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The 2020 Guide to the 6 Best Neighborhoods in Miami

Miami, also known as the Capital of Latin America, Magic City, and Little Cuba, is the financial, cultural, and economic center of South Florida. It is one of the world’s most beloved vacation destinations thanks to its pristine beaches, tropical climate, and relaxed ambiance. But in case you’re looking to take up residence here instead of just visiting, a well-rounded guide to the best neighborhoods in Miami will surely come in handy.

palm trees on a sunny day at the beach overlay
Miami is an excellent spot to settle in

This South Florida metropolis is both an agricultural and a developed corporate region. It’s the only urban area in the US that is located between two national parks – Biscayne and Everglades Park. It takes pride in the highest concentration of world banks of any American urban center. And for creatives, there’s plenty to visit and see, especially in the Design District, which is home to over 130 galleries, showrooms, eateries, and bars. In addition to amazing Art Deco buildings, it has its own ballet company, symphony orchestra, a professional theater company, and lots of museums worth seeing.

If you’re moving to Miami and looking for the right community in this city, you might be impressed with a large number of diverse environments, each with its specific character and charm. We’ve narrowed down the list of some of the most popular areas in the Capital of Latin America to help you pick a home that meets all your requirements.

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What to Pay Attention to When Choosing the Best Places to Live in Miami

Whether you’re searching for a business area or a family-friendly district with a slew of recreational spots and parks, Little Cuba has a little bit for everyone. Depending on your current wishes as well as future goals, you can opt for quiet parts ideal for raising children, or go for the world-famous hustle and bustle of the downtown and the adjacent areas.

To pick the right area for yourself, consider the cost of living in Miami and its various districts, employment opportunities, neighborhood-specific amenities such as vicinity to Miami-Dade public schools, the quality of real estate, and so on. Once you’ve pinpointed the optimal area for yourself, all you have to do is find reliable moving services and relocate there.

Without further ado, let’s move on to our list of the six prime neighborhoods in Miami and find out the main features of each of them.


#1 Coconut Grove – Miami’s Oldest and Most Iconic Settlement

If you choose Magic City’s oldest neighborhood for your future home, you should know that it can provide you with peaceful and tranquil moments, to say the least. You can hear locals priding themselves on the area’s bohemian vibe and bayfront views, as well as a vegan-friendly Farmer’s Market and waterfront Bayshore Drive. It’s bordered by water and has no shortage of magnificent bayside views, allowing you to enjoy the Sailing Club’s waterfront activities all year long. Besides, the famous “Grove” has an abundance of family-friendly places and is regarded as one of Miami’s greenest areas, which makes this location ideal for families with kids.

Coconut Grove Is the Best Place to Live in Miami for Families Due to Its Safety

Once known as a seaside village and the gathering place of hippies in the ’60s, this is now a thriving community where you can find the long wanted peace and safety thanks to low crime rates – North Coconut Grove crime rates are 3% lower than the national average, according to That’s why most families single out Coconut Grove as one of the top neighborhoods to raise children. Besides highly rated schools, beautiful single-family houses, developing restaurant and arts scene, it can boast plenty of walking and biking paths, ideal for outdoor enthusiasts.

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#2 The Aventura Neighborhood

Are you looking to buy property in a spot that can provide you with a world-class shopping experience and easy access to the city center? Then Aventura is the place to be. This residential neighborhood halfway between the downtown and Fort Lauderdale has earned a reputation because of its tropical landscaping and the water that surrounds glossy high-rises and elegant single-family homes. Thanks to its mind-boggling ambiance, Aventura is often considered one of Miami’s flagship areas. Also, it’s about the 11-mile drive away from the urban core, which makes it an attractive location when it comes to buying property.

If You Want to Buy Real Estate in Miami, Aventura Might Be Your Best Bet

Locals, as well as newcomers, are attracted to Aventura’s condo life, boating, tennis, and easy access to both city’s north and south. Today, it’s particularly popular among young professionals and Latin American investors. The median home value is around $320,000, which is relatively reasonable in a metropolis that is not quite known for being budget-friendly. Zillow currently rates Aventura’s real estate market as “cold” and inclining towards buyers, and predicts that the prices will drop around 3% in the coming year.

Shop at Aventura Mall

Aventura Mall is the largest mall in the region with six retail chains and more than 280 shops. Thanks to plenty of restaurants and spots for gourmets, you can spend a whole day at this giant venue, which went through a massive expansion recently. If you prefer something more luxurious, Givenchy, Tesla, and Louis Vuitton can satisfy all your shopaholic desires.

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Posh and swanky style is present in all parts of Aventura

#3 Coral Gables – the Epitomy of South Florida

As one of South Florida’s oldest urban areas, Coral Gables, sometimes referred to as “City Beautiful,” flaunts a Mediterranean feel with expansive plazas, charming tree-lined streets, and architecture resembling Old Spain. The district is filled with parks, luxury shopping, and glossy hotels, attracting business people by day and locals, students, and tourists by night.

This picturesque neighborhood is celebrated for its beautiful homes, European-style plazas, charming canals, and Royal Poinciana trees teeming with orange-red blossoms. Although it’s for those with deeper pockets, it has all the amenities that can suit families with kids.

“The City Beautiful” Is Crammed With Shopping and Dining Spots

If you’re looking for a spot where eating out and shopping are an integral part of the lifestyle, there’s no better community to start with than Coral Gable. It can provide you with exceptional, healthy options, such as tropical botanic gardens with cafes, where you can sit and enjoy your lunch after shopping.

Miracle Mile is one of South Florida’s longed-for shopping destinations. It features boutiques, galleries, quality shops, and some of the best restaurants in Miami. Shoppers can find whatever pops into their minds – from home furnishings and unique jewelry to salons and spas.

The Gables Is an Attractive Place for Business People

As one of the first planned communities in the US, Coral Gables was designed back in the 1920s to be a lovely home for people from all over the world. It now plays host to more than 20 foreign government offices and consulates, as well as more than 140 multinational corporations. It is a significant employment center, with almost as many residents working here as living in Gables. It is especially appealing to businesses due to its proximity to International Airport, the Port, and downtown.

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Architecture in old-Spain style is one of the most prominent features here

#4 Little Gables Is One of Miami’s More Affordable Districts

This unincorporated community is situated between Little Cuba and Coral Gables and offers to its homeowners a small-town relief in an otherwise urban atmosphere. That being said, it’s perfect for starting a family or retiring since it is generally a tranquil neighborhood. It features several parks, like Graceland Memorial Park North and San Jacinto Park. If you’re not sure where to get a delicious brunch or perfect lunch, you can opt for a decent meal in some of the following restaurants:

  • Sapore Di Mare
  • Greenstreet Cafe
  • Lokal
  • Spasso
  • Glass & Vine
  • Lulu

Little Gables Has Smaller Homes and Relatively Lower Prices

With its estimated population of 3,000, it is considered an annex by the city government. If you’re hunting for a property, this might be a perfect location to consider, since the median home value is $440,400, while the average price per sqft is currently listed at $382 – which is below Miami’s average of $410.

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A slow-paced lifestyle is perfect for families and retirees

#5 Downtown – the Place to Be

As a mixture of old and new, work, and play, this bustling epicenter is jammed with gleaming skyscrapers, panoramic bay views, and hidden places waiting to be explored. If you want to avoid long commutes to downtown offices, beaches, and the airport, this could be a perfect spot for your new home.

A Mecca for Younger Families

The largest demographic group in Downtown are young professionals between the ages of 25 and 44, but it has become attractive to families with kids, too. Lots of millennials have grown up and now have kids of their own who attend some of the many excellent elementary and middle schools in the area. In addition to Downtown and Edgewater, one centrally located area stands out as one of the most desirable to settle down – Brickell.

Brickell Is Especially Appealing to Cosmopolitan People

What you’ll find in Brickell is a large concentration of wealthy and highly educated Cuban, Colombian, Argentine, and Venezuelan residents. Many of them work in the neighborhood’s trade, financial, and law sectors, and plenty of young professionals work here or in nearby communities, such as Coconut Grove and Coral Gables. Mary Brickell Village lies at Brickell’s center and boasts boutiques, restaurants, and new condo constructions.

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Two of the most popular spots in Florida are Downtown and Brickell

#6 South Beach – the American Riviera

Also called the American Riviera and an Art Deco playground, this is an eye-catching area with world-class hotels and dining spots that will satisfy everyone’s palate. The famous “SoBe” is packed with bars and clubs, so if you prefer a vibrant nightlife, consider some of these spots for fun, great food, and seasonal craft cocktails:

  • Radio Bar
  • WD 555
  • Cabaret South Beach
  • Wet Willies
  • Jazid

Art Deco Walking Tour

Thanks to over 800 examples of art deco, this district is an architectural treasure chest. The popular Art Deco District is spread on only one square mile, but some of the most dramatic buildings dominate so many of SoBe streets. You can enjoy this historic architecture on your own walking route or gain a better understanding through sponsored walking routes – tours depart every day from the Art Deco Welcome Center.

Here are some of the great architectural pieces you can see while strolling down the SoBe’s streets:

  • Cavalier Hotel
  • Park Central Hotel
  • Essex House Hotel
  • Senor Frogs
  • The Carlyle
  • Colony Theatre
  • The Breakwater
  • The McAlpin
  • Bass Museum

Heading for the Beach

Although you can find beautiful beaches all over the urban center, South Beach ranks among the world’s best waterfront areas for a good reason. It’s lined with Art Deco-inspired lifeguard stands, while breathtaking white-sand beaches spanning over 2-plus miles will blow your mind. After a great day at the beach and swimming in crystal blue water, chain stores and indie fashion shops can provide you with unforgettable shopping and food options.

A Few Fun Facts to Know About Magic City

You probably already know a lot of things about Little Cuba, such as the fact that it’s the nation’s warmest winter location, or that it welcomes over 14 million tourists per year. However, there are several exciting and fun facts worth knowing:

  • The sand in Miami Beach is actually imported
  • Sunscreen was invented here – the popular Coppertone
  • Buildings can’t have basements
  • It’s the only US urban center that was founded by a woman – a local businesswoman Julia Tuttle

If you’re moving to Miami for good, we are sure you’ll have no trouble finding some of the best places to live in Miami and everything you’ve dreamt about for a long time. It is a place where everyone can find something that will make them happy – job options, accommodation, art and culture heritage, dining spots, and, above all, extraordinary beaches. After spending some time here, the city’s slogan “It’s So Miami” will get a much deeper meaning.

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