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Tips to Help You Find a New Doctor When Moving

Tips to Help You Find a New Doctor When Moving

Tips to Help You Find a New Doctor When Moving

People can get flustered during relocation and in the confusion miss important steps. Long Distance Movers are here to make sure all important tasks are handled. Many forget that moving does not only involve transporting belongings but also setting up essential services and amenities in the new home. One of the most important things that should be handled after arriving at the destination is securing professional healthcare services. Even if medical assistance is not needed right away or in the near future, it is crucial that you find a new doctor shortly after relocating. Accidents or illnesses can happen at any time, and having a qualified medical professional available can literally be life-saving. Such an important task should be dealt with as soon as possible. Knowing there is a family physician on call will help everyone settle into the new environment much more smoothly.

Get Recommendations

One of the fastest ways to find a new doctor is to ask the people you trust for some recommendations. These are the sources to turn to!

  • Family doctors can help mostThe Family Doctor

The quickest way to find a new doctor after a move is to ask the current family physician if he personally knows any professionals he would recommend in that area. If the answer is no, then ask for some advice. Medical practitioners tend to remember those that excel in their field and there is a good chance that they can help you get a reliable doctor there. More importantly, the family physician knows your medical history and can look up practitioners in the area that can meet your medical needs. Finding a specialist for specific health problems is definitely easier when consulting a physician. Let this be the first place you ask.

  • Ask New Neighbors

Another good source of information when looking for a new family physician are the people around you. Try reaching out to your new neighbors and other locals. It is a good conversation starter and will not only help you get a new medical practitioner but will also help you make new friends. If neighbors cannot assist you here, turn to friends or family. They might not be from there but could have some advice or information that can prove useful. 

Check out what they say online

  • Ask Nurses and Others in the Medical Field

Try to approach medical assistants, nurses, and other healthcare professionals in and around the new neighborhood. They can be an excellent source of information since it is their field. These medical professionals have worked with many different local physicians on a daily basis and know or are at least familiar with how competent they are.

Search the Internet

Your closest can provide some infoThe internet is a great tool for doing research and reaching out to others so make full use of it. There are a lot of online sites that can be helpful in finding a new doctor. All you have to do is to visit specialized websites such as the Doctor Directory, American Medical Association, etc. These sites offer information and sometimes even rankings of all medical practitioners in the country, and might have lists of physicians in the new neighborhood. The sites are useful for learning everything you need to know about health care providers in the area and will surely help secure an outstanding physician.

Ask Current or Former Patients

Another great part about the online world is the possibility of insight into other people’s past experiences. Go online and visit a few specialized review sites before the move. Take a look at how satisfied the people in that area are with their healthcare providers. Reading these reviews will help form a general idea about which medical practitioners are reliable and which to avoid.

Check with Insurance Providers

Check what insurance can cover

After moving to a new home, you will need to find a new doctor that accepts your health insurance plan. Take the time to contact an insurance company! You can get in touch with insurance providers and ask them to provide a list of medical practitioners in the new area that are covered by your health plan.

Research Medical Practitioners

Take the time to research


After narrowing down potential candidates to at least three to four options that meet your needs, it’s time to do some research. We would advise looking for necessary qualifications and certifications they have. While viewing their credentials will not guarantee that a certain physician will work best for you, it will ensure that the person treating you is certified. After making sure the person is qualified, try and get reviews left by their patients. These will offer you insight into their bedside manner and personality. If you need specialized medical care, look for a medical practitioner who has had extensive experience in treating patients with similar conditions.


Meet in Person

Get in contact with them

Make an appointment, call the medical practitioner, or just have a short conversation with them. Talking to them will reveal a lot about their personality, competence, and professionalism. It will give you a sense of how they run their practice and interact with patients. Take the opportunity to ask them some critical questions, such as:

    • What their working hours are.
    • Are they are open during weekends.
    • Do they provide overnight care.
    • How long it takes to book an appointment.
    • What procedures they recommend if they are fully booked.
    • What papers will you need to register with the physician.

There are plenty of important things to consider when trying to find a new doctor in a fresh neighborhood. We hope that this article will help people get one that meets all their specific health requirements. If you have found the right physician, but not the right moving company, look no further than Long Distance USA Movers. Our high-quality moving services can handle any sort of relocation. Get in touch with our customer care team to see available moving dates and schedule a relocation that works for you.