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Best Cities in America to Raise a Family

To determine what are the best cities in America to raise a family in modern society, certain factors need to be taken into account. These factors are based on the average needs of a household in their everyday life, such as the quality of schools, access to various services and facilities, parks, cultural activities but also safety and affordability. Community ties also matter as they are the basis of a healthy society, which you should have in your future home.

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When looking for the best cities to raise a family in the US, consider some of the most significant factors, such as median income and health care to make sure you have made the right choice.

Recent Livability Factors and Main Concerns

Similar to other aspects of human development, livability indicators are also changing. People living in urban environments require enough space and services necessary to perform their daily duties and activities. Furthermore, urban living enables them to build their environment to meet the basic social, economic, cultural, environmental and personal needs. 

Higher living standards mean better access to basic services such as healthcare, public transportation, education, sports facilities, accommodation, etc. When raising the level of livability in residential areas, the most important factors are urban housing and transportation systems, including the layout of the streets with parking and pedestrian zones. These factors have a profound impact on other community issues as well.

Most Important Points: Health and Socio-Economic Conditions

The health and socio-economic conditions include easy access to health care, income, and education, which leads to financial security and raises the social status of individuals. Additionally, socio-economic status entails the opportunities and privileges the society has to offer to its citizens. It also impacts health status, starting from susceptibilities to various modern society diseases like cardiovascular problems, hypertension, diabetes, cancer and ending with lower or higher birth rates. As socio-economic status is often measured by median income and education, it reveals disproportions in access to resources and the existence of privileges. In that respect, health and socio-economic status are important factors in determining the level of a city’s quality of life.

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Look for Parks and Outdoor Places

Young people highly value parks and outdoor places, as it helps them bond with nature, or hang out with their friends or simply serve as an escape option from daily stress. Therefore, protecting nature and incorporating it in urban areas is also taken into account when creating the best living conditions. Who doesn’t want a piece of nature near their home?

What Are the Best Cities to Raise a Family in America?

Ann Arbor in Michigan is among the top US destinations in 2019 based on various criteria, starting from an excellent school system, low crime rate and accessibility to essential amenities. Educational rate shows that almost 96% of the inhabitants have completed high school and more than 72% gained a bachelor’s degree. Another advantage is a prominent hospital, which has several nationally acknowledged specialists. As for affordability, the total cost of living is a little higher than the national average, but the cost of goods, groceries, and services is below the average.

Bowling Green, Ohio is famous for its parks, camps and outdoor events that qualify it for a high place on the list of the best cities to live in. It is also a very safe place to settle down, with a crime rate well below the average. The cost of living is low and the schools are outstanding. Contrary to Ann Arbor, housing costs and utilities are lower than the national average, but the goods and services cost more. Education is excellent, with over 90% of citizens holding a high school diploma and over 42% with a bachelor’s degree. The city also offers excellent medical services, as well as a lot of recreational options.

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Whether you have one child or more, the United States is full of excellent friendly places to live.

The growing job market makes Irvine in California a popular destination for families. In fact, some surveys describe it as an extremely attractive spot for families to live in due to its friendly atmosphere, beautiful weather, and low crime rate. Schools are very good, while the top hospital in California is located in Irvine. In 2019, 96% of the citizens finished high school and 68% completed a bachelor’s degree. The cost of living is high, but the incomes are higher accordingly. Being a family-friendly city, it offers several activities for children, including an observatory, as well as plenty of outdoor recreation, such as riding bikes, visiting county Zoo and Wildlife Sanctuary.

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No matter which US state you eventually pick, you will be able to find a place that offers a number of opportunities for your child (or children), provides good health care, and one where median income is at the satisfactory level.

Similar to Irvine, Mount Pleasant in South Carolina is a very friendly city for families, with a remarkably low crime rate. The favorable climate with mild winters offers a number of possibilities for outdoor activities like fishing and boating. The city is close to a number of top hospitals while its public schools are excellent, which is reflected in the overall education level. Almost 97% of its population has a high school degree and more than half of the population have a bachelor’s degree. Mount Pleasant is a little more expensive than the average US city, at least from the standpoint of real estate prices. But the cost of groceries, transportation, and healthcare is close to average. 

Newton in Massachusetts, a suburban city located close to Boston, consists of several small villages that give it a feeling of a small town with all the advantages of an urban area. As such, it is considered very safe, with the crime rate much lower than the national average. The job market is strong and the housing market is steady. Being close to Boston, it has access to top-class hospitals and excellent schools. Educational rate is high, with 96% of high school graduates and almost 77% of holders of bachelor’s degrees. The cost of living is much higher than the national average, but so are household incomes.

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Newton in Massachusets is a rather educated place, with a majority of population holding a bachelor’s degree

Rockville, Maryland is a Washington DC suburb that offers world-class science and technology schools, a steady housing market and high median income per capita, but also a very safe living with a crime rate well below the national average. Highly-rated public schools are huge assets and impact the educational rate as the vast majority of the population has a high school diploma and 64% obtained bachelor’s degrees. Access to healthcare is also good, with a number of medical centers and hospitals nearby. Real estate is expensive, but healthcare, transportation, and utility prices are average. If it’s not for a good medical center or median earnings, you should consider Rockville for a variety of activities it offers. Some of the most popular activities available are ice skating at the outdoor rink in the town square, butterflies watching and hiking through the park.

The sunny weather of Arizona and numerous outdoor activities ensure Scottsdale’s top position at the list of best places to raise families. The school system is rated very well and the housing market is steady. Almost 95% of inhabitants have high school degrees and more than half of the population received a bachelor’s degree. The crime rate is lower than the national average. The vicinity to Phoenix enables access to some of the best hospitals in the area, for example, the famous Mayo-Clinic. The cost of healthcare, transportation, and groceries is lower than the national average, but the real estate prices are steep. The activities offered are the Aquarium, the Zoo and the Museum of Contemporary Art, along with outdoor activities such as hiking, horseback riding, carnival rides, etc. Pick anything that interests you and your child and make a day of it.

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You can find a long list of options to make sure your child has enough opportunities for recreation, but also to make sure there’s a good medical center nearby.

Safest Cities in California and Washington, from San Ramon to Snoqualmie 

Knowing how much money you’re going to need to live in a city center or any other part of it is a significant factor. However, it’s not all about the money, either. There comes a whole list of other major factors, including safety. So, before you get to start planning the relocation day, think twice and be sure you have picked a safe neighborhood to relocate to. 

Even though living in the LA center, for instance, is appealing, it might be a better idea to consider some of the best suburbs of Los Angeles, as suburbs are safer. Apart from considering moving to Los Angeles, you might also want to consider some of the following cities:

Palo Alto – Palo Alto ranks among the best towns to raise a family in California. In addition to safety, it also offers a variety of good schools and activities for your little ones. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll need a bit more money to relocate here as it is known as one of the most expensive towns in Cali.

San Ramon – it is known as one of the safest cities in Cali. In addition to that, there are also top-notch educational opportunities for your children. But save some money for this one, too.

Irvine – you were already thrilled about San Ramon, but how about Irvine – one of the safest cities in the entire country? That sounds promising, doesn’ it? Plus, Irvine is also one of the healthiest cities in the US, and one with excellent public schools, too.

When it comes to Washington, there are also quite a few choices if safety is of paramount significance for you. Here are some of the top-recommended options:

Sammamish – Sammamish is one of the top towns to live nationwide, so you can be sure that there are solid reasons to pick this one to be your future destination. One of these reasons is safety. Plus, there are good public schools, and the town is quite diverse, too.

Brier – here’s another excellent option to be completely safe and not worry about your children when they’re out with their friends. You should be able to relax and let them spend a lovely sunny day in the park. You will be able to do so in Brier.

Snoqualmie – how would you like to join the 13,000 residents who love their lives in Snoqualmie? The town is safe, peaceful, but diverse, offers a variety of activities to choose from, and the people are really friendly. So, if you were wondering how to meet your neighbors after moving in don’t worry about it – this will go smoothly in Snoqualmie.

You shouldn’t wait for the relocation day to get closer. Think about these and other safest towns and weigh the pros and cons of relocating to each to be sure you’ve made the right choice. That way, when you get to your future house, you’ll be able to enjoy it from the very first day.

Starting a New Life 

New beginnings in unfamiliar places are not only emotionally challenging but also bring changes to your everyday routine. So you need to make sure you find a way to blend into your new environment by planning your new daily schedule, starting with commute time, working hours, salary and expenses. Making friends at work and in the neighborhood shortly after your arrival will help you overcome the initial problems with settling down and nostalgia.

Do You Want to Move with Your Family

After looking at these cities, it’s time to choose one and move there with your loved ones to make it your new home. There are so many opportunities waiting for you and your loved ones, so don’t hesitate. Hire professional movers and start packing!

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