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Things to Know About Moving Elderly Parents Out of State

When making such a life-changing decision such as moving elderly parents out of state, you have to consider all the factors that can impact their wellbeing. They have probably lived in their present home for a while and they probably feel comfortable amongst their memories and belongings. Separating them from all that can be quite a shock.

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Making a big decision such as this is no easy task.

In case they have to move long distances, their new living arrangement will depend on the level of attention they require, the finances available, and the number of medical services they have access to in their future environment. With our tips, you will find all the possible solutions that suit the best for you and your elderly parent.

When Is the Right Time To Have a Conversation About Moving

The right time to have a conversation about relocation with your family members really depends on the situation your parents are in. Some signs that your aging parent may benefit from the new environment and professional medical attention are:

  • they are physically and mentally incapable of looking after themselves anymore
  • they cannot maintain their basic hygiene and prepare their meals
  • they have isolated themselves from their friends and family due to grieving
  • their home is untidy and their health is getting worse
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Discuss Every Scenario Within Family

Prior to deciding the potential location for your loved parents, you need to discuss it within your family and consider everyone’s opinion. Members of the family living closer to them will bear more responsibilities, so they should have a chance to say if they feel capable and want to look after them. On the other hand, the family members living far away may be frustrated by not being able to participate as much as they would like to, so find a middle solution.

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Try discussing options with all of your family members to find the best one.

Make Sure They Have Proper Care and Help in Their New Home

Think about the future and take into account that your aging mother and father will grow older and their health will deteriorate over the years. Will their new living facility be able to cater to their changing needs? Making them move again would be too much for them, so you may consult with a social worker or a geriatric care manager and get additional information on what you may expect and what to opt for in that respect.

Care Considerations

Start with evaluating if your loved parents need constant supervision and which daily routines they can perform on their own. If you have the time to provide them with assistance in some activities or if in-home service for seniors is available and your budget can allow it, you can accommodate them in your place. If that is not the case, determine the level of medical caregiving they need now and will be needed in the future period. Then search for a suitable senior facility that offers such services.

Set the Time for Your Visits

Once your loved mom and dad are settled in, try to visit them more often in the beginning, to help them adjust to the unfamiliar environment. Help them socialize with other seniors in the facility and accept the assistance of the staff. 

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It's important to make sure they have proper care, whatever housing option you choose.

Find Housing for Your Elderly Parents

The best option would obviously be your home, as it would provide them with all the possible emotional support and enable you to monitor their overall health. But it also depends on whether you can accommodate them in your existing place and whether you have the financial capabilities to provide them with the necessary caregiving.

If they can still take basic care of themselves and the community provides sufficient support, they can settle in retirement communities with various amenities. This is an excellent option, as these centers will provide good caregiving to your elderly parents and provide them with the opportunity to lead independent lives. 

Another possible plan may be an assisted living facility, where your loved mother and father will receive around-the-clock attention but are still able to attend to their basic needs.

Consider a Senior Home When Moving Elderly Parents to Another State

When deciding about the right place for your aging mom and dad, ensure it suits their needs and health condition. Not all of them offer all the necessary things your loved ones may need, so some of these tips could help. Research the assisted senior facilities closest to you and find out information about basic medical attention and broader entertainment. If you are not entirely satisfied, consider other more remote locations for seniors, but make sure to verify whether they want to accept your parents’ insurance or whether your budget can cover the cost. Take your time and choose the best option related to assisted living facilities.

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Make sure you find proper housing for your elderly parents.

Make a Checklist for Moving Elderly Parents Out of State

Once you decided on the right living arrangement for your aging parents, you can move on to the actual relocation process. You will have to consider downsizing the stuff they have most certainly piled up over the years. Before packing, make a plan and sort the items into several categories, such as the ones that are going to be moved to the new place, the ones remaining with the family, and the ones to be donated or thrown out. Discuss with your mom and dad which items they are emotionally attached to, as they may help them adjust to their new place more easily. Create a checklist for moving elderly parents to another state with all the essentials and be prepared for carefree relocation. 

Once you have finished organizing and packing their belongings, think about the best way to move your parents to their new residence. Perhaps you can reduce the costs of long-distance moving services by doing most of the job yourself, including car transport, but they might be too old and week to travel across the borders, so consider flying them there. Inquire if there is a specialized company for relocating senior citizens you can hire or use its services for free in your community.

During the whole process, it is important to provide your seniors with emotional support by reassuring them you will stay involved in their lives. By communicating with them, you can also alleviate any possible fear of moving your aging parent might have.

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