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How to Save on Moving Costs – 9 Ways to Budget for a Move

Learning how to save on moving costs from the moment you decide to move right up to the relocation day might not be something you’re looking forward to, but it’s worth knowing. Arming yourself with some practical and affordable ways to move long-distance will certainly help when your budget is tight.

Piggy bank with a pile of boxes prepared for long-distance moving
With the proper advice, it's possible to move on a tight budget hassle-free

We’re well-aware of how fast expenses add up, which is why we’re here to arm you with some handy tips on how to plan an affordable move and keep the costs down on the way to your new home.

#1 How Much Should You Save up to Move – Crunch Down the Numbers

Before doing anything, it’s important to know how to move and set your relocation budget properly. Making a thorough plan and creating a relocation expenses checklist will help you relieve anxiety about moving out, especially if you’re relocating for the first time on a budget. Getting closer to an idea of the approximate figure needed for the upcoming move will give you a much-needed sense of control and make the process less frustrating.

A girl calculating cross-country moving expenses
Prepare a detailed plan of tasks and expenses awaiting before you start the relocation process

#2 Get Rid of Unnecessary Household Items

Organizing your move to the tiniest detail is the only secure way to move efficiently. You probably know by now that the shorter your inventory list is, the cheaper your move will be. By decluttering your home and eliminating the stuff you don’t need anymore, you will save up some big bucks, especially if you want to leave bulky pieces of furniture behind. There are many ways to downsize for a move. However, if you’re not sure how to do it, we have a handful of tips that will do the trick.

Have a Garage Sale

Whether you like the idea or not, living in the same space for years leads to accumulating so much stuff we can say that each human is a collector to a certain degree. The thing is, no matter how big or small your living space is, you probably have godforsaken items scattered all over the place. You maybe don’t even know where exactly.

Our recommendation is to sort all these things out before you set out on the packing adventure. Decide which things you don’t need anymore and which ones you want to sell. There are countless tips on the web on how to have a successful garage sale, and some of them will surely benefit you. Consider throwing some of the nicest stuff on shopping sites like eBay because it’s a safe and fast way to earn some money.

Donate Your Stuff

If you’re left with some items you failed to sell, think about giving them away. Donating unwanted items such as, for example, unwanted appliances or the clothes you have outgrown might be beneficial and save you some money. Choosing a non-profit organization approved by the IRS makes your donation tax-deductible. You’ll need a bank record or a receipt with the charity’s name to write off the amount from the income tax.

If you’re not sure whether to trash some of your stuff or donate it, watch the video below to find the answer.

#3 You Don’t Have to Purchase Brand New Packing Materials

One of the biggest relocation mistakes people make is leaving the buying of packing materials for the last moment. What they’re usually left with is no other option but purchasing brand new ones. If you’re on a mission to move on a budget, you’ll avoid spending money on unnecessary stuff and start getting materials for free or for a small fee early enough. Sure, investing in something is unavoidable, particularly when it comes to protecting and packing fragile items since you’ll have to be generous with bubble wrap and packing paper, but not all your stuff requires ultimate protection.

Use Trash Bags When Moving Household Items

Here’s one of the relocation hacks you should always use since it has been proven effective far too many times. Although wardrobe boxes and specially designed relocation bags are good to have on hand, you will not miss them at all with quality trash bags. Just place your clothes neatly in and leave the top part of the hanger sticking out.

A man carrying a box for cross-country moving
Reuse old boxes and find alternatives to pricey supplies

#4 Always Compare Relocation Quotes

With so many professionals nearby, it’s not that hard to get confused about which one to choose for the moving services you need. However, when wondering How can I save money when hiring movers, comparing relocation quotes is the way to go. On the other hand, beware that low rates are not always the best solution because they often mean compromising the quality of the job provided. Still, finding a good deal with reasonable prices is possible if you give it enough time. Whether you’re looking for professional packing or you’d like to include something else, do not choose your cross-country movers randomly. Whatever your reasons to move are, a thorough quote comparison is a promising starting point.

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Think About What You Can Do by Yourself

When searching for the cheapest way to move out of state, you’ll quickly understand that it will be much more affordable if you do some tasks by yourself. Of course, depending on the time and energy you have, it’s important not to overestimate your abilities nor underestimate them, either. Living by yourself and planning on relocating to another state alone is not the same as when the whole family is involved. That’s why it’s vital to try to look at the situation objectively and do what you can to cut some costs when hiring professionals.

Ask Your Friends to Help You Pack

You can always rely on your loved ones when it comes to simple tasks like move-out cleaning, assisting you with a garage sale, and sorting your belongings. Throwing a packing party is always an excellent idea because it adds fun to the serious process and leaves you with fewer responsibilities awaiting. All that for free. Not to mention that their help will lower the budget you have to set aside for cross-country movers.

A couple at the table with their laptop
You don't have to hire professionals for each upcoming task

#5 Consider Relocating With a Car

The main reason why people avoid relocating with their own car is that their future home is thousands of miles away from the current one. However, if you don’t mind the long drive, it could eliminate rental truck expenses which – besides the basic price – also include insurance. If relocating a studio or small apartment, don’t let this option slip your mind. Of course, if you’d rather avoid driving, you can always opt for auto transport services.

Sharing the Truck Space Is Also an Affordable Option

Delivering your belongings is never cheap, but there are ways to make it affordable, and a shared truckload is one of them. The cost of an exclusive move, with the whole truck just for yourself, will be much higher than sharing it with others. You’d have to be a bit more flexible with the schedule because it takes longer to have your possessions with you again, but it’s worth it.

Is Renting a Truck Really Cheaper Than Paying for Professional Movers?

Renting a truck might seem more affordable than paying professionals for a moving service. However, you’d have to load and unload belongings yourself. On top of that, you’d have to dedicate a few days to drive the whole distance and create a plan and budget for gas, food and beverages, and accommodation along the way. And don’t forget the truck rental deposit and insurance. When all is summed up, renting a truck isn’t that cheap after all.

A man unloading stuff from his car after long-distance moving
Take transportation options into serious consideration before deciding which one suits you best

#6 Ship Your Books

Nobody doubts your love of the printed letter. However, you can’t just put your whole library into boxes and expect to transport it cheaply. Books are quite heavy, and they take up quite a bit of space since it’s impossible to fold them. That’s why shipping them through USPS might be a clever solution.

Check Out the Shipping Price for the Rest of Your Belongings

Splitting your belongings into half is also worth considering if the shipping price is more affordable than other options. Maybe it wouldn’t be smart to ship them all, but you could easily be better off with this option available, as well.

Books scattered around
Consider shipping alternatives for books.

#7 Implement a Spending Freeze

Of course, you want to buy new items for your home, and you’ve probably had a new apartment shopping list ready since the moment you decide to move. Still, if you want to have some cash left in your pockets, the trick is to focus on the priorities. The excitement of changing homes can be seducing, so it’s crucial to learn to implement a spending freeze, at least for a while.

A girl writing down things in her notebook
Try to shorten your new apartment checklist as much as possible

#8 Choose the Right Date to Relocate

We’re well aware that sometimes people can’t be that flexible with the relocation date, but it’s important to choose the right one in case you can. If you decide to hire cross-country movers to help you out and stay in control of your finances, there’s one rule to follow – don’t do it from May to August. It’s the peak season, and the quote will be higher due to high demand. On the other hand, relocating in winter or anytime between September and April guarantees a lower cost of relocation.

Professional long-distance mover on duty
If you want to think of some more ways to be economical, avoid peak seasons when relocating

#9 Consider a Moving Container to Pack Your Possessions

Yet again, if you stick to DIY ideas all the way, a container is one of the smartest options out there. Needless to say, an affordable one. You will still have to pay for the service of getting the container to your old house and relocating it to the new one, but loading and unloading things is up to you and your own pace. All you have to do is reach out to a company when you’re ready to load your belongings, and they will move your stuff to the given location. After you’re done with the unloading, too, the company takes their container away. This one is worth considering, especially if you can’t drive.

Professionals long-distance moving company bringing a container
Boxing up belongings by yourself into a container is always a good solution

Now You Know How to Save Money on Moving Costs

It might not be possible to relocate from one place to another entirely for free, but you don’t have to spend every dime on it. There are some smart solutions to save enough money without compromising your time or, even worse, your health. The whole point is to be well informed and prepared long before you embark on the big journey. And with all these tips and tricks we gave you, you surely will be.

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