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How to Move a Gun Safe – Tips for Secure Moving

You are relocating, and you are a weapon owner, so it is only logical to wonder how to move a gun safe. If you are doing it on your own, take all necessary safety precautions. You don’t want to hurt yourself or others during the process. Gather all the supplies, empty the box, and create a plan for the move. If you decided to hire a company, be sure that it has the right expertise and equipment to make your move as easy and as stress-free as possible.

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Why Are Strongboxes so Heavy?

If you are thinking – why are safes designed to be so heavy when they have a thick door and an excellent locking mechanism? Well, they are not built into the wall, nor are they attached to it in any way, so if they were lighter, a thief would easily carry it out of your home.

The additional weight makes safe boxes a challenging target for burglars, as well as for movers. Also, guns and other objects inside make them even heavier. Depending on how many items you are storing in it, a steel box can weight more than 500 pounds. This will make it harder to transport your gun safe to your future house, but also harder for people to steal it.

Unsafely Stored Guns Affect National Safety

Having a place where you can lock your gun makes it hard for others to gain unauthorized access to a weapon. When your firearm is unsafely stored, it raises the risk of abuse. So if you are using any creative storage idea, make sure everything is safely packed.

There are plenty of reasons to keep your weapon stored away. Statistic says that around nine people get accidentally shot and injured every year. If you were having any doubts about whether to move your strongbox to your future home at all, consider the safety of your family before you make the decision. This is why one of the best tips people would give you is to hire professionals to transport your gun safe. You won’t have to worry about any injuries on your way to your next home, and will be able to focus on other important tasks.

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Don’t Leave Unnecessary Objects in the Gun Safe

When relocating your weapon box, remember to empty it first. Getting everything out of it will make it easier to lift. Also, if you keep objects inside it during the move, there is a chance that they might get damaged. And since you are keeping your belongings in a secure place, they are probably important to you. You would not want to have to repair them.

Don’t forget to empty your weapon as well. Loaded guns are a safety hazard.

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How to Move a Gun Safe – Equipment You Need

Before you even consider relocating your gun safes, make sure you have all the necessary equipment.

Handling a depository box of any kind can be difficult. That is why you should invest in a furniture dolly. This tool can help you carry many bulky items. Keep in mind that having it is extremely useful when moving objects across a flat surface, but it cannot help you with the stairs.

Gloves are also a must. You would not want to lift and push things with your bare hands. That’s how you get cuts and blisters. Get some secure straps, and if you are relocating by yourself, rent a large, spacious truck that can handle the weight of the heavy box. Remember that safety should be your number priority during the entire house relocation. One of the most important tips is to lift everything carefully and to take your time while you are transporting your belongings. No matter if we’re talking about a safe or any bulky furniture.

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How to Move a Gun Safe Using the Right Strategies

Before you get started, make sure you include this action into your moving biner, if you’re making one.

Now, as with any move, you need smart relocating and packing strategies. If you are relocating your safes to a home that has more than one floor, you should take staircases into consideration. Think about how to get your object from first to the second floor and whether the stairs are sturdy enough to handle the weight.

Get closed-toe shoes that are not slippery. You would not want to slip and fall during the relocation – this could lead to some severe injuries.

If you are not hiring a moving company, you should contact your friends and try to handle everything very carefully. You are relocating a heavy object, and the safety should come first.

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Best Way to Secure the Safe Before Moving It

You would not want your safes to roll over or slip from a dolly, would you? Once you have emptied it and put it on a dolly, use straps to secure it. Try to pick some strong ropes. They will keep your safe secure and in place while it is on the truck as well. Don’t forget to close the doors so that they don’t open during the move. You wouldn’t want heavy steel doors to hit and damage the objects next to it.

Plan the Route to Make Everything Easier for Yourself

If you are handling relocation on your own, be sure that you plan every detail of it. Remember, you are carrying a heavy object, so you should have a plan of action to make this a success.

Create a strategy that will ensure you get your safes from the house into a truck with minimal risk of injury or damage. Remove all the obstacles, think about steps and sharp corners. If there are immovable objects, like half walls or concrete pillars, you will need to find an alternative route.

Getting it into your future home should also be another part of the route. Think about space: will you be able to get it through the door? Is there enough space for it? Thinking about all of this in advance will prevent some unpleasant surprises during the moving day

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Find out the Cost of Moving

Relocating a safe by yourself sounds like more trouble than it’s worth? You might want to reconsider and contact professional movers to do it for you. Call a few companies and ask about the price of relocation. You might wonder why you should get moving quotes from several movers. It will help you find the one that fits into your budget and fulfills all of your other needs. Finding a trustworthy company will not be an easy task, but it will pay off in the end.

Best Way to Find the Right Professional Company to Handle Your Relocation

Check a few companies, get familiar with the service they offer. You might need not only a moving service to handle your safe but packing and unpacking service to handle your other items as well. You might have a vehicle or extra things you don’t need in your new home, but you don’t want to throw away. So you will most likely require auto shipping and storage services, as well.

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