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10 Most Interesting Things to Do in Philadelphia

There are so many things to do in Philadelphia that you will have to make a list of priorities to keep track of them. The so-called City of Brotherly Love has over 1,000 food establishments and retailers in its center alone, along with countless museums, theaters, open green spaces, 426 miles of bicycle lanes, and more than 4,000 massive murals. Depending on your interests, time, and budget, you can easily find an activity for yourself. Check out parks and bike around, basking in the beauty of nature, or get your holiday groove on by visiting cheerfully decorated venues.

Embarking on a new journey in Philadelphia, with the majestic Philadelphia Museum of Art serving as the backdrop to my relocation. The sky unveils a panoramic view as I explore the city, capturing the essence of this vibrant place. The iconic museum stands tall, welcoming me to my new home with a sense of cultural richness and urban beauty. overlay
Museum of Art Philadelphia

Sports fans and foodies can choose from an array of restaurants, pubs, and sports bars with tasty foods and good drinks. Moving to Philly with family will come easy because here, you can have a chance to bond in kid-friendly venues and take part in interesting activities like apple picking.

#1 The Best Things to Do in Philadelphia in the Great Outdoors

Philly’s urban park system includes more than 10,000 acres with over 60 separate parks, 270 hiking trails, and hundreds of historic buildings. In other words, a paradise for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Check out Wissahickon Park. With 57 miles of trails and 1,800 acres of green space, you can explore the great wilderness for a while.

If you decide to hire a Philadelphia relocation company with moving services to transport your household items, tell them to pack up your bike, so that you could use it to ride around Valley Forge. A place where the Continental Army made camp during the Revolutionary War, Valley Forge is now a national historical park with 3,500 acres of open spaces and 30 miles of trails.

If biking, hiking, and people-watching are not for you, there are plenty of other things you can do outside. Check out pumpkin patches and apple picking activities that can be fun not only for you but for the whole family.

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Guide for Apple Picking and Pumpkin Patches in Philly’s Farms

Do you want to skip grocery shopping and go straight to picking apples on your own? This is something you can do with your family. Stop by Linvilla Orchards and make a day out of picking apples; here, you can find more than 25 sorts of them. Shady Brook Farm provides you with additional entertainment in the form of a maze, pig races, and wagon rides.

The holiday season is a special time of the year, and if you prefer Halloween over any other holiday, you can stop by several pumpkin patches. Indian Acres Tree Farm is famous for Christmas trees, but in mid-September, you can find pumpkin patches. With a variety of kid-friendly activities, this is a perfect place for a family outing. Are you a competitive person? If you are, pay a visit to Hellerick’s Family Farm and participate in the pumpkin-rolling competition.

when you move long distance to Philadelphia, you can enjoy gorgeous pumpkins in the meadow overlay
Spend the day searching for big pumpkins because the largest ever grown weighed an incredible 1,140 pounds.

#2 Visit the Franklin Institute

The Franklin Institute is one of the oldest science museums in the country. It opened in 1824, and today is one of the most visited places in all of Pennsylvania. This surely is a spot you can’t skip while exploring the city. Check out all the interactive fun opportunities, participate in solving riddles and puzzles, and learn many scientific things.

Start with learning about Benjamin Franklin, one of the founders of the United States of America. His memorial, located within the Institute, is open for the public, and there you can brush up your knowledge about this great statesman and scientist. Later, take a walk through Giant Heart, a giant exhibit dedicated to health issues, and explore all the mysteries of the human heart.

You don’t have to wait for the night; you can just check out The Fels Planetarium and bask in the night sky at any time of the day. Here you can learn about astronomy and space in a unique way. Tech Studio offers multiple experiences that help visitors engage in the design process.

When you want to put your puzzle-solving skills to the test, check out one of the most tech advanced Escape Rooms here. You can choose between intergalactic and island escape room, and try to be fast and efficient in cracking the code and escaping. If you are moving in with your girlfriend or boyfriend and you want to have a fun day together, you can go to the Institute to take a flight on the flight simulator. Experience Apollo 11, The Maverick, and adventure flight with the Blue Angels in San Francisco.

When trying to figure out the cost of living in Philadelphia, and create a budget for entertainment, know that tickets for the Institute will grant you access to most of the things that Franklin has to offer. Also, if you want to mix things up, there are many other places of interest.

Check out Other Famous Points of Interest and Sensational Museums

History buffs should definitely check out Independence Hall, the place where both the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence were debated and signed. Besides, just a few steps away from Independence Hall, you can see the Liberty Bell Center, and learn something about this famous point of interest.

Eastern State Penitentiary is also one of the places that left a historical mark on the community. It was once the most famous and expensive prison in the world. Stop by if you want to check out Al Capone’s Cell, and the notorious Death Row.

For all the artists out there that discovered the best neighborhoods in Philadelphia and settled down in one, the community has plenty of museums you can visit and enjoy. Check out the first museum and school of fine arts in the nation, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA) that was founded in 1805. Also, here you can find the Fabric Workshop and Museum, a contemporary art institution that creates new materials and media in collaboration with various artists.

If your kids missed some of the educational trips that Philadelphia public schools organize, you could take them to visit some of the institutions dedicated to medicine and science.

when you move long distance to Philadelphia, you can visit Independence hall overlay
Did you know that the basement of Independence Hall was once a dog pound?

#3 Sports Fans Should Check out Stadiums

This is a home to many teams and events in professional, college, and high-school sports. Every sports fan should check out Lincoln Financial Field, the home of the NFL Super Bowl 52 champions, the Eagles. This high-tech stadium can host more than 68,000 Philadelphians who enjoy football.

The next stop would be the Citizens Bank Park, the home of the professional baseball team, the Phillies. This is one of the most child-friendly baseball parks, so feel free to bring your kid with you. When you don’t manage to get tickets for the big game, you can always stop by some of many sports bars, and root for your team there.

Watch a Game at Some of the Numerous Sport Bars

If, by any chance, you miss a big game at the stadium, there are many bars with huge TV screens, good beer, and a loud crowd that will make you feel like you are actually there.

XFINITY Live! might be the next best thing to watching a game at the stadium. This huge entertainment complex holds the one-of-a-kind NBC Sports Arena with its 32-foot, high-definition TV, one of the largest of its kind on the entire East coast. Also, you can have a beer and some food while you cheer for your team.

Chickie’s and Pete’s is a sports bar with a 14-foot TV and signature Crab Fries. It is located in several different spots around town (one is in the NBC Sports Arena), so all you have to do is find the closest one. East Passyunk is home to Garage, the place with the largest canned beer selection in Philly. Every sports fan can also spend some time playing pool, pinball, or enjoying delicious food.

When you live in a place with a high sports spirit, you should know there are plenty of events that you can participate in. So pull your running sneakers out of the storage unit and start preparing for future competitions you can be a part of.

Start Preparing for the 2020 Marathon

Marathon is one of the most historic races in the US. Every November, runners cross through the city, just by Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and the Museum of Art. Around 30,000 people participate, but the big 26.2-mile run is limited to 15,000 runners. This is not only a race to have a good time – winners actually get some money prizes. Maybe now is the right moment to start preparing for the next marathon.

when you move long distance to Philadelphia, you can enjoy American football overlay
Stop by a sports bar and enjoy Philadelphians' favorite pastime

#4 Discover Mouthwatering Restaurants in Philly

A report from the Health Department states that this place has more than 6,000 places where you can eat. Therefore, finding a table at some of the best restaurants in Philadelphia shouldn’t be too hard.

Discovering international establishments, fusion menus, and finding a new favorite spot should be a fun and enjoyable activity. This might not be one of the most vegetarian-friendly cities in the US, but there are a number of places where vegetarians can enjoy fine dining.

Center City is not only one of the best places to live in Philadelphia, it is also densely packed with world-class restaurants. The student-friendly University City comes right behind it. If you are wondering how to adjust to a new town, dining out is one way to do it, but bar hopping can be an entertaining choice as well.

Bar Hopping Is One of the Most Exciting Things to Do in Philadelphia

How would you overcome anxiety about moving to another state or town if not by feeling the pulse of the city and embracing its lifestyle? Philadelphians are known for their ability to drink and to drink well. That is why drinking spots are some of the most suitable places to make friends in the new city. Here you can bond over shared interests, life stories, and favorite brews.

Start at Bloomsday, a pub overtaken by wine enthusiasts and cocktail aficionados. Here you can have local ciders and beers as well. The Lunar Inn is a welcoming, bunkerish, 100-year-old place where you can meet people over a glass of wine and chicken wings.

If you are moving for love, and you want to surprise your special someone with a fun date, make a reservation at Irwin’s or ITV. These places have some of the tastiest cocktails you will ever try. But there are also many breweries that make excellent craft beer you can get at any brewpub.

Craft Beer That Will Leave You Buzzing

When you live in a place that has been on the lists of the best beer cities in the world for a long time, high expectations are justified. GQ Magazine and Thrillist recognized it as one of the finest beer cities in America as well. If you want to have fun like a true Philadelphian, check out some craft beer breweries and brewpubs that serve only the finest ale.

For Pennsylvania beers, you should check out Johnny Brenda’s, a bar that serves draft beers from local brewers. If you are moving in with your boyfriend, surprise him with an impromptu date at one of many brewpubs. When you are done thinking about how to move, you can finally take a breather, relax, and have a cold one.

when you move long distance to Philadelphia, you can enjoy the best beer overlay
Did you know that small and independent breweries collectively produced 25.9 million barrels of beer?

#5 The Place for Holiday Extravaganza

There will be plenty of celebrations throughout the year, and keep in mind that the local community makes a big deal out of them. There are colorful and cheerful festivals that will leave you speechless. Start a year with a bang, and enjoy the fireworks that the local authorities prepare for their residents.

Philly celebrates Thanksgiving with a parade, and it is the nation’s oldest one. You will be surprised by the number of balloons and decorative floats that come in all sizes and shapes. One-day holiday extravaganza celebrations are great, but there are also many events that last weeks and even months, so let’s check them out.

Eye-Catching Holiday Celebrations

Every year, you can take part in many holiday celebrations. No matter what you believe in, the holiday vibe will inspire you to rejoice. The holiday season brings classic shows and performances that will make you feel cheerful and merry. Check out Holiday Lights in different neighborhoods. Traditions such as Macy’s Christmas Light Show have been around since 1956.

happy girl after long distance moving to Philadelphia overlay
Christmas Light Show features more than 100,000 colorful lights.

#6 There Are Many Music and Film Venues to Check Out

If you are relocating from a small town to a big city, you will have to adjust to the fact that the entertainment possibilities are seemingly endless. When it comes to live music, there is no place like Philly. Between local musicians and superstars, this is a home to many music venues that vary in style, size, and location.

Stop by Union Transfer if you want to enjoy hip-hop, folk, electronic, or indie rock acts. This mid-size music hall is located in Loft District, and it is one of the favorite places for music lovers.

If you are more into big, crowded spaces, check out the Fillmore, a 25,000 square feet venue, that was once a World War II munitions factory.

The Electric Factory can be a good place to visit if you want to listen to some big names from the world of music, from rappers to heavy metal bands.

Movie buffs know how important it is to have a place where you can kick back and relax while watching a favorite movie genre such as comedy or horror.

If you are in the mood for a luxury experience, such as having your food served while you are relaxing, check out Tavern Flourtown. Here you can eat chicken wings and watch the latest Hollywood hits.

IMAX Theater will give you the experience that will blow your brains out. This cinema, located at the Franklin Institute, usually shows science stuff such as documentaries about tornados, and sharks, but also masterpieces like 2001: A Space Odyssey.

All the indie film lovers should check out the Ritz in Old City. Catch a showing of movies about murders, historical tragedies, doomed dreamers, and family reunions. Ritz has projections that explore the lives of French and Italian people, but for all of those who don’t mind subtitles, Lightbox Film Center gives the chance to enjoy cinematic creations from all over the world.

Philly even has a place that shows punk music docs, Japanese cult movies, fan remakes, artist documentaries, and movies about people who have sex with aliens. If weird is your thing, PhilaMOCA is a place you can find it.

#7 Events to Look Forward to in 2020

Living in America’s First Capital means you will have plenty of stuff to look forward to because every season brings its own set of celebrations and shows. From the return of the world’s largest indoor Flower Show to the debut of fresh events like JapanPhilly2020, the schedule is packed.

If you are a fan of fire pits, ice skating, seasonal food, and drinks, you will enjoy Blue Cross RiverRink Winterfest, which lasts until March.

Don’t forget to pack your necklaces and fancy clothes when you relocate, because there will be a big opening of the Wonderspaces exhibition at the Fashion District that you can check out.

In April, the south part of Philly will host a pre-Cinco de Mayo festival that honors Mexican traditions. El Carnaval de Puebla is a place where you get to witness the rich and colorful history of Mexican people, as well as traditional dances, costumes, masks, and music.

If you are moving with kids, you will definitely want to visit the South Street Spring Festival and Maifest. This festival offers family fun, eating contests, and even a kids zone.

Philadelphia hosts many celebrations throughout the year, many in different locations, so consider shipping your car, just so you could sit behind the wheel and easily check each and every one.

when you move long distance to Philadelphia, you can enjoy gorgeous flower in the meadow overlay
Did you know that Flower Show raises a million dollars every year to support the community greening programs?

#8 Things to Do With Kids

Having fun on your own, and having fun with your kids might not always be the same thing. Luckily, there are many kid-friendly places that will keep your young ones entertained.

Visit Please Touch Museum, and leave the rules of not touching the stuff at home. The place is designed so that curious minds can experience and learn about objects in front of them. Your children will have fun launching a rocket, navigating hedge maze, or learning about creatures of the forest.

Philly Zoo, the first of its kind in the US, is also a fun place to check out. There are nearly 1,300 animals you can see, from jaguars and bears to hippos and rhinos.

In case of bad weather or if your kids are more indoor cats and they don’t like playing outside, there are many indoor playgrounds they can spend some fun time in.

Indoors Playgrounds for Young Ones

Lulu’s Casita is a space with a warm and welcoming vibe that has a ball pit, magnetic boards, LEGOs, and play fort. Your kids can enjoy running around while you are relaxing at the cafe just a few feet away.

Weather might be bad, but that doesn’t mean children can have a picnic, right? The NEST is a nature-inspired amusement center with picnic tables, a tree for climbing, a playhouse, and a beam log.

a kid is playing after long distance moving overlay
Your kids can learn and have fun indoors and outdoors.

#9 Explore Like a Tourist

When tourists check out a new and unexplored place, they usually go to the most famous sites in the area. If you want to act like a tourist and experience the place as they do, there are many places you can visit.

Take a selfie with the famous Rocky statue located at the bottom of the steps of the Museum of Art. In true Rocky fashion, you should jog up the stairs and pump your fists in the air first. Also, if you want to take some more photos, pay a visit to one of the best-known landmarks, the LOVE sculpture.

Head to Reading Terminal Market, and see for yourself what is all the fuss about. Many tourists like to walk around the Market, enjoy some fine cuisine in one of many restaurants, or buy jewelry, fresh produce, and houseware.

Check out Some of the Many Non-Tourist Attractions

Learning all about the hidden gems will take some time, but some of those spots will probably become your favorite getaways from busy everyday life. If you want to escape the real world for a few moments, stop by Cira Green, a park atop of a 12-story parking garage, that has green landscape, benches and walkways, just like any other park. You will be 100 feet from the ground, and you will get to enjoy amazing views of the city’s skyline.

Every foodie will highlight the Museum of Pizza Culture as their favorite spot to see. Here you can find the world’s largest collection of pizza-related collectibles and memorabilia.

When you are up for some shopping, take a stroll down Chestnut Street and check out Fabric Row. Some of the best vintage shops on the East Coast are located here. From indie-retail spots to boutiques and alternative cafes, there are plenty of places worth checking out.

If you are worried about your budget and how to keep yourself entertained without making a dent in your savings, don’t worry, there are plenty of places where you can have fun free of charge. Let’s go over them.

Free Fun in Philly

Sometimes when you are on a tight budget, you want to save up as much as possible, but still have some fun. Luckily, this is a place that has many free and entertaining stuff to offer to its residents; you just have to know where to look.

Every first Friday in the month, Old City opens its streets for art lovers. Here you can browse through over 40 galleries and after kick back and relax at one of the many cafés nearby. Go to the Kimmel Center website and check out the timetable of free concerts. You can bring your kids here and see one of the festivals or showcases.

Did you know that Mural Arts has created more than 4,000 murals throughout Philly’s streets? If you want to see some of them, take one or two walking tours and take a photo or two.

Club District is home to Yards Brewing Company, which offers a free tour of the brewery every Saturday and Sunday. Learn about the beer-making process and see the place that has been pleasing Philadelphians since 1994.

Get creative with your time, explore your surroundings, and you will see that you don’t need too much money to enjoy yourself.

#10 Paint the Town Red

Checking out clubs, pubs, and cocktail destinations at night can be a fun experience. There are plenty of rooftop bars and beer gardens, where you can have a drink or two.

Bob and Barbara’s Lounge is home to a longest-running drag show that serves cheap beer. If you are feeling playful, check out Flow, a blacklight trampoline disco.

Howl at the Moon is a piano bar where you can request a song. The pianists will try to fulfill all of the guest requests, and you can have a drink while waiting for the jam.

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