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Is Moving From California to Florida a Good Idea?

If you are a Californian who’s considering relocation to another state, the chances are that Florida is on your shortlist. Moving from California to Florida is an extremely popular relocation route these days – but is it a good solution? Let’s take a look at all the reasons FL might be a better fit for you than CA.

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Is it worth moving to Florida from California? Keep reading to find out

Moving from California to Florida is an excellent solution for those who want to maintain a similar lifestyle but for a lesser cost. CalExodus is a severe issue, and many Californians are relocating to FL. This state offers a similar climate, great beaches, plenty of interesting amenities, and lower real estate prices, not to mention better taxes. Most Californians choose to settle in Miami, Key Biscayne, Miami Beach, Tampa, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale.

Is Florida Better Than California – Why Are People Moving to Florida From California?

A lot of Californians have been questioning the benefits of living in CA – it seems like a lot of them aren’t so happy with The Golden State, and they are deciding to move elsewhere. But how to decide where to live? Surely, FL will be one of the options – it’s a very popular destination for ex-Californians, and it does make a lot of sense.

Statistics show us a surge in Cali residents coming to The Sunshine State. Just think about the similar climate, all those beaches, and never-ending sunshine. You definitely wouldn’t be depressed after relocating but is it enough to make you move to a new state like FL?

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California Exodus Is a Serious Issue These Days – It’s No Wonder Californians Are Seeking New Homes in the Different States

Is it better to live in Florida or California? Before you take a long look at Florida vs. California living standards and learn about the details, let’s talk a bit about why no one wants to live in CA. CalExodus has been heating up in recent years, especially with the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. The prices of real estate are skyrocketing, and the overall cost of living has become unbearable to many.

Add the loss of jobs to the mix, and it’s no wonder there was a 12% increase in the number of people who moved to another state when we compare 2020 and 2021. With that in mind, we can only imagine what the percentage will be at the end of this year.

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The Cost of Living Is Probably the Main Reason Why Moving From California to Florida Is So Popular

As we said, CA is a bit pricey – that’s something everyone can’t help but notice. If we’re talking honestly, it’s crazy expensive compared to the other states. If you want to reside in a fancy city like Los Angeles, your expenses will be 50% higher than the national average.

So, is it cheaper to live in FL or CA? For comparison, the cost of living in FL is just 2.8% higher than the national average. That’s still not great, but for those coming from CA, it’s a lifesaving change you can’t help but notice.

Everything will be less heavy on your wallet after you move to FL – groceries, transportation, and real estate especially. The median real estate price in FL is a bit over $400,000. These new numbers are a bit higher than those in previous years, but even with this increase, the real estate market affordability beats the one in CA by a lot. The median home value in Los Angeles, for example, is approximately $725,000. Now, you might ask – are Florida property taxes higher than the ones in California? Indeed, they are slightly higher – 1.06% vs. 0.81% but the pros still outweigh the cons when you look at the big picture.

Moving From California to FL Will Be Beneficial for Your Wallet – State Taxes Cost Way Less Than in CA

One of the main benefits of relocating to this lovely part of the East Coast will make every tax-paying citizen happy. The fact is that FL has a way better sales tax rate – it is at 6%. In CA, it is 8% – and this is the highest sales tax in the entire country.

Also, CA has an income tax that sits at 13.3%, while FL has no state income tax whatsoever! It’s among just nine states without this tax. Excellent rates add to great business opportunities and explain why a lot of entrepreneurs move to Florida from California these days.

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The financial benefits of FL are endless, which is why many choose to move their companies there

What Do I Need to Know About Moving to Florida From California?

Since the financial aspect is extremely important when it comes to deciding which place you’ll call home, it’s safe to say that you will like this life change, but that’s not all you need to know before you choose a long-distance moving company and reach out to book their cross-country movers. Organizing an efficient move is not a problem – at least if you know some great relocation tips. However, it would be wise to learn a bit about the place you plan on bringing all your relocation boxes (or rather, a place where your cross-country movers will ship the packages).

Living in Florida vs California – The Pros and Cons of FL

Before we talk about the pros in one of the paragraphs below, let’s jump through the not-so-many cons you should be aware of. Don’t worry – the list is almost non-existent. When it comes to the cons that can drive you away from the decision to relocate to FL, we really don’t have many to share. Your biggest worry isn’t related to any social issues – it’s actually one of nature’s quirks we can’t control.

We’re talking about strong hurricanes, the kind that doesn’t occur in CA. Also, keep in mind the humid weather, a trait that FL is known for all over the world. Besides that, everything that awaits you on this part of the East Coast is positive. This is truly a great place to move to, and we know you won’t regret booking those relocation services – it’s the best decision you could make.

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Be sure you get to know a bit about FL before you decide to move there and call it home

Benefits of Living in Florida vs. California

When you see the best of FL and hear about its amenities, you will forget all about the question – why are so many Californians moving to Florida? The answer will be obvious. Just hearing about the beaches will be enough to drive you to book cross-country moving services (and preferably, a packing service – for your benefit). So, let’s go over some amazing things that put FL in first place in the California vs. Florida living standards competition.

FL Can Be Proud of Its Great Cities, Marvelous Coastline With Stunning Beaches, and Lovely Weather

Is moving to Florida a good idea? There’s no doubt by now that the answer to this question is a positive one. The place doesn’t lack job opportunities, and there are many cities for raising a family. The public school system is excellent and has only been improving in recent years, so relocating with kids here isn’t an issue. Of course, there are many beautiful cities full of various amenities – you can choose from small-town life and residing in a big city – relocating to Miami won’t betray your expectations.

Warm weather conditions are also a key part of the puzzle – it’s always hot and sunny, so it makes sense that this place reminds Californians of their old home. The coastline is 1,350 miles long, and there are so many top-notch beaches that we could name them for hours. FL has some of the best ones in the entire world, and it’s generally considered a heaven for the outdoor types. If that’s not the reason to move, we don’t know what is. Overall, this state has a nice and comfortable feel to it, and its nature will do you a lot of good. Check out this video below to see how FL residents describe the health benefits they’ve gotten by relocating to FL.

Florida Doesn’t Lack Things to Do

Suppose you’re hesitating to contact a cross-country moving company because you’re worried that FL won’t be as fun as CA. In that case, you don’t have anything to worry about. You couldn’t have chosen a more fun state to call home. Starting from the outdoor activities to historical sights and museums and many family attractions, it’s clear that FL has a lot to offer. You can never be bored here, as there is always something new to see or do. Plus, remember – Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World are all located here, and you will be able to visit them whenever you want.

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Residing near the beach is one of the benefits you will get to keep even after you move to FL

Where Do Most Californians Move to in Florida? Entrepreneurs Move to Florida from California for Great Work Experiences

Now that we’ve sold FL for you, the only decision that’s left to make is what city or town you will move to with the help of one of the best cross-country moving companies – Long Distance USA Movers.

So, which is the best place to live in Florida when you take all the factors into account? You can hardly go wrong with this choice, but if you want to know where your fellow Californians are relocating to, we have the list. Here are the cities that former Californians choose to call their homes:

  • Miami,
  • Miami Beach,
  • Tampa,
  • Orlando,
  • Fort Lauderdale.

To Pull Off an Efficient Move, You Will Need the Best Long-Distance Movers, Relocation Services, and Insurance

After making a final decision about this move, you will need to find reliable long-distance moving services. Getting a trustworthy company is of utmost importance for the perfect move – you can hardly pull off a 2,300 miles long move (and that’s just the air distance) on your own, trust us.

So, don’t put off finding a relocation company that will help you turn this into a simple relocation. Start the search for “long-distance movers near me” today, and check what sort of moving services and options we offer at Long Distance USA Movers. Once you book our relocation crew, everything will seem much easier.

If you want to transport your vehicle, we’ll even tell you how much to ship a car from Florida to California and vice versa. Lastly, don’t overlook the importance of getting insured, as this is necessary to have a secure experience. Luckily, we at Long Distance USA Movers have mandatory cross-country moving insurance included in the relocation package, so you don’t have to worry about transport and delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving From California to Florida

What Is It Like to Live in Florida Compared to California?

Living in Florida compared to California can be different in many ways. Florida generally has warmer weather year-round and a lower cost of living, while California tends to have milder weather in certain areas and a higher cost of living.

Additionally, California has a larger and more diverse economy with more job opportunities, while Florida’s economy is heavily reliant on tourism and retirees. Ultimately, which state is better to live in will depend on individual preferences and priorities.

What Is the Cost of Living in Florida Compared to California?

The cost of living in Florida is generally lower than in California. Housing, transportation, and healthcare tend to be more affordable in Florida, while California has higher costs for these and other expenses. However, the cost of living can vary widely depending on the specific area within each state.

What Are the Job Opportunities in Florida Compared to California?

California generally has a larger and more diverse economy with more job opportunities compared to Florida. California has a strong tech industry, entertainment industry, and a large port industry, among others.

Florida’s economy is more reliant on tourism, healthcare, and retirement-related industries. However, the specific job opportunities available will depend on the individual’s skills, experience, and location within each state.

How Is the Climate in Florida Compared to California?

The climate in Florida is generally warmer and more humid than in California. Florida also experiences more frequent rain and thunderstorms, especially during the summer months. California has a more varied climate depending on the region, with some areas experiencing mild, Mediterranean-like weather and others experiencing hot and dry summers.

What Are the Best Cities or Towns to Live in Florida When Moving From California?

The best cities or towns to live in Florida when moving from California will depend on individual preferences and priorities. However, some popular options for those looking for a change of scenery include Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville.

These cities offer a range of job opportunities, amenities, and attractions. Other factors to consider when choosing a place to live in Florida include the cost of living, climate, and proximity to family and friends.

What Are the Differences in Culture and Lifestyle Between California and Florida?

California and Florida have different cultures and lifestyles. California tends to be more liberal and progressive, with a focus on healthy living, outdoor activities, and innovation.

Florida has a more relaxed, laid-back culture with a focus on warm weather, beaches, and tourism. Additionally, California has a more diverse population with a larger immigrant population, while Florida has a larger retired population.

What Should I Know About Taxes and Regulations When Moving From California to Florida?

When moving from California to Florida, there are several tax and regulation differences to consider. Florida has no state income tax, while California has one of the highest state income tax rates in the country.

Florida has a lower overall tax burden and a more business-friendly regulatory environment compared to California. However, some goods and services may be subject to higher sales tax rates in Florida.

How Do I Find Housing in Florida When Moving From California?

When moving from California to Florida, there are several ways to find housing. Online real estate websites such as Zillow, Redfin, and can provide a list of available properties and neighborhoods.

Local newspapers and classifieds can also provide information on rental properties. Working with a local real estate agent can also be helpful, as they can provide guidance and expertise on the local housing market. It’s important to research different neighborhoods and consider factors like cost of living, proximity to work, and quality of schools when choosing a place to live.

What Should I Consider When Choosing a Moving Company for My Move to Florida From California?

When choosing a long-distance moving company for a move from California to Florida, there are several factors to consider. First, check if the moving company is licensed and insured.

Look for reviews and ratings from previous customers to ensure they have a good track record. Consider the company’s experience with long-distance moves and its ability to handle large or delicate items.

Compare prices and services offered by different moving companies to find one that fits your budget and needs. Finally, make sure to read the contract carefully before signing to understand the terms and conditions of the move.

How Can I Prepare for a Long-Distance Move From California to Florida?

Preparing for a long-distance move from California to Florida involves several steps. First, declutter and downsize your belongings to reduce the amount of stuff you need to move. Pack your items carefully, labeling each box with its contents and destination room.

Research moving companies and obtain quotes from several providers. Notify utility companies, banks, and other important contacts of your move and arrange for mail forwarding.

Prepare for travel with necessary documents such as driver’s license and registration, and plan for any necessary stops or overnight stays during the journey. Finally, make sure to have a contingency plan in case of any unforeseen issues or delays.

What Are Some Common Challenges When Moving From California to Florida and How Can I Overcome Them?

Moving from California to Florida can present several challenges. Some common ones include adjusting to a different climate, culture, and lifestyle, finding new employment opportunities, and building a new social network.

To overcome these challenges, it can be helpful to research the new location before the move and plan ahead for job searches and networking opportunities. Joining local clubs or groups can also help build a new social network.

Remember to keep an open mind and embrace the new experiences and opportunities that come with a move to a new place.

What Are the Differences in the Cost of Living and Lifestyle Between Major Cities in Florida and California?

Generally, California has a higher cost of living than Florida, with higher housing costs, taxes, and other expenses. However, some cities in Florida, such as Miami and West Palm Beach, have a higher cost of living than others due to their popularity and amenities.

Lifestyle can also vary widely, with California known for its outdoor activities and health-focused culture, while Florida is known for its warm weather and tourism industry. Research and compare specific cities and regions within each state to determine the best fit for individual preferences and priorities.

How Do I Register My Vehicle in Florida After Moving From California?

To register a vehicle in Florida after cross-country moving from California, you will need to provide proof of ownership and insurance and complete a title application form. You will also need to provide proof of a passed vehicle inspection, which can be obtained from a licensed Florida inspection station.

Additionally, you will need to pay registration fees and any applicable taxes. You can register your vehicle at a local tax collector’s office or through the mail. It’s important to research the specific requirements and fees for registering a vehicle in Florida to ensure a smooth process.

What Are Some of the Top Attractions and Things to Do in Florida After Moving From California?

Florida has many top attractions and things to do after moving from California, including:

  • Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando,
  • Universal Studios Florida in Orlando,
  • South Beach in Miami,
  • Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral,
  • Busch Gardens in Tampa,
  • Everglades National Park in South Florida,
  • St. Augustine, the oldest city in the United States,
  • Clearwater Beach near Tampa,
  • Sanibel Island on the Gulf Coast,
  • Daytona Beach, known for its car races and beach activities.

These are just a few of the many attractions and activities that Florida has to offer.

How Can I Get Involved in the Community and Make New Friends After Moving From California to Florida?

Getting involved in the community can help make new friends after moving from California to Florida. Join a local club or organization based on your interests, such as a sports team, book club, or volunteer group. You can also attend community events and festivals to meet new people and learn more about the local culture.

Take a class or course in a subject that interests you, such as cooking or painting; participate in community service projects to meet like-minded people who care about giving back. Attend religious or spiritual services if that aligns with your beliefs.

The options are endless; whatever you choose, it’s important to be open-minded and willing to put yourself out there to meet new people and make friends. Remember, it may take time to build new relationships, but getting involved is a great way to start.

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