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Wondering What are the Best Places to Live in Boston for Singles? We Know the Answer

Are you having trouble choosing among the best places to live in Boston for singles? There are several neighborhoods convenient for those that still haven’t found the right one, so it’s no wonder you can’t make up your mind. If you are moving to Boston, Massachusetts, soon, you should find a perfect home and neighborhood to be able to get down to planning your relocation to the East Coast.

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But how do you decide where to go? To get the answer to that question, you first need to answer several others. What is it exactly that you’re looking for in your future home? Is it only about living in a vibrant neighborhood where you can go out as often as possible, have fun, and meet new people? Or are there some other significant factors that play a vital role in your decision making? It is crucial to think about these and other questions before you make your final choice to be sure you’ve made the right decision eventually.

Let’s find out more about some of the top-rated neighborhoods for singles and help you pick your future destination and address the most significant questions. We should probably start with one of the most popular options – North End.

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North Square Is Among the 15 Most Trending Areas for Singles

The entire North End is known as one of the top areas for young professionals and singles, and North Square is probably its most popular part. This is one of Boston’s oldest neighborhoods, as well as one of the most vibrant ones. It is even popular among tourists. But it is even more popular among newcomers, especially young and single people looking for a vibrant community that fits their needs when it comes to entertainment and social life.

If you, too, are looking for a home where you won’t have to worry about how to meet your neighbors after moving in, this might be the right choice for you. Everyone here is open and friendly, always up for some fun, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

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North Square is the right match for those looking for a vibrant and bustling part of the metropolis with plenty of things to do whenever you want.

If You’re Looking for an Affluent Neighborhood with Fantastic Spots to Go Out, Head to Back Bay

Built back in the 1900s in the Charles River basin, Back Bay is now an upscale area where even those from other neighborhoods like to come, be it for shopping or excellent dining experience. Not only are some of the top restaurants in Boston located here, but this trendy neighborhood has plenty of other attractions, including architecturally significant buildings and art galleries.

Simply put, you’ll have quite a few options when you get there, so don’t worry about the mere possibility of not having what to do in your spare time. It’s interesting to note that Back Bay was initially conceived as a residential-only neighborhood inhabited mostly by families, but somehow, it has become a desirable destination among singles instead.

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Enjoy various activities in Back Bay, from shopping to sightseeing, or a pleasant afternoon by the Charles River.

Indulge in a Variety of Activities in Cambridge, Massachusetts

If you’re looking for a home with an urban feel and plenty of bars and eateries, as well as parks and outdoor spaces, you should consider Cambridge. It is not actually a part of the Hub, but when you want, you can get there in less than 10 minutes. In case you’re considering a place like this, it might be most convenient to hire professional Boston movers to ship your vehicle there so that you can go to the center anytime you want and get there in a jiffy. Most locals rent their homes, and the median rent is about $2,000, according to the data provided by HomeSnacks.

After long distance moving to Boston, Massachusetts, you can enjoy the city's gorgeous river overlay
You don’t have to be in the Hub to really feel what life is like there. You can also move to a nearby town like Cambridge, which has a lot to offer itself.

If You Just Want to Be Close to the Hub, Waltham, Massachusetts Is an Excellent Destination

Here’s another great option to consider if you’re willing to find a home in Boston’s vicinity. Waltham and the Hub have an excellent connection via the I-90 route, so you can get to the Hub in about 20 minutes. Again, if you go for this option, consider hiring experts with auto transport and car shipping service to deliver your vehicle, as that will be the most convenient way of getting around. Enjoy the mix of urban and suburban vibe and get the best of both when you start anew here. Compared to Cambridge, Waltham is more affordable when it comes to housing, as the median rent here is about $1,600. You don’t have to worry about making friends in a new city if this is your chosen destination, as many young professionals live here. You’ll find some company sooner than you might expect.

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Did you know that Waltham is often called the Watch City? This nickname stems from its association with the watch industry.

For a More Peaceful Suburban Feel, Move to Arlington

Arlington is often recognized as a neighborhood where you can count on suburban feel with all the necessary amenities. This is still true, but you should also know that Arlington is not just a peaceful suburb where you don’t have much to do in your spare time. On the contrary – it has been developing more and more, becoming a rather trendy destination for single people.

Given its proximity to the Hub, it comes as no surprise that so many young people are flocking there. And there is plenty of stuff to do without leaving the neighborhood, too. If nothing else, its vibrant nightlife will make you want to stay there.

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If you’d like to go to a neighborhood suitable for singles, but one that still offers some peace and quiet of a suburb, Arlington might be the way to go.

West End Is One of the Top-Ranked Areas for Young Professionals

If you’re moving for a job, one of the top-ranked neighborhoods to go to is, without a doubt, the West End. But don’t worry – West End is not all about working. There is a wide range of attractions, from interactive exhibits and concerts to hockey and basketball games at TD Garden.

Of course, there are also numerous pubs and eateries where you can go out. Its location is quite convenient, too, considering that it is within walking distance from downtown, the Esplanade and Hatch Shell, as well as Beacon Hill. This is one of Boston’s most diverse neighborhoods.

After long distance moving to Boston, you can visit city's river overlay
In case you’re looking for good job opportunities, head straight to the West End, a neighborhood particularly popular among young professionals.

Get the Best of Both Worlds in Beacon Hill

For those of you who dream of living in a cozy, picturesque area where streets are lined with Victorian brick houses, Beacon Hill is the answer. Explore the beautiful narrow streets of one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the entire Cradle of Liberty, and you’ll find chic boutiques, charming cafés, antique shops, and so much more.

So, you get all in one – a calm area where you can relax, but also a vibrant one where you have plenty of stuff to do and spots to visit. When it comes to the cost of living in Boston, Massachusetts, it is somewhat high in most parts, and this one, in particular, is known as an expensive neighborhood. So, before you make your final choice, be sure to think about your moving expenses and your future monthly costs first.

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If you don’t mind relatively higher costs, Beacon Hill is, without a doubt, worth considering.

Be Sure You’ll Enjoy the Company of Young People in South Boston

As a major hot spot for millennials, South Boston might be the right option for you, too. From St. Patrick’s Day Parade to New Year’s Day Plunge, there are all kinds of events to check out here. The neighborhood is also known for a great number of beautiful parks where you can go for a walk, keep your morning jogging routine, or even enjoy at the beach in Castle Island Park, for instance. And you won’t have to pay that much for rent (the median price: $1,700).

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Even though Southie is considered a residential neighborhood by some, it is still as good for singles as it is for families.

How to Choose Among the Best Places to Live in Boston for Singles When Moving to the Capital of Massachusetts

We understand that it’s somewhat difficult to choose among the best neighborhoods in Boston. There are so many fantastic spots and even more exciting things to do in Boston that you simply don’t know how to be sure you’ve picked the right one for yourself. And before you even begin to think about how to move, you need to know where exactly you’re going. So, let’s take a look at some of the most significant points to consider to help you make up your mind.

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Be careful when choosing your future destination, though wherever you decide to move in the Hub, you’ll hardly have any reason to regret it.

South vs North Boston – Pick Either One or the Other Depending on Your Preferences

Before you hire expert movers to provide you with packing and unpacking services, you should make a choice – which end of the Hub seems better for you? Both South and North Boston are desirable among young and single people, but depending on personal preferences and expectations, one is probably a bit better than the other. South End is a bit bigger, a trendy neighborhood with many upscale restaurants, while North End is known as the “Italian Neighborhood,” so you can count on excellent Italian food, as well as a vibrant nightlife.

What Activities Are There for Single People?

Another significant matter to address is what kind of activities are there for singles in the area you’re considering. Explore as much as possible what that particular neighborhood has to offer that you can enjoy your free time properly and not get stuck in a too quiet neighborhood where you’ll get bored after a month or two. If you’re moving with pets, check how pet-friendly it is.

How Far Is Your Preferred Destination from Your Workplace?

If you’ve already found a job and that’s what actually prompted you to relocate, it is crucial to find a place that’s close enough to your office so that you don’t waste your precious time stuck in the traffic jam. The Hub is rather walkable, so you might as well find a spot within walking distance from your work. It’s alright to drive, too; you only need to be sure that your commute doesn’t take you too much of your spare time.

If You Don’t Have a Job, What Opportunities Do You Have There?

In case you’ve decided to relocate, but you still don’t have a job in the Hub, the first thing to do is to figure out how to get a job in a new city. To do that, you need to check what job opportunities are there in your chosen part of the town and how satisfied you would be with those depending on your qualifications.

What If You Decide to Start a Family?

Finally, you should think about the future. Yes, you are one of the singles now, but that doesn’t mean that things won’t change, perhaps even shortly after your relocation. So, what happens if you decide to start a family? Is your chosen destination suitable both for singles and families so you’ll be able to stay there? Or is it at least located somewhere close to a neighborhood that will be suitable for your kids when that moment comes?

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Are You Ready to Pack Your Suitcase and Start from Scratch in the Hub?

Have you found a neighborhood that fits your requirements? You can’t wait to explore this marvelous metropolis? As you can see, wherever you eventually decide to relocate, you’ll have a lot to do when you start exploring the surroundings, and we’re sure you’ll love your single life here for as long as you want.

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