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What Are the Best Suburbs of Los Angeles

Living in the suburbs of Los Angeles can be equally entertaining as finding a home in the city center, but also potentially more affordable, healthier and safer. When searching for the next place to live in, think about the things that make you happy. Would you like to have access to the shore or hiking paths? Maybe you are seeking a place in the vicinity of your dream job?

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Know that some of the peripheral residential districts here are also the most affordable places to live in Los Angeles. That means that buying or renting a house in these places will provide you with all the benefits of a small town just a few miles from the center, without making a dent in your budget.

Use some of the many available online tools to check out the crime rates in your future community. Knowing that the place you chose for yourself and your family is safe will make it easier to relax and enjoy everything it has to offer.

What Makes the Suburbs of Los Angeles the Best for You?

If you have chosen to relocate to California, specifically to Los Angeles county, finding a suitable place will require some research. While researching where to live in California, think about what makes the location you are considering actually the best. Is it a variety of entertainment options in some of the best places to live in LA for singles? Numerous opportunities for eating out? Or is it something completely different?

Maybe you are relocating with your kids? If so, you should probably research school districts and educational options that the suburbs offer. But don’t forget to take a look at outdoor activities you can participate in with your children, as well as the level of pollution which can affect the health of your kids.

And if you are relocating in pursuit of career options, analyze the job market and find a location that has a high demand for services and skills you can provide. Whatever location you pick, just make sure that it has everything you need, because living in a place that fits all of your requirements is what actually makes it the best.

Tools to Check the Safety of Your Neighborhood

When relocating, one of the main factors you should take into account is safety. Before you set your heart on a place you will call home, check the crime rates, and find a safe neighborhood in Los Angeles. Let a trustworthy LA moving company handle your belongings while you are gathering information. Here are just some of the online sites you can visit:

  • CrimeReports is map-based, and it shows you the felonies that recently happened in your location.
  • AreaVibes gives you a livability score for your ZIP code and shows reviews from people who are living there.
  • Family Watchdog pinpoints registered sex offenders.
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Altadena – Laid Back, Rural Community Excellent for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Are you ready to relocate to a laid-back, rural location situated in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains? Altadena lies north of downtown LA and is a place for every outdoor enthusiast that thrives in living close to the rocky and steep hiking trails. This might not be one of the best hiking towns, but it surely is one of the greatest suburban areas to enjoy that kind of activity.

Eaton Canyon is ideal for taking long walks, riding a bike, or just enjoying nature. If you walk long enough, you can get to Mt. Wilson Observatory and relish in breathtaking views of Southern California. Also, you can visit the Cobb Estate, a free botanical garden that is operated by the United States Forest Service.

If you are relocating with your kids, you should know that the community belongs to the Pasadena Unified School District. There are many elementary and high schools, but you also have access to private educational institutions.

When choosing your next residence, safety and crime rates are something to consider seriously. You will be happy to know that Altadena has a lower percentage of violent and property crimes compared to the national median.

Are you somebody that enjoys Christmas carols and the vibe that is associated with holidays? You might not be exactly moving during the holidays, but you should know that Altadena is home to the oldest large-scale outdoor Christmas lighting location in the world. Christmas Tree Lane is one of the California Historical Landmarks.

Altadena homes display many architectural styles, but there is not much space left to build buildings. So, if you are thinking about renting or buying a place here, know that there are some luxury houses in Period Revival and Mid-Century styles. But you can find big estates with plenty of land as well.

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Pasadena – a Starting Ground for Many Actors

Pasadena is hotter in summer and colder during winter than Los Angeles. But it has so much to offer besides the weather. The place is famous mostly for its annual Rose Bowl football game and the Tournament of Roses Parade. If you relocate here, you will have plenty of entertainment options without traveling too far away.

Overcome your fear of moving by taking a walk around the neighborhood and enjoying many museums and shopping venues. Also, if you appreciate art, you should know that the local live theatre scene is strong. If you are pursuing a career in acting, this might be the place to relocate for a job, since it has been the starting point for many actors.

Also, if you are a foodie, you should know that this is the place where many famous chefs opened their restaurants. Since LA is one of the most vegetarian-friendly cities, it is only natural that restaurants in its suburban areas offer a variety of food choices as well.

Crime rates for violent and property felonies are just below the national median, but also lower than in the rest of California.

If you are worried about the quality of education, know that Pasadena has four high schools and five middle schools, there are also seventeen elementary facilities. So, there are plenty of places where your kids can go to school.

Life in Pasadena gives you a mix of urban and suburban feeling – that is why the housing solutions range from bungalows to large estates.

Are you thinking about hiring auto transport services and taking your car with you? It is always a smart choice to have your four-wheeler with you in a city of this size, but you should know that Pasadena has its own public transportation system. The area is served by LA Metro Gold Line light rail, but also well-connected with a network of buses and trains. If all of this seems perfect to you, there is really no reason why you shouldn’t hire long distance movers in Pasadena and relocate.

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Beverly Hills and Agoura Hills

When thinking about moving to Los Angeles, settling down in Beverly Hills might cross your mind a few times. And why shouldn’t it? After all, it is one of the most famous places in LA. And if you are moving here to find work that is not in the entertainment business, know that many large hotel chains are always looking for employees.

In 90210, which is the zip code for this town, your kids can attend public middle and high schools, but you can also enroll them in private educational institutions. The place is connected with the rest of Los Angeles by rail system and buses. But if you feel like riding a bike, you can find stations all through the area and rent one. If you are considering buying a house, you should carefully calculate your budget since some of the properties can cost a lot of money.

Agoura Hills would be a perfect place for people that love being surrounded by wilderness. As a part of California woodlands, here you can find hundreds of local plants, some of which are rare. Since this is one of the best places to move to if you love outdoor recreation, keep in mind that you can find here some of the most beautiful hiking and biking trails in the state. Living in this place is safe since the levels of violent and property felonies are way below the national average. Also, you get to settle down in a location with a suburban vibe, where many members of the local population choose to buy their homes instead of renting them.

Navigation Guide for Finding Your Way Around the Hills

When you live in the suburbs, you should be able to easily navigate through daily routines but also find opportunities to entertain yourself. Adjusting to a new town is not an easy task, but checking out events around your future location might help you speed up the process.

You should know that Beverly Hills is full of restaurants and entertainment options. From the shopping strip in Rodeo Drive to the art deco of Saban Theatre, there is a bit of fun for everybody. You can dine out in Italian restaurants or try out many vegan options, and if you are up for a walk, grab a cup of coffee and stroll to Beverly Hills Sign.

Staying in Agoura Hills can be very inspiring for all the music fans. Especially those that appreciate the good metal sound, since many acts like Linkin Park and Incubus started their careers here. It is also home to a concert venue that hosts touring acts. Living here will give you a chance to hear live performances of many musicians.

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Hollywood – One of the Outstanding Places to Live in California for Young Adults

If you are looking for one of the best places to live in California for young adults, you should probably consider Hollywood as your next location. It is in the heart of the US film industry, so it would be a perfect starting point for your acting career. And since the current median age of a resident is 31 years, you will be surrounded by a younger population all the time.

And if you want to become local by getting a house, know that the average cost of a condo in Hollywood is $832,200, and if you are renting, you will need $2,801 on a monthly bases. But living here has many perks, starting with transportation. The place is well connected to the rest of the LA county by metro, rail, and buses.

Living in Hollywood definitely feels like living in the epicenter of all the important happenings in the entertainment industry, with special events like the Academy Awards, Christmas Parade, and Half Marathon. There is always an occasion for celebrating, so when relocating, pack your necklaces and fancy clothes because you will need them.

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Burbank – Welcome to the Media Capital of the World

When long distance moving to Burbank, you should know how to get a job in a new city. Research the market, and if you are seeking a job in the media industry, we’ve got some good news. Moving to Los Angeles and settling down in Burbank would be a great solution for you. Known as the Media Capital of the World, the area is the home to many media and entertainment companies. Here you can find work in enterprises like Warner Bros, The Burbank Studios, or Cartoon Network.

Burbank has a few educational facilities, and many of them score above state and national average test scores. Woodbury University offers graduate programs in the field of business, architecture, and design.

If you are worried about how to find a new doctor when relocating, remember that Burbank has its own medical center. The center specializes in treating cancer, but it also has a cardiology department, hospice, and children’s care.

Live Like the Burbank Residents

When you get tired of sitting at home, you can always take a walk around the area. Head to Warner Brothers Studio and take a tour of the backlot and soundstages. You can visit Amelia Earhart’s mausoleum and see a model of the Space Shuttle Columbia. And if you feel a bit adventurous, you can go to an extension of Griffith Park and ride a horse.

After the exploration, you can always eat out and get a chocolate milkshake in Bob’s Big Boy restaurant.

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Culver City – the Gateway to the Movie Industry

LA is one of the best cities for finding a new job, especially if you already have a career in the movie industry in mind. Culver City is home to Sony Pictures studios and a few smaller production houses, so you know this will be the place to look for work in this field.

Many of the homes you will stumble upon while searching for a place to rent will be aesthetically pleasing, as the area is full of Postwar single-family residences. Tree-lined streets and one-story high buildings look like something out of the movie set. If you have pictured a house with a front lawn and shade trees, this could be an excellent place for you. There are also plenty of condos and townhouses you can choose from.

You should keep in mind that Culver City has its own school district, with five elementary, two middle, and two high schools. Also, there are private elementary, middle, and high schools you can choose from. With plenty of choices, you can enroll your kids in any school you want.

LA is one of the cities with the best public transportation, so it is only logical that Culver City is connected with it via the Metro Expo Line. But you can get around using buses as well. Make sure that the crew providing you with moving services packs up your bike since the town has many trails you can use.

Place That Will Help You Connect with Popular Movies

When you are all settled down in your house, you should take a walk downtown. You will get to see a lively commercial district that is filled with cafes, restaurants, and lounges.

You should know that many movies have been produced in this area. When walking around, you can stumble upon places where many scenes from your favorite TV shows and movies were filmed. Being here will feel like being on a set, and you will never feel bored.

If the urban vibe gets too much for you, you can always take a walk around Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area or Baldwin Hills Scenic overlook.

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Glendale – One of the Safest Areas

Moving to Glendale means you’ll be living in a bedroom community of LA. It is just south of Burbank and is connected with two major freeways. But this doesn’t exclude Metro, buses, and train lines as commuting options.

If you are looking for an affordable single-family home, this is the place for you. If you want a pool in your yard, look for a house up north, across the 134 Freeway. Downtown can offer you modern and urban homes that can suit everybody craving a laid-back lifestyle. One of the most effective tips on how to meet your new neighbors is asking about schools and entertainment options Glendale has to offer.

Glendale had its share of violent crimes. But that is all in the past because now, it is one of the safest areas in America.

There are a number of private schools in Glendale, but you can have your kids attend public educational facilities, as well. It is home to Glendale Community College, where you can study arts, biology, and social sciences.

Experience Glendale Like a True Local

When moving to a small town, you will want to feel like a local, right? What better way to accomplish that than by exploring everything that the location has to offer?

Let’s start with the Museum of Neon Art or MONA. Here you will find a gallery of neon lights, but you can also learn how to make one yourself. If you are in the mood for shopping, you can stop by the Americana or Glendale Galleria. There you can buy everything from your new apartment shopping list. With newly purchased items, you can make a house feel like home in no time.

We should mention parks, particularly Deukmejian Wilderness Park. There you can take a hike and relax if the city vibes get unbearable. Forest Lawn Memorial Park is there for everybody that finds comfort in long strolls. You can enjoy splashing fountains, statues and memorial architecture. And even if you are not a religious person, you should visit St. Mark’s Episcopal Church – it often hosts theatre and music performances.

And when feeling tired from walking around, what better way to recharge than with delicious food and excellent drinks. Glendale has many restaurants, from Armenian to tiki ones. And when your taste senses are pleased, you can drop by Glendale Tap, a dive with over 50 brews. If you are seeking something fun and exciting, check out Moonlight Rollerway, an old-school roller rink.

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La Cañada Flintridge – One of the Finest Places to Raise a Family

Are you looking for a place to settle that has pleasant winters and warm summers and where activities like golf and cycling can be done all year round? La Cañada Flintridge is the place for you. It is located west of Glendale, and it is also on the route up to San Gabriel Mountains, where you can enjoy winter sports like skiing.

The school district of La Cañada Flintridge is one of the top-ranked in California. And when enrolling your kids in school, you can choose between private and public ones. With crime rates much lower than the national average, this really could be the best place to raise a family. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is stationed here, so if you are in the field of engineering, this might be the place to look for a job. Also, keep in mind that when it comes to real estate, most of the population owns the places they live in and only 10% rent.

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Malibu, Topanga, and Santa Monica – Luxury Parts of the County

When gathering facts about Malibu, Topanga, and Santa Monica, you will notice that even though they are neighboring communities, they have very different vibes. So, if you are going to pick one to be your next home, you should compare them and find the right option.

Malibu, with its Mediterranean climate and 21 miles of magnificent coast, is a place perfect for everybody that enjoys shore activities and warm weather. When relocating here, you should probably use storage to keep your winter clothes because snow is an extremely rare occurrence in this place. It is most famous for the luxurious homes of celebrities, which means that if you are going to buy a place here, you will need to put aside a lot of money.

The median house price in Malibu is $2,500,000, and if you want to rent one or two-bedroom flat, the average cost is $3,049 and $5,600. Malibu has public and private schools, and it is also home to Pepperdine University, a private college with links to the Church of Christ. When you are not at work or studying, you should probably hike around the Temescal Canyon and look for a seasonal waterfall along the walking trail.

North-west of Malibu, Topanga can offer you the opportunity to enjoy an array of waterfront activities. But at the same time, with the Santa Monica Mountains, you get a wooded area perfect for hiking. The weather here is different than in Malibu. Due to its microclimate, you have areas like Lower Topanga that is foggy and cool while Upper Topanga is warm and sunny.

The school system here consists of elementary and high schools, and they are zoned in the LA Unified School District. Find a place here if you are seeking an escape from bright city lights. Rural vibes will give you a chance to relax and slow your rhythm. You should also know that the median house cost here is $1,238,500. This area was once a getaway spot for famous people, but in time, it transformed into a place for artists, and it embraced a bohemian lifestyle and counterculture. That’s why Topanga has numerous music and movie festivals.

Long distance moving to Santa Monica is for those who appreciate daytime heat, no smog, and relaxing vibes that come from living by the ocean. If you think about it, this seems like the best place for retirement. But this modern community can also be an excellent place for every age group. If you are looking for accommodation, know that there are high rise condos, but you can also find single-family homes in quieter locations. You should also know that the average house cost in Santa Monica is $1,698,700. Think about transportation while professional packers handle your belongings, they should probably box up your bicycle as well. People in the area use bicycles, but you can use scooters, as well. Buses, subway, and light rail connect the location with the rest of LA County.

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Hermosa, Manhattan, and Redondo Beach – Have Fun by the Ocean

Hermosa, Manhattan and Redondo Beach areas are, you guessed it, by the coast! Each of these locations has something specific to offer to its residents. Whether you are moving to LA alone or with family, having an ocean near your house can always brighten your day.

With two miles of coastline, Manhattan is the most upscale shore area. If you are wondering where to live in LA and looking for a posh and pleasant residential area, this might be the place for you. And since the rate of violent crimes is much lower than the national median, you won’t have to worry about your safety. Living here might affect your budget since the average house price is $1,861,522, while the average monthly rent amounts to $5,831.

Redondo Beach is right next to Manhattan, and it is a perfect place if you want a spot right next to the oceanfront. Most of the coastline here is residential. If you’re going to own an apartment within walking distance of the ocean, you will need to pay over a million dollars. With the crime rates lower than in the rest of California, you can sleep tight and not worry about your safety.

Staying in Hermosa Beach will feel like living in one of the small cities. You can take a walk down the pier or rent a bike and cycle around the area. If you want to relax, there are parks that are not too crowded. Getting a house here, just like in the other Beach areas, is a bit pricey, so if you want to become a homeowner, know that the median house cost is $1,662,900.

Places by the Shore Offer Many Possibilities for Outdoor Activities

There are many perks of having a house by the oceanfront. Not only do you get to enjoy the ocean, but there are many fun outdoor activities you can participate in.

Manhattan’s population enjoys the outdoors, so it is only logical that the place offers bike paths along the coastline. You can stop by Beach Pier with your friends and play a game of volleyball or go to Roundhouse Aquarium and take a look at many eels, jellyfish, and other water creatures. Sand Dune Park is for everybody that likes to hike and climb steep terrains, but also for families with kids, since the children can play in the sand while you bask in the sun. In Manhattan, not everything is about sand. You can enjoy Botanical Garden or Polliwog Park.

Living in Redondo Beach will give you access to the Seaside Lagoon, which is not a typical swimming pool. If you are not up for swimming, you can just relax and play volleyball or organize a picnic. And if you are relocating so that you can enjoy sailing, Redondo Beach Marina offers you everything from recreational yachts to fishing vessels. So when you are relocating, don’t forget to pack your fishing rod. In Redondo, you will have the chance to use it.

Hermosa Beach is for everybody that likes to take a dip in the ocean almost daily. There is a stretch of shore that accommodates all kinds of water-related activities. Showers and restrooms are available next to the pier, so you can actually spend the whole day at the beach if you want to. This is a perfect place for you if you are relocating with your dog because with the wide-open space, you have the opportunity to play fetch with your companion whenever you want.

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