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        Miami Beach, Florida, USA on Ocean Drive at sunset.
        November 8, 2019
        Moving to Miami – Discover, Get to Know Things and Connect with Locals

        Are you thinking about moving to Miami? You should know that Florida’s largest city is the home of many happy and content people. It can offer you a variety of beach-related activities, from swimming and surfing to fishing and paddling. And if you are in the mood for a walk, there are many parks where you can stretch your legs.

        palm trees at the beach
        May 11, 2020
        The 2020 Guide to the 6 Best Neighborhoods in Miami

        Miami is the financial, cultural, and economic center of South Florida. It is one of the world’s most beloved vacation destinations thanks to its pristine beaches, tropical climate, and relaxed ambiance. But in case you’re looking to take up residence here instead of just visiting, a well-rounded guide to the best neighborhoods in Miami will surely come in handy.

        Delicious seafood sizzling on a pan at a Miami restaurant table, surrounded by a medley of spices and sausages. The vibrant and aromatic scene captures the essence of Miami's culinary diversity, promising a flavorful experience as you indulge in the coastal delights of the city.
        April 28, 2020
        These Are the Best Restaurants in Miami You Have to Check Out

        Have you decided to make Magic City your new home in 2020? If so, you might be searching for the best restaurants in Miami in which to celebrate the start of your new Florida life. Considering Miami’s thriving restaurant scene, you can be sure that there are quite a few places worth checking out when you get there. No matter what kind of fare you prefer, there’s something for everyone’s taste.


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        Auto Transport

        Move your car across the country in an open or enclosed trailer – for an affordable fee. We offer car transport as a standalone service, but you can bundle it with your household move and get a hefty discount.

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        Packing Service

        Sit back and relax, we’ve got packing services covered. We use moving blankets, shrink wrap, bubble wrap and even custom wooden crating. Your stuff will be protected and carefully handled during the move.

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        Moving Services

        Treat yourself with a white glove long distance moving service that’s based on the inventory list and not weight. This means a price guarantee, transparent move costs and premium moving service.

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        Moving Insurance

        All your stuff is secure with Long Distance USA Movers, but in case something does happen to it, there’s a moving insurance policy in place. We offer both basic Valuation Coverage and Full Value Protection.

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        Storage Services

        Our spacious climate-controlled units will protect your things until the drop-off. No need to worry about them because all items are labeled and secure, and each customer gets a dedicated unit mixup isn’t possible.

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        The Moving Process

        1. Fill in the Quote Form

          Best way to get in touch and get a price estimate is to fill out a quote form and you will be contacted often in matter of minutes, but definitely in less than 24 hours. If you don’t feel like typing, just give us a call.

        2. Get in Touch with a Relocation Specialist

          Your (very) dedicated relocation specialist will guide you through the process, explain everything, and be there every step of the way. Together you will create a moving inventory list with which you will get a guaranteed price.

        3. Sign the Documents

          Once the details have been hammered out, it’s time to hammer them in with a binding agreement that’s meant to protect you and your things. You will get your personal reference number which you will use for shipment tracking and future inquiries.

        4. Move Effortlessly.

          Yes, it is that simple. Our expert movers will pack all your belongings, protect them, load them carefully and send them on their way. The same goes for unloading. Experience a true white glove moving service. That’s it!

        Miami Best Moving Company

        If you’re looking for professional Miami movers, it probably means that you love the heat, ocean, beaches, and party. But Miami is much more than that. Cross country moving to this beautiful city is a great decision, and it will change your life. If you’ve decided that it’s the best choice for you, then it’s time to pick a reliable long-distance moving company that can accommodate your relocation.

        professional cross country movers are loading the truck

        What Makes the Magic City So Special?

        If you’ve been here on vacation, then you know how amazing this city is. It’s perfect for anyone who loves being outdoors all the time, being active and caring about good health, socializing, and just enjoying life. There’s hot and warm weather, so you’ll escape the cold completely. You might want to learn some Spanish in case you don’t speak it already because you’ll find a melting pot of different cultures here, and most of them are Hispanic. That also means one more thing – the food is just amazing. You’ll love the diversity of fresh and tasty meals that you can try here. There are also some downsides, just like in any other place in the world. The Magic City is also a hurricane and tropical storm city. Residents must have their emergency kits at all times, just in case. The sun here isn’t for everyone, the traffic and drivers can be just horrible, and the cost of living is high. However, you won’t have to worry about state income taxes, while sales taxes are lower than in other states. The traffic can be solved with public transportation – it’s reliable, so you don’t have to own a car.

        Where Should You Choose to Live After Getting Moving Services in Miami?

        You should choose your future neighborhood based on your preferences. Neighborhoods here are very different, so it’s crucial to do good research before renting or buying.

        • The most affordable homes are in North Miami, Miami Lakes, or Little Havana.
        • Upscale neighborhoods are Coconut Grove, Miami Beach, Bal Harbour, and Key Biscayne. Here you won’t have to worry about safety.
        • Brickell has great public transportation, and it’s very well connected to other parts of the city. It’s also very walkable and pet friendly, in case you’re coming with a dog. You’ll find great places for day and night fun, so this might be the best pick for millennials.
        • Edgewater is a great waterfront neighborhood, very close to Downtown and Winwood. It has great views of the ocean and the beach, it’s very walkable and safe. Families that would like to live near the city should choose this area. There are a lot of new condos if you’re interested in buying, but you can also rent.
        • Downtown is the most convenient location for anyone who decides to hire movers in Miami. It’s the most vibrant, colorful, and lively part of the Magic City, and it’s where all the magic happens. Most of the singles and young professionals choose this area because of the nightlife and the location.
        • If you’re interested in the suburbs, check out Doral. It’s close to the airport, and there’s plenty of shops, restaurants, and businesses.

        There Are Endless Opportunities for Fun

        After all, this is a vacation destination. The Magic City is widely known for its parties, music and sports events, outdoor activities, and beaches. You can have tons of fun, regardless of how old you are and are you moving across the country alone or with your family. If you’re with kids, you’ll be able to find entertainment for them all year round. Some of their favorites might be the Museum of Science, Children’s Museum, Venetian Pool, or the Tidal Cove. If you’re here for the party, you’re in the right place. Miami has so many clubs, bars, festivals, and other events for a great night out. The culture here is just amazing, and you’ll get to know so many different nationalities. If you love art, you’ll enjoy the Art Deco District and Miami Design District. Make sure you don’t miss the Art Basel International Art Fair and General Festival if you like contemporary art.

        Choose Only the Miami Movers You Can Trust That Offer All Services You Need

        When moving state to state, it’s crucial to have someone reliable that you can lean on if something goes wrong or you need some help. Do good research on the market and single out only the moving companies in Miami that have good reviews and that provide you with all the long-distance moving services for your home, vehicle, or maybe both. After that, you can contact them, ask for quotes, and hire the most affordable professional company.

        It’s Very Important to Learn the Charging Method

        It can happen that the company you like has everything you ask for, but they sound too expensive. This shouldn’t be a reason to cross them out. Sometimes the companies tell you a small figure to bait the customers, and after that, they increase the price. Sometimes even double. Once you hear what your move is going to cost, make sure you ask the relocation specialist how to they charge and will there be any additional fees.

        LDUSAM Has the Best Moving Services to or From the Magic City

        If you want someone you can trust, that has years of experience, a trained team, and perfect customer care, look no further than LDUSAM. We are here to provide you with long-distance moving from any state except Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, North, and South Dakota. We have facilities in every bigger city in the US, so if we’re not exactly in your hometown, we’ll help from the nearest point. You can contact us anytime, even during weekends and holidays, in whichever time zone. Call, email, or request a quote via our website, and we’ll answer you in a blink of an eye.

        Get a Quote From Your Local Miami Movers With Great Reputation

        The one thing that separates us from other cross country movers is the fact that we base our prices on the list of items you wish to move, and not on their weight or volume. It’s known that determining the price by those two factors can be unreliable, so we opted for the third version. With us, you have complete control over the price of your move. If you add something to the list, the price will increase, and if you decide to leave something behind, the price will go down. Make sure you declutter your home before calling for a quote, so you don’t pay for relocating furniture and other items you don’t really need. Your inventory list can be changed as many times as you want, but the last change can be one business day before the pick-up.

        An open package with a keyboard and a plant inside, a girl standing behind
        A girl sitting on the floor with packages, holding a laptop

        We Offer You Free Packing of Every Larger Item

        Packing of your home is another one of our specialties. Anything that’s bigger than a standard cardboard box will be carefully handled, disassembled, packed, and loaded on the truck – free of charge. You’ll only have to take care of purchasing high-quality boxes and packing supplies for the smaller items. If you haven’t moved cross country before, take a look at some tutorials on how to pack breakables, clothes, books, and all other things on your list.

        Purchase Full Packing Service and Relocate Stress-Free

        If you don’t have time to deal with all the dishes and other breakables, you can always get our full pack service and have no worries on the day of the move. Our team of movers in Miami, FL, with lots of experience will take care of everything efficiently and professionally, so all the packing will be done in no time. If there’s something valuable and breakable that you want us to ship inside of a wooden crate, just let us know because we offer custom crating service as well. You just kick back and relax while we do all the work.

        With Our Moving Company in Miami, FL You Will Get a Free Storage Unit

        If you choose us, you won’t have to look for storage once you arrive because we have one ready for you. It’s always sanitized, climate-controlled, and under constant video surveillance. Only our team of state to state movers have access to the high-end storages, so there’s no worry that someone steals your furniture and other belongings. Before your items are placed in the storage, they will be labeled with a barcode, which will be checked when entering and leaving the storage. That’s how we make sure that nothing is lost or misplaced. You can leave your things inside for a whole month, and you won’t pay a dollar. If, for some reason, you want to leave them longer in the storage, you’ll enter the pay period. The price of that will be daily prorated, so you’ll only pay for the days you used.

        Are LDUSAM the Long Distance Movers Near Me That Can Provide Me With Auto Transportation? the Answer Is - of Course

        Do you want to bring your car with you to Miami, and you don’t want to drive? Say no more – our sales representative will take care of all of your requests. We can pick-up your car within three business days and deliver it fast to your new address or to our terminal. You’ll get to choose between our door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal services. Leave some things in your trunk if you want, but make sure that the cargo isn’t heavier than 100 pounds. If you choose to move both your vehicle and your household goods with us, we’ll provide you with a bundle deal, so you’ll pay a lower price.

        Would You Prefer an Open Trailer or the Enclosed One?

        The most common and affordable way of auto transport is the open trailer. It fits more vehicles than the enclosed trailer, but it also provides less protection from the outdoor factors. The enclosed one is recommended for any type of expensive vehicles that need special conditions such as the sports models, oldtimers, or some modified cars. This option is more expensive, but it’s very reliable and safe. If you can’t decide which of the two is the best one for you, contact your dedicated relocation agent. They will explain everything and help you decide.

        Insurance Is the Crucial Part of Moving Cross Country

        Moving insurance is the key part of a stress-free relocation. Once you know that your items and furniture are insured, you can feel at ease. With us, the minimum liability insurance is free, and it’s mandatory. It covers all the items we packed for you, and it covers $0.60 per damaged pound. We recommend getting a Full Replacement Value Insurance Coverage that is buyable through us since long-distance movers aren’t allowed to sell it. Your car can also be insured with us. If you opt for an open carrier, it’s covered up to $100,000 of damage, and it’s $500,000 for an enclosed one.

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        moving services

        Start Your Life Here With Trustworthy Movers in Miami

        The best way to start your life in a new state is with someone reliable, such as our cross country moving company. If you wish to have a smooth relocation with a fixed price, guaranteed delivery date, and top-notch customer care service. Call us and see for yourself why we are one of the top companies in the industry and why so many of our clients recommend us. Employees in our cross country moving group will always go the extra mile for a client, they are always available and there to assist you. We will regularly stay in touch with you and update you on all possible changes. With services like that, there’s no mistake.

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