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How to Pack a Guitar for Shipping – Everything You Should Know

You know how to play the guitar, but you do not know how to pack a guitar for shipping? Do not worry, you’re halfway there already. Packing music instruments is quite a specific process, but the good thing is that almost all of them come with their own cases. That’s why today, we are going to share with you some tips and steps on how to do it.

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Preparing to ship your beloved instrument?

Learn How to Pack a Guitar for Shipping

The dilemma about packing delicate and fragile items begins quickly after you make a decision to move. What is the safest way to do it, which materials to use, how to ship it, etc. are just some questions that keep popping up. The worst part is there is no such thing as a universal solution. Every delicate item requires a specific approach. If you are a musician, then you have probably been on the road with your instrument quite a few times, but this is different. And you might even want to consider paying extra for the insurance during the transport and time spent in storage.

Before we move on to the main steps of packing your instrument, let’s take a look at all the materials you’ll need.

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Hard cases are not good enough to ship instruments solely in them, you need additional boxes for better protection.

The Things You’ll Need

When it comes to boxes and packing supplies for instruments, luckily, you can find pretty much everything you need at a reasonable cost because these are all cheap moving supplies:

  • Old newspapers
  • Duct tape
  • Cushioning materials like bubble wrap or packing paper
  • Rectangular or special boxes that can be found in some music shops

However, if you own a collectible or custom piece, we recommend you consider investing in custom crating.

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Can I Use My Gig Bag or a Guitar Case for Shipments?

For transporting, your instrument needs to be protected, so a gig bag won’t do the job well enough. You will need a sturdy protective case or a box that can save your instrument from more than a few scratches during the transport. Even instruments with a case need to travel in a box, just in case something heavy falls on them while on the road.

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Bubble wrap is the best material to protect your sensitive items.

How to Pack a Guitar Step-by-Step

There are a few essential steps to be taken when trying to protect items like guitars during transportation. Just like there are packing strategies for moving furniture or anything else, you need one for guitars as well. Keep in mind that you should take these steps whether you are using a gig bag or a case.

Step 1: Prepare the Guitar for Shipping

  • Loosen all the strings a bit, so that there is not that much tension. Just spin the tuning keys, so that the strings aren’t tightened. You’ll easily tune it back once you unpack it.
  • Remove capo, slime, and whimmy bar, or anything else that could move around and scratch the instrument.
  • Use newspapers or wrapping paper to secure the tremolo bridges and other movable parts
  • Protect the headstock by wrapping it with bubble wrap or newspapers because this part is particularly sensitive
  • Place a piece of paper to separate the strings from the fretboard.

Step 2: Fill in the Space Around

Guitars should not be able to move inside of the case during transport. Therefore, it is essential to fill in all the gaps inside of it. Just use old newspapers or bubble wrap to do that, and do not spare the material. Then close it and do a gentle shake test to check if anything is moving inside.

Step 3: Pack It In a Box Before the Courier Comes

A case is not enough. It would be best if you placed it all in a special box that fits guitars. Again, you will have to fill in the space between the case and the walls of the box and then perform a shake test. As a final step, consider using a second box and reinforcing the edges with layers of tape. Make sure to seal everything with tape, label the package as fragile, and your guitar can hit the road.

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Secure all the delicate parts carefully.

Choosing the Cheapest Company Might Cost More in the End

Ask around to see if anyone knows a company that has experience in shipping such delicate items like instruments. Your fellow musicians should know some. However, we have to mention that here you really need to think well and choose a company that provides quality moving services. Especially if you own a valuable and collectible piece that is priceless.

Another Mistake to Avoid

If you have a fear of moving such delicate objects, we completely understand you. That’s we wanted to inform you about some mistakes you shouldn’t allow yourself. Although packaging peanuts are often used for stuffing, they can cause more harm than help. Not only that, but they also create a mess, move all over the place, and cannot provide the level of protection you are expecting. If you still have no other choice, place them in a plastic bag, and then fill in the gaps with it.

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Avoid using packaging peanuts for cushioning delicate objects.

The Bottom Line

We hope we helped you get an idea of how you can safely pack your precious guitar. If you don’t feel confident enough to do it yourself, you can rely on moving companies that offer packing services. A team of professional movers who have enough experience will take care of it. All you have to do is to prepare a playlist that will be the right music for the ears of your new neighbors.

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