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What Are the Most Affordable Places to Live in Los Angeles

Did you know that LA county covers a total area of 4,751 square miles, making it larger than the combined territory of the states of Delaware and Rhode Island? Within all that space, finding the most affordable places to live in Los Angeles shouldn’t be that hard.

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Think about all the monthly expenses you have, put them on paper, and start your search. When looking to settle down in one of the largest and most populous cities in the State of California and the US, you will have many options to choose from.

Are you moving with your family or alone? If the job and educational opportunities are important to you, consider them as well. Some of the low-price areas have great entertainment options while others come with good schools. Whatever location you choose, just make sure that staying there won’t leave you broke and unhappy with your new life in the City of Angels.

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The Most Affordable Places to Live in Los Angeles and How to Find the Cheapest One?

Are you thinking about moving to Los Angeles? When you are done creating a budget and going through your finances, you should take a look at the neighborhoods that you can afford.

Finding a reasonably priced location to settle down means you have to determine what criteria to take into consideration before making a decision. Things to think about before deciding to pack your bags and relocate are the cost of living, including the price of buying or renting a house, groceries, utilities, income, and the kind of lifestyle you prefer.

Staying in LA means being in the vicinity of some of the most expensive properties in the whole country. Based on data from Zillow, the current median house value is $686,100. That is why, when choosing where to live in LA, you will have to be ready to compromise and sacrifice some things to find the cheapest neighborhood. That area might not be the one with the lowest crime rates or closest to the center, but still, it will be price-effective and allow you to live a comfortable life without making ends meet every month.

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Use Bike Paths in Long Beach and Save up on Transportation

South of LA downtown, there is a location that serves as the final docking place of the RMS Queen Mary and is home to the Aquarium of the Pacific, a five-acre public aquarium visited by 1.5 million people every year. Also, you can enjoy the IndyCar race named Grand Prix of Long Beach.

If you are thinking about renting or buying a property in an exciting location, know that Long Beach might just be the right fit for you. Here, the average monthly lease for a one-bedroom apartment is $1,570 and $2,020 for a two-bedroom. If this is too much for you, consider finding a roommate if you want to save up some money. With the median income of $52,783 and the house value of $431,300, you get a good idea of Long Beach’s affordability.

When you’ve finally found a place to call your new home, you should check out utility prices, because they also affect your budget to a great extent. The average cost for a 915 – square foot apartment here is $111, and if you want to have access to the internet, you will have to pay between $40 and $65 for it.

Living in Long Beach has a long list of benefits, but before you go out to find LA movers with professional moving services to box up your belongings, carefully calculate your budget to determine if you could afford to stay here.

Get a Bike

Have you thought about shipping your car and using it as the main transportation solution in the new area? If you are not up for driving around, you should know that monthly transit passes are $62. You can drive around in shuttles and water taxis.

Saving up on transportation would be easy since there are four major first-class bike paths you can use. That’s why you should not put your bike in storage before relocating to LA. After all, this is one of the most bike-friendly places, so take advantage of it. Just remember to get a license, it costs $3.

Fun Stuff You Can Do Outdoors

Settling down here means you get to enjoy a long list of exciting outdoor activities that this area offers. El Dorado Regional Park allows you to use campgrounds, fishing lakes, fitness courses, and many other things with a yearly pass that costs $60.

When you have a space like El Dorado Regional Park for a picnic, think about cooking a meal and enjoying it outdoors. Cooking instead of dining out can work wonders for your financial situation since the basic lunch menu is around $14 while grabbing a bite in a fast food joint will cost you $8.

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Get a Place in Carson Before the Prices Skyrocket

If the fun and the southern area of Long Beach is not your cup of tea, know that the median income of a Carson resident is $72,421, and the median home value is $351,000. Consider moving here as soon as possible, before property prices in the whole of LA skyrocket because of the 2028 Summer Olympics.

The cost of living is 7% lower than the California average, making it a very affordable area to settle down. Basic monthly utilities are $127.26, and you will need an additional $40 for the internet.

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Torrance Is One of the Safest Neighborhoods

Relocating to California, especially LA, will let you get used to the sunny days. Torrance is located in the South Bay, and it has warm temperatures all year round. If you are looking for a safe neighborhood in Los Angeles, this is it! Torrance, with its population of 145,438, is renowned for its low crime rates.

Here the median income is $79,549, and home value is $638,700. If you are thinking about renting, know that a monthly lease is $1,512. Also, finding a doctor here can be cheaper than in many other cities, since the price of a medical check-up is below the national average.

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If Santa Monica Is Too Expensive, Consider Culver City

Are you excited by the sheer thought of relocating to LA? If you want to avoid big traffic jams that people in the city face, you should choose Santa Monica as your next destination. With the local culture that is vibrant and diverse, you will fit right in and still feel like you are in the center of LA. Besides, this is arguably the best location for those who like to walk by the beach. The median income is $76,580, which is higher than the US average. But now comes the bad part – the median house value is $1,030,500, while the rent is $1,626.

As you can probably tell, this is not the cheapest place, so if you are thinking about moving to Los Angeles alone, consider Culver City instead. It is more economical, and you will be close to everything Santa Monica has to offer, but with the option of saving a few bucks.

The average cost of a property in Culver City is $675,800, while tenants pay an average of $1,678 for monthly rent. Not only that you will find a low-priced home here, but you will discover a wide array of entertainment options, as well.

Join Some Singles Groups and Meet New People

Culver City has many fun things to offer to its inhabitants. If you don’t have a partner, you should know that this is one of the best places to live in Los Angeles for singles. You can stop by many bars or join some singles groups and meet new people.

Also, if you are hunting for a job in the entertainment industry, settling down here would be a smart move, since Sony Pictures Entertainment is the biggest employer. When it comes to Culver City, the list of good things just keeps on getting longer.

Live in West LA

Living in West LA can be an extremely fun experience. You should know that the area is highly diverse compared to the county average. With a current population of over 38,000, almost half of the residents older than 25 have a four-year degree, so this would be a perfect home for anybody with a higher education degree.

The median household income in the area is $109,618 annually, which can be considered high for the town and the county. The house price here is $1,114,810, while the rent is $1,746. The number of people renting and owning a home is almost the same.

Living in West LA can bring you a lot of opportunities career-wise. Fox Broadcasting studio and The Village, another famous recording studio, are both located here. Also, when you get tired after a long and stressful day at work, stop by The Stoner Recreation Center. This place has a waterpark, barbecue pits, basketball courts, a children’s play area, and many other amenities.

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Consider Renting Instead of Buying in Ladera Heights

The average lease for a two-bedroom apartment in Ladera Heights is $1,357, and the median home value is $789,400. Even if this seems pricey, keep in mind that the average annual income is $102,281. Most people that live here rent their homes, almost 73% of all residents. If you are still not set on becoming a homeowner, this might be the right place for you. Don’t let the questions such as what do you need to rent an apartment stop you from getting one – hire a real estate agent and everything will run smoothly. And don’t worry about sharing a space with someone – it would not feel like you are moving back with your parents at 25, mostly because your flatmate would be around the same age as you.

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Glendale Is Budget and Family-Friendly

If you stumbled upon available homes in Glendale, you are in luck, because this sleepy residential area has a median home value of $619,200 and a rent price of $1355.

Basic utilities will be $127.26 overall, with an additional $60 for the internet connection.

This area is famous for its family-friendly vibe, given that more than 73% of inhabitants are married.

Housing Projects Provide the Best Opportunities for First-Time Buyers

You should know that The Glendale Housing Authority has backed up the development of numerous affordable housing programs. Projects provided new low-price rental housing for families, older citizens, and individuals with special needs. They have also provided budget-friendly opportunities for first-time house buyers.

Construction Units Built For From 1975 Until Now
Rental 1,127
Senior Citizens 615
Families 389
Phy./Dev. Disabled 75
Special Needs 48
First Time Ownership 111
Total Units Built 1238

Pasadena Is Inexpensive and a Great Spot for Young Adults

Pasadena is a place with old-time charm and a laid-back lifestyle. If you want to become a resident and settle down in Pasadena, know that median household income is $72,402, while the house price is $628,000. Rental is $3,119, and utilities will overall be around $180.

Overcome the fear of moving by checking out all that your potential future area has to offer. If you are looking for the best places to live in California for young adults, this might be one of them. It is close enough to LA if you are in the mood for a fun night out, and it has many well-paying job opportunities. Also, let’s not forget education institutions located here.

Look for Apartments in Pasadena and Be Close to the Prestigious College

Many suburbs of Los Angeles have excellent schools, but Pasadena stands out from the rest. Here you can get an education in engineering and natural science in one of the prestigious schools. Caltech is amongst the top-rated universities in the world. Also, there are Music Academy, Pasadena City College, and many others.

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