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Moving From the East Coast to the West Coast in a Nutshell

The battle between people from both coasts is constant and fierce, with no final answer to which side of the States has more to offer. However, you’ve probably asked yourself why you see more and more Americans moving from the East Coast to the West Coast. Breathtaking coastline, relaxed atmosphere, healthier lifestyle, and excellent job market are just the tip of the iceberg.

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Are you a sworn Easterner? This article may change your views

Why Do People Move From the East Coast to the West Coast?

No one can deny that the Atlantic coastline is home to some of the most incredible cities not only in the States but in the world. So why are so many people keen on leaving it? The lifestyle of the region can sometimes be too much to handle, for starters. A fast-paced way of life combined with a highly competitive environment and mainly business-originated individuals tend to give off an unfriendly vibe. And don’t even get us started on the topic of weather and those beasts called polar vortexes! Even the frequent rain in Washington sounds better than that.

So, yes, cities like NYC, Boston, Miami, Washington D.C., and many more have a lot to offer. However, many are convinced that the three states on the Pacific shore are way ahead regarding the quality of life. And you know what? They are probably right. With relocating to the West Coast, you’ll get:

  • Plenty of job opportunities and excellent start-up resources,
  • Amazing weather combined with breathtaking scenery,
  • Environmentally friendly habits of the community,
  • Healthier lifestyles,
  • More laid-back attitude.

How Much Does It Cost to Move From the East Coast to the West Coast?

One reason some hesitate to take this big of a step is the cost of doing so. Keep in mind that the shortest route from one side of the States to the other amounts to more than 2000 miles. That is why this move is bound to be expensive, even if you opt against getting cross-country moving services. So in short, how much money do you need to save to move out of state to the other side of the country? Depending on your choices, you are looking to spend between $3,000 and $10,000, and sometimes even more. Before you decide anything, it’s necessary to determine your relocation budget and see if you need to save money to move.

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An Impressive Environment for Entrepreneurs – You Could Be the New Businessperson to Go to Space

Did you know that Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in Bellevue, Washington? However, it is not the only global company worth billions of dollars that had its beginnings in this area. Apple, eBay, Google, Twitter, YouTube, and Yahoo were all founded in California. California’s Silicon Valley has become a Mecca for workers coming from the IT sector, but so has the Silicon Forest in Oregon. Moreover, the domination the region has established with its start-up scene has not diminished for more than a decade.

IT workers are not the only experts in demand. California, Washington, and Oregon are some of the states with the best job market generally. As you can see, getting a job in a new city around this area shouldn’t be hard for any young professional. And if you see yourself as an entrepreneur, even better – with access to connections, funds, and talented people, success is almost inevitable. It’s up to you to look for the best places to live in California for young adults (or in Washington and Oregon) and find a place that suits you best.

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Did you know that Amazon had its beginning in a small garage in Washington?

Not All States Have Perfect Weather

It has become common knowledge that you’ll thrive with fantastic weather, out-of-this-world beaches, and sunshine all day, every day if you move to the Pacific coastline. And while that may be true if you are relocating to Los Angeles or if you decided to move to San Diego, states up north do not share the same amount of sun. Basically, the further north you go, the more diverse seasons you’ll get. So adjust the relocation according to your preferences. If you think there can’t ever be too much sun for you, go south. This means you can plan a move to Aliso Viejo or some other small town in CA.

As for natural disasters, you’re probably well aware that both coasts are prone to them. While hurricanes and tsunamis are characteristic of the eastern coastline, earthquakes and wildfires are the nightmares the western region has to deal with. If that is something you are afraid of, research the safest places before hiring cross-country movers.

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States in the northwest are known to have milder weather

Westerners Are Environmentalists, and You’ll Become One After Moving to the West Coast From the East Coast

All three western states are some of the greenest in the US, much greener than what you’re probably used to. They are all trying to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency. Moreover, did you know that California is the number one state in the country regarding solar electricity production? And that Oregon’s Portland has been named one of the greenest cities not only in the US but in the world? If you are someone who deeply cares about the future of our planet, you’ll enjoy how much the community here cares about it, too. If not, that’s one of the things you’ll have to get used to.

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You know nothing about being green until you meet Westerners

Cultural Shock as the Cost of Moving From the East Coast to the West Coast

Sure, you are not relocating to a different continent, but you will still experience a significant lifestyle change. Let’s start with the food – you are what you eat, after all. And while nothing comes close to New York’s restaurant scene and food innovations, Westerners have a lot to offer in the food department, too. Note that fresh organic products will be around every corner, waiting for you to pick them. Westerners generally eat better than Easterners and have some of the most vegan-friendly cities in the US.

While NYC is known as the country’s fashion capital, you will see that, here, fashion is not that big of a deal, even in LA. Many locals go for more casual clothing, so keep that in mind before hiring a long-distance moving company and getting packing services. Ensure to pack something more laid-back, and you’ll fit right in.

And of course, there is the decades-long animosity between Hollywood and Broadway lovers, but it all comes down to one thing. Different people like different things. Both coasts are excellent for film and theater arts. If you are looking to break into the scene (or just want to meet a celebrity), you’ll get your chance.

The Easygoing Nature of Locals Will Be Strange at the Beginning

If you come from the Atlantic coastline, especially those big and busy cities, you’ll be amazed by how calm and laid-back everyone is here. And, imagine, business still gets done! Being in a more relaxed environment can (and will) deeply affect your everyday life. You’ll feel less pressure, on the one hand, and find people more friendly and welcoming on the other. And while stumbling upon a friendly stranger can cause an initial shock, you’ll soon come to expect it. So one of the things you should definitely count on is the ease of making new friends around this area.

Be Prepared to Contract the Outdoorsy Nature of Westerners After Moving From the East to the West Coast

Westerners are known for their outdoorsy character. And why wouldn’t they be with the number of breathtaking beaches, mountains, and deserts? From hiking and biking to fishing and skiing, the sky’s the limit if you want to be more active and explore the outdoors. Also, note that the geographic characteristics of these states make them perfect for extreme sports.

If that is something you’re into or want to try, we recommend rock climbing at Yosemite or mountain biking at South Lake Tahoe. And if you want to enjoy the amazing nature, note that national parks like Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon will be at your fingerprints after the relocation. Just remember, if you are hiking or biking through Washington forest and happen to see bigfoot, don’t harass him! It’s against the law.

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New experiences await, you only need to be willing to welcome them

How to Choose a City That Is Right for You Before Moving From the East Coast to the West Coast?

Yes, only three states comprise the Pacific coastline, but they still hold numerous cities within their borders. Business-driven people will decide to relocate to Los Angeles as one of the coastal centers. They might also want to move to San Francisco or Portland. But where to go if that is not your focus? Remember that there are numerous other options. It all depends on the goal you want to achieve. We are here to provide you with some recommendations, but ultimately it’s up to you to decide.

Is There Such a Thing as Affordable Living on the Western Coastline?

Los Angeles and San Francisco are considered to be some of the most expensive cities in the US, and cities in Oregon and Washington aren’t far behind. And yes, NYC and Boston don’t come cheap either, but the eastern shore is known to be generally less expensive. So can you find a somewhat affordable cost of living on the western side of the States?

While Bakersfield, CA may not be so cheap compared to other US cities in general, it is way less expensive than many other places in costly California. The median home price here is $330,000, but keep in mind that you’d have to pay an amazing 1.3 million for a house in San Francisco! The same goes for Springfield, OR, and Spokane, WA. With medium home values no higher than $350,000, they are excellent choices if living expenses are your primary concern.

Which City Can Be the Best for Your Family?

Washington has been called one of the most family-friendly states in the US, so finding a city that suits you won’t be challenging. Choose Redmond with its highly rated public schools or suburbs like Sammamish and Yarrow Point if you’re considering relocating to Seattle. Also, you can give chance to Oregon and hire long distance Eugene movers that will help you settle in this large city with a perfect small-town feel. And what are the best cities for raising a family in California? Imperial often comes as the first choice, with excellent education opportunities and low crime rates.

And the Award for the Best Scenery Goes To…

Well, it’s hard to decide, with so many beautiful and diverse places. However, no one can resist the beauty of San Diego, CA. With about 70 miles of shoreline, this city is known as one of the best beach towns in the country. Breathtaking views, renowned food scene, and rich history are all reasons why you should consider this place as a possible new destination. And if you are still not convinced, take a look at the following video.

Is the West Coast Better Than the East Coast?

It all comes down to your preferences. There isn’t a place that is perfect for everyone at every moment. Even as you get older, there is a chance that your needs will change. And although western states have some amazing benefits, they also have disadvantages. Take public transport as an example. Everyone knows that you can’t move to LA without a car, so ensure to get auto transport alongside long-distance moving services.

The right question is not which of the two coasts is better, but which one is better for you. Consider everything said above and calculate your possibilities. And if you opt to move, remember that the adjustment period is always necessary when moving to the West Coast from the East Coast. So no matter what your reasons to move are, don’t expect everything to be all sunshine and rainbows from the start (well, at least figuratively). Give yourself time to adjust to the new town properly.

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Take some extra driving classes, if needed - you'll be using your car plenty

Have You Gathered the Nerves to Move Yet? If So, Choose the Most Reliable Cross-Country Moving Company

You can choose to move by yourself, but you’d be making one of the worst relocation mistakes. Even a local move can be challenging, but imagine what a 3000-mile long relocation can bring. Instead, google long-distance movers near me and start your search for the best company around. Well-trained professionals will help you move efficiently while simultaneously reducing your fear of relocation. It will give you the green light to focus on all the benefits of the move. Let movers do what they know best so that you can focus on completing this huge life change successfully.

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