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Things You Should Know Before Moving to Seattle

Having been seduced by its creativity, charm, excellent food, and entertainment options, you have decided to relocate to Washington’s Emerald City. Having a fun and informative list of things to know when moving to Seattle will make the whole process much more manageable and make you feel like home again in no time.

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Before contacting professional Seattle movers, take a closer look at the cost of living and other stuff specific to the place. Take a good look at the neighborhoods, the job opportunities, weather, and other amenities that this metropolis has to offer. There are plenty of things to do in Seattle to keep you entertained when you relocate here.

What Should I Know Before Moving to Seattle?

When moving interstate people often don’t know how to adjust to a new town. This often occurs when moving from a small town to a big city. If you’re experiencing anxiety about moving to another state, there are a few things you can do to integrate into the community faster and reduce the stress. Learning about some of Seattle’s quirks and charms can speed up the process. Here is a small list of what to know before moving to Seattle.

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You’ll Get Used to Misty Weather and Occasional Rain

The rainy season is long, but luckily there are no heavy rainfalls. The weather is overall misty, but most of the time, you won’t even need to carry an umbrella. Snowing is also not heavy, but problems arise once it melts and turns into ice on the road and sidewalks, sometimes making driving and walking difficult. The summer season lasts for two to three months from July to September and usually has low humidity and warm weather. It can get pretty chilly in the evening or late at night even during the summer, so make sure you dress well when going out. If you’re moving in winter, make sure you pack enough warm clothes.

Seattle Is One of the Safest Cities in the US

According to statistics, this is the fourth safest place in the United States. It has one of the lowest rates of violent crimes in the country, with many neighborhoods having a 0% occurrence. Besides a few districts where property theft can occur, this metropolis is a pretty safe place to live. What’s even better is that the crime rates are progressively decreasing and are at their lowest point since the 1970s.

The Community is Pretty Accepting and Liberal

The town is politically inclined to the left option. It’s currently the 9th most liberal metropolitan area in the country. While it has a politically active population above all, it is a tolerant community allowing other opinions. The town issued a resolution by which all immigrants and refugees are welcome because of the impact they can have on the economic growth and cultural enrichment. Gender and sex equality are cherished. Furthermore, 129 languages are spoken in public schools, and according to some research, almost every sixth citizen is a newcomer.

It’s Not Hard to Connect With Seattleites

You don’t need to worry about making friends in a new city when moving state to state. The term Seattle Freeze describes a belief that becoming a friend with a local is hard. If you wonder how to meet your neighbors, don’t be discouraged by the first, rather “icy” attitude from the locals when you arrive. This “Scandinavian” aloofness will melt as you blend in. Locals are friendly and communicative, but they just need some time to get to know you.

Neon lights Pike Place Market in Seattle overlay
If you like the foggy weather there are plenty of misty days in the city

Is it Expensive to Live in Seattle?

The recent population growth caused a surge in demand for high-quality properties, resulting in increased living expenses. The cost of living in Seattle is relatively higher compared to the national average, but it’s still lower than in other major West Coast cities. If you live in California and think about moving across the country to Seattle you might wonder, How much money should I save to move out of state? You won’t need a lot since you will save over 36% on your cost of living expenses here. According to BestPlaces, housing is almost twice as cheap, with the median home value of $714,400 compared to San Francisco’s $1,378,300. If you want to rent a one or two-bedroom apartment, it will cost you, on average, $1,728 or $2,108 a month, respectively, compared to San Francisco’s $2,639 and $3,286. You’ll also spend around 30% less on utilities and 13% on transportation.

The State of Washington Has No Income Tax

One of the best reasons for moving cross country here is that Washington does not impose income taxes. If you are earning six digits a year, you’ll be saving a lot more money, with even lower-wage workers profiting. On the other hand, the sales tax is 10.1%, and there are other local taxes. Business and organization tax is required for businesses that have grossed over $100,000 in the state. Being registered in Washington also requires you to pay this tax by default.

There Is No Rent Control in The State

Unfortunately, if you are moving to Seattle from California, rent control is, in fact, illegal in the State of Washington, with landlords having the ability to raise the rent as much as they want at the end of the lease. Although this is usually not the case, it’s not unheard of, so you might have to renegotiate your new lease at the end of the current one.

A rent increase notice overlay
There’s no rent control in Washington state

Preparing to Move to One of the Best Neighborhoods

Relocating takes a lot of preparation, so hiring a long-distance moving company will make your interstate moving a lot easier. You can save a lot of time on a packing schedule for moving by getting packing service. If you’re wondering where to get boxes and packing supplies or you don’t have a clue on how to pack an apartment, state to state movers can provide you with the necessary long-distance moving services. Now that you have prepared everything, you’ll have a lot more time to focus on finding a perfect home in some of the best neighborhoods in Seattle:


  • West Seattle is an easygoing community just right if you’re moving with kids. It’s peaceful, but there is still plenty of stuff to do in the area. The area has around one-third of all the forest, making it ideal for people who love to spend time in the outdoors. With a fifteen-minute drive from the center, there’s no need to live in Downtown. Consider hiring auto transport service and car shipping to get your vehicle to your new home.
  • Beacon Hill is another neighborhood close to the center. Besides the amazing views, the diverse community makes it a great place to call home. It also has some of the best restaurants in Seattle.
  • Ballard has developed remarkably in the last few years, becoming more popular, especially for young families. During festivals, it can get a bit crowded, with many local microbreweries attracting visitors. Many places here are dog-friendly, which is great when moving with dogs.
  • Queen Anne is located just northwest of Downtown, with an interesting small-town vibe. Lower Queen Anne is more suitable if you’re moving to Seattle alone, while Upper Queen Anne is more appropriate for families.
  • South Lake Union is one of the best places to live in Seattle. One of the fastest-growing areas, excellent for young people looking for a job, with many businesses including Amazon.

Here’s a video taking you through some great neighborhoods in the area.

There Are Plenty of Job Opportunities

When you are not sure how to get a job in a new city, there are a few ways to go. Firstly, look for all possible openings in your field either through social networking or sites like LinkedIn. You should never turn down job interviews, cause even if you don’t like some positions the company may still be a great starting point. With many big tech giants based here, such as Amazon and Microsoft, moving for a job is a really good idea. There’s a variety of career opportunities in data analysis, cloud computing, cybersecurity, etc. Starbucks and Costco also have their headquarters here.

A man looking at a computer smiling overlay
If you like you can look for all job openings in your field before relocating to the city

A Guide for Getting Around the Area

Seattle is one of the cities with best public transportation. You can use public transport to get around busy traffic. You can get around the town and to the airport and back by monorail or a bus with the use of a monthly pass. Still note that busses are less regular at night and they mostly operate along the main streets. Light rail and streetcars are improving the service by expanding their networks. Subway also has a spread network that will get you anywhere you need. It is also pedestrian-friendly if you’re a fan of healthy living. Even though the configuration doesn’t make it easy, biking is very popular here. The bike lane network is pretty good, particularly the 20-miles long lane, which connects the north of Lake Washington with Puget Sound.

A monorail train overlay
Monorails are one of the ways to get around Seattle

Popular Public Places You Need to Visit

Downtown is packed with theaters, shops, and restaurants. Here are some well-known popular sites you need to visit when you move here:

  • Seattle’s Art Museum offers art lovers numerous art pieces, both ancient and contemporary, with all-year-round exhibitions.
  • Space Needle observation tower is considered a landmark and an icon for the area. It was built for the 1962 World Fair, and with the height of 605 feet it features a 360-degree view of the town. It was the tallest building in the area at the time of its construction.
  • Pike Place Market is very popular and one of the oldest farmer’s markets in the United States. It doesn’t only offer fresh produce, but it also has some entertainment spots. Among those are the Gum Wall – where you can leave your gum mark and Rachel the Pig, a sculpture you can feed with money which is collected to fund the Market’s social services.

Nature and Outdoor Activities

Similarly to some best hiking towns, there are many outdoor opportunities within the city limits and in the surrounding area. There’s the Discovery Park along the shores of Puget Sound, where you can enjoy hiking, biking, or just relaxing at the beach and having a picnic. Standing at over 14,417 feet, Mount Rainier is the tallest mountain in the region. With its snow-covered peak, it offers an array of winter sports opportunities.

Mount Rainier overlay
Mount Rainier is a popular attraction for winter sports

Things to Do When Living in Emerald City

There’s a variety of entertainment options in the metropolis. From geeky comic book and gaming conventions to other popular public and sporting events, there is something to do for everybody. Take note that some of these activities might be affected by the current corona pandemic.

Seattle’s Popular Festivals and Events

This metropolis cherishes its enthusiasts in any field. It features festivals such as Norwescon for sci-fi fans, PAX Prime for gamers, Seattle’s Comicon for comic book fans, but also Seafairs, beer festivals, LGBT prides, and many more. It’s also the birthplace of grunge music with many famous bands forming here like Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains.

The City Has a Rich Nightlife Scene

If you enjoy the nightlife, Belltown is your place. It is a trendy district packed with excellent rooftop restaurants and bars, nightclubs, microbreweries, and wine bars. It may not be as vibrant as New York or Los Angeles, but it definitely has some quality nightlife to offer.

Seattleites Love Sport-Related Activities

There are six professional teams in the major leagues in the city. Seahawks represent the place in the NFL and Seattle Mariners in MLB. Seattle Storm is a professional women’s basketball team. Soccer fans can follow the Sounders in men’s and OL Reign in women’s league. If you’re a hockey aficionado, you’ll be able to root for Seattle Kraken, starting from the next NHL season. Although the local teams may not always be very successful, the residents are still very enthusiastic about sports. When there is a game, you better find alternative routes home or stay in.

A very big stadium overlay
Many Seattleites are really into sports

Building a Better Community With Sustainable Living

Sustainability is becoming a must everywhere, and Emerald City is no different. The South Lake Union neighborhood is fast becoming a high-tech and biotech hub. It attracts organizations dealing with global health by allowing them to build taller buildings and place the needed laboratory equipment on rooftops. The idea of the local government is to participate in finding solutions to the biggest problems of the community. They also aim to apply the biotech achievements to make their city a sustainable community. The local population is inclined to protect the environment to the point that you’ll not only be scorned by the community if you do not recycle but also fined by the authorities.

Blue recycle bin overlay
Recycling is an important part of everyday life in Seattle

Is Moving to Seattle a Good Idea?

With everything from the affordable expenses, amazing job opportunities, and great housing to very low crime rates, not only is relocating here a good idea but a great one. You’ll have a blast experiencing the city’s numerous activities. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, a hiking lover, or looking for some nightlife fun, there is something for everyone here. Don’t hesitate to hire long-distance movers that can provide you with a variety of cross country moving services.  While you kick back and relax, good cross country movers will handle all of your stuff and your move to Seattle will be done in no time.

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