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Why You Should Get Moving Quotes From Several Movers

When planning a move, you will be looking for helpful moving tips, all the necessary packing materials, moving quotes from several movers and a dependable moving company such as Long Distance USA Movers. You want to make sure that:moving quotes from several movers

  • You can find plenty of useful information on moving websites that provide expert moving tips, properly detailed moving guides, and ways to help you create an efficient moving to-do lists.
  • You can buy all the high-quality packing supplies that you will need from local moving companies, home depot stores, office supply outlets, etc.
  • You can get high quality moving boxes for free from family members, friends, neighbors, and coworkers who have moved recently, websites such as Craigslist and Freecycle, your local retailers, etc.



To find a good moving company to help you with your move, you will have to do a lot of research:

  1. You need to be sure that the moving company you hire are experienced, skilled and trustworthy professionals who will take proper care of your things and make sure that your move is successful
  2. You need to find a reliable, affordable and licensed moving company, so you do not have to deal with moving scams or go over your moving budget to complete your move
  3. You will have to know how much the moving process will cost you so that you can plan your finances and manage your moving budget more efficiently.
  4. The fastest and easiest way to achieve this is to get moving quotes from several movers before deciding on a moving company to hire.


In fact, there are plenty of good reasons for you to get moving quotes from several movers for the upcoming move:

You will be able to find out the average cost of the moving process

Getting moving quotes from several movers will help you to find out which prices are fair in the moving industry and get an idea of what each moving service will cost. Most of the moving estimates that you get from moving companies will be similar, so you will be able to get an idea of the average price for your type of move. If the price estimates you get are a lot lower or a lot higher than the average, you will have to find out why:

  • A higher price estimate could mean that you will get a higher quality of moving services, included extra moving services, or other perks
  • A lower price might that you are dealing with a new moving company that wants to drum up more business, a moving company with a questionable reputation which is trying to attract customers, etc.

Knowing what the average price of your relocation is and what prices different moving companies provide will help you to get a general point of reference for comparing different moving companies and finding the right one for you.

You will contact several moving companies that meet your moving requirements

Unless you have recommendations from a reliable source, you are going to have to look for a good moving company by yourself. A properly licensed and insured moving company that meets your specific moving needs and requirements, and whose moving services are within your moving budget. The easiest way to find these moving companies is to fill out their moving quote form. This form will require:

  • That you to provide some basic information about your move; 
  • that you send information to several moving companies in your area that perform moves to your destination city; 

The movers who are free on your preferred moving date and want to take you on as a client will contact you and provide you with free moving estimates. Getting these free moving estimates online is a convenient way to contact several reputable moving companies in your area and see what services they provide.

You can compare different moving companies

Once you have gotten moving quotes from several movers, you can analyze all the different offers and compare not only the price of the moving estimates but also what moving services they include and other special conditions. Look at the moving companies’ service fees, additional charges, tariff costs, provided discounts, etc.

When you have narrowed it down to three or four moving companies that seem to provide the most beneficial services for your specific move, make sure that you get more information about these moving companies. You can do this by visiting their websites, check their US Department Of Transportation numbers, finding out how long they’ve been in business, how experienced they are, read online reviews, check the companies’ ratings with the Better Business Bureau, etc. Generally, getting online estimates at the start of the moving process will let you get a general idea of a moving company before you decide to hire their services.

It helps to avoid moving scams

avoid moving scams

As already stated, getting moving quotes from several movers will give you a general idea of what you can expect to pay for your relocation. It allows you to compare the services of several moving companies and will also help you to avoid scams. When you know the average price of the move, you will be able to spot lowball estimates easily. Any estimate that sounds too good to be true is a possible sign of moving fraud. Rogue movers attract customers with unrealistically low moving estimates after which they pile on additional fees and charges so that the final cost is greatly inflated and the clients end up needing to pay a lot more than the original estimate. Some scam artists might even abscond with your belongings or hold them hostage until you pay to get them back. 

What’s more, getting moving quotes from several movers will let you see how professional moving companies behave, so you will become suspicious of unusual practices such as requesting payment upfront, asking for large deposits, not providing in-home estimates, etc. These warning signs of potential moving scams should encourage you to stay away from these moving companies.

You will be able to prepare your moving budget

You are going to need a moving budget to be able to pay for all the moving expenses. And to be able to prepare an effective moving budget, you will need to get a moving quote. Comparing the price estimates from many different moving companies will let you know how much your move will cost you, so you can properly set up the moving budget. Just make sure that your moving budget also covers the packing supplies, insurance, traveling expenses, post-relocation expenses, emergency costs, and not just the moving company fees.moving budget

  1. After you get an online moving quote, ask the moving company for an on-site estimate
  2. It is quick, easy, and very useful to get an online moving quote, but that is only the first step in hiring a good moving company. 
  3. Estimates that you get online or over the phone are rarely accurate as the moving company needs to see how what kind and how many items you are moving, discuss your specific moving needs to make a realistic estimate and tell you the actual cost of the move. 
  4. After you have received moving quotes from several movers, gone over their offers, and found a few trustworthy moving companies that suit the needs and available budget of your move, ask them for a visual survey of your house and get a written in-house estimate. 
  5. Remember that there are two types of moving estimates, non-binding and binding, and the final cost of the move is only certain in a binding-not-to-exceed estimate.

Now that you have read these tips on why you should get moving quotes from several movers, we hope that you will find it easier to find a good moving company that can help you with your move. If you are looking for an affordable and professional moving company that can help you with your move, then know than Long Distance USA Movers are the company for you. We are an experienced and reliable moving company with plenty of experience in the industry. Contact our Long Distance USA Movers customer support staff if you have any questions about the move and to schedule your move.