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How to Pack Bathroom Items for Moving Cross-Country

Planning a move has us running, packing, and organizing a lot of things. Although you’ll probably take care of the restroom in the end, it’s crucial to know how to pack bathroom items for moving the proper way, so nothing gets broken or spilled along the way.

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Many products we keep in our restroom are utterly important to us

No modern home can be pictured without having at least one restroom, an area of the house we visit 2,500 times a year or 6 to 8 times daily. The bathroom’s a place where we probably tend to keep more stuff in cabinets than we actually realize, from cleaning supplies and beauty products to different appliances. And we will probably require the majority of these the moment we move into the new residence. We’ve set our relocating budget, hired long-distance movers, and now it’s time to go to the last stage of preparing to move out – placing our cosmetics and other relocating essentials into bags and boxes.

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Why It’s Important to Know How to Pack Bathroom Items for Moving

Our bathrooms are the places we keep many different things. From beauty appliances to medicine, as well as cleaners and other chemicals, these rooms are packed with various stuff we require every day. If you want to know the best way to organize your move, keep in mind that bathrooms should be packed last and unpacked first, right after you enter your new home.

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This is probably the first room we’ll be using in our house

The First Step Is to Purge Your Home, and Especially the Bathroom

Relocating soon? First thing’s first, create a relocating binder so you can keep track of all the tasks up ahead. The next step is to start decluttering your house and pay special attention to the restroom. Anything you think you won’t require in your future home or that’s broken or expired should find its way to the garbage bin. If you’ve decided to invest in long-distance moving services, contact them and ask for a list of the things they won’t move. Anything flammable is considered a hazard and is not allowed in transport. The same goes for the things you plan on storing in storage unitsanything that’s considered as non-allowable can’t go into storage. That includes deodorants and nail polish, as well as nail polish remover. After you declutter, it will be much easier to make a home inventory list.

Have You Established What Goes Into Your Essentials Box?

No checklist for relocating to a new state should be without a first-day survival kit listed on it, and it should be marked as crucial. Just imagine walking into the new house with a need for the toilet, and there are no basic toiletries inside, while you’ve also forgotten to put them in your car. That’s why it’s crucial that you establish what goes into your essentials bag, from toothpaste and toothbrush for each member of the family to toilet paper, wet wipes, a disinfectant, first-aid kit, shampoo, and towels.

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Place some basic things from the restroom into your overnight bag

Prepare the Right Packing Supplies

So, what is the easiest way to pack when moving? Like with packing any other area of your house, you’ll need to gather the proper materials. But, while you’ll be using standard things like boxes, paper, and bubble wrap throughout the rest of the residence, bathrooms require some additional materials. Stock up on plastic wrap, and get a pile of ziplock bags to secure each bottle and prevent leakage. The best-sized box for things we have in our bathrooms should be smaller, so it would be easier to carry. While you gather the materials you need, you can make arrangements to throw a packing party and invite some friends to spend time together, while they help you place everything into boxes and bags.

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Obtaining the proper materials gets half of the job done

If You’ve Never Packed a Restroom Before, Here’s What to Do

How do you pack a bathroom for moving? When you walk into this specific area of your house and start looking at all of the things you keep in it, you start to realize that it won’t be such an easy task to tackle. There are many bottles with chemicals, beauty products, spillable things, but also small appliances you couldn’t imagine your life without, and you’ll have to think about how to move them. It’s more than obvious that you can’t simply open up a suitcase and throw everything in. That’s why you’ll need to sort it all out.

One of the Most Important Tips Is to Sort Out Your Bathroom Toiletries by Category

After you’ve thoroughly decluttered, you need to go through everything you keep in the cabinets and shelves in the restroom and sort it. There are several categories of stuff we keep there:

  • Small toilet appliances – These range from everyday tools, such as hairdryers and electric razors, to curling irons, epilators, and hair straighteners,
  • Accessories for shaving – Brushes, razors, different gels, foams, and aftershave lotions all fall into this category,
  • Basic toiletries – or the things that make us squeaky clean, and include toothbrushes and toothpaste, mouth wash, dental floss, shampoos, shower gels, conditioners, body lotions, soaps, and other stuff,
  • Medicines – From our first aid kit to prescription meds and eye-care products, these are all located in our restrooms,
  • Make-up and cosmetics – Different creams (for hands and face) but also foundations, mascaras, lipsticks, and eyeliners, all of these fall into one group,
  • Cleaners, such as detergents and disinfectants – No move-out or move-in can be pictured without these,
  • Paper products – including toilet paper, paper towels, and tissues,
  • Towels and bathrobes,
  • Deodorants and perfumes,
  • Everything else you might be keeping there, like baskets and bags for toiletries.

Once you’ve gone through sorting, you can start packing each item accordingly.

Don’t Skip This Step – Pack Small Appliances Needed for Your Daily Routine

Our bathrooms are most likely full of different tools we regularly use, such as various beauty appliances. One of the important tips is to check if any of these tools use batteries and make sure you remove them before they get packed into a box. It might be a while until you sort them out into your restroom. If you’ve figured out that you’ve managed to collect several identical hair dryers or straighteners, make sure you donate some or even sell them if they are still in good condition.

How to Pack Toiletries for Moving With the Help of Household Supplies

If you’re looking for cheap supplies, look no further beyond your restroom. Towels and other soft materials can be used to cushion fragile items you have in your restroom. A great hack would be to use socks for cushioning small breakables such as bottles of perfume. This is a great opportunity to use all the linen you have in your restroom that’s been worn out and throw them away after you unpack.

Some More Hacks

You’ve sorted through the stuff you keep in the restroom, and now you’re wondering if there are any tips so you can figure out how do you pack open toiletries? Knowing how to package liquids will help you with bottles of shampoo and similar products, but also when you want to bring some detergents, so you can tidy up your new residence right away. This is where plastic wrap comes in handy. Take the bottle cap off, place some wrap under it, and close it again. This will secure it from any spilling while in transport and keep your other belongings intact.

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Each and every bottle should be secured with plastic wrap

Cleaning Supplies Should Be Packed Separately

“How do you pack cleaning supplies for moving” is a valid question. But after you do a thorough move-out cleaning of the house, there probably won’t be too many detergents left anyway. The ones that are still nearly full can be packed the same way as other open bottles but kept separately. The best way to package disinfectants and other chemicals is to place them into plastic bags and bring them with you in your car. After all, cleaners are certainly among the first apartment essentials or on the list of things you require for your new house or apartment suite because you’ll have some move-in cleaning ahead of you.

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Cleaning solvents should be on your bathroom packing list

Secure Your Medicine Cabinet for Transport

If you’ve decided to avoid driving and paid for an auto transport service, you will probably ride on a plane or travel by bus to your destination. However, if you have some health issues, you should be flying with prescription medication and not allow your meds to be among the most commonly forgotten things to pack. This means that you should carefully package your medicine cabinet and place all your meds into the essentials box you’ll carry with you at all times.

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Don’t forget to take the prescription medication out of the cabinet and take it with you

Take Extra Care of Your Makeup

All of those who love using makeup usually have specialized bags for it or small plastic containers. Since many cosmetics may be considered fragile items, they should be cushioned thoroughly. The best way to do this is to take cotton pads and place them between the powdery and compact products and their lids to avoid breakage. Moisturizers, foundations, and similar products should also be closed with plastic wrap to avoid leakage. You can then place them into separate plastic bags and seal them. You can see some tips for preparing makeup for travel in the following video.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

No restroom can be complete without a mirror, but they are easily broken, especially while it’s being transported. Even if we hand it over to reliable movers, who are trained professionals, if you don’t know how to package a mirror properly, it will get damaged. Use painter’s tape to make an “X” on the glass surface, and keep in mind that this is the best tape for the job because it won’t leave any residue once removed. Use foam noodles to secure the edges of the mirror and cover everything in packaging paper. Place all your mirrors vertically into properly labeled boxes, cushion thoroughly so there won’t be any free space to shift, and you’re good to go. Of course, this would all be much easier if you’ve decided to invest in packing services offered by the cross-country movers. Also, if they package everything up, you can pay for additional relocating insurance to be at ease while everything is in transit.

An unpacked restroom after cross-country moving overlay
Mirrors are an essential part of every restroom

The Restroom Was the Last Room Left to Take Care Of – It’s Time to Move Out

Your restroom is packed, the survival kit is ready, and all that’s left is to wait for the long-distance moving company to show up and load everything into their truck. If you think this is all too much for you, search for long-distance movers near me that have the household packaging among their cross-country moving services and let them handle the whole ordeal. After all, the best way to move efficiently is to focus on important tasks while professionals take care of the rest.

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