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What is the Best Time of the Year to Move to the East Coast and Why

East Coast can be both lovely or harsh, depending on the season. But nonetheless, there are a number of reasons to move to any of the states in this region of the US. So, which is the best time of year to move there?

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Not all seasons are the same, especially if you plan to move to the East Coast

The best time of year to move cross country to the East Coast is probably in the spring. While different states vary in average temperatures and overall climate, this season would probably be the most suitable. After all, the prices of cross-country moving services won’t go up until the end of April, and you are less likely to end up in the middle of a snow storm. Also, the hurricane period won’t start until the end of May, when prices for long-distance moving services will go up anyway.

Does It Matter Which State I Want to Live In?

Are you looking for a different vibe or the greatest outdoor towns, but you’re not willing to leave the US? Or perhaps you are determined to seek different opportunities in your career path? You would also agree to commute to a great workplace, but only if it’s within one of the cities with prime public transportation. All of this, and more, will be available to you if you settle in one of the East Coast states. However, before you start looking for “long-distance movers near me,” it would be wise to figure out the best month to move there.

If you are not careful when choosing the date (because you’re only focused on saving on costs,) you could end up being covered in 15 inches of snow or in the hottest state in the US. For example, you may decide to move in winter. The difference in temperature between Portland, Maine, and Miami, Florida, may shock you. While the winter low in Miami won’t go much further down than 60°F, Portland will be freezing at 10°. Not to mention that Florida sees no snow, while Maine will see around 60 inches of snowfall.

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Get Acquainted With Maine Before You Employ a Cross-Country Moving Company

Maine is a picturesque state. Mainly known for fishery and agriculture, it may be very appealing to some. If you are a digital nomad, you may be on the lookout for some house-hunting tips. Maine is known for low housing costs and low crime rates. According to Zillow, the median house cost is around $500,000.

While all these facts may give you a more than a decent reason to move to this state, keep in mind that your long-distance movers will be helping you move to a cold climate. And besides packing some winter clothes, there are a few other things to consider when you’re relocating to this state. Yes, relocations are always much more affordable off-season, but you would also like for your movers to move everything safely. And if you’re arriving in the middle of the winter, there’s a high probability of ice and slippery porch, so someone might get hurt.

Summer Is a Busy Month for Movers, and the Temperatures in Florida May Be Too High

If you’re planning to move with kids somewhere warm, you may be interested in the top cities to raise a family in Florida. This state also has at least one of the greatest beach towns to live in in the US, so it’s an overall popular destination for many US citizens. There’s also a noticeable trend of people relocating from California to Florida because they want to leave the ever-expensive Cali but retain the beach life.

And most people, especially those moving with their families, like to do so during summer. The schools are out, and the warm weather is a lot easier to handle than relocating in the rain. And also, relocating to a warmer climate sounds like a dream, especially if you’re coming from somewhere cold.

But what you should keep in mind when it comes to Florida is that it’s the hottest state in the country (and we don’t mean because of all the beach bodies). Summer here tends to be hot and humid, with a July high of 90°F. In all honesty, it would be a really unpleasant ordeal, both for the relocation companies as well as those trying to settle inside a new home.

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What About New York and New Jersey?

Both New York and New Jersey are states with humid continental climates, although New Jersey is only in the northwest. NJ is, for the most part, a humid subtropical state. This means that by living here, you will get to experience all seasons, and winter and summer won’t be mild. Both of these states are also among the wealthiest in the US, so that you will have an abundance of work opportunities. You will not have any problems adjusting to another town right after you move for a job.

However, varying temperatures and a humid climate mean that you should pick your relocation date carefully. Snow, storms, and other similar weather conditions may make things a bit harder for your movers, especially if they are trying to move your stuff without damaging the boxes.

If you are interested in moving to NJ but you don’t know how to land a job, here’s some advice for becoming a property manager.

How Will My Choice for the Relocation Date Affect the Costs?

Besides determining when is the best time of year to move out, there are other factors that will affect the pricing from a relocation company. First of all, it’s better to start saving some money to move out of state as soon as you decide to relocate. But for further savings, you should avoid relocating during the holidays and in the middle of the summer.

Another thing that will affect the pricing is the services you pick. If you decide that packing by yourself is too tiring, you may want to invest in packing services. Professionals may offer you some other forms of help, too, like auto transport service. Each of these solutions will only add to the cost, and it may seem like it’s too expensive. But still, there are some benefits to moving during that specific period.

The Benefits of Mid-Season Relocations

If you are certain you’ll move in the summer (this may be a wise choice if you’ve bought a home in Maine,) you should expect higher prices and fewer available companies. However, this period also comes with some advantages:

  • The main advantage of relocations during the peak period is that the school is on holiday. While your children might be the ones most likely to be happy about this fact, you will also be relieved because they won’t be skipping classes. It will take some time to transfer their records and settle in another home, so it’s better if they are on holiday.
  • The other advantage is that it’s warm Your front door will probably be open for several hours until the professional help carries all of the boxes and loads them onto a truck. So it’s better if the weather outside is at least mild, if not warm.
  • The third advantage is that the colder states will be dry and warm, too. So, if you’re making a home in Maine, warm months are the greatest choice for all of those who are trying to avoid all the snow, ice, and cold.

However, the main disadvantage of this specific period is the prices, so avoiding these months when relocating will significantly benefit your relocation budget.

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Summers are busiest when it comes to relocations, and for a reason

What Is the Best Time of the Year to Move to the East?

While some parts of the East Coast tend to get snowy, and Maine is the fourth-coldest state in the country, Florida, on the other hand, is the country’s hottest. And no matter where on the East Coast you want to settle, you shouldn’t feel any anxiety about moving to another state. Our verdict is clear – it’s wisest to move in the spring. The weather is peachy, and the prices are low. And overall, spring might be the perfect period to start anew and settle in a different environment.

About the Long Distance Moving Season

What Is the Most Popular Month to Move?

Most people tend to move during the summer months and employ a long-distance moving company somewhere between April and September. The weather is warm, the school is out, and people see this season as fit to make a change. About 40 million US citizens relocate annually, and they mostly do it in June, July, and August.

What Is the Cheapest Time of Year to Move?

Since most moves in the US happen between Memorial Day and Labor Day, if you want to save on costs, avoid this peak season. The prices during the summer months rise because of the high demand, and it’s a lot harder to find cross-country movers who are free to agree on a date. If you plan your move during the fall, it will be much cheaper, and movers will be easier to book. However, spring is probably the best for relocations because the days are getting warmer, and the prices haven’t risen yet, because of the lower demand. Also, spring is better than fall because most storms tend to happen as the winter months draw closer.

What Time of the Month Is It Cheapest to Move?

The prices don’t lower only during a certain period; they also vary depending on the time of the month and the day of the week. The demand is usually higher at the beginning of the month or towards the end, and weekends are also the most popular choice. So, if you are looking for lower prices, book your move mid-month, on a weekday. Ensure your employer gives you a few days off, and excuse your kids from school, too.

Which Month Is the Best Time to Move?

April is probably the best month to move. The prices for professional relocation help are still lower, companies are easier to book, and days are getting longer and warmer.

What Time of Year Is the Best Time to Move?

Since most moves happen between Memorial Day and Labor Day, anywhere between September and April will be the best period for relocating. Most companies won’t be overbooked, and you’ll get all the professional help you need. Also, it’s the best way to save on costs. The only thing you should look out for is the weather in the desired location where you plan to make a home.

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