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Moving to Chicago, Illinois with Long Distance Movers

Are you planning to relocate to Chicago, Illinois? Are you looking for an affordable moving company? Here are just a few reasons why you should hire Long Distance Movers. We offer a wide array of moving services – commercial and residential moving, car transportation, moving supplies, moving helpers and packers, moving trucks etc. All the employees of Long Distance Movers have one top priority and that is quality service moving and customer satisfaction. If you would like to learn more about our moving price estimates, feel free to contact us anytime.

About Chicago, Illinois

With 2.7 million residents, the city of Chicago is the 3rd most populous city in the US, the most populous city in Illinois and the most populous city in the Midwestern US. It is the county seat of Cook County. Its metropolitan area, Chicagoland, has more than 10 million people. Chicago is considered to be the global architecture capital and one of the most important business centers in the entire world, due to its wealth and economy. It was incorporated in 1837 and due to its positioning along the Lake Michigan, it was a very important international hub for finance, commerce, technology, industry, and transportation. Its very own airport, the O’Hare International Airport, is the second busiest airport in the entire world when measured by aircraft traffic. Chicago also has the largest number of US highways and railroad freight. Chicago has many popular nicknames, such as Windy City, Chi-town, Second City and the City of Big Shoulders.

Weather in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago has a humid continental climate, with four very distinct seasons. The summers are hot and humid, and the average temperature in July is around 75.8°F, though it can exceed 90°F. The winters, on the other hand, are cold and snowy, with January high temperature just below the freezing point. The transitional seasons, spring and fall, are very mild and have low humidity. The dew point temperature ranges from 55°F in June to 61°F in July. Thunderstorms are particularly common in Chicago, and they can even produce hail, high winds, and tornadoes. Chicago experiences urban heat island, which means that the temperature is much higher in the city compared to the rural suburbs, mostly due to the number of people on the streets. The record high temperature was measured in July 1934 when it was 105°F. However, the record low temperature was measured in January 1985, when it was only -27°F.

Cuisine of Chicago, Illinois

When you think of food in Chicago, the first things that probably comes to your mind is deep dish pizza, which originated in Pizzeria Uno (located in Chicago). Another popular pizza is the Chicago-style thin crust pizza. The large numbers of regional specialties which come from Chicago really reflect the city’s ethnic and working class roots. Another really popular fast food from Chicago is the Chicago-style hot dog, typically made entirely from beef, which is loaded with an array of toppings such as pickle relish, yellow mustard, pickled sport peppers, tomato wedges, dill pickle spear and topped off with celery salt on a poppy seed bun. Enthusiasts of the Chicago-style dog do not approve of using ketchup as a garnish. Many more Chicago delicacies exist, such as the Chicken Vesuvio, the Puerto-Rican influenced jibarito, the mother-in-law sandwich etc. If you would like to learn more about the iconic dishes of Chicago, click here.

Universities in Chicago, Illinois

Ever since the 1850s, Chicago has been the center of higher education. It still remains the city with the best universities, which have been ranked among the top “National Universities” in the United States. Some of the best Universities Chicago has to offer are the University of Chicago; Illinois Institute of Technology; Northwestern University; Loyola University Chicago; DePaul University and the University of Illinois at Chicago. Other notable schools include: Chicago State University; the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Illinois Institute of Art – Chicago; East–West University; National Louis University; North Park University; Northeastern Illinois University; Columbia College Chicago; Robert Morris University Illinois; Roosevelt University; Saint Xavier University; Rush University; and Shimer College. To learn more about education in Chicago, here’s the city’s official website.

Transportation in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago represents a major transportation hub, both internationally and nationally. As an important component in global distribution, it is the third largest intermodal port in the world after Singapore and Hong Kong. The Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) coordinates the operation of the three service boards:
· The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA): This service board handles public transportation in the City of Chicago and a couple of adjacent suburbs outside of the Chicago city limits. These city lines also serve both Midway and O'Hare Airports. The CTA's rail lines consist of the Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Brown, Purple, Pink, and Yellow lines. Both the Red and Blue lines offer 24‑hour service which makes Chicago one of the few cities around the world to offer rail service 24 hours a day, every day of the year, within the city's limits.
· Metra: Metra is the nation's second-most used passenger regional rail network, operates an 11-line commuter rail service in Chicago and throughout the Chicago suburbs. The Metra Electric Line has the same tracks as the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District's South Shore Line and therefore provides commuter service between South Bend and Chicago.
· Pace: This regional rail network provides bus and paratransit service in over 200 surrounding suburbs with some extensions into the city as well.
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