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These Are the Best Restaurants in Miami You Have to Check Out

Have you decided to make Magic City your new home in 2020? If so, you might be searching for the best restaurants in Miami in which to celebrate the start of your new Florida life. Considering Miami’s thriving restaurant scene, you can be sure that there are quite a few places worth checking out when you get there. No matter what kind of fare you prefer, there’s something for everyone’s taste.

Delicious seafood sizzling on a pan at a Miami restaurant table, surrounded by a medley of spices and sausages. The vibrant and aromatic scene captures the essence of Miami's culinary diversity, promising a flavorful experience as you indulge in the coastal delights of the city. overlay
There are plenty of places you can grab a bite at

If you’re wondering, What is the best restaurant in Miami? you should know that it’s almost impossible to choose just one. So, we’ve picked several of them to help you decide where to go first. When moving to Miami, you should also think about the cost of living in Miami. So, if you’re wondering, How much do you need to make to live in Miami? we are here to tell you that the city is rather expensive. To be able to live comfortably and afford to explore all these fantastic restaurants, you should earn close to $80,000 per year. Now, let’s see what restaurants to go to when you get there.

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The Bazaar by José Andrés Is Among the Best Restaurants in Miami in South Beach

We’re sure you’ll figure out how to pack pots and pans for moving. But when there’s a restaurant such as The Bazaar by José Andrés nearby, you won’t be that thrilled about cooking for yourself. It would be a shame to miss checking out this fantastic spot where you can try out a wide range of specialties. It is, without a doubt, one of the most visited eateries in Miami’s South Beach, but also one of the top-ranked ones in the entire city.

Speaking of South Beach, we should also mention that this is one of the best neighborhoods in Miami. So, if you haven’t picked one yet, remember that relocating to South Beach is definitely an idea worth entertaining.

Enjoy a Wide Variety of Delicacies, From Spanish to Asian Cuisine

Even though it is often classified as a Spanish restaurant, the Bazaar by José Andrés, in fact, offers even more, including delicious Asian dishes and island food. Some of the many gastronomical delights that you can order here include chicken croquettes, traditional Sui Mai, some little starters such as Colada Cubana, as well as clams and oysters. You can also enjoy a wide range of carefully selected wines and cocktails.

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Be sure you try delicious Spanish cuisine at the Bazaar by José Andrés.

Boia De Is Probably the Best Restaurant If You’re Craving Italian

When you want to feel like you’re someplace else (though you’ll hardly get enough of the Magic City), head straight to this hip, retro-designed restaurant. Its menu does encourage you to share your order, but you may not want to do so when you get the taste of the specialties served. If you’re moving for love, this might be the perfect place for a romantic date. But the atmosphere is just as fitting for dinner with friends, too.

Be Sure You Make a Reservation Well in Advance

Not only is it one of the top places for Italian, but it is also one of Miami’s most popular restaurants. To actually get a table there, be sure you make a reservation on time. Everyone wants to taste what Boia De serves. Plus, there are only 24 seats, so you can imagine how busy it can be. To be clear, walk-ins are welcome, but it’s often impossible to find a table without a previous reservation.

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Make sure you leave a table at Boia De to taste the best Italian fare in Miami Beach.

Balloo Is the Right Place for Adventurous Foodies

Balloo is an excellent dining place for those who like to experiment with ingredients, just like the chef here does. Drawn from his Caribbean and Asian background, the menu is always full of unique combinations that every foodie enthusiast is sure to appreciate. Tim Balloo was the first one to introduce popular small plates designed for sharing when he opened the Sugarcane raw-bar grill. With this new downtown dining destination, his main goal is to share the kind of food he himself eats with the locals.

There’s Always Something New on the Menu at Balloo

Balloo’s passion for gastronomy is evident in the eclectic menu with innovative creations that attract foodie adventurers from far and wide. Some of the many specialties Balloo has come up with include the Trini-spiced oxtail with pigeon peas, the rich roasted curry calabaza with labneh, and burnt cabbage mixed with a tangy Thai chili sauce with peanuts. You might also want to try his lap Cheong sausage and rice and brown stew chicken. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

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If you enjoy trying new dishes, you'll love the changing offer at Balloo – there's always something new to try.

KYU Serves Delicious Asian Food

Korean fried chicken, pork buns, crab-fried rice, roasted cauliflower – just a few of the many culinary delights you can find on the menu here. Would you enjoy getting a taste of world-class Asian food? Head straight to Wynwood, one of the city’s most happening neighborhoods, and check out what KYU has to offer. Fitting perfectly in the spirit of Wynwood, KYU serves not only Asian fare but also Asian combined with American barbeque.

Sitting at the Bar Sipping Cocktails Will Make Waiting for the Table a Pleasure

In case you happen to decide to stop by KYU while you’re exploring Wynwood without a previous reservation, you should know that it is rather busy here. Even when you have a reservation, you might need to wait a little bit to have your table ready. However, with the recently updated list of top-notch cocktails, sitting at the bar is just as enjoyable at KYU.

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Whether you're up for a delicious Asian dish or a new cocktail, KYU won't let you down.

Get the Best of American Cuisine at Alter

Here’s another great spot to check out in Wynwood. Alter is a casual American dining place where you can explore the progressive menu and enjoy refined American cuisine. Some of the top-recommended dishes include soft egg with sea scallops espuma, Gruyère, truffle pearls, and chives, as well as slow-braised brisket and smoked and roasted chicken.

Open Kitchen, a Garden, and Outdoor Bar – Can It Be More Perfect?

In addition to high-end food, pleasant ambiance is another reason why people love it at Alter. The industrial warehouse fits perfectly in the hipster Wynwood spirit. Plus, there’s an outdoor bar and a garden where you can relax waiting for your chosen culinary delight. And while they’re preparing it, feel free to watch the chefs and even chat with them. A pleasant evening is guaranteed.

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Be sure you try some of the signature dishes at Alter.

Head to Midtown to Enjoy Seasonal Dishes at Ghee Indian Kitchen

How do you like a combination of seasonal Indian fare in a trendy environment? If that sounds appealing, Ghee Indian Kitchen is just the right place for you. They use locally sourced ingredients to prepare traditional Indian dishes, so delicious that you’ll surely want to come back. Some of the top-recommended items on the menu include cheddar naan, green millet, and smoked lamb neck. Most dishes you can order here are rather spicy, such as cheddar naan.

Experience the Traditional Indian Home Cooking

Sure, you’ll pack kitchen items for moving, but to get the real taste of traditional Indian home cooking, you’ll need to book a table at Ghee Indian Kitchen. Chef Niven Patel explains that his goal is for the guests to feel at home when they enter the restaurant. So, if you’re looking for a small and cozy dining destination where you really will feel at home, look no further than this lovely spot. While waiting for your order, get a sneak peek at how Patel’s wife, mother, and mother-in-law prepare the specialties in the open kitchen.

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This excellent restaurant was listed for a James Beard Award twice, the second time in 2020.

Sanguich de Miami Is the Top-Ranked Cuban Sandwich Destination

Located in East Little Havana, Sanguich de Miami will take you straight to Cuba with a single bite of their delicious Cuban sandwiches. Many other Miami’s eateries serve Cuban sandwiches, too, but you’ll hardly find any that prepare them so authentically as they do here. They use house-made ingredients such as brined pork, fresh pickles, cured ham, and artisanal mustard. Even if you don’t feel like eating a sandwich, their Cuban version of nachos alone is a good enough reason to check out this place.

One of the Best Restaurants in Miami to Enjoy the Perfect Mix of Classic Cuba and Modern Miami Fare

As the owners say themselves, this family-owned eatery is the perfect place to feel “the spirit of classic Cuba and modern Miami fare.” The handcrafted Cuban sandwiches served at the very heart of Miami’s Cuban district – what better way to feel the tradition cherished and preserved for generations?

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You'll hardly find better sandwiches anywhere else, so don't miss a meal at this Cuban spot.

If You Like Thai, Be Sure You Check out Lung Yai Thai Tapas

While you’re in Little Havana, here’s another spot worth visiting. Lung Yai Thai Tapas is the right place to go if you like authentic Thai cuisine. From coconut curries, soups, and salads to beef and rice noodles, there’s so much to try here. Before you make up your mind, remember that you can only order once, so choose carefully.

Be Prepared to Wait for a Table, But the Specialties You Can Eat Here Are Worth It

This small spot with a patio is rather popular, but there aren’t many seats. So, it’s quite clear that you don’t get a table that easily. To keep everything in order, they came up with a system. You sign your name on a list outside, and then you’re asked to wait patiently for your table. The “patiently” part is crucial because it might take some time. But everyone who’s ever waited here agrees that, no matter how long you have to wait, it’s worth the trouble.

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Even if you haven't enjoyed Thai that much, you'll probably change your mind when you taste traditional Thai at Lung Yai Thai Tapas.

When You Feel Like Eating Seafood, Head Straight to the River Oyster Bar

Are you looking for high-quality fresh seafood? You can find it at the River Oyster Bar. This stylish spot might seem somewhat expensive, but we have some good news – you can go there during happy hour. The fantastic raw oysters and clams and daily fresh catches make this the most desirable place among seafood lovers.

Enjoy the Casual Atmosphere and a Long Wine List: the Top-Notch Selection of Drinks Goes Perfect With the Food

You also get to taste some of the carefully selected wines and other drinks and enjoy the good vibes. Whether you’re scheduling a business meeting or a dinner date, the River Oyster Bar is suitable.

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The River Oyster Bar serves delicious seafood, so be sure you check out their offer.

In a Nutshell it Is Worth Relocating

If you’ve been dreaming about moving to a warmer climate in 2020, the Magic City is probably just perfect for you. When you add all of the previously mentioned and many more trendy places to eat, packing dishes when moving doesn’t seem that much of a problem. After all, how often are you really going to eat home with such world-class restaurants all around, right?

Now that you know that Miami’s fantastic food scene is waiting for you, you can’t wait to finally get there, right? If you’re not sure how to move, to begin with, remember you can always contact professional Miami movers to give you a hand. If you’re overwhelmed, and you don’t have the time needed to take care of packing, they can offer packing services in addition to their standard moving services package. You can also ask for storage and even auto transport services if you’re planning to ship your vehicle.

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