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How to Pick a City to Live In – Criteria That Matter Most

If you’re feeling restless and you’re in the mood for a change of scenery, it might be time to move. But how to decide which city would suit your needs? What criteria should you use and how to pick a city to live in? Possibilities are endless, that’s why we’re here to give you some guidance on how to find the best city for you.

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Picking where to move is not an easy decision to make

How to Pick a City to Live In?

To find a perfect city, you need to think about your preferences. What city should I move to in order to be happy? How do I choose the best city to live in? What are the things that I need? The more specific your requests are, the sooner you can call cross-country movers. It will help you narrow down your search and find the right town for you.

So start thinking what are the three factors to consider when looking for a place to live in. Three is an ideal number to start with so you can focus on the essentials. It’s different for everyone, but the most common things based on which people choose cities to move to are living conditions, education system, and work opportunities.

Of course, there are many more factors to consider when making this life-changing decision, these are just the top three. When thinking about how to choose a city to live in, people care about their happiness, lifestyle, and money. Relying on a location on a map to provide us with all of that seems a bit unreasonable, but if you answer all of your questions, you will have the location of your dream home in no time.

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Check the Local Real Estate Market

Before looking at pools for the backyard, you need to stay sane and grounded for the first step. For starters, you need to find out how much you can afford. After taking a look at your savings and credit score, you should have a rough estimate. After that, you need to be realistic about what you can afford.

If you’re relocating from a small town to a big city, you need to be aware that the real estate market is different. The rent will probably be much higher. House prices have gone through the roof. For example, if you’re relocating to New York City, you can expect to find a significantly smaller apartment than what you could get for the same price if you were relocating to Austin. Also, try to find the best real estate agent you possibly can. They will honestly tell you if it’s even a good time to rent or buy a property in a specific area.

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A real estate agent can help you when deciding on buying or renting property.

Research the Cost of Living

Another really important thing to take into consideration is how much more expensive your future hometown is than what you are used to. Living expenses include almost all of your monthly costs, from rent, utility bills, and groceries to your morning coffee. They determine your lifestyle, and the same salary can’t afford you the same lifestyle in different places. This is especially important for people who are working remotely and are not relocating for a job since their salary will not be changing.

You would be surprised how much of a difference in your lifestyle you would notice. For example, the cost of living in New York is much higher than the cost of living in Portland. Since you’ll be spending most of your savings on long-distance movers, it’s important to know what your monthly expenses will be so you can plan ahead and start budgeting on time. You could use Numbeo to help you with finding out the real numbers.

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Don't forget about your post-move expenses

What Do You Know About Taxes?

Since you’re considering relocating your entire life, it might be smart of you to find out what the taxes for that place are. It’s kind of an important one. Unfortunately for you, there are no magical places where taxes don’t exist. But some states lower your tax burden by waiving sales or income taxes. For example, states that won’t charge sales taxes are:

  • Delaware,
  • Alaska,
  • Oregon,
  • New Hampshire,
  • Montana.

Find Out if There Are Any Job Opportunities for You

Do some research and see if your field of work is in demand in certain places. Even if you’re relocating because of work, it’s good to know what the job market is like. If you’re looking for work, it’s important to know how to get a job in a new city.

If your field of work isn’t in demand there, there will definitely be cities where a recruiter is just waiting for you. Move along and find places that will offer you your dream job. Also, try to avoid cities where the economy is bad, it won’t allow you to make progress and prosper in the way some other places could.

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Take into consideration what the job market is like

Search for Good Schools in Case You Have Children

If you’re relocating with kids, you will need to look for cities that can offer your children a good education. This transition is hard enough on them, but getting them into the best school will do some great damage control. Do some research and find out what schools in that area are good. Look at the reviews, and ask for recommendations. For example, if you were planning to move to NY, you need to dig a little deeper and find out what are the best public schools in New York.

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Find a good school district

Take a Look at the Neighbourhood Before Moving

Not only should you look into good schools, but you should also do some research to find a good neighborhood. Demographics are important. You want to be surrounded by people who are close to you in terms of age and goals. You don’t want to move into a bad, party neighborhood with your kids. Find a nice, family-friendly one.

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Weather Matters Too

If you’ve always dreamed of relocating to a warmer climate, this could be your chance. You could also move to a colder climate if that’s your thing. If you prefer nice, sunny weather, perhaps living in Los Angeles is the right choice for you. Whatever your preferences may be, look into what is the typical weather in the place you’re considering.

Also, before you give the long-distance moving company your future address, look for things that are out of the ordinary. For example, relocating from California to Florida might be a good idea weather-wise, but if you have a fear of hurricanes, it might not be the place for you. By doing research, you can avoid making relocation mistakes.

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Use this chance to fulfill your dream of living in a warmer climate.

You Should Feel Safe Enough to Live There

Crimes are everywhere these days. It’s unavoidable. It’s just the question of how frequently it occurs in different places. You need to be informed. So research crime rates and some statistics for the area you are interested in.

Find some safe neighborhoods where crime rates are low. Doing a quick search on the best neighborhoods for families could mean a lot, especially if you’re relocating with children. No matter what the crime rates are or how safe your neighborhood is, we feel everyone should know basic self-defense, so if you’re interested in learning, watch this video.

Proximity to Family and Friends?

Sure, you’ll make friends in a new city in no time, but moving away from home is never easy. If you’re the type of person that likes to have a safety net and family nearby, relocating thousands of miles across the country might not be the best choice for you. Consider finding a closer alternative.

Having loved ones near you could really help if you’re struggling with depression after the move, especially if you’re relocating to a new city alone. You don’t have to move within a fifteen minutes drive from them, find whatever works for you. Maybe you’re perfectly content with moving from the East to West Coast and only talking to your family on the phone.

Don’t Forget About the Public Transport and Commuting

Before relocating to a new state, think about transport. Figure out your daily route to work. Maybe you’re used to a smaller town where you can ride your bike or walk to work, but in a bigger one, that might not be possible.

You will need to get accustomed to public transport. If you want to drive to work every day, you should consider contacting long-distance moving services and figuring out how car shipping works. While you’re at it, get packing service if you’ve already got the cross-country moving services on the line.

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It might take some time to get used to a different way of transport

Additional Criteria You Should Consider to Complete Your Lifestyle

Think about the things you love to do. Fun hobbies, maybe some family activities that are now a tradition. If you love throwing barbecues, look for a house with a nice backyard so you can have some outdoor fun. There are many things besides a nice house and money that you need in order to be happy. Think about what you do in your spare time and look for that.

Eating Out

If weekly date nights in nice restaurants were your tradition prior to the move, you need to continue doing that post-move. Even if you’re just a foodie who loves trying interesting dishes, or you love drinking coffee outside of your home, you shouldn’t give that up. Make sure to look for a hometown that has some nice restaurants and cafes you can count on.

Sports and Outdoor Activities

If you love sports and being active, your home should be in a place that can offer plenty of outdoor activities. You can join the neighborhood soccer team or just go running if that’s what you enjoy. If you’re used to going to the gym, find one that’s nearby and start your membership.

Cultural Experience

If you’re the type of person who enjoys fine arts, going to the theater, the opera, visiting museums, and so on, you need to find cities that offer cultural experience. When it comes to culture and the number of interesting things a place can offer, NY definitely takes the lead. If you want more affordable options, San Francisco, Boston or Washington are great cultural cities that will not let you down.

Airport Proximity

If you love traveling and you’re a frequent flyer, you will want your home to be close to the airport. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, a lot of time and money go into your transportation to and from the airport. That’s why being close (but not too close because of the noise) to the airport is important for some people.

You Have the Freedom to Choose Whatever You Want

Relocating is a complicated process but remember, every next time you move, it becomes a lot easier. So don’t worry if, even after all your planning and calculations, your dream city turns out to be not so dreamy. You can’t plan everything perfectly, but you can always move again to another place that will be more suitable for you.

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