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What’s Like Living in Los Angeles Beyond the Glamour

Spoiler alert – living in Los Angeles isn’t what you’ve seen on the TV, movies, and reality shows. So, what is living in Los Angeles, California, really like, if you won’t be residing in a mansion with seven pools and a butler? The answer varies depending on where you choose to reside and what your budget is. Here’s what you can expect as one of the thousands of newcomers.

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LA is an amazing spot to live in

Many often romanticize cross country moving to LA – they imagine residing right next to the ocean, palm trees swaying on the wind, sun shining all the time, while your new best friends are Johnny Depp and Halle Berry. The truth is slightly different. Johnny is too busy to make new friends. Let’s see if moving across the country to LA is as perfect as it sounds.

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What Is It Like Living in Los Angeles – Things to Know Before Moving

LA is the type of place that has some myths about it that have to be busted. As always, your experience will mostly be based on your expectations and personality. However, there are some living in Los Angeles pros and cons that are undeniable.

Pros of Living in Los Angeles Are Attracting Thousands of Newcomers Over the Years

  • The weather – One of the main reasons why people want to get cross country moving services is because they want to be moving to a warmer climate. The weather is so pleasant all year round. Of course, there are some rainy days, but apart from that, you’ll enjoy mild and warm days almost always.
  • The job market – It’s constantly thriving, there are so many companies in various industries that are hiring, and you can always start your own business. If you’re preparing relocation questions to ask an employer and you’ve already found a job, well done. If not, don’t worry. You’ll find employment in no time.
  • It is very culturally diverse – People from all around the world are moving to Los Angeles to try their luck, so you’ll meet and see so many different nationalities each day. It’s a melting pot, but on a big scale. Your first neighbors could be there after moving state to state just like you, or they maybe used to reside on another continent. In LA and southern Cali in general, you never know.
  • The chill and laid back vibe – Residents here are more of a relaxed type when it comes to dressing and working. You’ll rarely see someone in a suit – flip flops and jeans are a preferred way to go. Also, not many folks work 9-5 jobs, so there’s a healthy balance between working and relaxing.
  • Nature – Once you come here, you’ll have a unique opportunity to be close to both ocean and mountains. In LA, skiing and surfing don’t mean leaving the state, while you’ll always have amazing walking and biking trails nearby.
  • There are tons of activities – Ain’t no party like a West Coast party! You will never be bored here, that’s for sure. LA is full of great bars, clubs, all kinds of festivals and events, and there’s something for everyone. It didn’t get its name “the Entertainment Capital of the World” for no reason.
  • It’s a foodie destination – If you’re choosing where to live in California according to how good the food is, this is your place. You’ll get the chance to try so many different cuisines that you’ll surely love.
  • World-class universities – In case you’re hiring state to state movers and moving into a college dorm, you’ll have one of the top educational options nearby. There are the University of South California, the University of California Los Angeles, and the California Institute of Technology.

Sounds Great So Far, but What Are the Things You Probably Won’t Like?

It isn’t a bed of roses, even though it might seem that way. There are a few things that you’ll dislike. How much – depends on your character and budget. Here are some of them:

  • The cost of living, especially the housing, is over the roof. However, it is still cheaper than the cost of living in San Francisco or the cost of living in New York.
  • The traffic is just bad. You can get used to it, but the fact that public transportation isn’t as helpful as it should be doesn’t sound encouraging.
  • The job market is awesome and offers plenty of opportunities, but that also makes it very competitive. Prepare to compete with a lot of qualified candidates for a position you want.
  • Parking is expensive, and it’s hard to find. This might annoy you every day until you learn to read the parking signs and get used to waiting in lines for a valet.
  • Most of the people are flaky – they show up late or not at all, and no timings are set in stone. With this kind of traffic and parking, you even can’t promise the exact time when you will show up.

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Is Living in Los Angeles Expensive?

You probably already know that it is pricey to reside here, but how bad is it really? It’s most definitely in the top ten US cities but in the ninth place. If you’re coming here from another state, be sure to prepare your budget, since Cali is known for the high costs. Your biggest expense will be the rent, but other thighs are also costly. For example, gas and groceries are known to be more expensive than in other states.

How Much Money Do You Need to Live Comfortably in Los Angeles?

What are the exact numbers we’re talking about? If you were to come here with three more members of your family, you would need $3,800 per month. If you are moving to Los Angeles alone, you will need $1,000. Both of these figures are without counting in the rent. For that, the price will depend on where you plan to reside. Everything closer to downtown is more expensive, so you’ll find a one-bedroom apartment for $2,200 and a three-bedroom apartment for $4,300. If you choose to reside somewhere further, the prices can range anywhere from $1,400 to $4,000, depending on the size of your future home.

When we add these numbers up, you can see that an adult needs around $3,000 per month to be comfortable with their expenses. Luckily, the average salary in LA after the taxes is much more than that – it even goes up to $4,500 per month. If the prices here seem too expensive for you, prepare the questions to ask potential roommates, and split the costs. Also, you can choose the cheapest way to move out of state and save a few bucks that way. Take a look at the following video for some more tips:

People in Their 30s Love the Job Market Here, but So Do Others

Another reason that made LA so popular is because many are moving for a job here. The market is so big, and any kind of profession has a chance. If you’re a chef, you’ll have incredible opportunities in world-class restaurants; if you’re a musician or an actor, you’re coming to the mecca of entertainment; if you’re in the IT sector, there are numerous tech companies that can hire you.

You’re not moving to a small town, and you’re surely not moving back in with your parents at 30, so enjoy the endless options that LA offers. If you still don’t have that much experience on your resume, don’t worry. A lot of companies here offer entry-level jobs for young people who are eager to grow and thrive in LA.

LA overlay
You'll easily find a job here

Choose Wisely Where Will You Reside

LA is really spread out, and where you chose to reside will greatly impact your experience here. We’re talking about a city with an area of 810 square miles and 12,5 million residents. If you don’t know the areas well, make sure you do good research. It is possible to find the most affordable places to live in Los Angeles and the best places to live in Los Angeles for singles, no matter if you’re looking at the neighborhoods or the suburbs of Los Angeles. Some of the best areas are:

  • Ocean Park,
  • City Center,
  • Mid-City,
  • Silver Lake.

Whatever you opt for, we strongly recommend coming there first to see what kind of life you can expect. Stay in a hostel or at a friend’s house for a week or two if you have the chance. That will give you the most relevant insight into where you will be residing, and it will save you money for rent if you don’t prefer the area.

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Be very careful when deciding where will you rent or buy a property

How Will You Commute When Living in Los Angeles?

Should you drive or use public transportation? Both have their good and bad sides, but one thing is for sure – the traffic is bad. If you choose to drive, prepare for hours in traffic jams, expensive parking, and costly car insurance. You will also find a lot of bad and aggressive drivers, so if you never were in a car accident before, you may experience that as well.

On the other hand, public transportation is reliable, but it doesn’t connect to every area. It might take you a bit more time to get somewhere, but you won’t have to think about parking and all other stuff. The smartest idea might be to get a bike and to ride to work. There are also Uber and Lyft as an option.

A man driving a car fast overlay
Traffic can be really bad

You’ll Have So Many Things to Do

From bar hoppin’ to exploring new restaurants and cuisines for all of you who love to try new food and drinks, LA is the perfect destination. You will enjoy residing here if you’re an art lover as well – there are a hundred museums, many art galleries, and music venues. After moving cross country, sports fans will get the chance to enjoy baseball, basketball, football, and so many other games live.

There are also annual events such as the Marathon, film festivals, Golden Globe Awards, LA Auto Show, Emmy Awards, and Hollywood Christmas Parade. Hiring cross country movers to come here is equally exciting to those who love spending time outdoors. They will love the beach and activities such as surfing and swimming, while you can also go running or hiking on one of the many tracks.

a large hollywood sign on a Los Angeles hill overlay
Life in LA is amazing when it comes to the number of activities of all kinds

Is Los Angeles a Good Place to Live?

It surely is one of the best places to live in California for young adults with all of its good and bad sides, but it might not be for everyone. If you don’t prefer being a resident of a crowded city with so many things going on all the time, maybe you should hire a cross country moving company and move to one of the LA suburbs. If the facts we listed sound like something you would love to call home, then call professional long distance movers and get your quote.

Long-distance moving isn’t cheap so keep it on your list of expenses before coming here. A reputable long-distance moving company will play no games when it comes to the pricing, so you’ll know exactly how much you will pay for their long-distance moving services and all other things you might need, such as auto transport or packing. In case you’re bringing expensive items, make sure you get insurance, and you can always leave your boxes in storage until you find the perfect spot. Hurry up – maybe Johnny Depp is available for a cup of coffee.

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