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Moving With Kids? These Are the Best Moving Day Tips

The date of the move is just around the corner, and you’re worried that things might not go according to plan. A successful move can only be executed if you are familiar with the ultimate moving day tips. We’ll share with you how best to prepare for the arrival of cross-country movers and how to survive relocation days with kids. Follow our advice, and everything will go off without a hitch.

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Helpful tips for moving can make the process effortless

Do you have anxiety about relocating? Are you unsure how to prepare for long-distance movers? Perhaps you want to make sure that the children are safe and sound throughout the entire process. Take a deep breath and relax. Our advice for relocating with kids will allow you to be confident and move safely to another home.

Let’s Start With Preparations – What Should You Do the Day Before Moving?

Final but crucial tasks have to be completed ahead of the move. Ensure that you don’t forget an essential item or that no one has to rummage through the boxes once they have been packed and loaded into the truck. Organizing an entire move is challenging for sure, but one should be reminded of these last tasks that can be accomplished before relocation takes place. Here is what one should remember to do before the date of the move.

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Check Whether You Have All Documents and Valuables In One Place

It is necessary to know where some of your essential items are at all times. This is why checking whether you have safely packed and stored your valuables is important. Make sure to have jewelry, artwork, antique pieces, photo albums, and family heirlooms placed in cardboard boxes and properly labeled.

Additionally, collect and organize all your travel documentation such as identification, driver’s license, birth certificates, marriage certificate, children’s school, and medical records. Always know where you have stored documentation and keep them in a bag or suitcase near you. Not stressing about important paperwork will make the move more efficient.

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Have your documents and valuables safely stored in one place

Contact Your Long-Distance Movers

A useful tip for carrying out final preparations is to reach out to the relocation company you’ve hired. This will allow you to confirm the details of the long-distance moving services and ask for additional information. The call center representatives could provide you with detailed information about full or partial packing services or how to prepare your car for getting shipped across the country. Use the time you have left to find everything about things you are uncertain about.

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Pack an “Essentials Kit” For Your Children

Putting together an “essentials box” is a vital step when relocating with children. Don’t forget to place all the items your children will need during the relocation in one bag or box. What you want to place in the bag or box are:

  • Easy-to-carry meals,
  • Diapers,
  • Kid’s favorite toys,
  • Medication,
  • Toiletries,
  • Wet wipes,
  • First aid,
  • Snacks,
  • Formula,
  • Coloring books,
  • Change of clothes,
  • Pajamas,
  • Water bottles.

This is a great thing to know in case the child gets fussy, as it won’t take long to calm them down with the toys and coloring books from the “essentials box.”

Carry Out a Final Cleanup of the House

The things you haven’t packed, like food and drinks in your fridge, can create a mess. There is a quick solution for this – simply carry out a final move-out cleanup of the house by wiping the kitchen counter and scrubbing the greasy stains. Defrost the freezer and remove all drinks and food from the fridge. Vacuum the carpet and drain water from your iron, garden hose, and washing machine.

While cleaning the entire place once again, it will be easy to spot some items people commonly forget to pack, such as kids’ school textbooks, keys, favorite stuffed animals, wallets, and gadgets. Don’t forget to collect all the kids’ playthings they might have left behind.

In case you feel a lack of motivation to carry out a final clean up watch this helpful video that will get you excited to clean:

Organize a Farewell Party So the Kids Can Say Goodbye to Their Friends

A small get-together with snacks and drinks with your kid’s favorite friends and relatives will mean the world to them. Ask your children who they want to invite to the farewell party. This is a great opportunity for them to spend some time with their friends and also exchange new contact information so they can keep in touch.

What is more, some of the family members and friends can join in the relocation excitement. It can quickly turn into a short packing party in case some belongings are not packed yet. Take out your relocation supplies and turn the music up – packing together with kids and friends can be a great memory to look back on in the future.

Sit Down and Talk to Your Children – Explain the Details of the Move to a New House

It’s going to be absolutely confusing for your kids on the date of the move if they are not familiar with the entire process. They might even bother you with continuous questions and nagging. Explain to them everything that is going to happen, and ensure that you answer their questions and concerns.

Don’t neglect their feelings and insecurities, and assure them that they will meet new friends in another city. Once they get accustomed to the fact that the family will be relocating, they can be of great help by reminding you what you haven’t packed or done.

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Take some time to explain everything about moving to a smaller house

What Are the Best Moving Day Tips? – Here Is How to Keep Kids Safe and Successfully Relocate

You might be thinking to yourself – how can I make moving day easier? When the entire house is filled with cardboard boxes to the brim, and you’re still pondering over the pros and cons of moving to a smaller home, it’s essential to know a couple of tips for moving day in order to keep your children safe and not forget about crucial tasks. Here is what to do to avoid making relocation mistakes.

Designate a Zone Exclusively for Kids

How can you avoid children running around and knocking over boxes filled with expensive china and glassware? It’s simple. Designate a children’s zone. Pick a spot or an entire room in the house where your children can play, read, watch movies or play video games while the crew from the long-distance moving company moves furniture and boxes up and down the stairs. You’ll know at all times where they are, so it will be easy to check on them from time to time.

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Leave your kids to play in one room while the workers load the boxes into the truck

Keep Sharp Objects Out of Reach

Bear in mind that tools and sharp objects should be stored in a place that is out of reach for your children. Kids should know that box cutters, tools, and scissors are not toys to play with. The best thing one can do is keep the supplies and tools in a separate box. Place everything on a shelf the younger kids cannot reach. A box cutter and scissors can be kept in a fanny pack. Purchase a cheap fanny pack on the Craigslist website and have sharp objects always by your side.

Ensure That You and Your Kids Wear Appropriate Clothing

People who have chosen to relocate in the summer should know that it’s crucial to wear appropriate clothing. During scorching hot and humid days, you and your kids should wear breathable and light clothing. In case you are going in and out of the house non-stop, having a hat will also ensure you don’t get heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

On the other hand, those who have decided to move in winter should prepare warm and cozy clothing. For starters, you and your kids should wear a sweater underneath the coat made out of wool or cashmere. If it’s going to be freezing cold on the date of the move, think about having some warm tights underneath your pants. Don’t forget to buy an extra pair of mittens in case some of your children misplace and lose one.

Have Drinks and Food In Your Home

Packing and carrying boxes is exhausting and tiring. After the job is done, you and your family will be famished. Therefore, order a pizza or prepare a meal for the entire family in advance. Avoid ordering or preparing greasy food since it will cause you to become sleepy and unwilling to continue working. Have small meals every once in a while.
Hydration is of utmost importance, so don’t forget to prepare plenty of water. Have some extra water bottles and order an extra pizza for the relocation crew providing you with cross-country moving services. After all, offering food and beverages is one of the ways to show appreciation for a job well done.

While we’re on the topic of food, the video below should give you an idea of how to prepare easy and quick meals for the family in advance.

Don’t Forget to Have Cash

You will definitely run into problems if you go to the ATM ahead of the move and find out it is out of order or out of cash. It’s important to have cash since you’ll be tipping movers and running to the store to buy extra materials and cleaning supplies. So, calculate how much you will need. Remember that it’s customary to tip the crew $4-$5 per hour. You can predict how long the move will last but have some extra cash just in case. In case you want to order take-out for the crew, ensure that you already know where you’ll be buying food and how much it will cost in advance.

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You'll need to have some cash with you during the relocation

Make Arrangements With a Babysitter

Everything will go smoothly during the relocation if you think that your kids are safe and sound playing in a nearby room. However, parents who have little kids or babies won’t be able to keep an eye on them and relocate at the same time. The solution for this issue is to hire a babysitter or have a relative help out.

Leave the children with a trusted adult who will take care of them. It would be ideal to leave them with someone who has children so you can arrange a playdate. In this way, the kids will spend the entire time playing and having fun while you focus on the relocation tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Stay Calm on Moving Days?

Relocation days are hectic, but one can stay calm by being organized. A useful tip is to have a relocation checklist so you can keep track of the things you have done. Try to schedule the move early in the morning, so there is no need to rush. Do a final walk-through of your home and cross everything that has been packed and loaded into the truck off your checklist. Every once in a while, take a break, and avoid going over your limits.

How Do You Pack to Move in a Hurry?

In the event of a last-minute move, the ideal way to pack is to immediately separate things you need and things you can get rid of. Begin by downsizing when moving to a smaller home. Have two boxes for items that can be donated and that can be thrown away. Pack room by room, but bear in mind that the fewer belongings you take to the new place, the easier the move will be. Leave clothes on hangers and pack them in trash bags. We recommend leaving items in drawers and using them as boxes.

What Should You Not Pack When Moving?

There are certain items movers won’t move, so you should know not to pack them in cardboard boxes. These include beauty products such as nail polish and remover, aerosols, and garden chemicals like fertilizer and pool chemicals. Don’t pack batteries, matches, fireworks, and paints.

Are There Any Move-in Day Tips When Relocating With Children?

Communication is essential. Talk to your child about the upcoming move. Reassure them that everything is going to be fine. Come up with a plan and stick to it so the little one knows what to expect. Relocation days can be less stressful for parents and children if everyone makes an effort to stay positive and patient throughout the entire process.

You Are Now Prepared to Move – It’s Time to Pack

Now that you are equipped with the ultimate advice for relocation days, you are ready to write down a to-do list and start planning the move. If you are wondering how to start the task of moving from a large home to a smaller one, the first step should be informing your children. Then begin researching “long-distance movers near me” and schedule the move. Don’t forget to designate a kid’s zone, prepare meals in advance, and have cash for the crew. We wish you the best of luck.

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