing you need to do – research the safety of your future neighborhood. But why is it so essential to check neighborhood safety before moving, and how can you go about doing it?

Finding a safe neighborhood before relocating with cross-country movers is important for a number of reasons. Obviously, you want to be sure your family will be safe in your new home once you unpack after relocating. No one wants to worry about their property being vandalized or burglarized. Also, you want to be able to take walks or go for runs without having to worry about being accosted. In short, you want to be able to relax and enjoy your new city without having to constantly worry about your safety. Relocating to a safe area will help you enjoy all the great benefits of moving.

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Safety is a sensitive but essential topic to consider when relocating – whether you’re relocating to the suburbs or not. However, this is a very subjective topic. Others might not think a neighborhood is safe just because you do. For instance, some people would like to live next to the police department so that assistance is constantly accessible, while others could find that to be a terrible neighborhood feature.

Still, when researching a neighborhood safety rating, we have to watch out for sharing false information and take care not to stereotype neighborhoods we don’t know. Remember that many of these apps rely on crime statistics by address and don’t take many factors into account. This means they might not always bring you a realistic picture – the crime and safety index isn’t enough to fully explain the safety of a certain place.

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Before relocating with a long-distance moving company, find out how safe you will be

What Are Some of the Top Safety Concerns in the US?

There are a variety of crimes that occur in the United States, so it’s important to be familiar with the potential safety concerns. One of the most common crimes in the US is burglary. According to the FBI, there were over 2 million burglaries reported in 2018. The most common type of burglary is residential burglary, which occurs when someone breaks into a home. Other types of burglary include commercial burglary (breaking into a business) and vehicle burglary (breaking into a car).

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Another common crime in the US is theft. There were over 7 million thefts reported in 2018, making it one of the most common crimes in the country. The most common type of theft is larceny, which occurs when someone takes property without using force. Other types of theft include robbery (taking property by using force) and vehicle theft. Violent crimes, such as murder, rape, and assault, are also relatively common in the US. There were over 1 million violent crimes reported in 2018. Violent crimes are defined as offenses that involve force or threat of force against a person.

It’s crucial to remember that these figures change annually and that overall crime has reduced. According to reports, violent crime decreased by 51% between 1993 and 2018. However, statistics also indicate that some crimes have become more prevalent. As an illustration, the number of reported rapes rose by more than 2.6% per year, reaching more than 120,000 incidents in 2018. Check out the video below to get a better understanding of how crime rates have changed in the past 20 years.

Start Your Research With FBI Crime Data Explorer

The FBI Crime Data Explorer website lets you see crime statistics for any neighborhood in the United States. You can see how many crimes have been reported in a particular area and what types of crimes have been reported. To use the website, simply enter the address or ZIP code of the area you want to check into the search bar. The website will then show you a map of that area with markers indicating where crimes have been reported. This can make your move easier and less stressful.

You can click on any of the markers to see more information about that particular crime, including the date and time it was reported, what type of crime it was, and its location. The website also lets you compare crime rates between different areas. To do this, simply click on the “Compare Areas” tab and then select up to three areas to compare. The website will then show you a side-by-side comparison of the crime rates for those areas.

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Be sure to check FBI Crime Data Explorer for useful information

AreaVibes Is Another Great Place to Check What Certain Area Is Like

AreaVibes is a website that provides users with information about different neighborhoods all across the United States. It gives users an overview of what the area is like, what the cost of living is, what kind of schools are in the area, and most importantly – how safe the neighborhood is. The safety score on AreaVibes is calculated using a number of factors, including crime rates, police presence, and access to emergency services.

The website takes data from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting program as well as local law enforcement agencies to give users an accurate picture of what crime is like in a particular area. Users can also see how many sex offenders are living in a given area. This information is taken from public sex offender registries and is updated on a regular basis.

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AreaVibes can tell you a lot about any neighborhood you wish to explore

The Neighbors App Can Help You Stay Informed About What’s Going on in Your Community

The Neighbors App is a free app that gives you real-time information on crime in your area. The app pulls data from law enforcement agencies and public records so that you can see what crimes have been reported near your home, work, or school. You can also use The Neighbors App to find out if there are registered sex offenders living in your neighborhood.

In addition to crime reports, The Neighbors App also provides users with information on local events and activities. This way, you can get to know your neighbors and find out what’s going on in your community. The Neighbors App is a great way to stay informed and connected with your community.

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The Neighbors App gives excellent info as well - check it out

Family Watchdog Provides Essential Info You Need Before Deciding to Move Somewhere

Family Watchdog is a national sex offender registry database. The information is gathered from local, state, and federal agencies and made available to the public. You can use Family Watchdog to find out if there are any registered sex offenders living or working near you. You can also sign up for email alerts so that you’ll be notified if any new sex offenders move into your neighborhood. You can trust that the information on Family Watchdog is up-to-date and accurate.

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Family Watchdog gives accurate info you need before relocating to a new place

CityProtect Can Show All the Important Information About a Neighborhood

CityProtect is a great tool for anyone looking to move to a new area. It’s quick, easy to use, and, best of all, it’s free! Open it up and allow it to access your location. After your location has been detected, you’ll see a map of your current neighborhood with different icons representing different types of crimes. Red icons indicate violent crimes, while yellow icons represent property crimes. You can click on each icon for more details about that specific incident.

In addition to crime rates, CityProtect also provides users with information on schools, parks, and other amenities in the area. This is all displayed on the map as well, so you can easily see what’s around you. When you’re finished looking at the map, you can exit the app, and your location will no longer be tracked.

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Add CityProtect to the list of apps to check before choosing your neighborhood

What Are the Most Dangerous and Safest Cities in the US?

Before you move to a new city, it’s important to do your research to find out if the city is safe. There are a lot of factors to consider when determining the safety of a city, such as the crime rate, the number of police officers, and the poverty rate. To help you out, we’ve listed the most dangerous and safest cities in the United States in the table below.

Most dangerous cities The safest cities
St. Louis, MO Irvine, CA
Memphis, TN Sterling Heights, MI
Spokane, WA Naperville, IL
Salt Lake City, UT Lakewood Township, NJ
Birmingham, AL Thousand Oaks, CA

What Are Some Tricks That Can Help You When Choosing a Neighborhood, Besides Safety Apps?

We’ve established that researching the safety of your potential new neighborhood should be at the top of your to-do list before the big move. There are a number of tricks to research the safety of an area besides checking safety apps. By taking some time to do your research before choosing a long-distance moving company, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll have an efficient move to a safe and great neighborhood. Here are some great relocation tips to keep in mind.

Speak with neighborhood store owners

Check your future neighborhood in person before you decide to move there – not doing so is one of the common relocation mistakes. Local businesses will thrive in a community that is thriving. It’s likely that locals are comfortable in the best neighborhoods and are shopping at their tiny local businesses. Go ahead and interact with store owners and shop around! It’s always a win to learn more about potential neighbors.

Check out local youth organizations

Look into youth groups if you’re looking for a place where your kids can feel protected (if you’re relocating with kids). Your family might be able to join a local dancing club, an after-school program, a church group, or a volunteer organization. Find out what community resources are available by asking around.

Attend neighborhood events

It’s always a positive indicator when a neighborhood sponsors neighborhood festival events. It’s a fantastic chance to get a feel for the community and the people you will shortly be living among, whether it’s a farmer’s market, a charity fundraiser, or the launch of a nearby business. Meet your neighbors – who better to ask about their safe neighborhood?

Look for streets with good lighting

Drive around the neighborhood at night and check the area. Watch out for functional signs and streetlights. Walking around your area should feel secure. It’s likely that you won’t see many of your neighbors outside if it’s dark – in that case, we wouldn’t start packing boxes for moving.

Find out if there are any neighborhood watch programs

Neighborhood watch programs are organized groups of residents who work together to keep their neighborhoods safe from crime. They typically keep an eye out for suspicious activity and report it to the police if they see anything suspicious going on. If there’s a neighborhood watch program in place where you’re considering moving, that’s definitely a good sign that the area is relatively safe, and deciding to live there won’t be a mistake.

When You Figure Out How Safe The Area Is, Relocation Will Be Less Stressful

If you’re planning a move in the near future (with professional cross-country moving services, of course), it’s important to do your research and figure out how safe your potential new neighborhood is. Knowing that you’re moving to a safe place can take a lot of the stress out of the process and make your move much smoother. And if you already know where you’ll be living, don’t forget to hire professional long-distance movers who will take care of everything for you so that your relocation goes off without a hitch.

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