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A Guide to Planning your Move

Are you stressing about having to plan your relocation?  Does the thought of having to figure out how to pack up all your things give your anxiety? Having to move to the other side of your neighborhood can be difficult, but it can’t compare to moving long distance, or even to a different country.

Apart from the difficulties you have still decided that you are ready for a change of environment. Relocating somewhere like Hawaii can seem exciting and exotic, but the stress of putting yourself in an area you’ve never been before might have you packing your bags back to the mountains. Every single place in the country has something new to offer for you, just be sure you get to know all the details on the location before you decide to pack your whole life and relocate. With the help of Long Distance USA Movers you can experience an easier way of organization that will have you ready to relocate in no time. Be sure to carefully follow the advice we have provided for you.

Before you arrive at someplace new it is normal to start gathering belongings. The main packing strategy for a long-distance move is to make sure you go over all your items and see which ones you should keep, and which ones you simply don’t need anymore. This will reduce the stress of packing knowing that you are only going to bring the things you need the most. Think about your priorities, if you haven’t gone through your closet and you still have that prom dress from high school lying around, don’t stress. Instead try to enjoy going through your belongings, as you pack think of all the amazing memories these items provide for you. Pick out everything you are actually going to need, then donate or give away the rest. After you have done this comes the main job of the whole process – the planning.

It is well known that if you are familiar with what type of environment setting is waiting for you, then you can pack and declutter more easily. If you know that you are relocating to an apartment in an urban city, then you probably aren’t going to need that surfboard from your basement, unless you have a beach nearby. So, donate unwanted items to charity, even old appliances. Any information on your new area can help ease your planning. See how much available space you have in your new home, and what sort of lifestyle do the people live by. Also if you’re moving to sunny California, then you are probably not going to need that winter jacket, so check the weather of your location. If you happen to own any furry friends and want to move with pets, be sure to find out about state and city regulations regarding vaccinations, leash laws, and limits on the number or types of pets you can keep. After that, check on the important details such as schools, vehicle laws, the vagaries of insurance, and even the bylaws for your housing area.

Some things are more important than others. This is why ordering the things that need to be done first will help you to stay organized while you are pre planning your move. By doing this, create a checklist that shows what you have done and what you need to do. Organize the checklist with numbers when you have determined the most important tasks that need to be accomplished first. Be sure to add booking a moving company before you start packing, as well as informing banks, schools, and insurance companies that you are leaving before you have relocated to your new home.

Creating a list of everything you need to keep, sell, throw away or give away will help you stay organized. When going through all your items, categorize them into these lists. Items that you haven’t used in over a year should be donated since paying to transport and store them is just uneconomical. If you may be in need of help when packing for a move, hire a professional packer, and know that the Long Distance USA Movers staff will be more than glad to help you unpack your belongings once the relocation is over with.

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Ask for Help

Try not to do all the work yourself. Even if you’re not paying for professional packing services, ask family members and friends for help, maybe even throw a packing party. Even your children packing their toys or Christmas ornaments will make a big impact to help light the load and keep you on track when organizing everything you have to do during the move. If you are alone, don’t hesitate to call for professional help. It is their job to know how to pack and transport a load of items with a minimum of damage and stress. Be sure to understand the whole procedure. As soon as you know when you are able to relocate to your new home, try to start transporting things as soon as possible so you can be sure your items get there at the right time. You can lose a lot of money if you have miscalculated the delivery date of your items, and you are going to have to stress over a whole new day for relocating items. Ask for written documents from your new landlord and mover. Don’t hesitate to ask them any questions you have regarding the papers, and be sure to read the fine print of the agreements, especially if you’re renting an apartment. Every single move is precisely detailed, by going through everything, slowly and carefully your relocation will run smoothly.

Moving Calendar

To make sure you don’t misjudge any important dates, have a relocation binder with everything – from organized important documents to the moving to-do list and detailed packing timetable. Time usually flies by when you are focused on your move which is why it is necessary to have a moving calendar. This calendar will help you stay on task, and to notify you what obligations are your biggest priorities. You are not going to pack your golfing equipment or fishing rods first when you have a kitchen full of dishes to pack that you haven’t touched. Start your items, and add them with dates in your new agenda.

In conclusion, organization is basically the secret. Long Distance USA Movers will not only advise you when planning for your move; we are here to also help you get ready for the move and provide you with long-distance moving services without a hustle. So give us a call as soon as possible.

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