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Looking for the Top Places to Live in the Texas Capital? Here Are the 15 Best Neighborhoods in Austin

How does living in one of the fastest-growing and sunniest cities in the US sound like? In a metropolis also known as the “Live Musical Capital of the World,” where keeping things weird is the official motto and where junk has its own museum? If you’ve set your sights on the capital of Texas, finding the best neighborhoods in Austin and picking the most suitable one is a task of utmost importance.

Taking in the panoramic view of Austin, standing ready to move in and embrace the Lone Star State. The expansive landscape unfolds, showcasing the diverse beauty of Texas, from rolling hills to vast horizons. overlay
Austin in Texas

Before packing your bags and moving to Austin, you should make a list of the most important traits of your future living area. Go over factors such as the accessibility of public transportation, the number of green spaces, entertainment options, housing costs, and crime rates. Of course, what is best for someone doesn’t mean it will also be for you – it all depends on whether you’re moving alone or with a family, the kind of life you want to live, and of course, your financial situation.

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South Congress Is a Shopping and Cultural Center

South Congress or, as Austinites like to call it, SoCo, is located on South Congress Avenue in the heart of South Austin, and it is known across the nation as a shopping and cultural district. Here you can find many small retailers, music, and art venues, coffee shops, restaurants, and food trucks.

The ATX food scene is eclectic, and every foodie will find a restaurant to fall in love with. Some of the best restaurants in Austin are located right here in South Congress, providing you with so many spots where you can eat: check out Home Slice Pizza and enjoy its retro vibes, or stop by Mañana and get your morning caffeine fix.

When the time comes to spend some of that hard-earned money, you can go shopping. From local designers to high fashion labels, you will find whatever your heart desires.

Are you wondering how to adjust to a new town? In SoCo, all you have to do is go outside, because there are more than a few events you can check out. From Ego’s dive bar to Arlyn Studios, where country legends the likes of Willie Nelson and Neil Young once jammed, you’ll always find a place to have a fun night out in SoCo.

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From fancy shops to vintage stores, SoCo has it all.

Cherrywood Is One of Austin’s Safest Areas

Did you know that ATX is safer than 48% of all the cities in the US, and Cherrywood is one of its safest areas? If you are moving with kids, take this neighborhood into serious consideration.

This quiet community has a strong, artistic personality, and if you want to settle down in Cherrywood, you will find a street or two lined with crepe myrtles, oaks, and pecans. Also, the neighborhood gives its residents a mix of ranch-style properties, cottages, duplexes, and bungalows. It is close enough to Downtown for the residents to enjoy all the benefits of a big city but with a distinct small-town charm.

Cherrywood is in the vicinity of Patterson Park and Willowbrook Reach, which has lovely green spaces perfect for outdoor activities and filled with tennis and basketball courts. If you are moving with pets, they will also enjoy running around open green spaces. Also, there are places where you can get your caffeine fix: Cherrywood Coffeehouse is the most famous one you can visit.

Historic Hyde Park Is One of the Best Neighborhoods in Austin

If you decide to settle down in Hyde Park, you’ll get to experience a part of town that hasn’t changed a lot in the past 100 years or so. The residents and local authorities put in every effort to preserve the original spirit of the area, its historic Victorian-style houses, and peculiar local shops.

Hyde Park is a small spot that covers 0.21 square miles, but within it, you can find many exciting things to do that will make your life in ATX a real pleasure. Don’t worry about making friends in a new city. There are joints you can take them to grab a drink: Flightpath Coffeehouse and Vino, Vino are two excellent choices.

Hyde Park attracts mostly young professionals and creative types, as well as university graduates and faculty, due to the proximity of the University of Texas. According to data from Niche, 66% of residents opt for renting, and with the median price of $1,200, you can rent: single-family homes, bungalows, and newly built apartments. With a diverse offer like this, you should ask yourself – what do you need to rent an apartment and do it as soon as possible.

If you’re planning on using moving services, have the team pack your bike too, because you can cycle around Shipe Park and enjoy nature.

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Did you know that famous movies Boyhood, What's Eating Gilbert Grape and Dazed and Confused were all filmed right here?

Allandale Is Perfect for Young Families

Allandale is a quiet suburban spot that is suitable for young couples, seniors, and big families alike. There are lots of affordable one- and two-bedroom homes, but the center of ATX is also easily accessible via highway. Ship your car when relocating your belongings, and you won’t have to worry about getting anywhere in the city.

This is a tight-knit community where 65% of people own their homes, while 35% rent at a median price of $760. The serene, suburban vibe and the proximity to Downtown earned this area in the north-central part of the city an excellent reputation among locals as well as newcomers.

The Allandale school system can guarantee a proper education for your offspring. You can choose to enroll them in Liberal Arts and Science Academy, a school for young women leaders, or some other highly-rated elementary institution.

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Your kids can get a good start in life in some of Allandale's top-notch educational institutions

Clarksville Historic District Is Great for Young Professionals

What makes this district, whose history stretches back to the 19th century, an excellent place for young people? Its immediate vicinity to Downtown comes to mind first. People that work in the central business district opt to stay nearby and often choose Clarksville. Additionally, this is a very bikable and walkable location, but if you prefer public transportation, there is also a Capital Metro Route 9 nearby.

Clarksville, with its median home value of around $700,000, is more affordable than many centrally-positioned locations all over the nation, and maybe that is why almost 60% of people are homeowners. On the other hand, if you are thinking about renting a condo, you should know that the rent for a one-bedroom apartment is around $1,800.

If you have any fear of moving, wait till you get to know Clarksville a bit better. You will see that there are some cool and hip places where you can spend some free time. If you are moving with your dog, take them for a run in West or Mary Frances Baylor Park. For all trendy and influential Instagrammers, there is Graffiti Park at Castle Hill, where you can snap a photo or two of street art on the walls. Or if you want to kick back and relax, you can stop by coffee shops such as Galaxy Cafe and Caffee Medici.

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Clarksville was founded by freedman Charles Clark in 1871.

Additional 10 Best Places to Live in Austin

When moving to Austin, keep in mind that the capital of Texas is a relatively big city, meaning there are many spots all over the map, from east to west, that can offer you exactly what you need to be happy. Picking only five of them wouldn’t be fair to the rest, so stick around as we guide you through our extended selection of the best places to live in the ATX.

Barton Hills Is a Haven for Outdoor Enthusiasts

The scenery of Barton Hills is perfect for everybody who enjoys spending their days outside instead of cooped up in front of the TV. This attractive spot just minutes from Downtown is home to Barton Creek Greenbelt, which runs through the community and includes botanical and sculpture garden, and a pool, but also areas where you can bike and hike.

Zilker Park is also in the vicinity of Barton Hills, and it is a hot spot when it comes to music festivals. Every year there are Austin City Limits, South by Southwest, and Holiday Trail of Lights music festivals that keep residents entertained.

People who live in Barton Hills opt for renting more than for buying a property and rents are around $1,400.

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Did you know that The Barton Creek Greenbelt is a 7.25-mile long?

Zilker Has Many Restaurants and Bars

Right beside Barton Hills lies another cool and laidback community with beautiful scenery – Zilker. With a population of almost 9,000, the area draws young families, as well as music lovers and professionals. Most residents here are between 25 and 34 years old, making Zilker an overall young community.

Zilker has developed to accommodate the needs of its residents. That’s why you will find many restaurants, bars, and outdoor picnic spots where you can kick back and relax.

Even though Zilker has a great location and it is in the vicinity of many popular neighborhoods, you can still use public transportation because bus line 30 connects it with the rest of ATX.

West Congress Is Connected to Important Roads

One of the greatest things about West Congress is its location. Tucked between busy Congres Avenue and Highway 71, it gives its residents a chance to live near important roads while having peaceful smaller streets to stroll through.

If you want to become a resident, you can pick and choose between ranch-style houses and luxury apartments. With rent prices around $600, its no wonder that 66% of people rent instead of buying a property.

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Did you know that this metropolis lies between two major north–south freeways?

North University Is for Students

Are you moving to Texas in pursuit of knowledge? Avoid long commute and being late to classes by finding accommodation in the North University neighborhood.

Students and young professionals between 18 and 24 years are the most common residents, and 82% of them prefer renting over buying a property. North University has everything that will make your college days exciting and memorable.

The location is very walkable and dog-friendly, and when you need a cup of joe to keep you awake, check out Spider House Cafe and Ballroom, or Crown and Anchor Pub.

South River City Is Urban and Densely Populated

South River City, or Travis Heights, as locals call it, is a densely populated urban area with almost 7,000 residents.

If you ever want to take a stroll and enjoy nature, you can go to Little Stacy or Big Stacy parks and enjoy green spaces and a pool. Lady Bird Lake is just around the corner, so put on some good walking shoes and enjoy nature.

Most residents are highly educated – 45% of them have a bachelor’s degree, and 25% have a master’s degree.

Downtown Is One of the Best Neighborhoods in Austin

Downtown is busy – it’s the main business center of ATX, where major corporations have their headquarters. If you are moving for a job, this might be a perfect place to settle down in. Corporations that have found a permanent residence here are Whole Foods Market, Indeed, Schlotzsky, Texas Observer, and GSD&M Idea. Go over the ads and openings, and you figure out how to get a job in a new city.

All work and no play makes everybody dull, but don’t worry – Downtown has some exciting entertainment options to offer to its hardworking residents. Take a walk down Sixth Street and check out some of the colorful and hip bars, clubs, and restaurants. There you can also find rustic beer gardens and spots that make excellent craft cocktails.

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ATX Downtown has the tallest condo towers in the state

Triangle State Is a Modern and Planned Community

Triangle State is an upscale community with a mixed residential and commercial vibe that’s located in north-central ATX. This newly designed neighborhood was created to be self-contained. That’s why it has many amenities that appeal to professionals, couples, and younger urban crowds.

The residential part of Triangle State consists of apartments, luxury condos, and homes, while the commercial area features shopping centers, stores, restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets.

Students prefer it because it is within walking distance of the University of Texas, and specific bus lines connect it with the rest of the metropolis.

Upper Boggy Creek Has a Variety of Homes

Do you want to live in a charming, residential suburb with a homey vibe? Upper Boggy Creek might be just what you are looking for. People that are picky about the properties they want to rent or buy will have a field day here. The neighborhood offers different types of residential accommodation that includes homes of different styles, prices, and sizes. Because of it, Upper Boggy Creek draws different kinds of residents, from students to families.

The location is well connected with the rest of the ATX via I-35 Interregional Highway, and the area around it is lined with gas stations, mechanic stores, shopping centers, and restaurants.

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Upper Boggy Creek has more than a few accommodation options to offer to its residents.

Old Enfield Is One of the Oldest Neighborhoods in ATX

Located between Lamar Boulevard and freeway MoPac, Old Enfield is a place where you can find many colonial-style houses, along with modern buildings. It is just a short drive away from the center, making it an excellent location for professionals and those who prefer vibrant nightlife. Also, if you pick to settle down here, you will be within walking distance to Clarksville, another great ATX location on our list.

Around 3,000 people live in Old Enfield, almost 80% rent their homes, and the median rent price is $1,400, according to Niche. With 55% of the population between 18 and 24 years old, you can say that this is a youthful environment, which is also evident in the number of entertainment, dining, and recreational options.

Rosedale Is One of the Best Places to Live in Austin

Rosedale is located in central ATX. With that kind of position, it attracts a variety of residents, but what sets it aside from other neighborhoods is the unique vibe.

Most houses here are built between 1930 and 1940, giving Rosedale an old-fashion hip look. Some properties were renovated and made modern, but that didn’t affect the overall feel of the area.

Rosedale has a population of around 7,500, and 24% of them are families with children. The median household income is $98,600, which is above the national levels.

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