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Joining the Exodus? Here’s Where to Move From Los Angeles

An increase in rents and lifestyle costs is forcing many Angelenos to look up where to move from Los Angeles. While living in LA is unique, and many natives can’t find anything like it in the country, there are similar places or those that can fulfill many needs that LA used to. Learn where to move from LA based on people’s experiences.

A person looking over LA nearby some palm trees
Leaving LA can be tough for some, but it's a good chance to explore other places

Once you decide where to settle next, call a cross-country moving company to help you in that endeavor. Having professionals by your side will make it easier to leave the old place, with relocation services that will enable you to dream about a better future.

Where Do People Go When They Leave LA? It’s Often the Metro Area

Those who don’t feel so happy about living in Los Angeles anymore probably often wonder, “where should I move after LA?” If they consider its metro area, they can see how many opportunities lie in front of them. Surviving the dense and drawn-out traffic crowds can be solved by relocating just a bit outside of LA.

When creating a checklist of relocation expenses, many people put lower rents and home prices on top. Still, there are other aspects to consider when putting together a budget for a first-time relocation. Just because you move somewhere more affordable doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Additionally, if you’re used to expensive rents, you may only need a different kind of pace, which is possible to find across the country. Combining and compromising between your wants and needs will lead to choosing the ideal replacement for LA.

If you want your transition from LA to other places to be gradual, choose a place among a long list in Los Angeles County. Some of the most popular towns folks move to are Santa Clarita, West Covina, and Palmdale.

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People Don’t Like the Apartment Rents and Home Prices In Los Angeles

Giving thousands of dollars on rent each month is challenging. If you end up relocating for a job, you’ll likely be able to save more money (or any) than if you were still in LA, but it’s worth checking out the cities worth the trouble beforehand.

Not every place will be more affordable than LA – San Francisco and New York rents are about 20% to 30% higher than here. It’s recommended that you create a checklist for relocating to a new state or town and look for a place that can accommodate most, if not all, of your conditions.

A street view of downtown LA
LA has an overwhelming number of homeless people, and all due to extremely high costs of living

Where to Move From Los Angeles – Many Angelenos Are Moving to San Diego

San Diego is the closest answer for anyone wondering what city is most like Los Angeles. Many Angelenos have relocated from California’s biggest to its most chill city while never compromising life quality or opportunities.

San Diego is just south of LA, and it’s the second-largest place in California. This may deter you from choosing SD, but it’s worth mentioning that traffic is much better organized and handled here, and access to public places and beaches is more straightforward.

You won’t regret relocating in the summer or winter here since it rarely snows, and the climate is thought to be among the ten best climates in the country. If you want any relocation tips, that’s to pack your car and send it with a car shipping service provided by a relocation company. You won’t spend half of your days in it anymore, but use it to drive yourself and the family to the beach on the weekends.

Some facts about San Diego are:

  • Its population is around 1,8 million,
  • It’s a surfer’s paradise,
  • Healthcare and tech workers have the highest job opportunities,
  • It has a stellar food scene and plenty of entertainment options,
  • The best-ranked neighborhoods are Torrey Pines, Carmel Valley, and La Jolla.

Rent within the city center ranges from $2,300 to $4,100, and outside of it, between $1,800 and $3,000. Compared to LA, these prices aren’t that different, but on a monthly level, you may see some savings and manage your money much better than before.

A dockside view of San Diego CA
San Diego is the chill and more laidback version of LA

Santa Clarita Seems to Be a Popular Choice for Staying in California

One of the biggest relocation mistakes people make is dismissing relocating to a small town. Not everyone does this, of course, but typically, those used to the commotion of a metropolis find it hard to chill and wind down in a smaller place.

However, whether you are or aren’t one of these people, relocating to a smaller area will have numerous benefits, starting from rent prices and traffic conditions. Santa Clarita is an excellent example of that.

This town is located within the Los Angeles county area. Its benefits are numerous, from being free to get anywhere by cycling or on foot, to a reliable and around 20% more affordable housing market. At the end of the day, if you end up missing LA, you can drive down and get there in about 30 minutes.

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The Lifestyle Differences Are Really Obvious Here

Anyone relocating with kids to Santa Clarita will have a wonderful time – it has a solid school system, with many of its elementary schools recognized as distinguished state schools. It is a safe place with a very low crime rate, well-planned and maintained, and has events and festivals that accommodate adults and kids alike.

You can pack all your relocation essentials, and transportation won’t take longer than an hour – but for such a short time and distance, you’ll see noticeable differences in living in Santa Clarita.

The population is around 200,000. According to Numbeo, the site for comparing living costs, city center rents range between $1,900 and $2,900, while outside of it, you can get apartments for up to $2,500.

An aerial view of Santa Clarita, California
The hills of Santa Clarita promise cleaner air and a healthier lifestyle for each resident

Last Year, the City Many Angelenos Moved to Was Las Vegas

Angelenos who wanted to move away and start over chose Las Vegas over the last few years. That’s where you’ll need more assistance from professional cross-country moving services, but also more sunscreen.

Las Vegas isn’t warmer than LA, but it is dryer and more desert-like, mainly because it is, well, in the desert. Nevada has little to no rainfall, so anyone willing to live in such a hot area will see extra benefits if they move from LA.

Nevada has no state income tax, unlike California. Put that together with 80% to 90% lower rents, and a lack of a beach suddenly doesn’t seem so bad. You can rent a place in LV’s city center for $1,200 to $2,000 per month or $1,000 to $1,600 outside of it.

If you’re worried about the apparent widespread gambling in Vegas, don’t be. Most locals don’t gamble – it’s usually the tourists. In fact, Angelenos who did the unthinkable and moved to Vegas claim that LV locals are way friendlier and more approachable, probably because traffic is easier to handle.

An aerial evening view of Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas is the most recent mecca for Angelenos tired of taxes and humidity

Creatives From LA Are Relocating to Austin, Texas

For any artist and creative asking where is the best place to move from California, Austin is the answer. Sometimes dubbed as the “new LA,” Austin possesses something LA doesn’t – southern charm. If you’re sick and tired of unkind locals, you’ll immediately see the benefits of relocating to Texas.

Rent in Austin is 25% lower than in LA, on average. Here are some more interesting facts about it:

  • Its population is around 900,000,
  • It’s the home to SXSW, the tech and arts festival,
  • The highest employing industries are healthcare, entertainment, government, and education,
  • It’s excellent for women entrepreneurs,
  • There’s no state income tax (unlike in CA,)
  • The temperature doesn’t go under 70 degrees Fahrenheit for 3/4 of the year,
  • It’s the capital of tacos (and other incredible street food and craft restaurants).

Artists Can Afford a Better Lifestyle by Living Here

Besides, creative folks can take a sigh of relief when planning how much money to save for moving out of state. The city of Austin offers funding for cultural events and uses, like festivals, operations, and community initiatives. The Art in Public Places Program (AIPP) funds and commissions artwork for new and remodeled public spaces.

Creatives have plenty of reasons to move, and if you need more, check out the official Austin website for information on artist resources. As an artist looking to get a job in another town, don’t look for sites further than Austin.

The girl in the video below is a Californian who moved to Texas, and she shared her experience. Hopefully, it inspires you to choose Austin as your new home.

Many Have Moved to Portland, Oregon, to Stay On the West Coast but Experience a Different Life

When looking for places to relocate with pets, many folks will see Portland, Oregon, as the ideal place for that. In case you want to stick to the West Coast but still hire packing services from cross-country movers, choosing the northern parts of the western US will be a change worth mentioning.

Millennials won’t feel as much relocation anxiety when they settle in Portland because they’ll be busy exploring the landmarks and enjoying the laid-back lifestyle and atmosphere. It’s a green town, fit for anyone who wants to live more actively and explore America’s natural wonders. You may even find a beach or two nearby.

As far as rents go, you won’t have a tough time adjusting to a new town. Within the central area, expect to pay between $1,700 and $3,000, and between $1,300 and $2,100 outside of it. That’s, on average, a 40% lower monthly rent.

Portland Is a Place Where Cycling Is More of an Option Than in LA

Many Angelenos don’t have the opportunity to cycle around and commute in eco-friendly ways. Portland is among the best bike-friendly cities in the country and even has numerous cycling-only areas. What’s more impressive is that you can get to work by bike, or anywhere, for that matter.

If you can handle relocating to a colder climate than LA has, you won’t have any other regrets. Call long-distance moving services to help you relocate to a smaller but friendlier and more convenient location, which is sure to change the way you live and enjoy life. You’ll like Portland a lot; we’re sure of it.

An aerial night view of Portland, Oregon
All you need to know about Portland, OR, is that it accepts many types of lifestyles and forms of expression

Wherever You Choose to Relocate, Call Our Long-Distance Moving Company to Help You in That Endeavor

Long-distance movers are there to show you how to move efficiently and without too much effort. It’s possible to relocate to another state alone if you look up “long-distance movers near me” and allow pros to assist you each step of the way.

Besides benefits like packing and car shipping, relocation companies know customers need safety and many options for the best services possible. That’s why, if push comes to shove, you can take advantage of storage service and cash out relocation insurance.

No matter where you choose to move from LA, be sure that long-distance movers will have your back. It’s up to you to make a perfect choice and let professionals do the rest.

Gemma Collins

Gemma is an NJ local that has explored all the US states, making her the perfect person to write about moving.

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