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        Our Services

        Auto Transport

        Move your car across the country in an open or enclosed trailer – for an affordable fee. We offer car transport as a standalone service, but you can bundle it with your household move and get a hefty discount.

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        Packing Service

        Sit back and relax, we’ve got packing services covered. We use moving blankets, shrink wrap, bubble wrap and even custom wooden crating. Your stuff will be protected and carefully handled during the move.

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        Moving Services

        Treat yourself with a white glove long distance moving service that’s based on the inventory list and not weight. This means a price guarantee, transparent move costs and premium moving service.

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        Moving Insurance

        All your stuff is secure with Long Distance USA Movers, but in case something does happen to it, there’s a moving insurance policy in place. We offer both basic Valuation Coverage and Full Value Protection.

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        Storage Services

        Our spacious climate-controlled units will protect your things until the drop-off. No need to worry about them because all items are labeled and secure, and each customer gets a dedicated unit mixup isn’t possible.

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        The Moving Process

        1. Fill in the Quote Form

          Best way to get in touch and get a price estimate is to fill out a quote form and you will be contacted often in matter of minutes, but definitely in less than 24 hours. If you don’t feel like typing, just give us a call.

        2. Get in Touch with a Relocation Specialist

          Your (very) dedicated relocation specialist will guide you through the process, explain everything, and be there every step of the way. Together you will create a moving inventory list with which you will get a guaranteed price.

        3. Sign the Documents

          Once the details have been hammered out, it’s time to hammer them in with a binding agreement that’s meant to protect you and your things. You will get your personal reference number which you will use for shipment tracking and future inquiries.

        4. Move Effortlessly.

          Yes, it is that simple. Our expert movers will pack all your belongings, protect them, load them carefully and send them on their way. The same goes for unloading. Experience a true white glove moving service. That’s it!

        Las Vegas Best Moving Company

        Don’t test your luck and let our Las Vegas movers help you relocate to the Entertainment Capital of the World because when it comes to long-distance moving, you don’t want to take a gamble. Hiring our movers in Las Vegas is a safe bet, so let us tell you something more about the services we offer and the city you’re about to call your home.

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        Things You Should Know Before Relocating to the Neon Capital of the World

        It is so easy to get distracted by the blinding lights of a city known as the City of Lights, and no, we are not talking about Paris. Las Vegas has numerous nicknames that refer to its character, but don’t judge the city by its nicknames. We are here to provide you with some essential information you should keep in mind before you start searching for moving companies in Las Vegas NV. Nevada’s most populous city is home to almost 700,000 people, but a total of 2.3 million residents live in its metro area. Located in the greater Mojave Desert, this resort city is mainly known as gamblers paradise, but it also offers excellent shopping, fine dining, and fantastic nightlife, which is why one of its numerous nicknames is also the City That Never Sleeps.

        How to Choose the Best Neighborhood in Sin City

        Surprisingly, not everyone comes to Vegas to gamble or get married, especially those who consider relocating here. Luckily for them, this place is not all about resorts, hotels, casinos, and neon lights. You can actually find those typical residential areas with communities that are family-friendly, quiet, and safe. Summerlin, for example, is one of those picture-perfect suburbs highly-rated among families that offers the best of both worlds since its downtown has a massive shopping and dining complex.

        On the other hand, it is very close to Red Rock Canyon, which can be an excellent idea for a daily trip. For those looking for a suburban lifestyle, another of our favorites is Henderson. Those who are more laid back or artsy should look around the Arts District since it could be the right fit. But if you really don’t have a budget and you like being in the center of it all, Downtown and The Strip can provide you with a proper Sin City lifestyle experience.

        Is Living in the Gambling Capital Expensive?

        All those hotels, luxurious shops, casinos, and neon lights make the impression that living in this city has to be extremely expensive. But although a lot of things revolve around money here, it is not so expensive after all. For example, on average, a single adult spends around $900 monthly on various expenses, without the rent, while a family of four needs around $3,100. Rents are also somewhat affordable. For example, the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment goes from $900 in the suburban areas to $1,200 for a more centrally located apartment. Renting a bigger place with three-bedrooms can cost you from $1,500 to $2,000, depending on the location, which is not bad at all. So as long as you’re good with money management and try to stay away from testing your luck around local casinos, you should be fine.

        What's There to Do, Besides Gambling

        Not everyone comes to this place to gamble since this city has so much to offer when it comes to entertainment and everything else. For example, you can go on one of many Foodie Tours, which will take you around some of the finest restaurants in the city, or get familiar with the Secret Burger concept and join the fun. If you’re into sports, you can watch the local Golden Knights game on the ice or visit the newly opened Allegiant Stadium to watch the Raiders. And if they could move here to become the first local NFL team, we see no reason why you shouldn’t follow their path and relocate here too.

        If you want to learn more about the city’s history, just follow the Pioneer Trail, a free interactive map that will guide you around all important historical sites. There is also something for those who thought they’ll miss water sports and activities in the desert. Lake Las Vegas is a perfect solution for a day of fun on the water. Try kayaking, boating, paddleboarding, or jump around the inflatable Aqua Park playground. All this and plenty of other activities are waiting for you to become a local and try them out.

        Get the Best Moving Services From Our Las Vegas Movers

        As we mentioned before, choosing the right long-distance moving company Las Vegas is not something you should gamble with. It is better to play it safe and go for a reliable and trustworthy company with years of experience in the industry and thousands of genuine reviews to prove that. Our movers in Las Vegas, NV, don’t play games. They are professional, trained, and dedicated to their job.

        We offer all possible long-distance moving services you might need, and we know how to get around the desert. As our customer, you can rest assured that our team will handle your belongings with the utmost respect and care. Feel free to go for a cocktail or relax by the pool while we transport your household goods and vehicle(s) to your new home. There’s nothing our team can’t do, so in case you have any special requests, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will do our best to fulfill your wishes and help you have a smooth relocation.

        We Provide Stellar Packing Services

        Packing your entire life and relocating is never an easy thing to do. Without adequate help and organization, this can last for days, if not even weeks. Why not spend your last days in your hometown catching up with friends and family to say goodbye while our long-distance movers pack everything? It is that simple, and the great part is, we charge per inventory list, not by volume or weight. Opt for one of two packing services we have on offer, and let our crew do all the hard work.

        We have a team of professionals who know all the moves and tricks to pack your entire household in no time, be it a small apartment or a mansion. They are fast, efficient, and up to any challenge. To avoid any mistakes or losses, everything that was packed by our crew gets its own barcode sticker, which we scan twice. First, when we load it into our truck, and then when we unload it in front of your new home. After unloading, we will arrange all the boxes and furniture around the rooms according to your schedule.

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        Have a Long List of Items? Rely on Las Vegas Movers and Our Full Packing Service

        A lot of people like to start preparing for a move by making a household inventory list first, and that is when they get shocked by the amount of stuff they have. The good thing is, there is still enough time to call professionals to save the day. Our cross country movers are well-versed in packing all kinds of items, from small and fragile, to bulky and heavy, and there’s not a thing we can’t pack and ship. Except for some dangerous items and hazardous materials, of course, so if you have something like that, make sure to contact our representatives to check if some of the things you own fall under that category. But besides that, if you opt for this service, we also bring our own packing supplies and boxes, bubble wrap, blankets, and everything else we might need.

        What Is a Partial Packing Service and Why You Should Invest in It?

        Maybe you don’t have a lot of things on your list of household items? You would rather pack your clothes by yourself, but you don’t really want to bother with furniture, mirrors, or kitchenware? No problem, that is why we are here to offer you our partial pack service. You choose what you want to pack and let us know what our packers should handle. Just keep in mind that you should inform us in advance about the number of boxes you want our team to pack. Our partial service covers no more than 15 boxes, everything above that we consider and charge as a full pack.

        Long Distance USA Movers Give You 30 Days Of Free Storage

        Having the option to use storage facilities when relocating can be very convenient, and based on our clients’ reviews, this service seems to be life-saving. There’s always some last-minute remodeling or cleaning to do around the new home, which is much easier when there are no piles of boxes everywhere around. This is also a great solution if you’re staying in a hotel and still house-hunting around to find the best place. Your belongings will be safe and sound with us, and if you have the need to continue using storage after that first free month, we charge per day.

        Ship Your Car Across the Country With Us

        Although the city has an excellent bus system that is quite affordable, nothing is more convenient than using your car for your daily commute. And since traffic jams are not such a big problem around here, investing in auto transport could be the right thing to do. Our cross country moving company has years of experience in shipping all kinds of vehicles, so feel free to contact us to get a free quote and compare it to other companies.

        Car Shipping Services We Offer

        Regardless of the type, year, or model of your car, we can ship it to your future address. Our drivers are experienced in handling and transporting vehicles across the country, so you can rest assured that your car(s) are in good hands. To suit the needs of every customer, we have in our offer both available types of trailers:

        • Open trailer – favorite choice of many, they are fast and can carry up to nine vehicles, perfect for families or owners of several cars. This type of transportation is more affordable, but since it is an open trailer, your vehicle will be exposed to weather and road debris.
        • Enclosed trailer – preferred by owners of luxury, custom, and expensive vehicles, enclosed transportation provides the optimum protection from outdoor conditions. However, these trailers are more on the pricier side, and they can’t carry so many cars at once.

        You Choose Where to Pick up Your Car

        Don’t want to bother driving to the nearest terminal? No problem, we can ship the car right in front of your door, that is, as long as our truck can access it. We have terminals in all major cities, but we also provide door-to-door delivery, which is far more convenient, and based on the reviews, our customers seem to love it too.

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        A person taping the package

        The Importance of Having Insurance

        When relocating your entire household, ensuring that your stuff is insured is essential. Whether you are shipping something expensive or with sentimental value, know that your items are safe and insured with us. We provide basic free moving insurance to our customers for the stuff we packed, but also always advise them to invest in additional full value replacement insurance.

        Moving Insurance Provided by Long-Distance USA Movers Company

        Whether you’re shipping your car or household goods, here’s the type of insurance we provide for it:

        • Household goods – insured with minimum liability insurance of 0.60 cents per pound
        • Cars on open trailers – insured for external damage up to $100,000
        • Cars on enclosed trailers – insured for external damage up to $500,000

        Contact the Best Mover in Sin City on Time

        We know that there are many Las Vegas moving companies to choose from. But what makes us stand out is the fact that we do business transparently and strive to provide nothing but stellar services to every customer that contacts us. Request a free quote on our cross country moving services and feel free to compare it to other moving companies in Las Vegas. Thousands of positive reviews will show you why we are the most reliable mover in town and why Long Distance USA Movers company is your only safe bet and the chance to have a risk free relocation.

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