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A Complete Guide to the Best Restaurants in Seattle

Washington’s Emerald City is filled with many sights and places to visit, including plenty of eating out options. If you like to dine out, then you would want to hear all about the best restaurants in Seattle with the greatest dining experiences.

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What makes a restaurant stand out among others? Food is always the biggest criteria when deciding on which eatery or bar is better than the rest. But, the level of service and the menu can also affect a guest’s visit. A good wine list and pleasant staff can also add to an excellent eating out experience. So, let’s take a look at some of the best restaurants the Emerald City has to offer.

Best Restaurants in Seattle You Could Visit

Among the many things to do in Seattle, there are plenty of excellent eateries you can go to if you want to try something new and have an excellent meal. The town is known for its wild pace of restaurant openings, with more and more joints popping up in every neighborhood. If you’re moving to a state you have never been to, you should try the local meals there. Whether you’re looking for fine dining options with magnificent views or places with the tastiest seafood, the Emerald City can deliver.

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Eat With a View

What better way to dine out than with a view of the entire city? Nothing is better than eating with an amazing view of the lake, a thrilling cityscape, or a calm bay. One of the advantages of moving from a small town to a big city is that there are several restaurants that have a view of the best neighborhoods in Seattle. Some of these places can be slightly expensive, so make sure you save some money when you move out of state and carefully plan your moving out budget.

If you’re looking for a scenery dinner, Westward has a lot to offer. You can enjoy a sip of wine in one of the Adirondack chairs and gaze over Lake Union. You can also get a patio table and enjoy an outstanding menu with a rich selection of Mediterranean meals.

Another excellent eatery with a view is the Agua Verde Cafe. This Mexican restaurant is situated on Portage Bay and has the most amazing waterfront view, with excellent meals and cocktails. It is a trendy cafe during warm-weather days.

The Canlis is an iconic fine-dining restaurant that is placed in a gorgeous cantilevered building designed in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright. With incredible views and impeccable meals, this eatery is definitely worth a visit.

For a view of Pike Place Market, you can go to the Aerlume. The back of the restaurant looks over the Alaskan Way Viaduct and its deconstruction, but the front covers all the action of Pike Place. And it also has excellent wines, cocktails, and meals that are inspired by the Market produce. You can expect very creative meals from their chef.

For an epic eatery with the view of Capitol Hill, Space Needle, and Lake Union, go to Mbar. They serve many meals inspired by worldwide cuisine, including Spanish, Italian, and Middle Eastern. With its glass walls, you will be able to see the entire town, with Capitol Hill, Space Needle, and Lake Union being in the foreground and the rest in the background.

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Try the Tastiest Seafood

For fans of salmon, oysters and other delicacies from the sea, there are plenty of places you can go to enjoy a good meal. Those who love oysters, shrimps and calamari will enjoy a visit to Elliott’s Oyster House. It offers the tastiest seafood dishes and wonderful service.

If you’re looking for an excellent sushi experience, you can go to the Sushi Kashiba. With the highest Japanese cuisine standards, it has a long history of serving delicious meals. Not to mention that its chef Shiro Kashiba has been preparing meals for almost five decades.

Something between a restaurant and a fish bar, The Walrus and The Carpenter has excellent drinks and wonderful seafood snacks. With its comfortable setting and excellent meals prepared by their chef, it attracts a lot of customers.

The town also has great fishing places you can enjoy. If you want to catch your own seafood, then make sure you properly pack your fishing rod before you go on to hire moving services.

Discover International Tastes

The International District is not only one of the best places to live in Seattle, but also home to some of the greatest restaurants in the entire city. You won’t have to travel far and wide if you feel like trying out some international delicacies. From many Mexican diners to eateries that offer Asian meals, anybody can find a taste of their favorite country.

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Best Restaurants in Seattle Offering a Little Taste of Asia

If you want to pay a visit to the places that serve Asian cuisine, then you can find a lot of them in the wonderful and delightful International District.

If you’re into Japanese meals, then the International District’s Japan town is the place for you. From tons of places, we suggest you go to Maneki and enjoy their rice entrees and the freshest fish you can find in the city. Their chef prepares many authentic Japanese dishes, exquisite sushi, and the greatest Kohaku you can get on this continent. And all of their delicious meals come at a fair price. What else could you want?

The Uwajimaya Food Court is described with a heavenly intermingling of extremely delicious aromas. With the most popular Japanese street meals like Thai curry, sushi and even some of those puff pastries, this food court is definitely a haven for snackers.

For the greatest dim sum, you should go to the Harbor City Restaurant. Their classic dishes and traditional Chinese cuisine is what makes them stand out from the rest. On top of that, you also need to try their fried potsticker appetizer, as well as their steam buns and dumplings. After you try those deliciously cooked meals, you’ll understand why it is so popular.

Aside from the ones in the International District, you can find a lot of excellent Asian dining places in other parts of the city.

A place offering authentic Southeast Asian cuisine, Wild Ginger has been serving guests since 1989 and its popularity has only increased. It has an accommodating service and an award-winning wine list made for everyone’s tastes. They pride themselves on serving traditional meals from China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam, made from their homemade ingredients. You can try their pungent oyster sauce, fresh spicy chili sambals, or delicate egg noodles and enjoy the sublime flavors of the Far East in the middle of the state of Washington.

Fans of curry will enjoy Thai Curry Simple, while those who like dumplings will love Dough Zone Dumpling House and their soup dumplings, fried buns, and noodles. In case you’re looking for something other than dumplings and rice, Luosifen offers a diverse menu with specialties like bok choy, onions, beans, and bamboo shoots. For different Japanese specialties, you can visit Tsukushinbo and enjoy their squid simmered in ramen and rice. A fusion of east and west, specifically Japan and France, can be found at the Fuji Bakery. They offer excellent specialties, like curry buns, crunchy cream doughnuts, and different types of tea.

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Exotic Vietnamese Eateries

Vietnamese meals have a strong presence in the Emerald City. With places around the town, fans of Vietnamese meals have plenty of options to choose from. From different noodle types to different meat meals and sandwiches, there are some places that stand out.

For an original upscale Vietnamese experience, we suggest you visit Monsoon. They make sure that their finer ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible, and the meals offer a combination of traditional Vietnamese cuisine and Pacific Northwest food innovations, all wrapped in a fine-dining flair.

If you’re looking to try something new and different, then your next stop should be Pho Ba. It is basically a small hole in the wall in Chinatown that has the greatest pho you can find. The meals are excellent and the prices are very affordable, so it’s easy to see why there are people waiting in line to grab a bite. You can feast on a generously-sized dish and take a sip of the greatest broth you have tasted. However, the bar is cash-only, so come prepared.

Mexican Dishes You Won’t Regret Trying

Considering that around 6% of Seattleites are native Mexican, it’s no wonder there’s an abundance of Mexican eateries to try out.

For a taste of freshly made burritos and tacos, you should go to the Taqueria La Estacion. Apart from that, they also offer grilled half-chickens, enchiladas, flautas, fajitas, and tamales, among other things on their menu.

An excellent bar to try Mexican meals is El Camion. With a brick-and-mortar place and three trucks all over town, you can easily find them and try their fish burritos and tacos. Make sure you also give a shot at their salsa bar and take a swing at their foosball table. If you’re moving with children, you can bring them here to enjoy excellent tacos and play Pac-Man on their machine.

Fonda La Catrina has excellent vegetarian options as well as meals for carnivores. They have authentic Mexican cuisine, but you can also get a glimpse of the culture, music, and traditions. You can enjoy chips and salsa with guacamole, chilaquiles, and plenty of enchiladas like Queso Fresco,  Poblano, Mushroom, Chicken, Chorizo or Pork, and tacos like Champinones, Chorizo, Carne Asada, Alambre, Cochinita Pibil, and Lengua. These meal names might not mean much to you unless you’re a Mexican or at least a true fan, but you can still visit it and learn and taste something new.

Caribbean Tastes You Should Try

Apart from the Hawaiian and Pacific Rim cuisine, there are many Caribbean-style places that offer excellent meals stemming from the tropical islands of the Atlantic. Caribbean cuisine has cultural influences from all over the world that led to a unique combination of flavors and spices.

Located in two places – Ballard and Shilshole, Un Bien offers original Caribbean sandwiches served in a toasted baguette with lettuce, jalapenos, seared scallops, ham, cheese, and other additions. If you happen to walk by Green Lake, you can run into another Caribbean themed sandwich eatery – Bongos. You can try freshly made sandwiches with yucca fries and jerk chicken, and have an opportunity to eat with an excellent view of the lake next to you.

Close to the Ballard’s Un Bien, you can find another excellent Caribbean eatery – Geo’s Cuban and Creole. They have meals inspired by both the Caribbean and Cajun flavors. Their interior has an airy atmosphere, vibrant color scheme, and an upbeat vibe that attracts people to come here.

La Isla offers traditional meals from Puerto Rico. With a variety of rice dishes and stews, people enjoy the meals here. Some of their specialties include camarones and prawns, all prepared in a spicy blend of habanero, garlic sauce, and coconut.

Vegetarian-Friendly Spots

The Emerald City is not only serious about its seafood and coffee, but it’s also great for vegans and vegetarians.

You can find excellent health-conscious vegan meals in the Broadfork Café. This U District joint offers salads and sandwiches, as well as quinoa and rice meals, with most of the ingredients grown locally.

If you’re looking for one of the greatest places where you can have some of the tastiest vegetarian meals, Cafe Flora is the spot for you. This Madison Valley eatery only serves gluten-free meals. One of their specialties is the quesadilla that has roasted yam with pumpkin-seed-cilantro-scallion spread, salsa verde, corn tortilla, and lime creme fraiche. They also serve artichoke croquettes, slaw with orange-ginger vinaigrette, grilled polenta cakes, Point Reyes blue cheese, roasted oysters, chile-lime sauce on a bed of lentils, and cremini mushrooms, among other meals. However, one of the greatest things is that their menu changes depending on the season, with certain meals remaining on it during the entire year. You can visit this cafe multiple times and have something new to try.

For vegan American dinner-style meals, then  Wayward Vegan Café is the place for you. With big portions of excellent meals, bottomless coffee, great interior, and friendly staff, you’ll surely love this eatery.

Pizza fans will surely enjoy trying one of the oldest vegan pizzerias – Pizza Pi. You will find a variety of all-vegan pizzas, plates of pasta, sandwiches, calzones, salads, appetizers, and even desserts.

Another vegetarian-friendly joint is Mean Sandwich. You can create your vegetarian wrap with different ingredients, including hummus, eggplants, and beets, as well as some of the sauces like mint, yellow mustard, or maple syrup.

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Great Breakfast Joints

One of the things you should know before moving to Seattle is that Seattleites are known to be early risers, so the morning scene is an adventure for itself. Many breakfast joints like to mix ingredients from all over the world with their local cuisine.

In one of the busiest streets, you can find The Fat Hen. This Italian -influenced spot serves house-made pastries, stunning egg bakes with thick toast and sizzling skillets, Benedicts topped with the local seafood, and freshly squeezed juices.

Another joint with an animal-inspired name is The Wandering Goose. This Southern-style spot serves delicious homemade sweet bread, creative cookies, and sky-high layer cakes in an old-food packaging décor. Worth mentioning is its original layer cake made with maple-frosted bacon pancake.

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Your Future Coffee Destinations

The town is home to the first Starbucks ever, so naturally, it is an excellent place for coffee lovers. Today, it’s filled with plenty of cafes and coffee shops where you can find just the kind of cappuccino and pumpkin spice latte you like. Most people go to Capitol Hill to enjoy their coffee, but there are also plenty of other spots in town that can offer you an excellent morning coffee experience.

One of the most popular places for students is Café Allegro. It is one of the oldest roasteries that started serving coffee in 1975. But why do students love it? Apart from its wonderful tasty pastries and art lined walls, it’s also close to a lot of Seattle public schools.

You can find another wonderful interior in Elm Coffee Roasters. With big window frames, blonde wood, and beautiful natural light that illuminates the open space of this coffee place, you can try some of the impeccably sourced beans that are roasted in-house. Their specialty is the espresso, but you won’t go wrong with anything you choose.

For those looking to combine their love of coffee and tea, you can try Zoka Coffee Roaster and Tea Company. It is also one of the old school coffee shops that opened in 1997 and has lived through the grunge scene and remained as good as it was back then.

Another excellent place to grab your morning coffee is Herkimer Coffee. It is a homely cafe where all the locals go for a sip of arguably the tastiest coffee in town, and the staff knows them all by name and order.

For a coffee-wine combination, you can go to the Vif Wine and Coffee. An open and airy cafe that serves pour-overs from Olympia Roasting Co with glasses of intriguing natural wine should surely find its spot on your must-visit list.

If you’re moving with a dog, you can grab your coffee at Makeda and Mingus. It is a pet-friendly cafe where both you and your pet will enjoy and spend some quality time together. And it’s not just for dogs – it’s for people who are moving with cats as well.

The entire town is welcoming towards all furry animals, so you won’t have any problems when you’re moving with pets.

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Grab a cup of java in many different locations

Local Bakeries with the Best Pastries

Speaking of breakfast, how about some pastries? Whether you want to get a quick bite or just enjoy some freshly baked pastries, the Emerald City offers a variety of bakeries all over town. And what better way to deal with your moving out anxiety than with the most delicious pastries and cakes in town?

A wildly popular pop-up bakery, Coyle’s Bakeshop is the favorite morning spot of many Seattleites. With its French technique foundation and in-season ingredients, it makes excellent scones, cakes, croissants, and tarts. And they also have a wide selection of beautifully prepared teas.

The Fresh Flours offers a wonderful combination of Japanese flavors and baking recipes. The owners are a husband-and-wife duo that wanted to combine their love of baking and Japanese cuisine. If you visit this spot, make sure you try their azuki bean minibars and yuzu macarons.

Cheesecake fans will want to go to the Hood Famous Bakeshop to enjoy this sweet dessert. The bakery also offers a lot of savory pastries that are influenced by Filipino cuisine and culture that will surely help you get over your fear of moving out.

Of course, the go-to place for doughnuts is Dunkin Donuts, but it is not the only one. Another place that serves excellent cookies and doughnuts is the Donut Factory. It offers different flavors of donuts with various toppings that include Oreos, peanuts, and even bacon. You can also go to the Raised Doughnuts. They serve sweets made from whole ingredients and no artificial coloring. But keep in mind that they only make one big batch per day, so that they don’t waste any groceries.

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In the Emerald City, Every Brunch Has a Story

Omelets, french toast, mimosas – the possibilities are countless. It is the most unhurried meal, so you can spend it with your friends. And it’s also a meal that will keep you going throughout the workday. Just make sure you include this eating habit when calculating the cost of living in Seattle.

Salare offers a wide range of brunch specialties that put a fine spin on dining classics. One of its most famous meals is a short rib hash, made with chicories, russet potatoes, berbere, and a fried egg. It also has homemade yogurt that attracts a lot of people to enjoy a story with their friends over brunch.

A cheery Ballard diner, Porkchop and Co is focused on getting ingredients from local farms for its meals. Among the specialties are poached eggs, kimchi, beef cheek pastrami, and cheesy grits.

A peaceful bar with American and Korean meals, Watson’s Counter also offers excellent brunch specialties. The fried chicken and gochujang pork belly eggs benedict are just some items from the menu that attract more and more people.

How about some Southern brunch? Witness offers excellent waffles with bourbon maple syrup, biscuits, and gravy, veggie omelet, savannah cakes or even some fried chicken, crab cake, shrimp, pork and salads.

For those looking for something different, why not try oozes with a tropical vibe? But where can you find something like that in Washington? Just go to Capitol Hill and discover Stateside, a place serving Hawaiian brunch meals and exotic fruit dishes. We suggest you try their macadamia nut butter or Nutella malasadas and pancakes.

To get the best mimosas in town, go to the Skillet Diner. Apart from getting a pitcher of mimosas, you can also get iced lattes in mason jars and some cinnamon rolls.

For those who don’t want omelets and pancakes, Capitol Hill has an eatery you might enjoy. If you go to Nue, you can enjoy some pork and fried rice or meals from different places around the world, including Puerto Rico, South Africa, and Malaysia.

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Explore Different Sandwich Joints

Apart from visiting Subway restaurants, you can give a shot at some of the great local sandwich joints, as well.

One of the most popular ones is Valhalla Sandwiches. With its friendly staff, you get a variety of cleverly named sandwiches that will spark your imagination.

One of the top tier sandwich shops you can find here is the HoneyHole Sandwiches. Their menu has a lot of cold-cut, warm, and barbeque sandwiches that will leave you wanting for more. They do not seem to be huge at first glance, but the big amount of meat and veggies topped with a lot of their homemade HoneyHole sauce won’t leave you hungry.

Those looking for outstanding Philadelphia style sandwiches won’t go wrong with Hog Island Hoagie. You can try excellent Philadelphia sandwiches made with different types of meat, cheese, and veggies.

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Seattle Is so Much More Than Just Food

As soon as you relocate with your Seattle moving company, you’ll have lots of things to explore. Starting a new life may not be that easy, but the town is filled with opportunities and things to explore. From food to museums, you’ll surely have plenty of things to enjoy. And there’s no need to worry about going out late. Sleepless in Seattle is not just the title of the movie – it’s also their lifestyle. Night owls have plenty of eateries, cafes, and clubs that are still open after the clock strikes 10 PM. With so many options and things to see, you’ll surely enjoy the entire town, and especially the food.

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