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A Guide to Finding the Best Places to Live in Seattle

If you are planning to relocate to Emerald City, look for the best places to live in Seattle and choose the one most suitable for your wishes and needs. Your choice will depend on whether you are moving to Seattle alone or with a family, where you intend to work, what are your daily habits, and what kind of feel you prefer in a community. Either way, this city has both great nightlife and museums, as well as green spaces ideal for outdoor activities.

A look at Seattle during the sunset will be the nicest thing to enjoy after cross-country moving overlay
Relocating here will make you fall in love with outdoor activities.

Seattle is a seaport on the West Coast of the US. With a population of 750,000 residents, it is the largest city in Washington State and the 15th largest in the US. The Emerald City moniker comes from all the greenery in and around it.

Central District Is a Synonym for Cultural Heterogeneity

Placed on the east side of Capitol Hill, Central District is considered one of the oldest residential neighborhoods in current-day Emerald City. At different periods, different cultural groups lived here, including European Americans, Japanese, Jews, and African Americans, making it a community proud of its diversity.

The development of the area started in the mid-1800s. Due to housing discrimination during the Civil Rights era, the District was an area of racial tension. In the following years, the community united to, at the same time, restore peace and maintain the cultural heritage.

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One of the Neighborhoods Proud of Their Diversity

Here, the community is very proud of its diversity. Every year, a festival is organized to strengthen community integrity, pride, and spirituality while presenting the cultural diversity of the District. Organizations such as the Central District Forum for Arts and Ideas are devoted to promoting the African American community’s arts and culture.

Also, every year in July, the Bon Odori Festival is organized to celebrate Japanese culture. Traditional music, craft fairs, arts, martial arts, and dance are some of the main attractions of the festival. The Central District embraces differences. Therefore, if you are looking for a multicultural community, we say – Central District is the one!

Dining in the Cinema? – Just Trust Our Word

As a district itself, the culinary scene is also diverse. From Ethiopian and Spanish to Haitian or Vietnamese, you name it; the Central District has covered it all. So, if you consider yourself a hedonist, come here.

And what do you say about a dine-in movie watching adventure? The name of the location is Central Cinema, and they view classic films and host cartoon happy hours. The good news is that their prices are low, and the food you order will be delivered to your seat.

If you plan cross-country moving, consider relocating to Central District overlay
Central District community is proud of its diversity.

Capitol Hill – Place for the Adventurous

Capitol Hill is everything that an adventurous but professionally orientated and high-tech person wants from a neighborhood. It is also a center of nightlife and coffee culture. Some of the most significant events, including the Pride Parade and Block Party, are being organized here. For those interested in art, the Asian Art Museum is a fantastic place to explore.

With 30,000 residents, Capitol Hill is one of the best neighborhoods in Seattle. Even though it is not the cheapest location, compared to the cost of living in Seattle in general, renting here is more affordable than in other areas closer to downtown.

A Neighborhood That Cherishes Parks

The thing about Capitol Hill that sounds appealing to newcomers is the number and beauty of parks in it. So, if you are looking for neighborhoods that are suitable for a lot of outdoor activities, Capitol Hill is for you.

  • Volunteer Park is intermittently wooded and offers a lot of attractions. Being the crown jewel of the city’s park system, it belongs more to the city than Hill’s.
  • Cal Anderson Park is, according to Forbes, one of the best parks in the US. It is located between 12th and Broadway and presents the soul and heart of Capitol Hill. You will love spending time in Cal Anderson Park. The park is ideal for walking, sitting, reading, informal sports, and organized sports on the athletic field.
  • Small parks are also part of Capitol Hill. They take up less than a block and have a couple of benches and maybe a jungle gym. These parks are ideal if you want to take a break during a busy day and enjoy nature.
  • P-Patches are small vegetable gardens maintained by residents. For those interested in garden space, the kiosk in each P-Patch is where it is possible to sign up for it.

Welcome to the Hipster Neighborhood

Capitol Hill is also considered to be a hipster neighborhood. Besides being the epicenter of coffee culture, it offers many trendy bars, restaurants, boutiques, and a variety of things to do in Seattle. The town’s best bookstore – Elliott Bay Book Company, and the Blick – one of the best art stores are in Capitol Hill.

If you are interested in records, you will definitely like Everyday Music, the number one place to go if you are in love with retro and vinyl sound. Retail Therapy and Value Village are places you don’t want to miss if you search for functional pieces of unique clothes.

Lush nature and music are things you’ll enjoy most after long-distance moving overlay
A visit to Everyday Music is a one-of-a-kind adventure.

Madrona Is Most Suitable for Families

Madrona is a neighborhood named after native trees covering the hillside and offers a magnificent view no matter where you turn. If you are thinking about buying a house, the average price for homes here is between $559,000 and $695,000, and you can find everything, from bungalows to mansions. On the other hand, rentals go from $1,700 to $15,000.

A Family-Friendly Neighborhood

Madrona is a neighborhood suitable for families. Even though it is close to the Central District and Capitol Hill, Madrona is quaint and quiet. Events such as outdoor concerts, movie nights, and knitting groups are favorites for both parents and kids. State Park is a beautiful location to go for a swim in the lake, run, or have a picnic.

Families moving with kids are usually interested in school options. Madrona is home to four private schools, including The Valley School, Madrona K-8, and Epiphany School, as well as one public school.

Urban Life Meets Farm Life in Sammamish Valley

Deciding to hire long-distance Sammamish Valley movers, is a smart move. Because this location is one of the most desirable places to live in Washington. It is in King Country and has a population of 2,408. Many bars, coffee shops, restaurants, and parks make it attractive for young professionals and families. Residents mostly rent their homes. The Seattle public schools located here are highly rated, including International Community School, Redmond High School, Sunrise Elementary School, and Discovery community school, It Is Also Known as “Farm Country.”

Five Agricultural Production Districts (APD), including Sammamish Valley APD, are part of King Country. You’ll see an open land if you look across Sammamish Valley, but just a part of it’s being used for farming.

According to King Country, Sammamish Valley, together with other APDs, makes more than 41,000 acres of land, but only half is suitable for farming. Therefore, if you are interested in life on a farm, it is good to see the housing options in Sammamish Valley.

Urban life is something you’ll enjoy most after long-distance moving overlay
Be prepared for strange mixture of urban and farm life

If You Are Looking For Highly Rated Schools, North Redmond is One of The Best Places to Live in Seattle

Consisting of low density and low-moderate density housing, North Redmond is located in the northeastern corner of the town, mostly residential. A cow path, known today as NE 12th Street, and the original 1909 homestead represent a connection with the historical founding of the region.

Long-distance moving to North Redmond will put you in King Country, in a place that has a population of 2,580. An urban feel is created thanks to a lot of coffee shops and some of the best restaurants in Seattle. It is also an excellent place for raising a family, mostly because its schools are highly rated, and it has a lot of parks suitable for outdoor activities. Another great thing about North Redmond is that most residents own their houses.

A Development of Trails

North Redmond takes about 2.5% of Redmond’s land area with a total of 1.3 square miles and with 0.4 square miles existing within the Redmond municipal boundaries. As part of North Redmond, several parks and trails, including Puget Power Trail, serve the neighborhood and open areas outside of it.

The good news for both residents and newcomers is that multi-use trails are now under development and planned for completion along the NE 116th Street corridor. It should serve as a linkage with existing trail networks, schools, and parks throughout the region.

Explore schools in Seattle before long-distance moving overlay
Highly rated schools are an excellent recommendation if you are looking for a location to move with kids.

South Lake Union a Place of Museums and Parks

Thinking about how to adjust to a new town is always challenging, but if you are going to move to South Lake Union, it should be no problem to adapt to its beauties. SLU is located in the middle of downtown, which makes it close to everything. Though it is not as massive as Lake Washington, it offers many activities, such as kayaking and spending time by the shore in a restaurant or a park.

The SLU is a desirable location for living. The residential options are growing, as the selection of condominiums and apartments is being expanded. Also, The Museum of History and Industry, as well as the Center for Wooden Boats, making the SLU attractive for those interested in discovering new things.

Denny Park is here, and it is the oldest park in this area, as well as Lake Union Park, the newest and most popular urban amenity. Another popular park is Cascade Park, which is located in the heart of the neighborhood and has the Cascade P-Patch and basketball court.

Facebook and Google are Here

South Lake Union was a hub for maritime industries and manufacturing, and today is a new and diverse community. Now, businesses range from shops and restaurants to medical research and biotechnology centers.

Some of the largest Washington State companies are here, including Facebook,, and Google. SLU is also home to the University of Washington Medicine, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and Cancer Care Alliance. Therefore, if you are in search of exciting job opportunities, consider moving to SLU.

Great job opportunities are something to expect after long-distance moving to Seattle overlay
Some of the biggest players like Google, Facebook, and Amazon have their branches in South Lake Union.

It’s Time to Make a Final Decision

Whether you are planning to build a career or raise a family, Emerald City has a lot to offer. You can choose from Central District or Capitol Hill and enjoy the exciting nightlife to Madrona and Sammamish Valley, which is ideal for raising a family.

Both cultural and culinary diversity makes these places more beautiful and open to exploring. Most of the neighborhoods offer high-quality housing and educational options as well as efficient public transportation.

A lot of green spaces, including parks, are ideal if you are an outdoor person. For those in love with art and culture, a full spectrum of Emerald City neighborhoods’ museums is a big plus.

Now, when you know what the options are, it’s time to start preparing for the move. One of the most important things is to make a moving expenses checklist and to find a reliable moving company. With the help of professionals who offer moving services, along with packing and unpacking, the relocation process will be much more comfortable than you can imagine.

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