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Things to Know About Moving to Los Angeles

Moving to Los Angeles can be an overwhelming and exciting experience. This giant county that spreads over 500 square miles and has over 88 cities, including Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, is home to almost 4 million people. It’s the city of dreams, the La La Land, the City of the Lost, and for many, a dream destination for a new home. If you plan to move to LA, here are some things you should know.

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LA might be the perfect place for you!

Things to Know About Life in the International Melting Pot

Overall there are a few things you need to note about moving to LA:

  • As the largest city in California, LA consists of many smaller cities that usually operate independently, but are still a part of the giant metropolis. There are also numerous neighborhoods to choose from, all of which possess their own cultural identities and characteristics, as LA is one of the most culturally diverse cities.
  • You’ll also be happy to hear that the sun stays all year round, it’s a never-ending summer!
  • The Mediterrane climate makes it a perfect place for surfing and sunbathing.
  • When it comes to the job hunt, LA might genuinely be the land of opportunities.
  • Lastly, the terrible traffic jams could be one of the downsides of the LA county, but don’t let it stop you from relocating to your dream home.

10 Tips for Your LA Relocation

If you want to know more about life in LA, how to prepare for your long-distance move to LA, and what to expect when you get there, as well as get some general advice, check out this video on tips for moving to LA. It will help you get an insight into how the first couple of months of your relocation will be going, as well as give you information about different LA neighborhoods and what to expect along the way.

The Cost of Living in the City of Angels

Is it hard to move to Los Angeles? Not necessarily. However, what is hard is to keep afloat.

The cost of living in LA is well over the national average, so you should be quick in organizing your budget and pre-plan your monthly spendings. Considering that the average consumer basket amounts to around $3,792.29 for families and approximately $1,043.80 for singles, without rent, your utilities and necessities will be costly.

Renting and buying homes in LA is also extremely expensive. You should be aware that the median home price for the entire Los Angeles county is around $650,000, which many can’t afford. Similarly, the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $1,369. Make sure you’ll be able to afford your living expenses before you move. You can also use the Apartment list or similar sites to check out apartments in your price range.

How Much Should I Save Up Before Moving?

If you’re a thrifty person or moving across the country for the first time and you want to avoid any risks, an optimal minimum budget before the move should be around $10,000. This amount will help you get by until you settle into your new life, as it will be enough to cover your expenses for the first few months. If you have a lot of experience in traveling and relocation, and you’re not afraid to step out of your comfort zone and take some risks, the minimum savings you need are around $5,000.

What Salary Do I Need to Live in Los Angeles?

Making $74,371 a year is enough to make-do in LA. However, The city’s median household income is $54,501, which means that the majority of people live well above their means, according to the census data. And to make matters worse, recently, the estimated optimal income for a comfortable life in LA is a six-figure salary around $136,207, including the rent, and around $150,391 if you own a house. To conclude, you will have to compromise or strive for better job prospects if you want to be comfortable.

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Make sure to calculate your expected monthly spendings and sort your budget accordingly.

Where to Relocate?

You should consider several factors before you choose where to live in LA. First of all, be practical when it comes to renting, and choose a place that you know you’ll be able to afford. Secondly, take into consideration the commuting time from and to your workplace. Finally, remember that each part of the city has its uniqueness, so find a place that fits your overall lifestyle and vibe.

Whether you’re moving to Los Angeles alone or looking for a family home, you’ll be able to find something that fits you.

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Where to Relocate as a Single?

The best places to live in Los Angeles for singles are usually the parts of the metropolis that have a vibrant nightlife and frequent social gatherings. Single and ready to get out there or just enjoy parties? We suggest relocating to areas such as West Hollywood or Venice. While West Hollywood has an exciting night scene that might fit your forte, Venice offers both the vibrant lifestyle combined with peacefulness, as this part of the metropolis has many wine and jazz bars for your day drinking and enjoyment.

What is LA Like for Young Adults?

This land of opportunity might be one of the best places to live in California for young adults. While expensive, LA can be a chance for those who want to succeed in the entertainment industry or wish to further their education. So follow your dreams and move to La La Land!

Relocating to Los Angeles with Your Family

Suppose you plan on moving cross country with the family. In that case, we suggest you look at the safe neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Those are further away from the extravagant nightlife, entertainment, and constant noise, with lower crime rates. Maybe you’ll find such a place somewhere in the suburbs of Los Angeles. In any case, before the move, make sure to research schooling options in all these areas, as LA has top-notch educational facilities. Don’t forget to check all the outdoor activities you can enjoy with your family as well.

Living on a Small Budget

If you’re more concerned about saving up and ready to humble down your lifestyle, we suggest checking some of the most affordable places to live in Los Angeles. If you still haven’t a clue about your career plans or haven’t found work, relocating to an affordable apartment is the right choice. Additionally, finding a roommate might be the best option, as you’ll split the bills, helping you reduce your monthly costs. Organize your questions to ask potential roommates and pick your roomie.

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If you enjoy going out to bars and socializing, Venice is a perfect place to meet new people.

Job Opportunities in Los Angeles Companies

While LA is the entertainment capital of the world, the city also has job openings in other fields of work. IT and tech companies are quite common – Silicon Valley speaks for itself, with huge companies like Hulu and Amazon. Other professions are welcome as well, from tourism to aerospace engineering, finance, manufacturing, fashion even publishing. While the significant employers of the area are companies like Google, Walt Disney Company Studios, Nestle, etc., if you’re looking for a minimum wage job for starters, there are numerous options.

Lastly, LA has an impressive “gig economy” culture, like ride-sharing, food delivery, and app services.

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LA has got something for everyone; job hunting might not be as hard as you thought!

Commuting in LA

The traffic is a congested jungle. Unfortunately, sitting in transit will be a part of your daily life. The LA county covers a large area, so we suggest including auto transport in your list of relocating obligations. While LA has a metro, and public transportation is becoming less challenging and more common, many people in the city prefer driving. If you plan to commute to relatively close areas, bikes and scooters are a great option. However, for longer distances having your own car is ideal. An additional option could be the ride-share systems, Uber and Lyft, which are rather popular in LA for quick errands and going around the city.

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Commuting by car is the most common transportation method in LA

Fun Things You Can Do!

Moving cross country can be tiresome, so once you get to your new dream home, all your possessions arrive from storage, the unpacking is complete, and you have finally settled in and relaxed, it’s time to go exploring!

Having that LA is the city of entertainment, it’s time to entertain yourself. Here are some suggestions for fun activities that you could do that are only possible in LA county.

Attending a TV Taping

Since you’ll reside in LA, you can finally be a part of a show audience. Game shows, talk shows, sitcoms, or even a favorite tv show, you name it, are all options. You just need to reserve a place in advance, and guess what? It’s often free. Enjoy your favorite shows from the front seats!

Go for a Drive at the Pacific Coast Highway

The sun-drenched road that hugs the coast and gives you one of the most magnificent views of the ocean is a perfect place for a family drive or a calming drive with friends.

It can also be an idea for a romantic road trip date. It takes eleven hours to travel the entire road, from LA to San Francisco, and it’s known as one of the most scenic drives in the world. If you’re planning this drive, the best period is mid-June to September. Also, feel free to free your entire day.

If you just want a short ride, you can enjoy the stretch located in the LA area. You’ll feel like you belong in a movie. Here’s a video of just a preview of what awaits you.

Take a Tour of Downtown L.A.

Downtown L.A. is the perfect place for sightseeing and finding exciting things to do with family or friends. Exploring the streets is the ideal way to introduce yourself to LA culture. You could check out the Art District or go to the historical core to see the Broadway Theatre District. You could also visit the Broad museum, one of the currently most famous museums in LA. Additionally, go to the OUE Skyspace, and experience the glass slide from the 70th to the 69th floor, for a bit of an adrenaline rush.

For a more different cultural experience, you could also visit Chinatown or Little Tokyo, where, besides the shops, you’ll be able to see fascinating architecture.

Finally, if you enjoy contemporary art, you might like to add the MOCA museum to your list.

Overall, downtown L.A. has many things to offer.

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Don’t forget to enjoy the fantastic landscapes on the Pacific Coast.

Moving Costs for Your L.A. Relocation

Long-distance moving is quite a hassle, and if it’s your first time, you’re probably wondering how to move? Of course, you can relocate by yourself, and it is doable, though it is a more complicated process. However, if you want to save time, reduce stress, and focus more on preparing for your future life rather than the relocating process, we suggest leaving aside some money and finding the right moving services to take care of all of your needs. Contact your chosen long-distance movers and request a free quote. After that, we can only wish you luck in your cross-country move, safe travels.

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