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Moving to Seattle, Washington with Long Distance USA Movers

Have you ever considered leaving your cozy town and moving to another state? Have you ever considered moving to Seattle, Washington? If you have, but you eventually gave up the idea just because you were intimidated by the complicated relocation process or eye-watering moving company prices, you don’t have to worry any longer, for we are here to make that tiresome process of moving easier for you. What you need is reliable moving and storage service and moving helpers, and that’s exactly what Long Distance USA Movers provide you with.

Before you get down to packing boxes for moving, read on to find out more about this wonderful city. Even if you have already done some research on the subject, you should still take a look at the numerous interesting facts about Seattle we have prepared for you, and perhaps you’ll find something that will help you make a decision in case you are still having second thoughts about moving.

About Seattle, Washington

The first thing that you should know about Seattle is that it is a seaport city. It is located on the west coast of the United States, around 100 miles away from the Canada-United States border, and it is estimated to be the fourth largest port in North America. Even though today it is highly developed in respect to different areas, it was not until 19th century that the city became a shipbuilding center, and it developed as a technology center only in the late 20th century.

It should be also noted that Seattle has a rich musical history, which would be particularly interesting to explore for jazz fans, given the fact that some of the great jazz musicians, including Ray Charles, Ernestine Anderson and Quincy Jones started their careers in this city. If you are interested to find out more about the history of Seattle before you contact our professional movers, click here.

The Climate in Seattle, Washington

Seattle is popularly known as Rain City, and, needless to say, there’s a reason for giving it such a nickname. The climate of the city is classified as oceanic, which means that precipitation is dispersed throughout the year, so occasional light drizzle is something you will have to get accustomed to once you move there. In case you don’t really like those movie-like walks in the rain, don’t worry, other than that, the weather is mostly fair. Winters are somewhat cold, but mild (extremely cold temperatures are rare), and summers are dry more often than not.

The Culture of Seattle, Washington

When it comes to the culture of this exciting urban city, one thing’s for sure – Seattle is without a doubt the right place for you to broaden your horizons. Being a regional center for the performing arts, the city offers a great variety of choice of art forms – it can be said that you can always find something that you take interest in Seattle. Sounds tempting, don’t you think? Then, don’t waste any more time, give us a ring and our long distance moving company will help you with relocation, so you can start exploring various cultural contents in Seattle as soon as possible. We assumed you would like to take a look at some cultural institutions you might visit when you get there, so we have prepared a list of some of the numerous museums and galleries that you will probably like to remember before moving to Seattle.

· Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture – if a natural history museum is the first thing on your must-see list, then this is the right choice for you. Burke Museum is the oldest natural history museum west of Mississippi River and it has been estimated that it has a collection of over 16 million artifacts. Can you imagine what an experience it is to visit such a glorious place? Well, with State to State Movers, you don’t have to.

· Center for Wooden Boats – this museum, as the name itself suggests, is dedicated to the maritime history, and not just of Seattle, but the whole Pacific Northwest area. Not only does it give you the opportunity to learn something about the maritime culture, but it also offers boat rentals, together with various classes, lectures and workshops.

· Frye Art Museum – should you decide to visit Frye Art Museum, you will get to see a great number of paintings and sculptures created during the last three centuries. This art museum offers a collection of various actors’ masterpieces; some of the great names that you’ll come across include Eugène Isabey, Franz von Lenbach, Leopold Schmutzler, Eugène Boudin, William-Adolphe Bouguereau etc.
Since we have listed only a few well-known museums in Seattle, you can click here  and learn about many others, not only in the city, but in Seattle Area, as well.
As for galleries, you might be interested in visiting some of the following:

· Henry Art Gallery – it boasts a collection of 25,000 objects, including the works by Sean Scully, Louise Bourgeois, and Bruce Nauman, among others.
· SOIL Art Gallery – what’s particularly interesting to note about SOIL is the fact that it is one of the few galleries which provide emerging artists with an opportunity to showcase their work. Perhaps you would like to be one of them? Remember that with Long Distance USA Movers and our top-notch moving service you can sail through the relocation process.

· James Harris Gallery – this contemporary gallery covers various works of art, from paintings to photography and video. It is definitely worth visiting.
If you want to read about more galleries in Seattle and what they offer, you can find more information here.

We believe you no longer have any doubts about moving to Seattle, right? If that’s so, we are waiting for your call. Contact us and we promise you’ll get reliable and affordable moving and storage service.
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