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6 Best Places to Live in Los Angeles for Singles

Have you decided to relocate to LA? Is that why you’re looking for the best places to live in Los Angeles for singles? You’ve come to the right place. We understand that it’s no easy endeavor to find a good, let alone perfect home when relocating. This is a huge step, and you should have as many details as possible before you make your final choice.

A young woman is observing Los Angeles panorama overlay
LA is a great spot for young and single people

There are quite a few aspects to explore, from the cost of living and housing to nightlife and entertainment, and many other things to be able to make a fully informed decision. Here we’re going to list a couple of the most popular places in LA for singles, their pros and cons, what they have to offer, what life is like there, and what things make them worth considering overall when moving to Los Angeles. Let us help you find what’s best for you and your particular requirements and expectations.

1. Explore the Combination of Beautiful Nature and Buzzing Bars and Cafés in Los Feliz

If you’re planning to settle down in the central part of Los Angeles, Los Feliz might be just the perfect community for you. This affluent neighborhood is located close to downtown, and several routes can get you to the very heart of LA in a short time. Whether you’re working in downtown LA or you just like to be close to the center, Los Feliz is just a short subway ride away. The district itself is quite popular among young professionals. The median rent here is around $1,400.

There is a wide range of opportunities for all kinds of activities, including hiking, given that Los Feliz lies in the eastern Santa Monica Mountain range, as well as horseback riding, and many others. You’ll never get bored because, in addition to beautiful nature, there are also excellent bars, restaurants, and cafés to spend your free time and relax. There is always something to do here. If you enjoy shopping, get ready for a string of shops and stores.

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2. See for Yourself How Cozy a Hipster Neighborhood Like Silver Lake Can Be

Here’s another community you should consider if being close to the center of LA is important to you for whatever reason. Even though it is considered primarily a residential district, Silver Lake has a lot to offer to singles, too. Let’s start with amazing restaurants such as Same Same Thai, a great spot to taste some good wine, go out for dinner, or order in. There are also quite a few coffee shops to hang out with your friends. You can go to the Silver Lake Reservoir for a run in the morning or stroll around and enjoy the beautiful landscape. There are also several recreational facilities, including the Silver Lake Recreation Center and the Silver Lake Meadow.

Silver Lake is mostly recognized as a hipster community, or, as Forbes once called it, the Hippest Neighborhood of LA. If you enjoy alternative and indie rock music, this is the area for you. As for housing, the median rent is pretty affordable for LA – around $1,170.

Silver Lake California's sunny day overlay
Even though it might seem too chic to some, Silver Lake is, in fact, a relaxed community where you can enjoy the bohemian lifestyle.

3. Enjoy a Variety of Exciting Events in Ocean Park

If your idea of a perfect single life is somewhere by the beach where you can spend all your free time surfing, swimming, or having fun in a beach bar, you should consider Santa Monica’s Ocean Park.

You’re looking for a safe neighborhood in Los Angeles? Again, think about Ocean Park. It ranks among LA’s most walkable neighborhoods, which means that anything you might need there will probably be within walking distance, including the breathtaking Santa Monica beach.

You can also find many bars and coffee shops here. There’s always a place to go to when you want to hang out and relax or explore new things. You can try out all kinds of delicacies in any of the many world-class restaurants, including even Hawaiian cuisine.

The dense urban vibe attracts many young singles. There’s always something happening. If you enjoy performing arts, leave the third Sunday in a month free for “L.A. Café Plays,” short theatre plays in the Ruskin Group Theatre. If you’re relocating your pet, too, you can take your furry friend to Ocean View Park, where there’s also a basketball court, six tennis courts, and lots of green areas.

Santa Monica State Beach overlay
This is one of the most walkable neighborhoods in LA, and it is located close to the amazing Santa Monica beach.

4. Enjoy the Vibrant Nightlife in West Hollywood

Located between Beverly Hills and Hollywood, West Hollywood is an excellent community full of opportunities for growth. Given that only 26% of the people living there are married, there’s gotta be a reason why so many singles are drawn to this buzzing district. Its vibrant nightlife? Entertainment? Parks and nature? Art? Shopping? Job opportunities? A little bit of all of this and more!

This small, yet so alive community is the first choice for many singles and young professionals relocating to LA. However, not everyone can afford to live here, as the area is quite pricey. The median rental rate goes from about $1,320. Thus, in addition to relocation expenses related to hiring LA movers, you should also plan to set some money aside for your first month there if you pick WeHo to be your new home.

For many, the first thought that comes to mind when someone mentions this trendy district is its vibrant nightlife scene. There are so many bars, dance clubs, as well as top-notch restaurants that you’ll never be short of interesting sites to go to have fun.

West Hollywood overlay
West Hollywood is primarily known for its buzzing nightlife, but you can also spend some quality time in one of its many beautiful parks.

5. Go to Koreatown to Meet the Neighborhood That Never Sleeps

Speaking of vibrant nightlife, we can’t help but mention Koreatown with its bars and 24/7 restaurants, always offering something fresh and exciting. In case you’re moving from a small town to a big city for the first time, be prepared for a shock. Koreatown never sleeps, so it will be quite different from what you’re used to. Some locals describe Koreatown as a city within a city, and not a small one. Such a vibrant community is not suitable for families, but it is just perfect for someone single, looking for an adventure and new experiences.

You can taste all kinds of food here, much more than Korean. For instance, some of the best Mexican restaurants in LA are located here. When you get tired of the vibrant lifestyle, spend some quality time with yourself in one of the Korean spas, and recharge your batteries. Then you can continue to explore this fabulous neighborhood.

What to Do in Koreatown

Whatever you feel like doing, you’ll be able to do it in Koreatown at any time of day or night. The entire area is always full of people, tourists as well as locals, living life to the fullest. Whether you’d want to go to a karaoke night or you’d rather take a break and meditate, Koreatown has got you covered.

6. Explore Venice of America and Its Rich Art and Culture

Venice has become one of the most popular communities both for tourists and locals, and there is a significant number of people looking to relocate there. The neighborhood is suitable both for singles and families, as it offers a unique combination of a vibrant lifestyle and a peaceful residential vibe.

This beachfront district has much more to offer than the dreamy coastline (as if that wasn’t enough). You can enjoy a sophisticated evening in one of its dining places, immerse yourself in art and music, or just go shopping. Anything you can imagine is possible and probably within your reach in Venice.

Beautiful sunsets in Venice overlay
Venice is known as a buzzing area where you can enjoy everything a beach town has to offer and feel the calming vibe of a quiet residential district at the same time.

Moving to One of the Best Places to Live in Los Angeles for Singles and Young Professionals

If you’ve chosen your perfect LA neighborhood for singles, it’s time to learn how to pack your apartment and start the relocation process to get there as soon as possible.

In case you have any trouble with packing, there’s always a possibility of hiring professionals to provide packing and unpacking services. What’s important is that you reach your future home safely and comfortably. A buzzing LA lifestyle is waiting for you, perfect for single people with all the time in the world on their hands to explore and enjoy new and exciting cities.

Did you know that more than 50% of the LA population is single? In fact, the number of single people in the entire country so high that there’s even an event called Unmarried and Single Americans Week (TABLE) held in September.

Now, let’s move on to see what you should keep in mind when renting an apartment in LA.

Things You Need to Know About Renting an Apartment in LA

Before you pack your suitcase and head to LA, you have to find a good rental where you’re going to relocate. To do that, you should learn at least something about how renting in LA works, where to look for the most affordable places to live in Los Angeles.

Given that you have chosen a rather pricey city, you should be prepared for somewhat high prices of rent, too. There are differences depending on the part of LA you pick, so, naturally, you should stay away from the center and the most popular and luxurious neighborhoods if you want to save a few bucks.

If you’re moving to Los Angeles alone, you’ll probably be looking for a one-bedroom apartment, in which case the median price is about $1,360. Apart from the rental price, you should also think about the commute to work when you’re picking your future home and the accessibility of public transportation. Take into account the average cost of living, as well, and compare it to your financial situation.

When you narrow your choices down, if you can, it would be best to take a walk down your chosen neighborhoods and look for ads there. Most landlords prefer to rent the place to the locals and don’t even post the ad online. See the apartment you’re interested in person to make sure everything’s just the way you expect it to be and then apply for it right away, as the competition can be quite fierce.

Looking for a New Job? Here’s Where You Should Go

If you’re relocating for a job, some districts might be better than others in terms of employment. In addition to the previously mentioned, here are a few more parts of the LA area that are popular among young professionals:

  • Beverlywood
  • Downtown
  • Echo Park
  • Culver City
  • Mid-Wilshire
  • Beverly Grove
  • Sawtelle

Have You Made Up Your Mind?

What do you think about these places for singles in LA? Have you found exactly what you need in any of them? Even if not, hopefully, we’ve helped you narrow your choice down. If you’re still wondering where to live in LA, you might also consider some of the many charming suburbs of Los Angeles. Perhaps you’ll find your happiness there instead of a vibrant district that never sleeps. Right now, moving services should be your least concern – first focus on finding the community that suits your needs, then you can worry about relocation itself. The City of Angels is waiting for you in its full glory, whichever part of it you eventually go for.

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