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6 Steps to Take When Moving a Grandfather Clock

If there’s one thing that can make your move a nightmare, then that’s definitely the tedious process of packing. Not only does it take too much of your precious time, but there are also those items that you find too valuable to leave behind but too tricky to pack and protect without help. For instance, if you own a grandfather clock that you can’t imagine moving without, you’re probably wondering whether there is the right way to transport it and avoid any damage. There is, and we are here to tell you what steps to follow.

  1. Disassemble your clock

The first thing to do if you want to protect your clock internal mechanism is to remove the weights and the pendulum. These are the most significant components of your large, but a highly fragile precious object and they can suffer severe damage if you don’t remove them right from the start and wrap them accordingly, as we’ll explain later on.

  1. Wear gloves

Furthermore, it is of utmost importance to avoid touching any of the internal mechanism components with your bare hands. As previously mentioned, these are highly fragile and, thus, can be easily damaged if not handled properly. So, before you get anywhere near them, get a pair of soft gloves and the finely polished brass, and glass elements will be safe from getting accidentally stained. Similarly, we suggest using a soft non-abrasive cloth when cleaning any of the fragile items.

  1. Gather proper packing material

As you already know, before you get down to packing, you need to get all the necessary packing material. This is a particularly important step when you own breakable items such as grandfather clock. Thus, you will need enough soft packing paper for its delicate parts, together with sheets of bubble wrap, a roll of tape, and moving blankets. Make sure you gather all these on time so as to avoid missing anything once you’ve already started packing.

  1. Use soft packing paper to wrap the pendulum

As previously said, you need to pay particular attention when packing the pendulum, so we suggest that you use soft packing paper to protect it from any damage.

  1. Place the weights in separate wrapping paper

The other pieces of your longcase clock that require special care are the weights. So, once you come to packing these, use wrapping paper to keep them safe, and make sure you wrap them separately.

  1. Use a moving blanket to cover the entire clock

Finally, don’t forget to cover the body once everything’s dismantled. That’s when moving blankets will come in handy. You can also use them while packing individual parts if you want to ensure extra protection.

We’re sure your precious piece of furniture will be safe if you follow these steps. If you still have some questions or need some moving tips, do not hesitate to contact Long Distance Movers at any time given.