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An Artist’s Guide to Finding the Perfect City to Move To

An artist’s guide to finding the perfect city to move to. Are you a struggling artist, hoping to make it BIG one day? Did you ever think that cities that support emerging artists actually exist today? If currently New York or Los Angeles just isn’t the option then stay tuned to find out which other cities can give you the similar vibes, but with a more reasonable price.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Whether you are trying to settle into writing your next sci-fi novel or sculpting your next masterpiece, New Mexico’s capital is the perfect place to move to given the dusty cowboy desert environment and its scenic adobe wall covered buildings. You can maybe say that it’s the complete opposite of New York, since it can’t really be called a travel destination, but because of its open spaces, peaceful and offbeat vibes, museums, galleries, boutiques and coffee shops you can call it perfect for the creative. What’s most important is that it’s relatively cheap.

Wichita, Kansas

Home of 33 museums, including Wichita Art Museum and Ulrich Museum of Art, this town screams hipster radar.  The oldest visual arts organization in the region, Mark Arts, showcases different artists in its beautiful gallery. If you happen to be a fan of theater, the Theater League provides you with amazing plays and live performances you’ll enjoy watching, and give you the feel to come experience again.

Little Five Points, Atlanta, Georgia

Known for its bohemian vibes, this town provides a gay friendly environment as well as many different for young artists. It has a great indie theatre community as well amazing nightlife and other wide-ranging options for struggling artists. The locals are welcoming and the rent is more than reasonable.

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Joplin, Missouri

Joplin is one of the best small art towns in the country, where inspiration is truly everywhere! The building facades alone decorated by local artists are simply mind-blowing. Whether you are in the lookout for music, food, and entertainment nothing is far away. If you are a fan of opera, musicians from around the world come to perform classics at the Heartland Opera Theatre. The George A. Spiva Center for the Arts consists of a wide variety of exhibits in the local Cosgrove Building. Joplin is also quite affordable.

Portland, Oregon

This city consists of somewhat affordable housing and the advantage of being nearby San Francisco and Seattle. The art community here around the Pearl District tends to be more authentic and alternative without signs of commerciality. Port, the local art blog gives you the best guide to Portland’s art scene that is filled with a variety of galleries, art spaces, indie music venues and café’s making it possible the “next art capital”? You be the judge.

Charleston, South Carolina

This is a city filled with scenic views wherever you set your eyes to giving any artist the inspiration they need to create. The Charleston museum is nation’s first, and if that can’t give you enough inspiration, then just takes a walk by the breathtaking shoreline. Charleston is not only filled with various ways of recreation, but it is also one of the best food cities in the country, so if you are ready to test out your culinary skills then Charleston is the place to be.

Taos, New Mexico

This town is a gem for painters, writers, photographers, and musicians. With its natural beauty of the southern Rockies and laid back atmosphere this is the perfect place you are going to want to settle in. For inspiration stop by the Taos Art Museum, the Ranch at Taos, Taos Artisans Cooperative Gallery, the Taos Center for the Arts, the Harwood Museum of Art, and the Millicent Rogers Museum.

Detroit, Michigan

Can we take a moment to appreciate this city? Detroit is mostly known for its crime, but apart from Chicago this is where we witnessed the birth of house music back in the 80’s. Some world famous record labels and artists were founded in this part of the country. It also has a lot for artists to experience such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Contemporary Art Institute, the Detroit Artists Market, Start Gallery, Spread Art at Contemporary Detroit, Tangent, The Scarab Club, and the Inner State Gallery.

Pasadena, California

This town is not like any other in touristy California. It is a place where locals that truly care about their art have founded a community. With a variety of museums, workshops, galleries, this town offers various ways artists can work on their craft. It is also home of the Make Music Pasadena, the Pasadena Chalk Festival, and, lest we forget, the Tournament of Roses Parade.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Welcome to, if you ask me, the best city in America. With not only below average rent, but a huge supply of art markets and galleries that rest my case. The Bywater and Marigny neighborhoods in downtown New Orleans are the areas to see additional art by local artists, or maybe some famous visitors like Banksy. This city holds an escalating and energetic art prospect, similar to Austin and Soho that draws the attention of artists from around the world. New Orleans’ community grants a distinctive substitute of these other urban art capitals. Post hurricane Katrina, rent is affordable and nothing can compete with its music, parties and food. So if you are not afraid of another hurricane, then what are you waiting for? Get to packing.

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