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Best Tips on How to Pack a Computer for Moving

A good horror scenario – you’re coming to your new home after moving across the country and realize that your PC with all the crucial data inside is damaged. If you don’t know how to pack a computer for moving, you should learn it now. Whether you’re hiring long-distance movers for your household relocation, you’re cross country moving your office, or simply sending your PC to another state, this skill is crucial. Our helpful advice will not only save you from material damage but also from losing any important files.

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Don't know how to prepare your PC for cross country shipping? We know a few tricks

While laptops are portable and easier to pack, it’s recommended that you carry them with you during long-distance moving. On the other hand, it’s a bit more complicated with a desktop computer. We’ll present you with all the possible options you have when moving cross country with a PC.

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Is It Bad to Move a Desktop Computer?

You might have heard somewhere that it’s “bad” to move a PC long-distance. That story actually comes from fear of moving – something will happen during the transit, and the computer will get damaged. To be honest, accidents happen all the time, and human errors aren’t excluded, but since your PC must be on your ultimate checklist for moving to a new state, you should learn how to safely transport a PC. It truly is possible when you follow the right tips and handle everything with care.

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Every long-distance relocation is safe when you learn how to protect different items

Learn What Will You Need for Packing Your Electronics

It’s time to throw a packing party because that is surely the best way to pack for moving. But first, let’s go through the essentials you’ll need to have for this party:

  • A big and sturdy box,
  • Bubble wrap – try to find an anti-static one since you’re wrapping electronics,
  • Packing paper,
  • Tape,
  • Labels for moving boxes or a permanent marker,
  • Plastic bags or rubber bands for the cables,
  • Moving blankets (optional)

Before getting any of this, measure your computer to know how big the package needs to be. There’s supposed to be no dilemma called bubble wrap vs. packing paper because you really do need both. Also, one of the best packing strategies for moving is to get plenty of all supplies listed, just in case.

You Can Buy Packing Supplies or Learn Where to Find Them for Free

When it comes to packing fragile items, it’s important to have high-quality supplies to protect your valuables, instead of risking with cheap moving supplies or free ones. However, if your budget doesn’t allow you to buy new ones at hardware stores, you can always find them for free. If you know somebody who moved recently, ask them if they have any materials left. Local stores can give you the boxes, while newspapers can be a substitution for the packing paper. Bubble wrap is hard to replace, but you can try with some soft materials you already have in your home, such as sweaters or blankets.

It’s Best to Have Original Packages

The best possible tip would be to put each part in their original boxes, or at least the tower and the monitor. Most people discard the boxes after unpacking, so we’re aware that the chances that you still have original packages are slim. However, if you knew that you’ll be relocating soon after you bought the computer and you still have all the wrapping and package, just return everything inside and tape it well.

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Original packages are always the best option when it comes to safe shipping of something breakable

What Is the Best Way to Start Packing for a Move? The First Step Is to Back up Your Data

This is particularly important if you learned how to get a job in a new city and you’re moving for a job. Losing any data because of damage during the transport would be devastating, so make sure you back up any valuable data that you’d hate to lose. Copy all files to a flash drive if there isn’t much to be transferred, or use one of the most effective methods – upload everything on your Cloud or buy an external hard drive.

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Save all essential data before wrapping up the computer

How Do I Pack My Computer to Move?

When you gather all the necessary supplies, you can start wrapping your computer. Here’s a step by step guide on how to pack a computer for moving:

  • Firstly, open your tower to see if everything is tight. If you see that something’s loose, get a screwdriver and screw it on firmly,
  • Shut it down and unplug it once you backed up your data,
  • Take a photo of all the cables behind so that you can quickly put them back,
  • Take every cable separately, roll them up, and place each one in a separate plastic bag. Label the bag so that you know where the cable belongs,
  • Fully assembled towers are quite simple to wrap; Cover it with anti-static bubble wrap, make sure that no sides are left uncovered, and then tape it around,
  • Take the box and make cushioning on the bottom of it. It should be at least four inches thick,
  • Place the wrapped tower inside vertically,
  • Cover the mouse with paper, then with bubble wrap, and tape it well,
  • Do the same with the keyboard and headphones,
  • Fill all extra space with more crumpled paper or some other soft materials so that nothing moves around the box,
  • Gently shake the box to make sure nothing moves inside,
  • Tape the package well – twice in the middle and twice on the opposite side.

Pack Each Part Separately Before Moving

One of the most important moving hacks is double boxing. If you find enough boxes, put the tower in one, and then place that box in another, a bigger one that will have enough room for the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and all other parts. In the following video, you will see how this looks in practice.

How to Transport a PC Monitor?

Since it should also be wrapped separately, here’s a quick guide for the monitor too:

  • If the stand is removable, take it off,
  • Wrap the monitor with papers and tape it,
  • Cut a piece of cardboard that matches the dimensions of your screen and tape it over the paper for extra protection,
  • Cover it nicely with a lot of bubble wrap and then in some more paper, or use a blanket for more protection,
  • Cover the stand with paper and put it together with the monitor in the big box where the tower and other parts are,
  • Fill all extra space with more soft cushioning and make sure nothing moves when you close it,
  • Tape it firmly and label it with “fragile” and “this side up.”
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You might not want to write "computer" on the cardboard, so you don't risk someone stealing it

How to Pack a Gamer Computer?

Gamer PCs need more care than the regular ones. If you installed any extra components, you need to protect everything that’s inside of it. The best way to do that is either to find original packages or to cover them separately. Take off the bigger components – if they’re very delicate and even a minor shake can damage them, it’s best to take them with you and not leave them in a truck. If you can’t find the original package, cover each component with papers and bubble wrap. You don’t have to disassemble everything fully – If there’s nothing delicate left, just fill the inside of the tower with some soft materials so that nothing moves, and close it.

It’s Better to Have a Separate Box for the Monitor

When you put all of these parts inside of the box with the tower, the chances are that you won’t have enough space for the monitor when you finish wrapping every component. Instead of placing everything together, it’s always better to find the original packaging from the monitor or the one that fits tightly. Double boxing is highly recommended here as well.

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If You Can’t Take the Laptop With You, Learn How to Pack It

If, for some reason, you don’t have a laptop bag or you can’t carry it with you, learn how to pack the laptop. The supplies you’ll need are the same, and the procedure is quite similar. Turn it off, take off all the peripheral devices, and cover it just as you would do with the PC. Roll up the charger and place it in a plastic bag. Put everything in a backpack or a suitcase with soft clothes, and make sure you always know where it is.

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Make sure you know how to protect your laptop

If You’re Driving to Your New Destination, You’ll Have No Worries About How to Pack a Computer for Moving

If one of the best beach towns to live in or the best cities for college grads is now your home and it’s just a few hours away from you, you might want to drive there. In that case, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to how to move a desktop computer or a portable one. You can just put your laptop and all of its parts in the compartments of a laptop bag, and you’re good to go. How to pack a desktop computer for moving, you might ask? Just buy a good desktop carrying case and place everything inside. There are special bags for monitors only as well.

If You’re Getting Cross Country Moving Services, You’ll Need to Learn How to Pack a Computer for Moving Like Pro Movers

If you can’t or don’t want to drive to your new home, you can always get auto transport services. Keep in mind that it will also mean that you have to know how to pack a computer for shipping when relocating. It’s not safe to ship something this valuable and fragile just in a bag, so before you hire a cross country moving company, take a good look at the above-mentioned tips.

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If you're planning to ship your PC in a truck, you must learn how to pack a computer for moving

It Might Be a Better Idea to Leave All of This to Professional Movers

Even though it’s not the cheapest way to move out of state, hiring a long-distance moving company will help you a lot. Their packing service could help you a lot, and they also provide high-quality boxes and other supplies. You can rent storage from them and even get moving insurance for all high-value items. Figure out how much money you should save to move out of state, create a moving out for the first time budget, and see if there’s room for long-distance moving services on your moving expenses checklist. Your only job will be to focus on making friends in a new city and learning how to adjust to a new town and while a team of experienced long-distance movers takes care of everything else. Compare moving quotes before deciding which cross country movers to hire, and enjoy your relocation.

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