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Best Neighborhoods in Boston to Live in – a Complete Guide

What are the factors that put the best neighborhoods in Boston above all the rest? When moving to Boston and picking a place to live in, you should think about housing costs, job and educational opportunities, commute time, and the overall vibe of the location. Only then can you think about all the great things that are waiting for you in the so-called City of Champions, from the famous Faneuil Hall and Fenway Park to countless world-class restaurants and many other amenities.

Boston during the day overlay
River in Boston

If you’re a young, single professional, you’ll be happy to know that the median age in the metropolis is 30.8 years, making it a youthful environment, where one-third of the population are students. This fact is reflected in the vast number of entertainment options spread throughout B-Town. Also, if you become a Bostonian, you can say you live in the city that is home to many celebrities such as Uma Thurman, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg, and Captain America himself – Chris Evans.

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Beacon Hill Is One of the Oldest Boston Neighborhoods

Beacon Hill is a bit pricey, but that’s what you get when you pick one of the oldest (and arguably, the prettiest) locations to settle down in.

The place is filled with cobblestone and brick buildings, making even the most mundane walk around the area feel like being in a movie. Are you wondering what you need to rent an apartment, and how much money it will cost you? There are a few factors that can affect the rent: size, location, whether the place is pet-friendly or not. According to data from Zillow, the median rent price in Beacon Hill is $2,800, which is lower than the median of B-town, which is $2,900.

With a walkability score of 98, Beacon Hill is the 4th most walkable area in the capital of Massachusetts. Besides, the T line, Boston’s mass transportation network, is within walking distance. But even if it wasn’t, young professionals could easily walk to work, since the Financial District is just around the corner.

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The bike score of the location is 72.

Downtown Is the Main Financial District

Many Bostonians will tell you that Downtown is the busiest area in the metropolis. With many historical landmarks, tourist attractions, and business headquarters, how could it not be?

With the recent transformation that included the construction of new residential units, such as condos and lofts, as well as the renovation of historic buildings, the center attracts more and more residents. Many young professionals choose to settle down in the Downtown because of all the headquarters are located there, which makes commuting pretty non-existent.

Companies like Putnam Investments, Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, and Hilton Hotels all have offices here, so if you’re moving for a job, Downtown might be the place for you.

River in Boston overlay
Millennium Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Downtown.

North End Still Carries the Spirit of Italy

This is one of the oldest residential areas in B-Town, deeply rooted in European, or, more precisely, Italian culture. That’s why when you take a walk down the streets, you will encounter many bakeries and cafes that serve tasty pastries, gelato, and famous Italian espresso. Of course, some of the best restaurants in Boston are located here, too.

Some older residents still sit in plastic lawn chairs on the sidewalks, people-watching, and chattering. Nevertheless, the overall vibe and demographic of the North End are changing with residents that are mostly wealthy retirees and young professionals.

If you are looking for a house, know that there are plenty of historic buildings to choose from. The average one-bedroom monthly rent price is $2,000, so if you are moving to Boston, and you chose this spot, arm yourself with patience and be prepared to look very hard and if you want an affordable place to call home.

Being a part of this tight-knit community means you will get to enjoy its traditions and customs. Every summer here, Bostonians hold a festival to honor the patron saints from various parts of Italy. The festival brings live music performances, marching bands, food, and other vendors. If the North is not up to your speed, there are West, East, and South End, as well.

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North End covers only 0.36 sq miles.

South End Is One of the Best Neighborhoods in Boston

Would you like to spend your days strolling around surrounded by the largest intact Victorian row building district in the US? South End has 300 acres of those. Add eleven public parks to this, and you can see why it was listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

This extremely walkable location is also very bikable, so take your bike for a spin and enjoy the lovely and diverse South End. Here you will encounter many jazz clubs, restaurants, artsy stores, and bars. Making friends in a new city has never been easier – just invite your colleagues for a drink after work and get to know them a bit better.

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South End has a large LGBT population.

Students Dominate Allston

Allston is packed with students, and that is especially obvious at the beginning of the school year. With its proximity to Harvard University, it’s understandable why this location is the perfect fit for young people who are pursuing higher education. That’s why, if you are looking for accommodation, you should start before September 1st – by then, all the good flats will have been rented out.

On the other hand, If you are thinking of becoming a homeowner, you won’t have to stress about renting or thinking about how to move while every apartment is rented out. The median condo value here is $461,000, while, for a one-bedroom house, you will need $369,000.

Being mostly inhabited by young people, Allston has grown to be a very trendy and hip spot. There are many night clubs, concert venues, and music halls where you can spend your nights dancing away.

Searching for a new house and piggy bank overlay
Members of Aerosmith lived here from 1970 to 1972.

Pick a Square in Cambridge to Call Home

Cambridge would be another smart choice for students since many educational institutions are located there. Every person in pursuit of knowledge can check out Harvard University, Lesley University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Hult Business School. And that’s not all – if you are moving with kids, there are some excellent primary and secondary schools they can attend.

Cambridge, as a part of the B-Town metropolitan area, has a population of 105,000 people, and each neighborhood is split into squares. Kendall, Central, Harvard, Porter, Inman, and Lechmer squares have something else in common besides the part of the name – they are some of the best neighborhoods in Boston. Each one has something special and unique to it.

Porter Square Is the Name of a Hotel and One of the Best Neighborhoods in Boston

Living in Porter Square means you will be staying in one of the best places in Boston for singles, young professionals, and students. Because of the younger population, the location is filled with hip coffee shops, gyms, supermarkets, but it is also home to a unique Japantown mall and music venue. Many tourists would recognize the name of the spot because of the famous hotel, but to residents, Porter Square is much more than that.

Students Love Harvard Square

Scholars find Harvard Square attractive because of its vicinity to educational institutions as well as a shopping area. This is a hot spot for many activities. With one-of-a-kind establishments, this location is famous for the independent and hipstery vibe. Also, this is a spot where many people rent their homes due to the lack of versatile buying options.

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Kendall Square May Be the Most Innovative Neighborhood in the World

Kendall is referred to as the most innovative square mile in the world because of the high concentration of startups and high-quality innovations that emerged in its vicinity. Some of the companies that are settled here are Pivotal, BookBub, Cogo Labs, and Jobcase. Also, this is a location with a fast-growing number of residents.

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Cambridge was once 10 miles away from B-Town, and now it is its integral part.

Back Bay Is an Elite Location

Back Bay is all about the location. You will have easy access to any part of the metropolis, as well as parks, such as Public Garden and Commonwealth Mall. If you are moving with pets, you will be able to take them out and let them enjoy green spaces. Even though it is secluded from the rest of the metropolis, this area is well connected. Take that into consideration if you want to ship your car to your new home.

Picking the Right Midrange: Finding an Affordable House

Yes, this former swampland is now an elite and pricey location, so if you want to become a resident, you will have to establish the right price midrange and look for accommodation accordingly. Single homes are becoming harder and harder to find because the spot is focused on multi-unit luxury buildings. Nevertheless, if you find the accommodation that fits your budget, know that the median sale price is $1,210,000 while renting is $3,235, which is higher than the B-Towns median.

When you find the perfect accommodation, check out the rules and regulations of parking – secluded streets might have some restrictions. If you are planning to use professional moving services, let your Boston movers know about any such restrictions so they can plan accordingly.

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Back Bay was born in the 19th century due to a lack of housing space in B-Town.

Dorchester Is a True Melting Pot

There are a lot of things you can do and many places you can settle down in if you choose Dorchester as your next home. More than 126,000 Bostonians live in this 6-sq-mile area, making it the largest neighborhood by far.

If you want to live here, be prepared for cultural and population diversity. Dorchester has a large population of Irish, Polish, and German Americans, as well as African Americans and Latinos. Also, there is a significant number of LGBT people.

Dorchester has a large population under 25 years, making this spot one of the top areas for singles and young professionals.

When going over the cost of living in Boston, looking for a way to relocate and not make a big dent in your savings, know that Dorchester has affordable housing. With the median single-family home price of $580,000 and a condo price of $459,000, you will surely find the accommodation you desire.

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There are around 114,000 people living in Dorchester.

Jamaica Plain Is One of the Greenest Locations

Are you a nature lover? If you love long walks, vast green spaces and a place where you can have a picnic, settling down in Jamaica Plain might be the solution. This is one of the greenest areas in the metropolis, and it was once called “the Eden of America.” If you’re moving with your dog, you can play fetch in Franklin Park – the largest park in the city, with the largest zoo in New England.

There are so many things to do in Boston, especially outdoors. Stop by Olmsted Park and check out Willow and Ward’s Ponds, or go to Jamaica Pond, which has the largest and deepest body of freshwater in the metropolis. Are you easily scared? If not, check out the Forest Hills Cemetery, the 275 acres of historic cemetery-garden that stretches along Walk Hill Street.

Jamaica Plain is gaining popularity, and many families choose to settle down here. With a relaxed vibe and friendly community, it’s a great neighborhood to raise kids. You can rent a place for a median price of $2,850 or buy a house for $565,300.

long distance movers will relocate you to Boston, where you can explore the city's streets overlay
Did you know that Sylvia Plath lived in Jamaica Plain?

Embrace the Bostonian Lifestyle

Did you know that 15% of Bostonians prefer walking to work instead of using public transportation or driving? If you want to feel like you genuinely belong after moving, don’t forget to pack your good shoes, you will need them.

With great job opportunities and a friendly and diverse population, it’s no wonder that people choose to put down roots here. Every new day here can be an adventure and a chance to learn about different cultures and nations. That’s why no matter which Boston neighborhood you pick to call home, you can always explore others and see what makes each one unique.

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