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Moving Out of San Francisco – Where Are People Who Leave the Bay Area Relocating

There was a time when San Francisco had no equal amongst other cities – but now there are places that can match it and offer even more. Thus, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many opt for moving out of San Francisco. But where do they decide to go? Find out what are the preferable places amongst ex-SF residents.

People enjoying cross-country moving from San Francisco
Many decide to look for a better life outside of SF borders

Are People Moving Out of San Francisco, and Why?

Is SF losing population? It’s not a simple question. Many answers you can find online are based on data collected by the California Policy Lab. Their research shows that in 2020 twice more people left Sunny Cal than moved in, and this mass emigration was named the California exodus. However, at the beginning of 2022, an update was released – the original conclusion was reexamined since CPL stated an error in the data collection process.

Therefore, that high number of individuals leaving San Francisco and Cali, in general, is unlikely, but it is a fact that many have moved or plan to move elsewhere. It goes both for relocating a business and for individual moves. In October 2021, Joint Venture published Silicon Valley Poll, a public opinion survey that can help us understand the reasons why many opt to move from the Bay Area.

Reasons Many Decide to Move From Frisco

Once the popular question of why are so many people moving to San Francisco became the question of why so many decided to leave. 71% of responders from San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Alameda, and Contra Costa counties stated that their quality of life has worsened in the last couple of years. More than half of them responded that they plan to move in the near future because of the following:

  • Extremely high housing costs – according to PayScale, it is 231% higher than the national average, with a median home value of around $1,150,000. For many, homeownership can remain only a dream.
  • High cost of living – the same source states that the cost of living in SF is 80% higher than the country’s average. It’s no secret that SF is one of the most expensive places in the States. To give you an example, did you know that Bay Area citizens pay around $10,000 in taxes?
  • Homelessness – high expenses, housing shortage, job losses, but also mental illness and addiction forced more than 8,000 individuals to live on the SF streets. Keep in mind that this data was collected pre-pandemic and that the number is bound to be bigger now.
  • Increase in wildfires and droughts – due to climate change, wildfire activity in California increased in 2021 by a whopping 26%, making this wildfire season the largest one recorded.

If you take all of this information into consideration, it doesn’t come as a surprise that more than half of the survey responders (56%) stated they are likely to move from this region sometime in the future.

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Coronavirus Pandemic and America’s Relocation Trends

Where are San Francisco residents moving to during the coronavirus pandemic? It’s hard to say, as it seems that there is no visible relocation trend when it comes to the big San Francisco move-out. People are relocating everywhere from freezing Minnesota (Minneapolis) to hot Phoenix (Arizona), as well as from laid-back LA to business-oriented NYC.

However, statistics show us that the most popular cities to move to (in general) since the coronavirus outbreak are:

  • Austin, Texas,
  • Phoenix, Arizona,
  • Nashville, Tennessee,
  • Tampa, Florida,
  • Jacksonville, Florida,
  • Charlotte, North Carolina,
  • Dallas, Texas,
  • Denver, Colorado,
  • Las Vegas, Nevada,
  • Charleston, South Carolina.

But what states outside of California seemed particularly attractive for ex-SF citizens? Let’s find out.

Texas Cities Attract the Most San Franciscans

Texas proves to be one of the most popular destinations for Californians, including those from SF. Many of them were willing to deal with the fear of relocation and extensive relocation expenses to meet all the benefits Texas has to offer. But why? Here are some of the possible reasons:

  • No state income tax is one of the top reasons to move for both individuals and companies – Texas is amongst nine states that don’t recognize this type of tax.
  • Lower expenses– according to Numbeo, the general cost of living is 27% lower in Dallas, for example, than in SF, while the average rent is even 50% lower. At the same time, purchasing power is a lot higher in Dallas.
  • Violent crime rates are 5% lower in Texas, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
  • Plenty of job opportunities – Texas, in general, has a lower unemployment rate (4.8% compared to 5.8% in California as of January 2022). Even more, Texas now has more jobs to offer than before the pandemic! Those who decide to move for a job look at cities in Texas as a good SF alternative.

As one of the leading states for business, according to Forbes, Texas attracts not only individuals but companies as well. Did you know that Elon Musk made Austin the newest Tesla headquarters in December last year? And it’s not the only big-name corporation that decided to relocate to the Lone Star State.

Trading Silicon Valley for Silicon Hills

The Austin metropolitan area has become one of the most developed technology hubs in the country. It grew so much that many started to compare it to California’s Silicon Valley, earning it the nickname Silicon Hills. Amazing job opportunities, especially in the tech field, combined with the more affordable cost of living in Austin, are what’s drawing many to get long-distance moving services and leave the Bay area.

Still, work isn’t the only reason Austin became a top destination for many relocating from SF. Plenty of entertainment and recreation opportunities, amazing nightlife and food scene, numerous music venues, art galleries, and theaters ensured that there is something here for everyone.
However, Austin is only one of several Texan cities that appeal to Californians. Keep in mind that relocating to Houston and Dallas is also very popular amongst ex-SF residents – you will do no wrong, no matter which of these three cities you end up choosing.

Idaho Holds a Hidden Gem for Tech Workers

If you think many want to move to more glamorous cities, such as New York, Las Vegas, or Miami, you would be only partially correct. Although those places do attract a lot of Californians, Boise, Idaho, holds the bigger appeal for San Franciscans – or so the studies have shown.

Listed as one of the surge cities, Boise became one of the hot spots for entrepreneurs and tech employees almost overnight. The excellent job market, metropolis’ amenities, and small-town feel combine exquisitely here. This techy boomtown (as Time has named it) was one of the fastest-growing cities even before the pandemic hit, and it continues to be so today.

Boise Combines Affordability, Plenty of Available Job Opportunities, and Great Quality of Life

Getting a job in a new city shouldn’t be hard when it comes to Boise. Except for numerous job opportunities in the tech field, note that healthcare, tourism, services, and agriculture are also industries with jobs in demand. And when you’re off work, there are plenty of outdoor amenities you and your family can enjoy – from biking and hiking to spending time at rivers and lakes. Although Boise is not a coastal town, don’t forget to bring some of your beach gear when getting packing services.

There are many benefits of relocating to Boise, but affordability is one of the leading ones. According to Numbeo, expenses in Boise are almost 40% lower than in SF, while renting an apartment costs 142% more in SF! If you’re relocating on a budget and looking for a place that can provide you with good opportunities and low expenses, Boise may be the right choice.

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Utah’s Salt Lake City Is Another Preferable Destination

Even though it’s the biggest town in Utah, the population size of Salt Lake City can’t compare with SF. That being said, it has witnessed a huge economic and population growth in the last decade. After all, it is yet another place with a tech booming industry. However, the tech field is not the only one for newcomers – you will find plenty of opportunities in tourism, healthcare, and manufacturing.

As with Boise, affordability is one of the huge factors making SF citizens think about relocating here. The general expenses are 31% higher in SF, with the average rent being almost 60% more expensive in the Bay area.

But there is so much more to look forward to! Diversity in dining options, great nightlife, and a strong sense of community are all reasons many decide to stay. And if that’s not enough, stunning views of the Wasatch mountain range, Great Salt Lake, and the Oquirrh mountain range will help you adjust to a new town faster.

However, be prepared for much colder winters than what you’re used to. If you decide on storage services when hiring long-distance movers, ensure to keep all of your winter gear by your side.

Salt Lake City overlooking the mountains
While SLC has only around 200,000 citizens, SF Metro Area is home to over three million people

Washington Is the Preferred Choice for Those Who Want to Remain on the West Coast

Although Oregon’s Portland and Eugine have been popular with the SF residents planning to move to another city, Seattle is the most sought-after West Coast metropolis. As with all the towns mentioned above, the excellent business climate is what attracts Californias here the most – global companies such as Amazon, Starbucks, and Microsoft all have their headquarters in Seattle or near it.

Additionally, note that Washington is one of the states with a no-income-tax policy and pretty high base salaries. Unique culture, great outdoors, amazing job market, and prime-quality schools in Seattle leave little to be desired. However, be prepared for relocation in the rain – it is called the Rain City for a reason.

Why Is Seattle One of the Best Places to Live In the Country?

There are plenty of reasons to love Seattle. It’s considered one of the best outdoor towns and one of the best cities for college grads. It’s known for being very safe and walkable, and with great public transport. Eco-friendliness and progressiveness are also prominent Seattle features.

There are plenty of things to do in Seattle, with it being a hub for performing arts. Moreover, amazing road trips would be at your fingertips if you decide to get auto transport services and ship your vehicle here. It’s no wonder that this place is listed as one of the top 20 places to live in the country (by U.S. News & World Report). If you want to know more about how to spend your free time after relocating to Settle, take a look at the video below:

North Carolina Proved to Have Plenty to Offer

SF is not known only as a tech center of the country – it’s a financial one as well. So all the finance workers who wanted to move away and start over looked for places that could provide them with plenty of job opportunities in this field. While a number of them chose NYC as a new home, many took their chances with Charlotte, North Carolina, and haven’t regretted it since.

During the pandemic, Charlotte, NC, was one of the most popular choices among those relocating to a new state. Why is that? Aside from being yet another tech hub, it’s also one of the largest financial centers in the country (the largest one after NYC, to be precise). Moreover, the great school system, beautiful parks, and outdoor venus, as well as affordability, made this place desirable for young families. Keep in mind that rent in SF is more than 100% higher than in Charlotte. All that combined was a good enough reason for many to hire a long-distance moving company, get cross-country moving services and relocate all the way to the other side of the country.

There will be plenty of things to in Charlotte, North Carolina
Did you know that Charlotte was named after British Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz?

If You’re Going to Move Out of SF, Do It Right – Hire the Most Reliable Cross-Country Movers

If you become one of many who wish to try their luck somewhere outside of Frisco, make sure you have only the best San Francisco moving-out experience. Googling the best long-distance movers near me and starting your search for a prime-quality cross-country moving company must be on your relocation to-do list. No matter which state or city you choose for your next destination, know that the right relocation team can make the transition much easier.

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