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Your Guide to the Best Neighborhoods in Philadelphia to Live In

There aren’t many cities in the US that will provide you with such a fantastic experience and opportunities like Pennsylvania’s largest urban center. If you are planning to relocate and wondering what the best neighborhoods in Philadelphia are, know that you’ll surely find a perfect spot for yourself. Don’t hesitate even if your plans include moving with kids, as they will be fascinated with the change, as well.

Philadelphia overlay
The Athens of America is the home of the Liberty Bell, the Declaration of Independence, and the famous cheesesteak

Before you embark on the adventure called moving to Philadelphia, you need to pick a place for yourself among dozens of residential districts. The metropolis itself is roughly divided into 12 sections, each with its own set of benefits, amenities and diverse residents. From family-friendly communities and places perfect for young, single professionals to high-end areas, picking just one is no easy task. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Philly ‘hoods along with their strongest selling points. After that, we’d like to share a few tips related to relocation costs and budget.

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What Are the Best Neighborhoods in Philadelphia for You?

There are plenty of opportunities for everyone here, depending on their needs, interests, lifestyle, etc. Even though it is the sixth-largest metropolitan area in the country, one may experience it as a tight-knit community, since it’s broken up into defined neighborhoods. Whether you prefer the cultural scene, nightlife, strolling down the park, or the vicinity of major businesses, the answer to the question of what the best places to live in Philadelphia are will depend on you, your taste, and budget. So just venture into the mesmerizing world of Philly’s districts and discover what they have to offer.

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Philly areas offer a high standard of life, historical heritage, and green spaces

Bella Vista – a Family-Friendly Area With a Hint of Italy

This family-friendly neighborhood in the south section of the metropolis is a very peaceful and safe area with great food options, street art, and a famous Italian market. It is very close to downtown – just a half-hour walk from it. Besides, there are plenty of playgrounds, parks, and highly-rated schools, which makes it a great location for raising a family. Locals will tell you it offers a perfect balance of the residential and quiet feel, brimming with bars and tasty Vietnamese, Italian, and Mexican food.

Popular Places to Eat in Bella Vista

You’ve probably already heard about Philly’s great restaurants with unusual specialties that will make your mouth water. In addition to tasty food, this Pennsylvania metropolis, fortunately, has many other things and places you shouldn’t miss, especially in Bella Vista.

One fact you might find surprising is the option of bringing your own bottle of wine or beer to a restaurant (BYOBs). It happens because there are numerous eateries that don’t have a liquor license. So take a bottle of your favorite wine with you and save some money while enjoying delicious meals.

Some of the best restaurants in Philadelphia where you can please your palate by ordering excellent specialties inspired by the flavors of France, Africa, and Italy are:

  • Hungry Pigeon
  • Neuf
  • Kanella South
  • The Good King Tavern
  • Little Fish
when you move cross country to Philadelphia, you can visit the city's famous restaurants overlay
Bring a bottle of your favorite liquor with you before having a meal in some of the top-notch restaurants

Old City – a Perfect Blend of Past and Present

Known as the “most historic square mile,” some parts of this district are older than the US itself. It is the home of many sites that tell the story of how America came to be, such as the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and Elfreth’s Alley. Besides, it has spots well-suited for couples, young families, singles, and young professionals. They can enjoy its vibrant nightlife, dine in countless restaurants, and sip great coffee with a breathtaking view of charming historical cobbled streets. Besides, it is close to public transportation stops, and if you choose to walk to downtown, it’s just five minutes away.

when you move long distance to Philadelphia, you can visit famous Independence Hall overlay
Both the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution were adopted in Independence Hall

Center City – Philly’s Beating Heart

If you want to feel the hustle and bustle of a vast metropolis while walking to work every day,  this is the place for you. Vibrant nightlife, a sea of skyscrapers, and high expenses are something that you can expect here. In case your budget allows it, delve into the second-most densely populated downtown area in the country and take full advantage of living in the heart of Philly.

Try Creative Cocktails and Drink Craft Beers in the Oldest Bar in the City

Since Pennsylvania’s most significant place dubs itself “America’s Best Beer-Drinking City,” it shouldn’t be a surprise why it is considered home to some of the most historic and oldest bars in the US.

Mcgillin’s Olde Ale House is where it all started – it opened in 1860! The bar retains its historic charm and Irish heritage through its unique decor. Besides beer, you can enjoy delicious food and original cocktails.

A man is sitting on Philadelphia's street after long distance relocation overlay
Restlessness is a feature of the downtown

Washington Square West – a Diversity Hub

This neighborhood is deemed one of the most favorable ones to reside in since it has many amenities to offer. From amazing brownstone houses and urban green spaces such as the renowned Washington Square Park to countless restaurants and bars. It is also close to Jefferson University and Jefferson Hospital. Washington Square West residents point out safety as an essential factor, as well as an absence of noise, although everything is nearby.

Moreover, Washington Square West has been regarded as Philly’s most diverse and tolerant neighborhood, historic home of its LGBTQ community.

If you move long distance to Philadelphia, you can visit the city's parks overlay
If you prefer a park for relaxing, you’ll feel at home in Washington Square Park.

Chestnut Hill – the Garden District

This Northwest neighborhood is the highest point of the Birthplace of America – more precisely, at the intersection of Bethlehem Pike and Germantown Avenue. Its nickname “the Garden District” is mostly related to its many parks, museums, and theaters. Furthermore, it is an ideal destination for shopping and wealthy business people who prefer the small-town atmosphere close to downtown. It has plenty of benefits, such as:

  • Proximity to the suburbs by car, and to the downtown by train
  • Low crime rates
  • Some of the best Philadelphia public schools
when you move long distance to Philadelphia, you can see city's river overlay
Chestnut Hill has the highest number of parks, museums, and theaters per capita in the whole metropolis

Northern Liberties – One of the Coolest Philly Areas

The short distance to Center City makes this former industrial center a great place to live in. There are lots of nice places to visit and spend time in, such as restaurants, bars, breweries, grocery stores, and small shops. Compared to some other districts, Northern Liberties is very affordable despite its rising popularity. For example, median rents range from $1,400 to $2,600. Furthermore, it is a family and pet-friendly zone with large walkable areas. If you prefer peaceful places, then this neighborhood might be an inappropriate option for you – it can be quite noisy.

If you move long distance to Philadelphia, you can visit the city's famous buildings overlay
Northern Liberties and the nearby Fishtown have evolved into a hipster paradise over the past two decades

Yorktown – a Student’s Haven

If you are a student, this tiny North Philly neighborhood will be perfect for you. It is very close to Temple University, and the cost of living is not high at all – apartment prices are very affordable despite easy access to downtown.

Although there are not many places to eat out, if you go just outside the area, you can find Larry’s Steaks with a two-foot cheesesteak. Philly cheesesteak is world-famous, and rightly so. It is made of meat and cheese and usually includes onions, as well. Residents are familiar with orderings that sound like: “One whiz with” or “One provolone without” (whiz and provolone are types of cheese). By tasting this delicacy, you’ll be ready to become a part of this neighborhood.

when you move long distance to Philadelphia, you can eat the best steak overlay
If you haven’t tasted the famous cheesesteak, it’s high time you did it

Tips on How to Prepare Your Moving Budget

Whether you are relocating on your own or by hiring long-distance Philly movers with professional moving services, you should think about your moving budget. What does it mean, and what do these costs include?

Whether you are moving locally, across the border, or even overseas, keep in mind one major thing: the longer the distance, the higher the costs. It is good to know that the final price is determined by your total cargo, as well. That’s why you should carefully think about how to move and consider what belongings to keep and what can be sold or donated to reduce freight costs.

However, an excellent option is to call the moving company a month or two ahead in case you are planning to hire professionals. If you are wondering what the cheapest way to move is, choose your family and friends as the primary help during the packing process. That’s how you will save significant amounts of money, but be prepared for some hard work, though.

Another crucial fact that shouldn’t be overlooked has to do with paperwork. Give yourself enough time to organize important papers before the move. That’s how you’ll save your nerves and be ready for extra moving fees and taxes.

Cost of Living – Philly vs. Major US Cities

The City of Brotherly Love offers both modern attractions and colonial charm. It has one more advantage compared to other bigger cities, such as New York or San Francisco – it’s not as expensive. The state of Pennsylvania is also known for its low income taxes. Rent prices in the Athens of America are more than reasonable compared to other metropolises, such as Boston or New York. Here is a list of some major factors affecting the cost of living in Philadelphia per month:

  • The median price for a single-family home: $224,600
  • Median monthly rent (1 bedroom/2 bedroom/3 bedroom apartments): $970/$1,170/$1,460
  • Monthly utilities: $150
  • The average monthly internet: $68
  • The monthly amount for food: $425

Move to Philly and Reap All the Benefits

Moving to the so-called Birthplace of America is a smart decision because of its rich history, culinary hotspots, and affordable housing. This place, with its various events for people of all ages and interests, is not alluring only during the summer, but all year round, as well. The primary culprits are the cultural life and a young college population.

In case you didn’t know, the Birthplace of America is officially one of the must-see places in 2020, according to National Geographic. Do you need a better reason to move to Philly?

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